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Content, Reading, , .Reading Comprehension, , -, , Writing Skills, , .Formal Letters, .Analyzing Paragraphs, , -, , GRAMMAR, , .Era,. Modality, subject-verb agreement, . Determiner, Voice Commands for Reports, Built-in Grammar Exercises, Literature, Practical Assignments, -, Requests, Statements, Questions, First Flight: Essays, . Glimpse of India, Mrs. Walking by Bus,. Sermons at Benares, . The Piece Proposal, , -, , First Flight: Poetry, . Amanda, . animal, . The story of Longcasta,,-,, No Footprint: Supplement,. Formation of scientists,. collar,. Driver Huck,. Bholi, , -, , -, , -, , Watch Free Study Videos, Subscribe to arihant, , Channel, , þ CBSE Sample Paper Video Solutions, þ Important MCQs in Chapters, þ CBSE Updates

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CBSE Semester 2, 2022, Syllabus, Reading, Passages to assess Reasoning, Evaluation, Vocabulary, Analysis and Interpretation based on implicit questions of the following types: , ., ., , Discourse passages, Words, Case-based factual passages with Visual input, statistical data charts, etc., writing, writing skills, ...,, formal letters based on a given situation, order letters, inquiry letters,. Analyzing paragraphs based on, sketching diagrams suggesting maps reporting etc. Grammar, ., ., ., ., ., ., ., ., , tense, modality, subject-verb agreement, determiners, voice of the report, commands and requests, Statements, questions, literature, questions based on excerpts from texts to evaluate, interpret, infer, infer outside and between texts. , ., , Sermons at Benares, , ., , Proposal Drama, , POEMS, .Amanda,. animal, . The Tale of the Cream Dragon, No Footprint, . Formation of scientists,. collar,. Driver Huck,. boli

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CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,, 1,, Reading, Chapter 01,, Reading, Comprehension, In this chapter...,! ,, Discussion articles,,! ,, Case-Based Factual Essays, Reading comprehension or reading passages is the ability to extract meaning from text. The main purpose of reading the article is to have a general understanding of the content described in the article. In the Level 10 Semester 2 exam you will be given two types of essays, (i) Discursive Passage (400–450 words) A Discursive Passage may include a person's opinion, which is often controversial and persuasive and explanatory. It allows students to draw conclusions through reasoning and understanding rather than intuition. Present a balanced and objective approach to the topic under discussion. , (ii) Case-based factual essays (300-350 words) Case-based factual essays are direct information on a specific topic. It also incorporates visual and verbal input such as graphs, tables, pie charts, etc. These paragraphs focus entirely on details or facts. It can include instructions, reports or instructions. It helps the reader form a complete idea of ​​a particular person, place, object or thing. Steps to try to come up with reading comprehension questions Read each line of the passage carefully. It is always helpful to read the passage twice as it contributes to a better understanding and makes it easier for students to find the answer. If the title of the article is given, read it first because it gives the main idea of ​​the article. , to underline difficult words when reading a passage. , always emphasize the beginning and end of the article. These sections usually contain the most important information in the article. When answering, make sure you understand the question clearly. Answers must be relevant to the question. , !, , !, , !, , !, , !

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2,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,, Chapters, Exercises,! ,, Discourse passage,, Carefully read the passage given below. ,, Paragraph 1, India 2020, by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, , 1. Nation is built by the imagination and relentless hard work of generations. One generation transfers the fruits of its labors to another, which then carries on the mission. As the next generation also has its own dreams and aspirations for the future of the country, it adds its own to the national vision; this is what the next generation strives to achieve. This process has been going on, and the nation is moving toward glory and strength. Vision 1: Freedom for India, 2. Any organization, society or even a country without a vision is like a ship sailing on the high seas without any purpose and direction. It is a clear national vision that constantly drives people towards their goals. 3. Our last generation, the glorious generation of freedom fighters led by Mahatma Gandhi and many others formulated the vision of a free India for the nation. This is the first vision of the people for the country. Therefore, it was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and soon became a great inspiration and motivation for the people to join in the freedom struggle movement collectively. People from all walks of life worked together and worked hard to win freedom for the country. Second Vision: A Developed India 4. The next generation (of which I belong) set India on the path of economic, agricultural and technological development. But India has long been in the ranks of developing countries. Let us work together to develop a second national vision for India. I believe this is very possible and within 15 to 20 years. Developed country status, 5. What does developed country status mean to ordinary people? This means the great transformation of our country's national economy, becoming one of the largest economies in the world, compatriots living above the poverty line, with high levels of education and health, national security being reasonably guaranteed, and some key areas of capacity base being significantly improved, including exports in The production of high-quality products in the country increases, thereby making the countrymen generally rich. 6. What are the common linkages needed to accomplish these subgoals? The country's scientific and technological prowess is the key to achieving this developed status. Building on our strength, 7. The next question that comes to mind is: How is this possible? We must comprehensively and stylishly build and strengthen our national infrastructure. Therefore, we must build around our existing strengths, including our large pool of talented scientists and technicians and our abundant natural resources. .

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3,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10,, Questions, answer any five of the seven questions based on your understanding of the passage, choose the correct option. , (i) According to the author, what, from the following, is a visionless nation?, (a) Futuristic, (b) Prudent, (c) Defiant, (d) Belligerent, , (ii) Referring to the above paragraphs, it is sufficient to select Options to complete the dialog. , John: Diversity in India is a gift, don't you agree? I think it adds to the glory of our country and makes its existence unique. Matt: I agree. In fact, I think that..., (a) if everyone is isolated, it will nourish the strength of the nation, (b) unity in diversity will make our nation great, (c) each The universalization of citizens as part of a single community is very important for the development of the country, (d) it sets our country apart and makes India superior to all other countries, (iii) choose the option that best conveys the message, "thus, it penetrates deeply into the minds and hearts of the masses, and soon becomes a great inspiration and driving force...", (a) A man is cowardly because he thinks he is. , (b) A person is brave because his family and friends support him. , (c) A person's happiness depends on a healthy relationship with society. , (d) A person's worth is determined by his or her contribution to the world. , (iv) What qualities does the author of the above paragraph exhibit when talking about the steps needed to build the strength of our nation? Choose one of the options below. , (a) Ambitious and alert, (b) Tend to help everyone in need, (c) Visionary and confident, (d) Try to lead people by doing things their own way, (v) Choose to have The underlined word option can correctly replace "drive". , (a) He is the force behind the new ballet company. , (b) You should never take a risk while drunk, riding. , (c) With the engine covered, tug the 31ft prop shaft onto the 2 props. , (d) During the first year of the war, it ran, exerted force, and mistreated Union personnel. ,, (vi) The authors suggest, in paragraph 7, that (a) strengthen the country's technological capabilities. , (b) Strengthen the nation's defense capabilities. , (c) strengthening the country's nuclear capabilities. , (d) Strengthening the educational strength of the country. nation., , (vii) Choose the option that best lists the citation expressing the central idea of ​​the article. , (a) Not just a nation, but a nation of nations. , (Lyndon B Johnson) , (b ) In order to exist united and strong in peace and harmony, we must have one people, one country, one flag. , (Pauline Hanson), (c) Climb a great mountain, only to discover there are many more to climb. (Nelson Manella), (d) Liberty cannot be granted in the truest sense; it must be done to this point. (F. D. Roosevelt), , Passage 2, 1. Archeology as a profession faces two main problems. First, it is the poor of the poor. Only negligible funding is available for excavations, and even less for publishing results and protecting excavated sites. However, archaeologists deal with priceless objects every day. AVC funds archaeology and reduces the number of illegal digs. I recommend that scientific archaeological expeditions and government authorities sell unearthed artefacts on the open market. These sales will provide significant funding for the excavation and conservation of the archaeological site and the publication of the results. At the same time, they will break the grip of illegal miners on the market, thereby reducing the incentive to engage in illegal activities. 3. You may object to professionals mining knowledge instead of money. Furthermore, ancient artefacts are part of our global cultural heritage and should be enjoyed by all, not sold to the highest bidder.

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4, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Bidder. I agree. Don't sell anything of unique artistic or scientific value. But, you might answer, everything that comes out of the ground has scientific value. We are here to part. In theory, you may be right that every artifact has potential scientific value. Actually, you are wrong. , 4. I'm referring to the thousands of ceramic vases and antique lamps that are essentially copies of each other. In a small excavation in Cyprus, archaeologists recently discovered 2,000 small, almost indistinguishable jars in a courtyard, and even found a large number of precious royal seal imprints, called "melekh handles" - more than 4,000 to date example. , 5. The museum basement is simply large enough to store artifacts that may be discovered in the future. There wasn't even enough money to catalog the finds; as a result, they were never found and became as inaccessible as if they had never been found. In fact, with the help of computers, artefacts for sale are more accessible than those stored in crowded museum basements. Before the auction, everyone can take pictures and save the list of buyers in the computer. Buyers may even need to agree to return parts if necessary for scientific purposes. It is unrealistic to suggest that illegal excavations stop if cultural relics are sold on the open market. But the need for secret products will be greatly reduced. Who would want an unmarked jar when another jar is known and had its stratigraphic age excavated by professional archaeologists (454 words)? , question, answer any five of the seven questions, choosing the correct option, based on your understanding of the passage. , (i) According to the authors, the following are the lessons learned during the excavation? , (a) Archeology is the most important branch of study. , (b) Finding and preserving artifacts is integral to understanding our cultural history. , (c) There are many valuable hidden items on Earth that must be found and sold. , (d) Nothing should be hidden for too long. ,, (ii) Refer to the above paragraphs to select the option to complete the dialogue correctly. , Dev: I think in order to prevent old finds from being sold illegally, we should sell them on the open market. , Prachi: I agree, but... .......... ., (a) only non-imported and heavily excavated artefacts, (b) not artefacts of scientific or historical importance, (c) do we not It should be discussed that it is not our decision or concern, (d) (a) and (b), , (iii) choose the option that best conveys the message, in – "Actually, you are wrong.", (a) a One has to surrender everything to God and trust that everything will be alright. , (b) one must strive to do better in life, every step of the way. ,, (c) One cannot despair of life, try one's best to make things better. , (d) Money and success are the most important things in life. ,, (iv) Which of the following describes a person majoring in archaeology? , (a) Artifact collectors, (b) Knowledge seekers, (c) Knowledge smugglers, (d) Acquiring knowledge for commercial purposes, (v) Select the underlined option that correctly replaces "secret". (paragraph 5), (a) the results of weeks of public planning are now hidden away in bedside tables. , (b) the proceeds were used to finance his reasonably correct war against the Russians. , (c) There was some kind of secret communication between you and Darrel for some time. , (d) Gagan became more open and candid when asked about the lyrical content of his songs. , (vi) Which of the following words means "through the recovery and analysis of material culture"? , (a) stratigraphy, (c) archaeology, (b) archaeologists, (d) excavations, (vii) select the qualities the authors seem to exhibit, , based on your connivance with (1) , (3) Astute, (5) Smart, (a) 1 and 3, (c) 1, 3 and 4,, (2) Business Thinking, (4) Sharp, (b) 2, 4 and 5, (d) 2 and 5

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5, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Passage 3, 1. Do children really need such a long summer vacation? , recently an expert asked this question. Obviously, taking such a long break hinders their development and hinders their learning process. Let's review your book, maybe that's what the experts say, if not so much. One would think kids do too much over the holidays rather than too little, as lessons, classes, camps and workshops involving swimming, art, character development, music, computers and more seem to cram their calendars. Even travel in the name of vacation seems full of exotic and bespoke destinations, and experiences accumulated in a short period of time. We can go to Europe in 10 days, Australia in a week and come back with digital memories and suitcases packed. In a sense, vacations are no longer about rest, but an intense pursuit of experiences not usually found in everyday life. Because every year the holidays mean one thing and one thing only - you return to your home country, bond with the emotional longing of extended family, and spend two years with a group of uncles, aunts, and cousins. moon. Bachelor of Science. An entire generation's happiest childhood memories seem to revolve around this annual ritual of homecoming and affirmation. Even as we return to the melting pot of community and continuity represented by the family, we make tacit apologies for the separation that the individual brings. Summer break is a difficult time full of togetherness, like who we are and what we seep from our individual selves into the collective pot. 3. Summer isn't really a break, it's a joint. It is a bridge used to reaffirm a person's connection to the larger community. One did not travel, the other returned. This is not an attempt at the new and extraordinary, but an attempt to emphasize the strength of the old and the ordinary. As times have changed, so has what we look for in our summer vacations. Today, we are even more attached, and work and summer vacations help us temporarily detach from this new source of identity. Summer break is becoming like a working holiday, especially for the kids. We now supplement our individual selves, and we do so with more material than we have in the past. But for people who grew up in different eras, summer vacation is the best time in their life, (429 words). Right, option. , (i) According to the article, the author nostalgicly refers to ancient summer vacations, what lessons can be drawn from the following? , (a) That's the age of adventure and new experiences that everyone is looking for. , (b) This is when everyone goes home and relaxes. , (c) This is the time when everyone apologizes to their loved ones. , (d) This is the time to mend broken relationships and build new ones. , , (ii) Refer to the above paragraphs to choose the option to complete the dialogue appropriately. , Jai: Vacation starts next week. Let's get together and decide where we want to tour. What do you think? , Prateek: No, I can't go with you. My parents,..., (a) they took me and my siblings to our grandparents village to meet our relatives, (b) they wanted me to stay at home and continue working on my studies, (c) to visit my grandparents and keep me at home, (d) want me to work during the holidays, (iii) choose the option that best translates the message to, 'Summer isn't really a break' , but a joint.', (a) It is a time to relax from the busy life. , (b) Friends will meet up during summer vacation to enjoy some time together. , (c) This is a career development time. , (d) People have the opportunity to connect with family members. , , (iv) As the author emphasizes in the first paragraph, what qualities do children in today's world exhibit during summer vacation? Choose an option from the options below. , (a) talented but absent-minded, (b) observant and alert, (c) laid-back and relaxed, (d) hard-working and determined, (v) choosing the underlined option can be an appropriate replacement for "run" (p. 2 part). , (a) The agent walks away and Denton immediately turns to her. , (b) The delivery guy arrives to place flowers, arrangements and dry ice.

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6, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10, , (c) Dayton angrily followed her as she sneaked into the upstairs bedroom. , , (vi) An oxymoron is a rhetorical device in which seemingly contradictory terms appear within conjunctions. , From the options below, choose the oxymoron that appears in the paragraph above. , , (c) the vacation, (d) a personalized experience, (vii) select from the article the qualities the author wants us to imbibe during the summer. , (1) Antisocial, (2) Accepting, (3) Emotional, (4) Isolating, (5) Forgiving, (a) 2, 4 and 5, (c) 1, 3 and 4, , (a) Summer Break, (b) Annual Ceremony, , (b) 2 and 5, (d) 1, 2 and 3, , Passage 4, 1. In recent days, Delhi residents have protested against government approval to cut down 14,000 trees in south Delhi. Faced with harsh criticism, the state construction company tasked with rebuilding six colonies in South Delhi on Monday assured the Delhi High Court that no, the project would only provide temporary relief by cutting down trees before July 4. Many of the proposed trees are mature native fruit trees that provide fresh air, shade and water for humans and are home to many bird species. These areas of Delhi act as the "lungs" of the city. However, project reports ignore these qualities. 2. Large buildings in India are difficult to manage. The ministry systematically lobbied for its exclusion from the country's environmental regulations and managed to win privileges for itself in the environmental formalization process. As of 2006, most construction projects are approved on the basis of application forms rather than detailed appraisal reports. In 2014, schools, colleges and educational institution dormitories were exempted from environmental permits as long as they follow certain sustainability parameters. In 2016, developments smaller than 20,000 square meters were allowed, provided they submitted a self-declaration of compliance with environmental standards. Due to these privileges, construction projects make a significant contribution to urban air and noise pollution, as well as the city's high water consumption. Compensatory reforestation to replace project felled trees has failed due to low survival rates, low seedling rates and lack of monitoring. 3. However, all regulators are wary of large buildings. The Urban Development Minister said the public campaign was "uninformed". But this is far from the truth. In an urban cultural society with high internet penetration, the lack of official information on urban development and its impact can only be understood as an indirect form of public silence. There are no public hearings on urban works, projects, and the government feels that citizens have nothing to say about them. Since Delhi is run by numerous agencies, you can run from one pillar to another and still not know who is in charge of what. Residents are now calling on the government to redesign the city in an inclusive way. Governments could commit to reviewing these projects. The already huge air pollution problem plagues the city in winter. What is the biggest lesson that can be learned from the above passage from the following? ,, (a) Steps must be taken to ensure that no government can do whatever it wants and hurt someone in the process. , (b) steps must be taken to ensure that any construction is in compliance with environmental regulations. , (c) Measures should be taken to ensure a large number of trees are planted around cities. , (d) The public shall take steps to prevent any construction that may adversely affect the environment.

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7, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) Refer to the above paragraphs to choose the option that can adequately complete the conversation. , Kajal: Many trees were felled to make room for new apartments near our community. Yes, very unfair. The birds are gone. don't you agree? , Vaibhav: ..................., (a) No, I do not agree. We need more houses to live in, (b) yes, I do. But that's not bad. They will build houses out of wood, (c) no, no. None of our business, (d) yes, I know. This is very detrimental to nature and all living things,,, (iii) Choose the option that best conveys the following message: "These areas of Derry act as the 'lungs' of the city.", (a) Due to the presence of many trees, the Department of Urban Development Provides oxygen to large parts of the city. , (b) Urban societies provide oxygen to large parts of cities due to the presence of many trees. , (c) The South Delhi area provides oxygen to most of the city due to the presence of many trees. , (d) Delhi uses most of the oxygen in the city due to the abundance of trees. , (iv) What qualities do large architectural firms exhibit when extracting privileges for them in the process of environmental formalization? Choose one of the options below. , (a) cunning and selfishness, (b) charity and improvement, (c) mistreatment of the poor, (d) evil and hostility, (v) A Portmanteau [words like brunch (breakfast +, lunch )] is a word spelling in which parts of several words are combined to form a new word. , From the options below, choose the compound word that appears in the paragraph above. , (a) Changes , (c) Smog,, (b) Knockdown, (d) Recharge,, (vi) Select the qualities discussed in the row - "However, these qualities were omitted from the project report". , (1) The presence of trees brings benefits to all living things. , (2) People's enthusiasm for protecting the environment. , (3) The importance of trees in the environment. , (4) The lax approach of the judiciary. , (5) Destruction and noise pollution accompanying the project. , (a) 1 and 3, (b) 2, 3 and 5, (c) 1, 4 and 5, (d) 2 and 4,, (vii) choose the option that contains the correct meaning of the given set language. , Treat/handle with kid gloves, (a) Annoy someone by treating them like a child., (b) Equal someone with a child., (c) Dealing with someone with delicate and wit. , (d) To say that someone is too naive. , , Paragraph 5, 1. Everything a man sees and every sound he hears is part of a life created for it as a whole. No matter how important or insignificant, no event in the universe happens by chance. No flower blooms or withers by chance. No one is born or dies by pure coincidence. No one gets sick by accident, nor does it develop uncontrollably. In each case, these events were specifically ordained by God from the moment they were created. 2. Destiny is what you create unconsciously. You can also create it consciously. You can rewrite; everything we do in the form of mental processes does. If you can get in touch with your inner core, if you can experience that the source of creation is within you, and then turn your full attention to yourself, you can rewrite your own destiny. As far as I know this is true. .If I take all these things from you, including your body and mind, which are just accumulation, you will feel like nobody. 4. When you become a true individual, your destiny is yours. The individual comes from "indivisible" - it can no longer be divided. It can't be everywhere. The reason why people who are in a spiritual process, rushing for spiritual growth, not getting marriage, kids and relationships is because the moment you have a wife or a husband, you fall into a trap. "I" identifies with others. Sanyasi and Brahmacharya just mean to bring your attention back to you. When I say "you", it's just "you", not your body or mind.

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8, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10, , 5. If you can't do that, choose a status. When you say "you," make it you and your guru. You will not hesitate to attach to the Guru because you can have sex with him all you want, but he will not have sex. When you become "mature", you can let go of your attachments. For other relationships, it's never like that. Even if you want to break free, others will not let you go. So just create a desire to grow, to dissolve, to know. What must happen will happen. Once you become a human being, your destiny is your own. Once your destiny takes place in consciousness, the next step will happen automatically because the life within you has the intelligence of freedom of choice. total disregard for others, based on your understanding of the article, answer any one, (d) skeptical and belittling, five of seven questions, choose the correct one, (v) choose the option with the underlined that, option. , which can be appropriately replaced by "entanglement" (paragraph 5). , (i) According to the following paragraphs, (a), he is very angry at what can only be called, is the author? , (a) Destiny can be changed and rewritten if one focuses on one's surroundings. , (b) Destiny can never be changed by selfish people like Sanyasis and Brahmacharyas. , (c) Everyone creates his own destiny. , (d) Everyone's fate has been decided by God. , , (ii) Refer to the above paragraphs to select the option to complete the dialogue correctly. , Maya: I have decided to become a Sanyasi and follow the path of Spiritualism. Please join me. , Atharva: ..................., (a) Yes, after all this is the path of self-discovery. , (b) Yes. What's left in the world anyway? , (c) no. It's a farce and doesn't teach anyone anything. , (d) no. The individual thought promoted by spiritualism is very selfish and harmful to society. ,, (iii) Which of the following sentences in the above paragraph is not an example of "is happening"? , (a) "As far as I know, this is true.", (b) "Once you become a true individual, your destiny is yours.", (c) "What must happen will happen. ", (d) "No one gets sick by mistake, nor does your disease develop in an uncontrolled manner.",, (iv) Which qualities are imbibed by Sanyasis and Brahmacharyas in their quest for spiritual growth ? Choose one of the options below. , , two conspiracies. , (b) According to Straley, a very large whale can survive for a long time if its ability to feed is not compromised. , (c) But the bear didn't kill the bull until it became, hidden in the bushes. , (d) We managed to twist the string lights into a mess of wires. ,, (vi) Choose the qualities of the passage the author wants us to absorb. , (1) Atheist, (3) Individualistic, (5) Limitations, (a) 1, 3, and 4, (c) 2, 4, and 5, (2) Antisocial, (4) Introspective, (b) 1, 3 , and 5, (d) 3 and 4, , (vii) Choose the option that best lists the quotation that expresses the central idea of ​​the paragraph. , (a) When you connect to your inner silence, that is, when you can understand the disturbances happening around you. (Stephen Richards), (b) To the still mind, the whole universe surrenders. (Lao Tzu), (c) until you have a spiritual understanding of who you are, not necessarily a religious feeling, but a spiritual deep down, you cannot begin to take control. (Oprah Winfrey), (d) You have to grow from the inside out. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. (Swami, Vivekananda). Neglected, but properly nurtured. This changed in the later Vedic era, when daughters were considered a social burden. Only girls from upper-class families had the right to education and adequate food. In Muslim families, they are educated at home, while Hindu girls are fortunate enough to receive their primary education in nearby schools.

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9, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10, , 3. Since then, the status of women in society will only get worse. However, in the 19th century, many social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Annie Besant, MG Ranade, Jyotiba, Phule, Swami Dayanand Saraswati etc. stood up for the emancipation of Indian women. Indeed, Raja Ram, Mohan Roy was a fervent advocate of female education. , 4. Since then, great progress has been made in various fields, but unfortunately, girls are still neglected. The birth of a girl was frowned upon in most families, and even when accepted, she was considered inferior to a boy and her education was considered unimportant as it seemed like a waste of money to most parents. They found this unreasonable, since they would later have to spend a lot of money on her dowry. It can be seen that the female literacy rate is not satisfactory, which directly affects the overall development and growth of the nation. 5. For India to become a developed country, it must pay attention to women's education. The old African proverb - "Educating a man is educating a person, educating a woman is educating a whole family (country)" education. If women were educated then all the problems in India like female infanticide, dowry, female suicides, domestic battering, female malnutrition, child marriage and other related atrocities would disappear. Education provides basic qualifications to perform certain economic, political and cultural functions and enhances the socioeconomic status of women. Reduce inequality. If your standard of living improves, it indirectly improves society. If they are financially strong, they will be able to take good care of their children and provide them with (411 words) a good education. A question of choosing the correct option. , (i) According to the author, which of the following is the most important teaching of Vedaism? , (a) Girls are a burden to the family. , (b) Treat boys and girls equally. , (c) Only upper class girls should be properly educated. , (d) The birth of a boy should be celebrated generously. , , (ii) Refer to the above paragraphs to select options that are sufficient to complete the dialogue. , Shruti: Now that school is over, what are your plans for the future? , Kaira: I want to go to Yale, but my parents,......, (a) sent my brother there, (b) won't let me go because it's too far, (c) don't want me to continue Learned, (d) wants me to study there too, (iii) what does the author want to mean by the word "women's liberation"? , (a) liberate women from their formerly deteriorating conditions. , (b) Deterioration of the status of women in society. , (c) The declining status of men in society. , (d) The enslavement of men liberates women. ,, (iv) What qualities did social reformers like Raja Ram, Mohan Roy exhibit? Choose one of the following options: (a) Selfishly helping others. , , (v) Select the underlined word as an appropriate alternative to 'earnestly' (paragraph 2). , (a) He was incorrectly frilious, idle, and carefully;, his father had given., (b) He speeds passionate opportunity, which offers opportunities to those who love Greek freedom. , (c) I ask all supporters to stop being so typically aggressive and voice your opinion. , (d) Left to himself, Louis could have been too violent, a revolutionary resistance. ,, (vi) Select the option that lists the ills of society that will be cured through the education of women. , (1) child marriage, (2) domestic violence, (3) caste discrimination, (4 ) female feticide, (5) xenophobia, (a) 1, 2 and 3, (c) 2, 3 and 4, , (b) 2, 4, and 5, (d) 1, 2, and 4,,, (vii) Choose the option most relevant to the citation, expressing the central idea of ​​the article. , (a) All I want is education, I'm not afraid of anyone. , (Malala Yousafzai), (b) Education, leading to financial independence, it definitely empowers women. (Sudha Murty), (c) When girls are educated, their nations are stronger and more prosperous. (Michelle Obama), (d) Men and women should be educated to a large extent in the views and manners of the society in which they live. (Mary Wollstonecraft)

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10, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, , paragraph 7, 1. Everyone wants to be successful in life. For some people, success means achieving everything they want or dream about. For many, it's name, fame and social status. No matter what success means, only success can make a person popular. 2. All great men succeed. They are remembered for their great achievements. But what is certain is that success belongs to those who are sincere, hardworking, loyal and committed to achieving their goals. Success has always been the greatest motivation for human beings. This is very important to everyone. Success has a great impact on life. It brings joy and pride. It gives a sense of accomplishment. This means holistic development. Everyone wants to be successful in life. But success smiles on those who have the right approach, planning, foresight and perseverance. Proper and timely application of all these things will surely yield results. One cannot be successful without cultivating these right and basic things in life. It is very difficult to embark on a journey without knowing your goals and objectives. Clear goals are a necessary condition for success in life. A targeted approach and proper planning are sure to bring success. , indecision and insincerity are the main obstacles on the road to success. , 3. One must have the ability, capacity and resources to turn dreams into reality. Mere desire cannot bring you success. Desire must be weighed against factors such as capabilities and resources. This is a basic requirement for success. The next big thing is desire, seriousness and a desire to succeed. It is the driving force behind success or failure. It is the first rung on the ladder of success. , 4. You must pursue your goals with sincerity and enthusiasm. One should always be in good spirits. Lack of this spirit can lead to inferiority complex, which is a major obstacle on the road to success. Time is also a determining factor. Only punctual and determined people can succeed in life. The lives of great men are examples of this. They have all these qualities in abundance which helps them reach the pinnacle of success. 5. Diligence is also one of the basic requirements for success. There is no substitute for hard work. Only he can bring people to the pinnacle of success. Every success is composed of five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. Patience, persistence and perseverance play a decisive role in achieving success. , failures are the pillars of success because they are our stepping stones, we have to get up and start again, (426 words), be motivated. , , Question, Based on your understanding of the article, answer any five of the seven questions and choose the correct option. , (i) According to the author, which of the following is the first and most important journey to success? , (a) Willingness and desire to succeed, (b) Indecisive behavior and sincerity, (c) Very inspired, (d) Punctuality and shared commitment, (ii) Refer to the above paragraphs to choose the option to complete the conversation appropriately., Gia: One day I will be successful, just like my grandpa, father and brother. Success is in my genes. No matter what I do or how I do it, I know I will be successful. Ruhi: You shouldn't think that way. Success, ................, (a) it's only for people who fail a lot, (b) it's not for spoiled kids like you, (c) it's Will only bless people like me, (d) it will only come to those who strive to achieve it, (iii) choose the option that best conveys the message, - "gives a sense of accomplishment". , (a) Failure makes you understand what success is. , (b) Achieving success feels like the achievement of one's life goals. , (c) Hard work is never without reward. , (d) Success means achieving everything you want. , , (iv) Selecting the underlined option may be an appropriate substitute for “persist” (paragraph 5). , (a) He admires her constant and dogged efforts at work. , (b) By the time the rebels arrived, the village had been laid up. , (c) The son is unwilling to give up his participation in the company. , (d) The disease caused a spiritual change, and he resolved to renounce everything that kept him from God. , (v) A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action, but it does not apply literally. , from the options below, choose a phrase from the paragraph above that might be an example of a metaphor.

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11, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (a) “…work is also one of the basic requirements…”, (b) “…they are our springboard…”, (c) “This is The first step is on the ladder of success.", (d) (b) and (c), , (vi) Which of the following shows the correct meaning of the phrase – "whatever it means, success"? , (a) Success means becoming powerful, rich and famous. , (b) Success can mean different things to different people. , (c) Success is getting money by any means possible. , , (d) Success is acquiring knowledge by any possible means., , (vii) Choose the option most relevant to the citation, expressing the central idea of ​​the article. , (a) Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. (Albert Schweitzer), (b) A successful man is one who is able to lay solid foundations with the bricks thrown at him. (David, Brinkley), (c) Successful fighters are ordinary people with laser focus. (Bruce Lee), (d) Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning, failure, loyalty and persistence. (Colin Powell), , Passage 8, 1. In the past, when war broke out there was a hero, and when society fell there was a savior. Over the centuries, adversity has inspired people to rise to the occasion and display special skills that have earned them the title of leaders. 2. The driving force behind a leader's actions and behavior is his intuition. She guides him silently, telling him what to do, which way to go, and how to develop skills that will enable him to overcome whatever challenges life throws at him. Almost all of Abraham Lincoln's endeavors in his life failed. However, his instincts drove him to press on and eventually win the highest political leadership in the United States. 3. What is instinct? Is it genetic or cultivated? Instinct is what makes a newborn feel hungry or cold, making them cry for help. , 4. It is best described as a compass for objective observation, and although we are born with it, we tend to lose it. Instinctive touches that come with age. 5. If everyone is born with this feeling, why do some become leaders and others not? First, the external environment largely determines our evolution. All those who are deprived of opportunities to develop, their potential ability to become leaders. , 6. The second reason has to do with internal attitudes. There are many people who, despite having all the right opportunities, still fail. This is because they are insensitive to their instincts, ignoring all the signals that might make them act accordingly. Listening is a critical skill that needs to be developed over time. While our previous experience allows us to list and place evaluated options, in the end it is our intuition that helps us decide which one to choose. At times like these, people who align with their intuition are more likely to make the right decisions than those who don't. Instinct is like a mental exercise. When a leader gives an emotional speech to his team in an attempt to motivate them to action, he can always tell, even before he finishes, whether he is successful or not. In fact, he was constantly regulating his behavior throughout the course of the conversation. For the greater good of all involved. ,, Questions, answer any five of the seven questions based on your understanding of the passage, and choose the correct option. , (i) According to the author, which of the following, is the greatest lesson about instinct? , (a) Instincts, if properly cultivated, can help a person become a great leader. , (b) Instinct, if properly cultivated, helps a man to make correct observations. ,, (c) Intuition, if cultivated properly, can help a person to be very successful. , (d) Intuition, if properly cultivated, can help a person regulate his behaviour. , , (ii) Complete the dialogue by selecting the appropriate option referring to the above Jyoti: In my life, I don't have many opportunities to help develop my leadership skills. So my father's business was handed over to my sister. Uday: Sorry to hear that. I went by myself, ................. I couldn't be the leader.

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12, , CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , (a) full of self-doubt, that's why i, (b) i tried hard to improve my skills and as a result, (c) full of courage and determination, but, (d) On a different ship than you, , (iii) choose the option that best conveys the message, – '...reason relates to inner attitude'., (a) A person's behavior towards his instincts is not really important., , ( iv) What qualities did Abraham Lincoln exhibit that made him President of the United States? for life, (d) Never give up trying,, (v) Select the underlined option, which may be appropriately substituted for "latent" (paragraph 5). , (a) The apparent active heat of vaporization of mercury is 103 to 106 by Marignac. ,, (b) At high risk is the penultimate stage of CHD. , (c) When the builders dug the ground, they discovered a rather dormant source of oil. , (d) Apparently the Vatican's decree has raised obvious objections. ,, (vi) The example of Abraham Lincoln shows which of the following? , (a) He is a great man. , (b) He is the President of the United States., (c) He trusts his instincts and acts on them. , (d) He was calculating and never did anything without thinking. ,, (vii) Choose the option that best lists the citation expressing the central idea of ​​the article. , (a) Trust your instincts. Your mistakes are likely to be yours, not someone else's. , (Billy Wilder), (b) There is no one instinct like the heart. , (Lord Byron), (c) Women have a wonderful instinct for things. They can spot anything but the obvious. (Oscar, Wilde), (d) I would rather trust a woman's intuition than a man's reason. (Stanley Baldwin), , Passage 9, 1. The healing value and healing power of plants was shown to me when I was a boy of about ten years old. I developed acute, persistent abdominal pain that was unresponsive to hospital medication. My mother took me to the downtown hospital several times and tried various medicines. ., 2. After a short interview, he went out. He returned with a few leaves and bark, and one of his attendants immediately prepared a decoction. Give me a glass of this preparation, it tastes bitter, but after about an hour, I start to feel relief. After about three days, the constant abdominal pain stopped and I remember having a better appetite. I have enjoyed the healing power of medicinal plants ever since. For the rural populations of the world, herbalists are the only ones who deal with their medical problems. 4. In African cultures, traditional healers have long been considered influential spiritual leaders who use magic and religion in conjunction with medicine. The disease is treated through personal mystical spiritual powers and the application of plants that have been found to have particularly healing powers. Each of them uses medicinal plants. The first are herbalists, who often have the prestige and reputation of being true practitioners of traditional medicine. The second group represents miracle doctors. They are fetish priests whose practice relies on what they call supernatural diagnostic abilities. The third is the wizard, a practitioner who is believed to have the ability to stop the witch's evil deeds. Plants are very famous in ancient Asian medicine. The owner said it can cure high blood pressure.

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13,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10,,7. For health, social and economic reasons, it is clear that developing countries should initiate an extensive program aimed at examining and studying the characteristic. Information about these plants is scattered and disorganized in most countries. Much of it is in the heads of elderly herbalists who represent the dying breed. , (adapted from Edward S. Ayensu - The Global Role of Plant Healing Powers), (446 words),, paragraph, answer any question, five out of seven questions, choose the correct option. , (i) According to the author, what is the biggest lesson that can be learned from the following story of how Egya Mensa helped the author? , (a) The healing power of medicinal plants should not be exaggerated. , (b) The healing power of medicinal plants should be questioned. , (c) The healing power of medicinal plants should not be underestimated. , (d) Only allopathic medicines should be trusted, in serious cases. ,, (ii) Referring to the paragraph above, select the option that completes the dialogue correctly. Akshat: I can only rely on modern medicine to treat any kind of disease. They have a proper and reliable cure unlike herbs which can never really cure anything. Rhea: I disagree with you. I've heard cases where……………, (a) Herbs saved lives where medicines didn't, (b) Herbs took lives, (c)) Herbs accelerated pain, (d) ) none of the above, , (iii) Select the underlined option, replacing “should” as appropriate (paragraph 5). , (a) This range includes products dyed with fully established water-based natural dyes that will not fade., (b) However, since its introduction, no proof is required and its benefits have been widely known. , (c) Doing so may void any unlawfully obtained Offer acceptance. ,, (d) In the spring of 2008, about the mysterious dangers of eating too much soy. , , (iv) A compound noun is a word if it consists of two or more existing words. , from the options given below, choose the compound noun that appears in the above paragraph., (a) disorganized, (b) disease, (c) pharmacy, (d) decoction,, (v) as described by the author Choose the qualities that a "miracle doctor" should possess. , (1) mistake, (3) fraud, (5) innocent, (a) 2 and 5, (c) 2 and 3,, (2) help, (4) manipulation, (b) 1, 4 and 5, (d) 1, 3 and 4, , (vi) What does the author suggest for developing countries? , (a) Preserving information about medicinal plants in a disjointed manner. , (b) study the properties of medicinal plants. , (c) disseminate information about medicinal plants., (d) all of the above, , (vii) choose the option most relevant to the quote expressing the central idea of ​​the article. , (a) Nature itself is the best doctor. (Hippocrates), (b) Plants have enough vision to alter our limited vision. (Rosemary Gladstar), (c) It is safe to say that plants have created and continue to create the world in which we live. (David, Crow), (d) People often take herbal remedies for physical responses, but they find that their bodies also have emotional responses to the herbal medicines they take. (Karen Rose), , Passage 10, 1. Frankness is probably one of the most overrated virtues! that's why. Because there are no limits, no filters, and candor is a recipe for breaking up relationships, even the closest ones. This kind of frankness is understandable, acceptable and even "cute" only for children under the age of five. Speaking (and more importantly, writing) is an important life skill. Think is a popular acronym for True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind. This works really well as a filter in our minds.

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14, , CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , 3. What to say is really good, but only in conjunction with the other attributes of the acronym, especially the last one, kindness. In glamorously telling the truth as we see it, we often forget to be kind. We blurt out "truth" even when doing so is completely meaningless and unnecessary, let alone inspiring! Often, being honest is more damaging than being noble. Only those who don't care about the consequences have the ability to "speak their minds" anytime, anywhere. When relationships are at stake, choosing the right time, place, and words to communicate the uncomfortable truth is critical. Even then, only when absolutely necessary and with great kindness. , 4. Unpremeditated speaking can be more dangerous in other situations, for example, when someone entrusts us with a secret. The hallmark of maturity is the ability to keep secrets. Very young children cannot understand the concept of secrecy. For them, every piece of information is interesting, new and should be shared. We all learn to keep secrets as we grow older, but we tend to only keep our own secrets, not those entrusted to us by others. We may blurt out what our friends have told us, perhaps accidentally, but often to appear important in the eyes of others. It gives us a sense of power to know things our friends don't, and it takes a conscious effort to keep the information private. , 5. But this is the true test of an important life skill: self-control. To reveal a friend's secret is to betray friendship. This can lead to gossip spreading, which can destroy peace of mind and even lives. Words without thinking will bring about the end of the world. , 6. Communication is of course very important. But even more important is being thoughtful and compassionate. , (442 words), Speaking well is a skill: Speaking nicely is a life skill. , Questions, Answer any five of the seven questions based on your understanding of the passage, choosing the correct option. , (i) According to the authors, of the following, the acronym "think" is the most important lesson? , (a) necessary truths must be shared. , (b) The truth should always be shared with others. , (c) Only essential truths should be shared with kindness. , (d) One should always keep a friend's secret. , (ii) Choose enough options to complete the conversation Refer to the above passage, Prachi: I should tell my sister that our parents are divorced, don't you think? She'll figure it out in a few days anyway. Anita: No, you shouldn't tell her. This is not your place, this is not your secret. .........., (a) let her parents tell her after the fact, let her parents put up with her tantrums, (b) let her Parents told her. They'll be able to explain better, (c) she should know me, her best friend, and (d) she knows they've been fighting. I believe she has guessed by now, (iii) Choose the option that best conveys the message, - "spread like wildfire". , (a) Take the time to affect everyone slowly. , (b) make it known quickly.,, (c) destroy everything in its path. , (d) caused the death of all who knew the secret. ,, (iv) Which of the following does the author warn about in paragraph 4? , (a) exercising powers our friends do not have, (b) hiding a friend’s secret, (c) knowing another’s secret, (d) revealing a friend’s secret to another, (v) choosing the underlined option that may be appropriate Replace "brand" (paragraph 2). , (a) They will no doubt show stoic perseverance, a failing example of their state, and will continue to eat. , (b) The clear, fresh and tense rhythm is notoriously, a specimen of Beethoven. , (c) Neutral colors and simple, luxurious bathrooms, decor are distinguishing features of this style. , (d) Free Ideas in Greeting Cards, business has been around for a century. , , (vi) Hyperbole is a figure of speech in which words are exaggerated to impress the reader. From the options below, choose a phrase/sentence from the paragraph above that might be an example of hyperbole. , (a) "Frankness is probably one of the most overrated virtues", (b) "Speaking nicely is a life skill", (c) "Words without thinking can lead to the end of the world.", (d) "Gossip Spread like wildfire"

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15, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (vii) Choose the option that best lists the quotations expressing the central idea of ​​the article. , (a) Kind words may be short and easy to say, but their echoes are truly endless. (Mother Teresa), (b) Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the receiver, and they bless you, the giver. (Barbara de Angelis), , (c) One thing I am certain of is that the kinder we are to our fellow man, the kinder the universe is to us. (Joe Rogan), (d) kindness is more than action. In attitude, expression, eyes, touch. That's any boost to anyone else. (Plato), , Answers and Explanations, PASSAGE 1, (i) (c) "Unchanging" means lack of definite plan or aimlessness. This passage shows that a country without a vision is "aimless", like a ship sailing without direction. (ii) (b) This passage talks about the joint efforts of different peoples will make India a great country. Therefore, option (b) is the correct answer. , (iii) (a) “A person is a coward because he thinks he is” – Give the correct meaning of the given sentence. , (iv) (c) 'Visionary' and 'confident' are the qualities the author expresses when he speaks of taking the necessary steps to build our nation's strength. , (v)(d) "Drive" means to exert or motivate force. Thus, the phrase (d) ) in the options contains words that can replace 'drive'. , (vi) (a) According to paragraph 7, the authors propose to strengthen the country's scientific and technological capabilities. , (vii) (c) The quotation in option (c) preferably conveys the central idea of ​​the paragraph. ,, PASSAGE 2, (i) (b) Finding and preserving artifacts is essential and learning more about our cultural history is taught through excavation. , (ii) (d) According to the given passage, options (a) and (b) are both suitable for completing the dialogue. , (iii) (a) The sentence in option (a) has the same meaning as the sentence in the option question. , (iv) (b) Archeology majors can be considered knowledge seekers. , (v) (c) 'Clandestine' means performed in secret or in secret. Therefore, the sentence in option (c) contains a possible appropriate replacement for "secret". , (vi) (c) "Archaeology" means the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. , (vii) (b) The author appears to be business-savvy, insightful and intelligent. , PASSAGE 3, (i) (b) The author mentions that the lesson of the ancient summer vacation is that that is when everyone returns home to relax. , (ii) (a) According to the passage provided, option (a) is the correct answer. , , (iii) (d) “People had a chance to connect with their families” – give the correct meaning of the sentence in the question. , (iv) (d ) 'Hard work' and 'determined' are qualities that children in today's world exhibit during summer vacation. , (v) (b) 'Scurry' means in a hurry. Therefore, the sentence in option (b) contains words that can easily replace 'scurried'. , (vi) (c) 'Working holidays' is a contradiction. , (vii) (b) During work holidays summer, the author wants us to be "acceptable" and "tolerant". Follow environmental regulations. , (ii) (d) According to the given passage, option (d) is appropriate to complete the dialogue. , (iii) (c) "Since south Delhi has many trees, this area provides oxygen to most of the city" - is the correct meaning of the sentence in the question. , (iv) (a) 'Cunning' and 'selfish' are the qualities mentioned in the question. , (v) (a) ) 'Smog' is a combination of smoke and fog. , (vi) (a) (1) and (3) give the qualities mentioned in the row in the question., (vii) (c) 'treat/handle' with kid gloves means being kind and tactful in dealing with someone . , , PASSAGE 5, (i) (c) The biggest lesson the author taught us is that each person creates his own destiny. , (ii) (a) According to the article, option (a) is the correct answer. , (iii)(d) occurrence refers to coincidental circumstances. Therefore, only option (d) is not an example of this case. ,(iv)(a) "Self-respect" and "devotion" are qualities that sanyasis and Brahmacharyas imbibe in their pursuit of spiritual growth. , (v)(d) "Entangled" means intertwined. Therefore, the sentence in option (d) contains words that can replace 'entangled'. , (vi) (d) 'Individualistic' and 'Introspective' are the qualities the author wants us to imbibe. , (vii)(c) The quotation in option (c) best expresses the central idea of ​​the article.

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16,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, Paragraph 6, (i) (b) The greatest lesson of the Vedic period is that girls and boys should be treated equally. , (ii) (c) According to paragraph option (c) "Don't want me to learn more" is suitable to complete the dialogue. , (iii)(a) By the term "women's emancipation" the author refers to the exacerbation of women's emancipation from their former lives. , (iv) (c) Social reformers are determined to help and protect others. , (v) (b) "Eagerly" means enthusiastically. Therefore, the sentence in option (b) contains the appropriate word to replace "seriously". , (vi) (d) "Child marriage", "domestic violence" and "female abortion" will be cured through education, women. , (vii) (c) The quotation in option (c) best expresses the central idea of ​​the given passage. , , PASSAGE 7, (i) (a) Enthusiasm and the desire to success come first, enter the journey to achieve success ., (ii) (d) The sentence given in option (d) completed the dialogue appropriately. , (iii) (b) "Achieving success is like a person's life, the goal is achieved" - the question of the meaning of the sentence is given. , (iv) (a) 'Persistence' means continuous effort towards some achievement. Therefore, option (a) contains sentences that use the word appropriately. , (v) (d) Figurative metaphors are used in both sentences in options (b) and (c). Therefore, option (d) is the correct answer. , (vi) (b) "Success can mean different things to different people" - is the correct meaning of the given sentence in the question. , (vii) (d) The quotation given in The option (d) expresses the central idea of ​​the article. , , PASSAGE 8, (i) (a) The greatest lesson about instincts is that, if cultivated properly, they can help a person become a great leader. , (ii)(c) "Full of courage and determination, but" is suitable for finishing the conversation. , (iii)(b) "A person's actions are as relevant as his intuition" is the correct meaning of the sentence given in the question. ,,(iv)(d) Abraham Lincoln displayed a "never give up" and hard work attitude that eventually made him President of the United States. , (v) (c) "Potential" means 'totally inactive'. Therefore, the sentence in option (c) contains the appropriate word to replace "potential"., (vi) (c) Take Abraham Lincoln as an example , showing that he trusts his intuition and acts accordingly., (vii) (a) The quote in option (a) best expresses the central idea of ​​the passage., , PASSAGE 9, (i) (c) From Egya Mensa's The story and author argue that the healing power of medicinal plants should not be underestimated., (ii) (a) “Herbal medicine saved livings when drugs didn't” is appropriate to complete the conversation., (iii) (b) 'Alleged' means supposeded to be true or claimed; no, to prove. Therefore, the sentence in option (b) contains the appropriate word to replace "should"., (iv) (c) "Drugstore" is composed of two nouns "drug" and "store" and is A compound noun. (v) (d) As described by the authors, "miracle doctors" would exhibit qualities of deceit, deceit and manipulation., (vi) (b) The authors recommend developing countries to study the properties of medicinal plants. , (vii) (a) The quotation in option (a) best expresses the central idea of ​​the essay., , PASSAGE 10, (i) (c) The biggest lesson taught by the acronym "Think" is that only necessary The truth should be shared, and shared with kindness., (ii) (b) "Let her parents tell her. "They will be able to better explain "how to get the conversation done better.", (iii) (b) "Famous soon" best conveys the message of "spreading like wildfire"., (iv) (d) Authors warn Objecting to revealing friends' secrets to others, in paragraph 4, (v) (c) "brand" means a distinctive feature. Therefore, the sentence in option (c) contains the appropriate words to replace "trademark"., (vi ) (c) The sentence in option (c) uses figures of speech, exaggeration., (vii) (a) Quote option (a) that best expresses the central idea of ​​the passage.

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17, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , !, , Case-based factual passages, , Carefully read the passages given below. , , Passage 1, 1. India's population is expected to grow by 25%, reference to 1.52 billion by 2036 by 2011, according to the final report of the Population Projection Technical Panel dated July 2020. The group is made up of the National Council on Population (NCP) within the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Familiar with the task, providing population projections for the period 2011-2036. 2. India's population growth rate is expected to fall to its lowest level since independence in the decade 2011-2021, with a ten-year growth rate of 12.5%. Over the decade between 2021 and 2031, this will drop further to 8.4%, according to the report seen by The Wire. According to these projections, India will overtake China as the world's most populous country by 2031—nearly a decade later than the 2022 forecast by the United Nations. , 0, , 1.4, , Population (billion), , 1.2, , 1, , 0.0, , 0.8, , 0.4, , 0.2, , 0, , 2011, , , 2018, , 2021, 2028, 2031, 2038, year , Source: Technical Panel Report on Population Projections, , 3. Projections are significantly delayed. "Ideally, they should have arrived by 2016. But there were delays in setting up the committee, then more delays at the end of the government, and even after we submitted our report. We submitted it in November 2019 ,” said one committee member, speaking on condition of anonymity. This was also confirmed by two other members. Because 70% of this growth will be in urban areas. India's urban population will rise from 377 million in 2011 to 594 million in 2036—a 57 percent increase. So while 31% of Indians lived in Indian cities in 2011, this will grow to 39% by 2036. 6. Therefore, the proportion of the rural population will drop from 69% to 61%, and so will the urban population, (321 words) , projected to double two projected increases of the rural population., , question, according to your understanding of the article, Please answer five of the seven questions by selecting the correct option. , (i) The purpose of the above report is to provide ………, select the correct option. ,, (a) Population Projection 2036, (b) Population Projection 2011, (c) Population Projection 2011-2036, (d) Population Projection 2031

Page 21:
18, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) Select the option that matches the two statements below. , (1) India will become the most populous country in the world by 2031., (2) A Due to the increase in the number of deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the population of China will decline. , (a) (1) is the effect of (2), (b) (1) is the cause of (2), (c) (1) is independent of (2), (d) (1) is true for (2) If false, , (iii) Choose the option that gives the correct meaning of the following statements. , "It will further decline to 8.4% in the decade 2021-2031...", (a) India's population growth rate is expected to decline sharply. , (b) The death rate in India is projected to decline sharply. , (c) India's child rate is projected to decline dramatically. , (d) India's population is projected to decrease dramatically. ,, (iv) According to the survey, the rural population,………., (a) increased relative to urban population growth, (b) increased relative to urban population growth, (c) remained unchanged from now, (d) above None, (v) choose the option that gives the estimated growth of India's population by 2036, (a) 377 million, (c) 594 million,,, (b) 311 million, (d) 1.21 billion,, (vi) why Will the July 2020 predictions arrive? , (a) delay in setting up the committee, (b) government delay, (c) committee delay, (d) (a) and (b), (vii) This paragraph contains decadal growth rates for the decade 2011-2021, which yes…………. Choose the correct option. , (a) 8.4%, , (b) 12.5%, , (c) 57%, , (d) 25%, , paragraph 2, 1. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that seriously affects more people More than 21 million people in the world are characterized by distortions in thinking, perception, emotion, language, self-awareness, and behavior. Common experiences include hallucinations and delusions involving fixed and false beliefs. Maximize quality of life and adaptation, function, and promote and sustain recovery from the debilitating effects of disease. Medicines are invaluable in treating people with mental illness. Thus, pharmacists are integral in improving the quality of services provided to patients with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, which helps in reducing the numerous problems associated with and faced by patients with mental disorders. , 3. The management of patients with conditions such as schizophrenia is often a collaborative effort that includes integrating the skills of the myriad health professionals involved in the patient's care. For more than 30 years, clinical pharmacists have served in a variety of roles as educators, advisors, and providers. As pharmacists are the authority on pharmacy services, they also work with other healthcare professionals in multidisciplinary teams to apply their complementary skills and knowledge to the management of patients with mental illness. As such, clinical pharmacists contribute to patient care by playing an important role in detecting, resolving, and preventing drug-related problems. Clinical pharmacists are also critical to ensure the safe and effective use of medicines. In addition, pharmacists can provide comprehensive drug information to patients with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, relatives of patients, and other healthcare professionals involved in patient care. Pharmacists lead education on medication, adherence, and participation in primary prevention of mental illness, health promotion, and (307 words) lifestyle modification. Choose the correct option. , (i) The purpose of this article is to study......., choose the correct option. , (a) schizophrenia and its benefits, (b) schizophrenia and its treatment, , (c) schizophrenia and its treatment, (d) people with schizophrenia and their behavior, (ii) choosing the right The following two state the correct options. , (1) People face distortions in their thinking, lose their sense of self and start seeing things that aren't there. , (2) Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects more than 21 million people worldwide.

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19, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (a) (1) is the result of (2)., (b) (1) is the reason for (2)., (c) (1) is Regardless of (2)., (d) (1) is true and (2) is false. , , (iii) Complete the sentences to give the correct meaning of the following sentences. , "Common experiences include hallucinations and delusions..." , As a result of schizophrenia, people..........., (a) begin suddenly to have homicide urges, (b) start behaving oddly and irrationally, (c) start seeing and hearing things and developing false beliefs, (d) start feeling irrational pleasure and ecstasy, (iv) according to research, management Patient's suffering requires .......... .. , (a) A personal effort to integrate skills. , (b) Joint efforts of health professionals. , (c) Psychology training. , (d) Compassionate treatment for those around you. ) Select the option that lists treatment goals, Schizophrenia. , (1) relieve symptoms, (2) sort out the suffering mind, (3) stop hallucinations, (4) improve quality of life, (5) promote recovery, (6) fix one's mind, (a) 2, 4 and 6, (b) 1, 2 and 6, (c) 1, 4 and 5, (d) 2, 3 and 5,,, (vi) What is a clinically involved pharmacist, besides ensuring strict adherence to medication, (a) mental illness prevention education, (b) promotion of healthy living, (c) treatment-based lifestyle changes, (d) all of the above, (vii) This article recommends that clinical pharmacists provide patients with mental illness with...  …, select the correct option. , (a) Comprehensive Medication Information, (b) Complete Information Booklet, (c) Professionally Administered Syringes and Medications, (d) Step-by-Step Treatment Program,, Paragraph 3, 1. Na is celebrated globally on August 12 this year On the eve of International Youth Day, experts and political commentators in India called on the government to do more to create jobs. However, multiple reports suggest that the number of unemployed youth in the South Asian country is on the rise. Jobs lost during the month. "May 2021 also marked the fourth consecutive month of decline in employment. Cumulative employment losses since January 2021 were 25.3 million. Employment in January 2021 was 400.7 million. Declined to 375.5 million," the June release said. report said. – the highest in at least three decades. , 5. "High unemployment is dangerous. If you have so many unemployed, it means they are not saving or spending. This has a direct impact on the country's economic growth and economic potential," wrote the country's leading financial newspaper Working policy adviser Rajrich Sinhal told Anadolu Agency. He said that due to COVID-19., 6. "Unemployment was there even before the pandemic, but now it's getting worse," Dewan, who is also the former head of the economics department at Mumbai University, told Anadolu Agency.

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20, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10, , 7. The government acknowledged the impact of the virus lockdown on the global economy including India. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged industry representatives to look at ways to boost exports, a move that could help boost employment. , (346 words), CMIE Unemployment Rate Series: Unemployment Rate (UER) (>=15), 25 , , 20, , 15, , 10, , 5, , 0, , Jan, , Jun, , Nov, , Apr Sep Feb Jul Dec May Oct Mar Aug, Indian Economy Monitoring Center Pvt. Ltd, , Questions, Based on your understanding of the article, answer any five of the seven questions and select the correct option. , (i) The purpose of the above article is to focus on …………. . ., choose the correct option. , (a) the problem of falling youth unemployment in India, (b) the problem of rising youth unemployment in India, (c) the problem of rising youth unemployment in India, (d) the problem of falling youth unemployment in India, and (ii) choose either The stated options. , (1) COVID-19 lockdown exacerbated the situation. , (2) India's unemployment rate has increased over the past year. , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (1) is the ratio of (2), (c) (1) is independent of (2), (d) (1) is related to (2) Contradiction, , (iii) Choose the option that gives the correct meaning of the following statements. , "This has a direct impact on the country's economic growth and economic potential.", (a) Employment of people adversely affects the country's economic potential. , (b) Unemployed persons adversely affect the economic potential of the country. , , Jan, , Sep, , (c) Positive impact of unemployed persons on national economic potential. , (d) The employed population has a negative but positive impact on the country's economic potential. , , (iv) Unemployment rate in India, according to the ILO report, ...  …  , (a) fell to a 30-year low, (b) rose to a 3-year high, (c ) rose to a 30-year high, (d) fell to a nearly 3-year low, (v) chose options to list organizations/individuals who commented on youth, unemployment issues according to the article, (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), Ministry of Economy, International Labor Organization, Financial Express, Anadolu Agency, Ritu Diwan,, (a) 2, 3 and 5, (c) 2, 3 and 4,, (b) 1, 4 and 5, (d) 1, 2 and 4,, (vi) What did PM Modi ask industry representatives to do? , (a) increase employment, (c) increase exports, (b) hire more people, (d) educate young people, (vii) the article mentions that India's unemployment rate in 2020 has increased to  … ..........Correct option. , (a) 19%, (c) 7.11%, (b) 40%, (d) 25.3%

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21,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, Paragraph 4, 1. Bean sprouts contain relatively the highest amount of nutrients per unit of any food known to man. Sprouts are the source of energy for chemical changes. Enzymes are produced, starch is converted into glucose, protein is converted into amino acids, and the value of vitamins increases. In fact, there is a burst of new vitality. According to doctors. Professor Bailey of the University of Minnesota in the United States, the vitamin C value of wheat increased by 600% in the early germination stage. doctor. CR Shaw at the University of Texas Cancer Center found that when healthy bacteria were exposed to carcinogens in the presence of wheat wort, cancer was suppressed by up to 90 percent. , 2. Enzymes, which initiate and control almost all chemical reactions in our body are strongly activated during sprouting. Enzymes activate the entire digestive system to synthesize nutrients from food into the bloodstream. They are the key to longevity. , 3. Bean sprouts are best enjoyed fresh. Mix bean sprouts with other foods, season to your taste and enjoy. But if you eat them every day, you'll quickly realize that including sprouts in your diet can have a huge impact on your health. With this live food, every cell of your body becomes active and agile. , 4. The nutrients developed as the sprouts grow are very stable and can be frozen or dried for future use. poisonous. Alfalfa and mung bean sprouts are excellent soft foods. They are almost pre-digested and can be easily absorbed even by children and the elderly. They contain all known vitamins in perfect balance that the body needs. , health benefits of bean sprouts, aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, helps control weight, protects the body from cancer, improves blood circulation in the body, helps reduce the risk of heart disease, helps the growth and development of the body, and reduces the risk of neural tube defects in babies risk, helps prevent cataracts and male degeneration, inhibits the growth of cold sores and reduces the effects of allergies, reactions and asthma, note: wash before use to prevent any type of microbial infection,, question, answer based on your understanding of the article For any five of the seven questions, choose the correct option. , (i) Which elements start the chemical reactions in our body? , (a) enzymes, (c) bacteria, (b) sprouts, (d) vitamins, (ii) according to Dr. CR Shaw, cancer suppressed until...with the help of sprouts. , (a) 80%, (c) 20%, (b) 90%, (d) 95%,,, (iii) According to the article, eating bean sprouts is beneficial to (a) children, (b) adults, (c) Elderly, (d) all of these, (iv) the qualities of bean sprouts, as mentioned in the last paragraph of the article, are: I. excellent soft food, II. Predigestion, III. Easily Assimilated, IV. Contains toxic elements, Code, (a) I and II, (b) I, II and III, (c) III and IV, (d) I, III and IV,, (v) paragraphs ... Absorbed in "digestion", (a) assimilated, (b) pre-digested, (c) dried, (d) soft

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22, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , (vi) Select the option to list incorrect statements. , (a) Sprouts contain tough, non-digestible proteins. , (b) The perfect balance of vitamins for the human body can be obtained from the buds. , (c) During germination, the enzyme is greatly activated. , (d) All of the above, (vii) Which of the following steps is not a germination process? , (a) Enzyme production. , (b) Convert starch to glucose. , (c) releases essential vitamins. , (d) Convert protein to amino acids. , , paragraph 5, 1. India's air pollution is worse The most pressing problem in recent years. Toxic air is not only a major health and environmental problem, it also has enormous economic costs: it hinders development and affects people's well-being. In 2015, more than 1.1 million people in India died prematurely due to air pollution, according to the Health Effects Institute. In 2019, air pollution was responsible for around 18% of all deaths in the country. It cost the economy about 1.4 percent of GDP that same year. Research has identified severe negative effects of air pollution on many sectors, including labor productivity and crop yields. , industrialization and population growth. In 2020, India ranked third among countries with the worst air quality in the world, according to IQAir. The north alone has no fewer than 13 of the 15 most polluted cities in the world. 3. Governments launching policy initiatives and setting up regulators and other agencies, all aimed at fighting air pollution; they are very inappropriate. The current situation points to the need for better, more effective ways to improve air quality across the country, especially in the densest and most populous urban spaces. It is imperative to increase the role of technology and encourage private sector partnerships with each other and with governments to address air pollution. It is equally important to engage the grassroots, especially the most vulnerable, through community-based initiatives. 4. However, any effort must begin with accurate and timely air pollution information. This will ensure greater awareness of the magnitude of the crisis and its multiple impacts. Adequate messaging should also seek to inspire individual action and a collective commitment to a future, (323 words) where there is clean air for all. ,, Questions, answer any five of the seven questions, and choose the correct option based on your understanding of the passage. , (i) The purpose of the above paragraph is to..., select the correct option. , (a) improve the air quality in India, (b) highlight the problem of poor air quality in India, (c) recommend necessary measures to improve the poor air quality in India, (d) show the harmful effects of air pollution, (ii) choose suitable The options are declared with the following two points. , (1) The Indian government has adopted various measures and measures to deal with the air pollution problem. , (2) In the end, the initiative has achieved positive results, and the air quality has been greatly improved. , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (1) is the ratio of (2), (c) (1) is independent of (2) (d) (1) is true (2) is False, (iii) Which of the following statements about air toxicity is true? (b) No impact on the country's economic growth. , (c) leads to a reduction in labor and crop yields. , (d) leads to a 1.4 percent increase in GDP. ,, (iv) According to research,............In India, due to air pollution. , (a) over 1.1 million premature deaths, (b) nearly 1.1 million premature deaths, (c) over 1.1 million premature deaths, (d) almost over 1.1 million premature deaths, (v ) Select the option that lists the severe effects of impure and toxic air. , (1) It is an obstacle to development. , (2) It makes people die with the help of harmful gases. , (3) It can cause many health problems. , (4) It seriously affects the economy of a country. , (5) to undermine any and all government initiatives. , (a) 1, 2 and 4, (b) 1, 3 and 4, (c) 2, 3 and 5, (d) 2, 4 and 1

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23,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, (vi) How to solve the problem of air pollution? , (a) Encourage the private sector to join forces and use technology to solve this problem. , (b) Encourage the private sector to collaborate with government and use technology to solve problems. , (c) engage grassroots people. , (d) all of the above, and (vii) the response options, as follows. ,, According to paragraph 4, at what level of action should be taken to address the growing air toxicity crisis? , (a) at the individual level, through collaborative commitment. , (b) at the grassroots level, through individual effort and commitment. , (c) at the authority level, with better initiatives and policies. , (d) Create an antidote on a scientific level. , , Passage 6, 1. India is home to about 10% of the world's snow leopards, distributed in the five Himalayan states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh which account for only 5% of the world's available habitat for the animal . , 2. The Snow Leopard Project was introduced to India by the Snow Leopard Project Committee established by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The Indian government promoted protection, protection and preservation of India's unique high-altitude wild populations and their habitat natural heritage through participatory policies and actions in 2009. 3. The Tiger Project and the Elephant Project are very common in India, and the former attracted worldwide attention in 1973. There are also Tibetan wolves in the Himalayas. The project is not only about protecting the snow leopard, but like the tiger project, it is considered an umbrella species, protecting it while protecting other species and the habitat they collectively form. , 5. Three major parks in India where snow leopards are likely to be seen, (i) Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary – Himachal Pradesh, (ii) Ulley Valley – Ladakh, (iii) Hemis National Park – Himachal Pradesh In Pradesh, the reasons for introducing the Snow Leopard Project are as follows, (i) India's high altitude > 3000 m, including the support of Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan biogeographical regions, which is a unique combination of globally protected wildlife. , (ii) The area has received relatively little attention from a wildlife conservation perspective., (iii) The area represents an extensive rangeland system supporting an important traditional pastoral economy and way of life. India, 1,28,000 square kilometers, protected area, under project, snow leopard, India, 400-600, population of India, 4500-7500, world population

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24,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Issue 10,,, (iv) The area provides essential ecosystem services and is home to river systems that are critical to the country's food security. , (v) India has ratified international agreements to promote the conservation of wild species of high-altitude wild animals such as snow leopards. , (vi) The region is important to the country's national security and international relations. , (vii) High altitude wildlife in India faces various challenges today. threaten. ,(viii) India Existing high altitude protected areas require considerable strength., (360 words), (ix) Wildlife management in the region needs to be particularity.,, Questions, according to your understanding of the article, answer any of the seven Five Ask questions by choosing the correct option. , (i) The purpose of the above study is to show that snow leopards are ………… Choose the right option, (a) a near-threatened species that can be conserved, (b) a vulnerable species and should be conserved, (c) a less affected Species that do not require conservation, (d) species that live in the Himalayas, (ii) select the option that meets both of the following statements. , (1) The snow leopard was planned to be introduced in India in 2009 to protect unique high-altitude wildlife such as the snow leopard. , (2) The tiger program was introduced in India in 1973 to protect the endangered Bengal tiger from extinction. , (a) (1) is the result of (2). , (b) (1) is the cause of (2). , (c) (1) is independent of (2). (d) (1) and (2)., , (iii) Choose the option that gives the correct meaning of the following sentences. "The snow leopard... is considered an umbrella species...", (a) other species will also be protected, the protection of the snow leopard. ,, (b) It consists of many other species. , (c) it is the most important species in the area. , (d) none of the above, (iv) according to high altitude areas, must be protected because they..., (a) support unique wildlife of global importance, (b) support must be protected Endangered wild animals, (c) consist of very insignificant ecosystems and organisms, (d) are rich in minerals and natural resources,, (v) According to the article, what other species can be found in the Himalayan region besides the snow leopard ? , (a) Asian elephants, (c) Tibetan wolves, , (b) endangered tigers, (d) (a) and (c), , (vi) Which of the following is critical to the country's food security? , (a) wildlife management, (c) aquatic ecosystems, (b) vast grassland systems, (d) river systems, (vii) The article concludes that promoting conservation of high-altitude wildlife species in India requires… …….., choose the right option, (a) keep the area clean and tidy, (b) also protect the area, (c) donate to the resident humans in the area, (d) keep these species in captivity To protect them, Passage 7, 1. India has commissioned two nuclear power plants, one at Tarapur and the other at Rana Pratap Sagar. , each with an installed capacity of 420 MW. Two other sites, one at Narora and one at Kalpakkam, are operational. This energy will be able to supply the nation's energy shortage. If industry is operating at full capacity, output will be higher, so per capita income will increase and inflation will be offset. 2. With the help of controlled nuclear explosions, artificial dams can be built. In fact, for a dam to be built there, there would have to be two massive gables enclosing a deep valley close to the channel of the river. These conditions are not present everywhere. Thus, mountains can be blown up with the help of controlled nuclear explosions. This also helps in road construction in hilly areas. In fact, some of India's borders are mountainous, making military operations quite difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to build roads in these areas even for the sake of national security. 3. With the help of radiation, the shelf life of vegetables and fruits can be increased. In tropical countries like India, perishable fruits require long-term preservation. Radiation prevents the emergence of onions and potatoes, which are in high demand abroad.

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25, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Similarly, fruits such as bananas and mangoes, which have great export potential, can be stored for a long time. There will be no change in the texture or taste of the fruit. , 4. Nuclear techniques can also be used for medical purposes. Radioactive iodine is said to be useful in detecting thyroid disorders. Similarly, India, with the help of UN experts, successfully prepared an irradiated vaccine that immunized sheep against a lung disease that used to kill a large number of sheep every year. 5. Properly processed nuclear fuel is also used in space satellites. Weather satellites can predict cyclones and rainfall with extreme accuracy. Communication satellites can help transmit information over long distances. In a big country like India, communication satellites are needed. , 6. Radiation is also used to prepare mutant seeds. Many varieties of rice and some grains are prepared in the Tarapur laboratory. This will increase our agricultural output and help India become better economically. Therefore, for India, it is necessary to use nuclear energy peacefully. , nuclear energy use, • energy (your home), • medicinal (carcinogenic radiation), • agriculture (pesticides), • conservation (food), • environment (pollution) , , (335 words), , problem, according to For your understanding of the text, answer any five of the seven questions, choosing the correct option. , (i) India is building nuclear power plants for ........................ ., (a) becoming rich, (b) becoming self-sufficient, (c) increasing industrial production, (d) Helping the poor,, (ii) controlled nuclear explosions can be used to explode, up………, (a) roads, (b) dams, (c) mountains (d) oceans, (iii) conform to, " ...has been put into service", The word "commissioned" does not refer to, (a) being opened or built, (b) creating something new, (c) a grade awarded by a committee, (d) will ( Newly produced things) put into working condition. , , (iv) Based on your understanding of the text, select the option that lists nuclear energy uses. , 1. Building artificial dams, , 2. Developing space theory, 3. Extending food shelf life, , 4 . Variation of different flowers, , 5. Medical facilities, , 6. Weather forecasting, , (a) 1,3 and 6 , (c) 1,3,5 and 6, , (b) 2,4 and 5 , (d) only 5, , (v) Choose the option that is true for the following two statements. , 1. With the help of controlled nuclear explosions, artificial doms can be made. , 2. Useful for vegetables with the help of radiation life (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (1) is the cause of (2), (c) (1) is independent of (2), (d ) (1) is true (2) is false, , (vi) irradiated in ......., (a) grows vegetables, (b) grows fruits, (c) grows onions, (d ) preserve fruit,, (vii) which of the following is the use of weather, satellites? , (a) forecasted average temperature, (b) accurately forecasted rainfall and hurricanes, (c) heat wave forecast, (d) ozone gap forecast

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26, CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Passage 8, 1. The term "child labor" is generally defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and dignity and is detrimental to their physical and mental development. Refers to work: - in Mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to the child; and/or, - Interfering with the child's ability to attend and participate fully in school, causing the child to drop out of school prematurely or requiring the child to attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and demanding work . , 2. There are many interrelated factors that contribute to the prevalence of child labor. Child labor is both a cause and a consequence of poverty. Family poverty forces children into the labor market to earn money. Some are engaged in child labor to supplement family income, and many also to survive. They miss out on educational opportunities, further exacerbating intergenerational family poverty and hindering economic growth and social development. Child labor deprives children of the skills and education they need for decent work opportunities as adults. Inequality, lack of educational opportunities, slow demographic transition, cultural traditions and expectations contribute to the persistence of child labor in India. Age, gender, race, caste and deprivation all affect the type and intensity of work children do. , 3. Child labor remains a persistent problem in today's world. The latest global estimates indicate that globally 160 million children (63 million girls and 97 million boys) were in child labor at the start of 2020, nearly one in 10 of all children in the world. 79 million children - almost half of all working children - are engaged in hazardous work that directly threatens their health, safety and moral development. , 4. Global progress against child labor has stalled since 2016. The percentage of working children remained unchanged over the four-year period, while the absolute number of working children increased by more than 8 million. Likewise, the proportion of children in hazardous work remained almost the same, but increased by 6.5 million children in absolute terms. Child labor and hazardous work by 17, 222.3, 215.2, child labor, million, million, hazardous work, 14.2%, 13.6%, , 170.5, million, 11.1%, 128.4 million 168 million 151.6 million 160 million 10.6% 115.3 million 8.2% 7.3% , , 85.3, million, , 9.6%, , 9.6%, , 72.5, million, , 79.0, million, , 4.6% , , 4.7%, , 2016, , 2020, , 5.4%, , 2000, , 2004, , 2008, , 2012, , (339 words), , Questions, Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any five of the seven questions by choosing the correct option. , (i) The purpose of the article is to highlight ..................., choose the correct option. , (a) the problem of child labor, (b) the causes of child labor, (c) the increase in the number of working children over the past four years, (d) the decrease in the number of working children over the past four years, (ii) the choice between the following two State the correct option. , (1) Poverty forces children into the labor market. , (2) Child labor perpetuates poverty for generations. , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (1) is the cause of (2), (c) (1) is independent (2) (d) (1) contradicts (2)

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27,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, (iii) Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the following statement: “Global progress against child labor has stalled since 2016.”, (a) Combating Child Labor Child Labor Disease increased. , (b) The fight against child labor diseases is reduced. , (c) The fight against the diseases of child labor has ceased altogether. , (d) none of the above, , (iv) agree with the data given in the paragraph above,  … the work performed is hazardous. ,, (a) 1, 4 and 5, (b) 2, 3 and 4, (c) 1 and 5, (d) all of these,, (vi) What effect does child labor have on the minds of young people? , (a) make them mentally handicapped. , (b) prevent, (c) cause mental illness in children. , (d) make them violent and aggressive. , , (vii) This passage gives the definition of "child labor", showing that it deprives children of their childhood and affects their  …… ., Choose the correct option. , , (a) almost half of the children, (b) almost all of the children, (c) 10% of all children, (d) none of the above, (v) select the option that lists the severe impacts of child labor. , (1) impedes their access to education, (2) inequality, (3) poverty, (4) slow demographic transition, (5) hinders the development of skills, (a) potential and your dignity, (b) Harmful physical and mental growth, (c) hard work and market value, (d) concentration for any future work,, para 9, 1. As the virus began to spread around the world, some Indians began to return to their relative safety home . When Kerala recorded India's first case of COVID-19 on January 30, 2020 (IDFC Institute, 2020), the state was ready. Four days before the first case was recorded, the Government of Kerala (GoK) had issued new guidelines for the coronavirus which stipulated case definitions, screening and sampling protocols, hospitals, preparedness and monitoring. , 2. In the following weeks, a series of comprehensive measures were launched. Rapid screening and isolation of patients and quarantining of contacts delayed the spread of imported cases by up to 40 days until the first cluster occurred in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. A total of 14 confirmed cases were reported in the following two days. From the day the first COVID-19 case was registered. The state was able to act quickly due to its relatively efficient public health system, backed by a strong socioeconomic base and experience with Nipah virus in 2018. Kerala was prepared to deal with the pandemic as early as January. The state has followed proven strategies of case finding, isolation, contact tracing and vulnerability mapping to contain the virus. , 4. Kerala's public health system is fragmented across state, district, divisional, village and health level facilities. Allah. Field staff including health inspectors, ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists), workers. chief Police officer. One of the major steps the state has taken is the development of frontline COVID treatment centers and COVID-19 care centers.

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28,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 6. Local testing labs, district distribution and later sample kiosks enabled Kerala to rapidly scale up testing capacity and mass screening and detection serological testing over time, April 3, April 6 Day, April 9, April 12, April 15, April 18, April 21, April 24, April 27, April 30, May 3, April 6 Day, May 9, May 12, May 15, May 18-May, May 21, May 24, May 27, May 30, June 2, June 5th, 8th June, 11th June, 14th June, 17th June, 20th June, 23rd June, , 500, , Confirmed, , Deaths, , Active, , Retrieved, , COVID -19 Kerala Graph, June 2020, , (334 words), , Questions, Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any five of the seven questions by selecting the correct option. , (i) The purpose of the above paragraphs is to show that,  ……..choose the correct option. , (a) the spread of any virus can be controlled with proper precautionary measures, (b) Kerala has been in the best state to deal with virus outbreaks, (c) it is almost impossible to control any epidemic, whatever measures, (d) Kerala is the only state affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, (ii) select the two statements below that are true. , (1) Kerala acted swiftly when faced with the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic. , (2) Kerala has experienced a similar virus outbreak and the state is prepared. , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (1) is the ratio of (2), (c) (1) is independent of (2) (d) (1) contradicts (2), , (iii) Choose the option that gives the correct meaning, the following statement. , "The public health system in Kerala is decentralized with facilities at the state, district, divisional, executive board and constituency levels.", (a) not only the state but all levels. , (b) The state has full responsibility for the health system. , , (c) The Center has full responsibility for the health system. , (d) None of the above, , (iv) According to the article, how many days after the first recorded case did Kerala go without a coronavirus case? , (a) 100 days, (c) two weeks, (b) two days, (d) 40 days,,,, (v) Select the option to list the measures taken by the Kerala state government to contain the spread of the virus. , (1) rapid screening of patients, (2) dispatch of infected persons, (3) isolation of patients, (4) isolation of patients, (5) immediate elimination of infected persons, (a) 1, 2 and 5, (b) 2 and 4, (c) 2, 3 and 5, (d) 1, 3 and 4, (vi) District collectors involved in coordination? , (a) Other District Collectors, (b) ASHA Staff, (c) District Physicians, (d) Sanitation Inspectors, (vii) Articles indicating that  ……… .. Allowed Kerala conducts mass screening and testing. Please select the correct option. , (a) local testing lab, (b) regional distribution, (c) simple kiosk, (d) all of the above

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29, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Passage 10, 1. India has a total installed nuclear power capacity of 6.7 GW, which accounts for less than 2% of the country's electricity supply. India's nuclear power plants are controlled by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), a state-owned company established in 1987. As of November 2020, India has 7 nuclear power plants. 2. Kudankulan Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu is the largest nuclear power plant in India by capacity with a total installed capacity of 2,000 MW currently and another 2,000 MW under construction. It is the only nuclear power plant in India that uses pressurized water reactors (PWRs) instead of boiling water reactors (BHWRs) or pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs). The installed capacity is 6,780 megawatts (MWe). Among the 18 reactors are pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWR) and 4 are light water reactors (LWR). , 4. India's nuclear power program was initiated at independence under the leadership of Homi J Bhabha. The Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) is manufactured by Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam, Limited (BHAVINI), a company wholly owned by the Government of India and under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). , 5. Indian Government India remains determined to increase the country's nuclear power generation capacity and plans to commission more nuclear power plants. Paris agreement. While India's share of installed capacity based on non-fossil fuels already stands at nearly 39% of its total generation capacity, against a current target of 40% by 2030, a switch to nuclear power would help improve its climate action goals. , 7. The government has awarded ten new reactors, as well as administrative approval and financial sanctions for ten pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRS). 8. The new reactors are expected to increase India's nuclear power generation capacity to 22,480 MW by 2031. Every aspect of nuclear power plant development including installation, design, construction, commissioning and operation puts safety first. , (310 words), the government also plans to build more nuclear power plants in the area in the future., Question, (iii) According to the given article, what is the current capacity of the largest capacity nuclear power plant, based on your understanding of the article, answer any, India?, five out of seven questions choose the correct one, (a) 4000 MW, (b) 2000 MW, options. , (c) 6780 MW, (d) 22480 MW, (i) the goal of increasing nuclear power in India, (iv) according to the survey, Prototype Fast breeder, the spawning capacity is……… Select a, The reactor is being built by ......, correct option., (a) Generate more energy from fossil fuel, (b) Decrease the amount of energy from non-fossil fuel, (c) generate more clean energy, (d) use more To produce nuclear weapons as quickly as possible, (ii) choose the option that fits both of the following statements. , (1) India's climate action goals can be energy-enhanced by adopting clean measures. , (2) India has reached nearly 39% of its total energy generation capacity. , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (1) is the ratio of (2), (c ) (1) is independent of (2) (d) (1) contradicting (2), , (a) United Nations, (b) Atomic Energy Union Minister, (c) NPCIL, (d) BHAVINI, , (v) Select the option to list developmental aspects, which will have the highest priority. , (1) sitting, (3) construction, (5) operation, (a) 1, 3 and 4, (c) 1, 2 and 4, , (2) design, (4) commissioning, (b) 2, 4 and 5, (d) all of these

Page 33:
30,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,,, (vi) Nuclear power program in India was initiated by (a) Government of India, (b) Ph.D. Jitendra Singh, (c) Homi J Bhabha, (d) Department of Atomic Energy, , (vii) Choose the correct option to answer the following questions. , , According to the above paragraphs, how big is the contribution of nuclear energy to the electricity supply of the country? , (a) about half of the supply. , (b) All electricity supply in the country comes from nuclear power. , (c) about 2% of supply. , (d) None of the above, , Answers and Explanations, Paragraph 1, (i) (c) The purpose of the report presented is to provide population projections “2011-2036”. , (ii) (d) statement (2) is not obvious in the passages provided, and is therefore false. Therefore, option (d) is the correct answer. , (iii)(a) "India's population growth rate is expected to decline sharply" - gives the correct meaning of the statement in the question. , (iv)(a)) The rural population will decrease compared to the urban population growth. , (v) (b) According to the given paragraph, India's population is projected to grow by 311 million by 2036. , (vi) (d) Forecasts are from July 2020 due to delays in setting up the committee and government delays. , (vii) (b) According to the article, the decadal growth rate for the decade 2011-2021 is 12.5%. ,,, PASSAGE 2, (i) (b) The purpose of this article is to study schizophrenia and its treatment. , (ii) (a) According to this article, schizophrenia is a mental illness in which people face thinking, distorting, losing their rational self and start hallucinating. Therefore, option (a) is the correct answer. , (iii)(c) One of the outcomes of schizophrenia is hallucinations, where people see and hear things that are not really there and have false beliefs. This is the correct meaning of the sentence in the question. , (iv)(b) management of patients with schizophrenia requires a concerted effort by health professionals, (v)(c) goals of schizophrenia treatment include reducing symptoms and improving quality of life (vi) (d) clinical pharmacists involved in psychiatric Disease education, prevention, promotion of healthy living, and lifestyle changes based on treatment. Therefore, option (d) is the correct answer. , (vii) (a) 'Comprehensive drug information' It is advisable to fill in the blanks to answer the questions. , PASSAGE 3, (i) (c) "The growing problem youth unemployment in India" is the focus of the given paragraph. , (ii)(b) Indeed, unemployment did rise in India last year due to the nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. , (iii) (b) "unemployment and the unemployed adversely affect the economic potential of the country" is the correct meaning stated in the question. , (iv) (c) According to the given paragraphs and ILO reports, the unemployment rate in India has risen to the highest level in the past 30 years. Indian Economic Monitoring Center, according to the article. , (vi) (c) PM Modi urged industry representatives to increase exports. , (vii) (c) In 2020, the unemployment rate in India rose to 7.11%. ,, Paragraph 4, (i) (a) Enzymes start chemical reactions in our body. , (ii) (b) According to Dr. CR Shaw, cancer has been suppressed up to 90% with the help of sprouts. , (iii) (d) According to the appropriate paragraph, eating sprouts is good for children, adults, and the elderly. , (iv) (b) In the last paragraph of the article, bean sprouts are excellent, soft food, pre-digested and easily absorbed. , (v) (a) The word assimilated means absorbed to "digest". , (vi) (a) Statement (a) ) is incorrect according to the text. , (vii) (c) The release of essential vitamins is not a step in the germination process. , , PASSAGE 5, (i) (b) The article focuses on highlighting the problem of poor air quality in India. , (ii) (d) Statement (2) is false because the paragraph does not state any positive effect or result. Therefore, option (d) is the correct answer.

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31, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Issue 10, , (iii) (c) Air poisoning does lead to decreased labor and crop yields. , (iv) (c) More than 1.1 million people died due to air pollution (v) (b) The serious impact of impure and toxic air includes hindering development, causing many health problems and negatively affecting the economy of the country. , (vi) (d) All options given are correct. , (vii) (a) Pursuant to paragraph 4, action must be taken at the individual level to address the growing air toxicity crisis and a commitment to cooperate. , , Paragraph 6, The purpose of paragraph (i) (b) is to show that snow leopards are a vulnerable species that must be protected. , (ii) (c) Both of these statements provide information on two programs that were introduced to protect the endangered species in question but are not dependent on each other. Therefore, option (c) is the correct answer. (iii) (a) 'Umbrella species' means species whose protection will ensure the protection of other species. Therefore, option (a) is the correct answer. , (iv) (a) High altitude areas must be protected because they are home to unique wildlife of global importance. , (v) (c) Together with Leopard-Snowbird, "Tibetan Wolf' is also found in the Himalayan region., (vi) (d) River systems are essential for the country's food and food security., (vii) ( b) 'Protect the region as well' is suitable for filling in the blanks to complete sentences., , PASSAGE 7, (i) (c) India is building nuclear power plants to increase industrial production., (ii) (c) Controlled nuclear exposure can be used to blow up mountains., (iii) (b) The word commission does not mean "create new things"., (iv) (c) "Build artificial dams, increase life itself, food, medical facilities and weather forecasts are nuclear use. , (v) (c) Statement (1) is independent of statement (2). , (vi) (d) Radiation can be used to preserve fruit. , (vii) (b) Weather satellites are used to accurately forecast rainfall and hurricanes. , , Paragraph 8, (i) The purpose of paragraph (a) is to highlight the issue of child labour. , (ii) (b) The link between poverty and child labor is cyclical, as suggested in paragraph 2. The force of poverty is that children go to work and eventually , (iii), (iv), , (v), , (vi), (vii), , cannot get an education and thus remain poor. Therefore, option (b) is the correct answer. , the sentence given in (c) means that the fight against the evil of child labor is halfway done. , (a) The data presented in the article show that 'almost half of working children are at risk' (d) The severe impacts of child labor include barriers to education, unequal opportunities, poverty, slow demographic transition and barriers to skills, development. , (b) Child labor prevents young children from going to school. , (a) This article shows that child labor affects the "potential and dignity" of young children. , , paragraph 9, (i) (a) This article wishes to show that the spread of any virus can be controlled with appropriate precautions. , (ii) (a) Statement (1) is a statement (2)., (iii) (a) The statement provided means that not only the state or central government but also districts, divisions, village councils etc. agree. There are also responsibilities. , (iv) (b) Within two days after the first case was registered in Kerala, no case of Corona was registered. , (v) (d) To curb the spread of the virus, the Kerala government has initiated rapid screening, isolation and isolation of patients. , (vi) (c) District collectors collaborate with medical sector coordinators. , (vii) (d) 'Local Testing Laboratories', 'District Distribution' and 'Simple Kiosks' enable Kerala to conduct mass screening and testing. , , PASS 10, (i) (c) The goal of increasing India's nuclear power generation capacity is to "generate more clean energy". , (ii) (c) The two statements are evident from the given passages, but are not dependent on each other. (iii) (b) According to the article, India currently has the highest capacity nuclear power plant with a capacity of 2000 MW. , (iv) (d) Prototype of Fast Breeder Reactor is being constructed by "BHAVINI". , (v ) (d) Aspects of development that will be given the highest priority include siting, design, construction, commissioning and operation. , (vi) (c) India's nuclear power program was initiated by "Homi J Bhabha". , (vii) (c) Nuclear energy contributes about 2% to national electricity.

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Chapter Test, !, , Discursive Passages, 1. Read the article below. , 1. In life, we sometimes have disagreements with people. When this happens, it's important to try not to let a calm discussion turn into a heated argument. But of course, that's easier said than done. 2. How you start the conversation is very, very important. Imagine you're a student sharing an apartment with another student who you don't think shares chores. If you say, 'Look, you never do chores,' an argument can quickly turn into an argument. It's more constructive to say something like, "I think we'd better look at how we split the chores." 3. If you're wrong, admit it! This is the easiest and best way to avoid an argument, apologize and move on. If you do this, the other person will respect you more in the future. 4. Don't overdo it. Try not to say things like "You always come home late when my mom comes over for dinner," which may only happen twice. This will only make the other person think that you are not being reasonable and may prevent them from hearing your argument. 5. Sometimes we cannot prevent arguments from becoming arguments. However, if you start arguing with someone, it's important to get things under control. 6. Don't raise your voice. Raising your voice will only make the other person lose their temper too. If you find yourself raising your voice, stop and take a deep breath. If you can speak calmly and quietly, you will find that your partner will be more willing to think about what you are saying. 7. It is also important to cut to the chase. what are you saying. Don't bring old topics into other questions, or try to bring them into other questions. Just focus on solving one problem and save the rest for another time. 8. Call "timeout" if necessary. If you feel like the argument is getting out of hand, then you should say, "Listen, I'd rather talk about this tomorrow when we're all calm down." Wait until the next day when you're both less tense and irritable before continuing the discussion. You may also find that problems are easier to solve. , 9. Some people think that arguing is always bad. This is not true. Conflict is a normal part of life, and dealing with it is an important part of any relationship. If not, learn to argue properly, and when a real problem arises, you won't be ready to face it together. Think of smaller courts as training sessions. Learn to argue cleanly. This will help your relationship grow stronger and last longer. , Based on your reading, please answer the following eight questions. , (i) According to the authors, this is easy to come up with but hard to do? , (a) have disagreements with people. , (b) Don't let peaceful arguments turn into heated ones. , (c) never raise your voice, (d) get into a heated argument with a friend. ,, (ii)) Which of the following steps should you take to stop arguing, according to paragraph? , 1. Keep calm, 2. Leave the room, 3. Stop talking, 4. Don't raise your voice, 5. Keep your point. Time constraints, (a) 1,2 and 3, (b) 4,5 and 6, (c) 1,3 and 5, (d) 2,4 and 6,, (iii) Which of the following would be the most suitable pass? , (a) How not to argue? , (b) Discussion vs. Argument, (c) Interruption of Argument, (d) How to Control Argument? ,, (iv) What happens if the complaint is exaggerated? , (a) the other party thinks you are unreasonable, (b) the other party thinks you are bossy, (c) the other party thinks you are stupid, (d) the other party does not follow you anymore,,, (v) choose the option to use the "protocol" in the paragraph correctly , to fill in the blanks. , (a) This .................. has been proposed to the General Assembly, in 1870 ., (b) Dean got serious... about this trip ., (c) This is an aspiration...a set of values ​​and procedures, and standards of conduct. , (d) When discussing nutrition, there is often... about the nature of the problem.

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33, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (vi) Refer to the above paragraphs to choose the option to complete the dialogue correctly. , Max: It's part of being human to make mistakes, and sometimes you get into ugly situations. , Jack : Can we just apologize to people..... while others, (a) will argue, (b) respect you more, (c) fight, (d) complain about you,,, (vii ) The second paragraph suggests that (a) we should share our workload, (b) how we start discussions is important, (c) our words can hurt others, (d) we should use words that do not hurt others to imply a , Arguments, , 2., , Read the following paragraphs. , 1. We live in an age of wonders and miracles. It's called the "Age of Science" and different aspects of our lives that have happened over the past few centuries have been attributed to science. That's entirely true, but it's only one side of the coin. The downside is that as we move further and further away, some things that are vital to humanity are left behind. Under the onslaught of our changing ways of life, aided by the wonders of technological advancement, values ​​such as compassion and concern for our fellow human beings are slowly being eroded. 2. Take the Internet as an example. On the one hand, having information and knowledge just one click away is good for everyone and makes our lives a lot easier. On the other hand, it severely limits physical contact with teachers, friends, and elders. Therefore, the learning obtained by one person is incomplete, because he cannot easily accept the advice given by another person based on his acquired knowledge and practical experience. , 3. Today, the ease with which a small child can access and navigate the Internet still amazes older generations. But even more astonishingly, it ignores fundamental human traits in friendship, society, relationships, and family values. With all of today's technological advancements and gadgets, children often miss out on the richest childhood experiences, such as playing outside and playing games with friends, which, in addition to being great fun and physical stimulation, are also nurturing. Qualities like teamwork and discipline are small when it comes to time spent on a computer or phone, because entertainment can never truly replace the overall benefits of outdoor play. 5. For my part, I think this era of rapid development creates at least as many problems as it solves. The reason is that the basic goal of life, the pursuit of happiness, has been replaced by the pursuit of money. In our current society, money and happiness are considered analogs, but in reality they are not. In this unbridled pursuit of money, no one these days has time to appreciate the beauty of life, which consists of a simple act of kindness to someone in a time of need. Think about where we are really going - development or destruction? Do we have to wait until people are so alienated from each other that we can't see the suffering of our own kind through blind greed, or can we still mend our ways? Based on your reading, answer any of the ten questions below., (i) Based on the article, this is like one side of a coin saying that lives are changed because of science because (a) the age of science brings wonders and miracles. , (b) Different aspects of life are changed by science. , (c) There is another side of the coin. , (d) This side of the coin is realistic enough to be worth looking at. ,, (ii) Choose the option that best captures the central idea of ​​the given citation. , (a) "The most important journey in our lives is to do good in the world, especially to improve the human condition, human values, dignity and human rights."? – Amit Ray, (b) “People often use the wrong metrics, and the impression is unavoidable—that they seek power, success, and wealth for themselves, and admire others, underestimating The true worth of others. Lives.”? –Sigmund, Freud, (c) “The saddest aspect of life now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”? – Isaac Asimov (d) “Better give me the truth than love, money, or fame.” – Henry David Thoreau, (iii) The Internet hinders the full development of children by: (a) encouraging friendship, Human traits in society and family., (b) Enrich children's outdoor play experience., (c) ) Provide virtual experience friends and gadgets., (d) Foster teamwork and discipline., , (iv) Which of the following Out of the values ​​that humans lose with progress?, 1. Materialism, 3. Concern, 5 Respect, (a) 1 and 3, (c) 1,5 and 6, , 2., 4., 6., (b), (d), , kindness, empathy, equality, 5 and 6, 2, 3 and 4

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34,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, Diet Facts,, 3. According to the data, 20,390 of the 85,729 samples submitted to the agency were found not to meet the prescribed standards. While agency officials insist that food safety officials in each state routinely test samples, verify compliance, and resort to cases of violations of the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, experts claim that misuse of 4. Consumer activist Bijon Mishra Said the lengthy process of the law involving punishment of violators provided the defendant with the opportunity to continue in business. “Enforcement is terrible. It takes years to complete a case and the seller is still making a profit. And, people don’t know it. Few complaints about tampering,” he added. Shipped to date. FSSAI conducted the test after consumer complaints about quality and adulteration increased, an agency official said. Tampering with or violating stated standards. , , 16133, , Read the paragraphs provided below. , , 1402, , 1 ., , 75282, , Case Based Fatual Passages, , 14716, , !, , 7. The panel led by former Supreme Court Justice BS Chauhan also wants to amend Section 357 of the Code of Criminal Procedure so that Courts can claim for victims., , 2015-16, , 4915, , (a) Gadgets. , (b) How to easily surf the Internet for young children. , (c) where they lost morality and virtue. , (d) How to instill morality and, , 85729, , (vii) About what the older generation wonders?, , 6. In 2017 the Law Commission issued a series of recommendations on the subject. The group proposed amending IPC sections 272 (which deal with adulteration of food and beverages) and 273 (which deal with the sale of harmful food and beverages) to make adulteration a serious crime. It is also suggested that depending on the seriousness of the offence, the punishment may include life imprisonment and that the minimum sentence should be six months' imprisonment. , , 20390, , (a) You can... ... ... . ... This site is organized by topic or alphabetically. , (b) Andrew was his confidant and mentor, and his guidance helped him....... He was in the right role. , (c) Missouri's progress was far more difficult because... than Mississippi - initiated by Congress in 1832. , (d) She is more comfortable crawling on the ground than trying. ...... The earth trembles beneath your feet. , , 1605, , (vi) Option to correctly use "navigation" in paragraphs to fill spaces. , , 78340 , , (a) understanding society, (b) technological progress - the other side, (c) not all is well, (d) is this development? , , 5. Advocate Umesh Sharma said the rules were poorly applied on the ground. "This issue is directly related to public health, and the government must take serious steps to enforce food safety rules," he said. Agency data showing extremely low rates of convictions, condemnations, and, based on your reading, answer the ten questions below. , (i) What does the data displayed by the FSSAI show? , (a) name brand foods contain carcinogenic adulterants, (b) foods are consumed in violation of food quality standards, (c) food quality inspections have increased with food adulteration, (d) food adulteration has increased exponentially over the years level growth

Page 38:
35, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) Based on your understanding of the passage, select the option that lists the penalties for violators. , 1. Life imprisonment, 3. 6 months imprisonment, 5 public humiliation, (a) 1,2 and 3, (b), (c) 1,3 and 4, (d), , 2. fine, 4. Death penalty, 1,4 and 5, 2,3 and 5, , (iii) What was the reason behind the investigation? , (a) an increase in the number of complaints related to quality and adulteration, (b) an increase in mortality, (c) consumer awareness, (d) an increase in malnutrition, and (iv) what do experts say about the data? , (a) whether food quality complies with the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, (b) poor enforcement and lack of awareness on site leading to tampering, (c) penalty procedures take Escape, (v) ……………Let the punished go about his business. , (a) weak law enforcement, (b) superior relationship, (c) time-consuming process, (d) scope of business, , (vi) choose the option that is true to both of the following statements. , 1. Tampering has constituted a serious crime. , 2. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, the penalty may include life imprisonment. , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (2) is the result of (1), (c) (1) is independent of (2), (d) (1) and (2) , , (vii) Contradictory Compensation for Victims, (d)(a) and (c),,, 2.,,, Read the following paragraphs. , 1. If you just look at the number of purchases, in domestic malls, you would think that brick India's mortar retail space is booming. By the end of this year, shopping malls in India will have more than 87 million square meters of shopping area. The country already has 570 functional malls, a number that has doubled in the past five years. 2. However, there is a problem: shoppers are no longer shopping in malls. What seemed to be the great growth story of Indian retail is turning into one of vacant buys, complexes and stalled projects, with developers dropping midway instead of trying to make them profitable. Data suggest that online shopping may be to blame. Brick and mortar stores carry huge discounts, and e-commerce brings comfort to young people who no longer feel the need to go to a point of sale to buy something. Reports show that 80-85% of the space in new malls is empty. Starting with the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, then Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, all mall owners face this problem. In these shopping cities, rents have dropped by more than 40% due to fewer steps. , 4. Meanwhile, online shopping has grown by more than 350% in just one year, the report added. DS Rawat, Secretary General of ASSOCHAM, said: “Beyond convenience, rising fuel prices, safety, reasons, online discounts and availability, there are a plethora of options for consumers to stay indoors.”5 Even so, incomes are some malls. Reason: anchor store. Anchor stores are those specialty stores that offer exclusive products that are not normally available online. Brands like Zara, H&M and even Starbucks are serving as anchor stores for mall owners, who are sometimes eager to hire them, offering revenue-sharing models and larger exclusive spaces. Plus, mall owners are being forced to determine their priorities directly, with movies and dining out still being one of the last things people can't get to. "The arrival of mall syndrome has accelerated the growth of movie theaters, as multiplexes are the anchor tenants in most malls," Shravan, Shroff, Managing Director, Shringar Cinemas. compared to other countries. However, with India hitting 300 million people online by the end of the year, those numbers will soon grow exponentially, leaving mall owners and retailers with the daunting task of luring people away from your computer. At a time when developers are slowing down projects, brick and mortar calls.

Page 39:
36,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, History and Projected Growth of Online Retailing in India (Billion USD), 20, 16, 1. discount,, 2. transaction,, 3. Travel, , 12 , , 4. Safety, , 5. Choice, , 6. Convenience, , 8, 4, 0, 2009, , 2010, , 2011, , 2012, , 2013, , (a) 1, 2 and 3 , (b) 4, 5 and 6, (c) 1, 2 and 5, (d) all of them, , (v) choose the option listing the incorrect statement based on the diagram provided. , , 2020, , Based on your reading of this article, answer the following ten questions. , (i) What does the given article emphasize? , (a) Growth in the number of shopping malls in India. , (b) Growth of online retailing in India. , (c) The impact of online retailing on shopping malls. , (d) Strategies shopping malls should use to increase foot traffic. , , (ii) In the line "...empty story", the word "story" does not refer to, (a) a story, (c) a report, , (iv) depending on your understanding of the article,, Select the option that lists the ways in which the e-commerce industry has taken over shopping malls. , , (b) a situation, (d) an account, , (iii) how does the growth of online retailing affect shopping malls? , (a) They are empty. , (b) The mall project is at a standstill. , (c ) ) is not focused on making the business profitable. , (d) (a) and (b), , (a) Between 2013 and 2020, online shopping has grown exponentially. , (b) Online shopping has become a part of the Indian shopping market in 2009. , (c) Online shopping remained consistent during 2009-2012. , (d) Online shopping completely changed the shopping landscape after 2012. ,, (vi) What anchor store are they? , (a) sell customized store products. , (b) A store that offers a variety of products in one place. , (c) Stores that sell products that are not available online. , (d) Stores that offer a wide selection of products. ,, (vii) What suggests problems with India's growing retail history? , (a) Reduced passenger traffic. , (b) reliance on anchor stores. , (c) The mall remains empty. , (d) Mall owners face difficulties paying rent., , Answer, Argumentative paragraphs, 1. (i) (b), 2. (i) (b), , (ii) (b), ( ii) ( b), , (iii) (d), ( iii) (c), , (iv) (a), (iv) (d), , (v) (c), (v) (b) , , ( vi) (b), (vi) (a) , , (vii) (b), (vii) (b), , (iv) (b), (iv) (d), , (v) (c) , (v) (b), , (vi) (b), (vi) (c), , (vii) (d), (vii) (b), , case-based factual paragraphs, 1. (i) (b), 2. (i) (c) , , (ii) (a), (ii) (a), , (iii) (a), (iii) (d)

Page 40:
37,,CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th,,Writing Skills,,Chapter 01,,Formal Letters,,In this Chapter...,! ,, letter of request,,! ,, Inquiry Letter,,, !, , Chapter Practice, , Letter is the most common and convenient way to express our thoughts and opinions. is an important means of communication. There are two types of letters: 1. Formal letters These letters are written in formal, simple and polite language. These follow a certain format. These letters are written for official purposes to authorities, colleagues, elders, etc. 2. Informal letters These letters include letters to parents, friends, relatives, etc. These are mostly used for personal communication. Copywriters must take great care to provide accurate information when placing an order. Any inaccurate information may result in delayed/wrong deliveries with serious financial implications. Such letters must mention the following !, , !, , !, , !, , !, , type of formal letter. Formal letters can be divided into four types. They are: 1. Complaint letter, 2. Inquiry letter, 3. Order letter (order placed/cancelled), 4. Letter to the editor, etc. Placing an order/cancelling an order) and inquiries for quotations will be discussed. They are written in a well-formed and formal manner. , , !, , !, , The specification (quantity) of the product/service to be provided. , the reference number of the quotation/price list under which the order was placed., payment terms/credit terms (if applicable). , the requested delivery date. , the mode of transport of the goods (if required). , all taxes/shipping charges. , any other terms and conditions. , , inquiry letter, inquiry We write letters when we want to get some specific information from someone. It can be related to a product or service. It was also written in response to an advertisement. , This letter includes the following, !, , !, , !, , !, , A brief introduction about yourself and/or your organization. , details of the desired product or service. , clearly mentioning the details you want to know. If there is a time limit when you need the information, please mention it in your letter.

Page 41:
38, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Article 10, , Points to remember, !, , !, , !, , The subject line should match what is asked in the question. It should be concise and to the point. Use polite, formal language to get to the point. Do not provide unnecessary details. Clear, concise, and to the point. Stick to the limit words mentioned in the question booklet. Use simple language to make the letter easy to understand. Don't use long sentences. Proofread your finished letter from the reader's perspective for clarity. The letter is clear. , should be as short as possible. , , A valid official letter is one that contains the following parts, , 5. Salutation, which is how the recipient is addressed. In the formal letters we use, Sir/Madam, or, Dear Sir/Dear Madam. Please note that when writing the salutation, we must remember the gender of the recipient, if specified in the question. , , 1. The sender's address, which is the author's address. It is written in the upper left corner of the page. If the address consists of multiple parts, each part must be written on a separate line. , Example 2334/31, Mangal Pandey Nagar, Ekta Park, Meerut–250002, Note that you must not put a comma at the end of each line. , , 6. The body of the letter, containing all the information the author wishes to convey. , the text consists of three main parts. , (i) An introductory paragraph/sentence stating the purpose of the letter. , (ii) Informative paragraphs give details of the problem, its causes, effects, possible solutions, etc., (iii) The last paragraph/sentence expresses your wishes, comments, requests, suggestions, etc., , 2. Date, Dates can be written in any of the formats provided, January 20, 20XX,, January 20, 20XX, , 7. A free epilogue, a polite way to end your letter. We can write like this, be careful not to use abbreviations such as Jan, Feb, etc., and do not write 19 instead of 2019. ,, Note 1 The first letter of the second word (here 's', 'f', 't') never is written in capital letters., Note 2 Do not use yours instead of yours., , !, , !, , Parts of a formal letter, , 3. Addressee address, The authority/reason for the person to whom all formal letters are addressed. So after we write the recipient's address, we address the official. , , !, , Yours sincerely, , !, , Yours sincerely, , !, , Yours sincerely, , 8. Signature, This is the sender's name. If applicable, add the sender's name below Name.

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39,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Issue 10,, Form for Formal Letter, You are Rama/Ramesh from Lajpat Nagar D-105, New Delhi. Would you like to inquire about German courses at the German Embassy in Chanakya Puri, New Delhi? Write to the director asking for the same, Recipient's officer, competence and address, Subject inquiries about German courses, Subject, Sir/Madam, Greetings, I would like to ask something about the German courses offered Questions by your institution. ,, Introduction, Sentence,, I just finished class X and want to pursue my career in German. I would like to know the duration of the course, the fee structure and the transportation available. I have always been gifted with languages ​​and have always wanted to be multilingual. Hence the desire to learn German. , Body of, Letter, , I would appreciate it if you could send me the flyer along with the registration form, at least to allow me to enroll in the course. Also please enclose a money order of Rs with your letter. 200/- booklet. Any cash balance must be paid upon receipt. Hope to hear from you soon. , Conclusion, Judgment, Sincerely, Rama, Closing Courtesy, Signature

Page 43:
40,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10,, Chapters, Exercises,! ,, Placement Letter/, Cancellation Order,, Part 1, Objective Matters, 1. Which of the following appears after the sender's address on a formal letter? ,, (a) recipient address, (c) subject, Resp. (b), , (b) date, (d) salutation, , 2. Which of the following is an appropriate courtesy, confidential letter to place/cancel an order? , , (a) Sincerely, (b) Sincerely, (c) Sincerely, (d) With all my love and respect, Resp. (a), , 3. Which of the following is provided in a formal order placement/cancellation letter correct date format? , , (a) August 20XX, (c) November 14, 20XX, Ans. (c), , (b) January 20, (d) (a) and (c), , Directorates (Q. Nos. 4 and 5) The following letter is incomplete. Choose the correct option to complete this letter. , New Age Computer Shop, Ganesh Nagar, Delhi 1100xx, 24th April 20xx, The Incharge, Enfotech, Preet Vihar, Delhi 1100xx, Subject:  …(4) ..  …, Sir/Madam, Please see your offer of 2 April 20xx along with a list of items. It is my pleasure to order the following items on the terms and rates mentioned in the quotation. It goes without saying that all items ordered must reach us in perfect condition. Any damage in transit will be your responsibility. , Item Name and, Brand, , Ram, , Item Number, , Dell, , 8GB, , , 50, , HP, , 4GB, , 60, , Lenovo, , 4GB, , 30, , Asus, , 8GB, , 20 , , Payment according to the contract upon delivery. …(5)… Use the above products as soon as possible. Sincerely, Nidhi Das, Manager, New Age Computer,, 4., , (a) cancel computer order, (b) place laptop order, (c) inquire about laptop, (d) send us below mentioned laptop, Rep. (b), , 5., (a) I ask you to send me, (b) I want you to send me pictures, (c) I ask you to send me, (d) I beg you to send me Details, answers. (c), , Instructions (Questions 6-8) Answer the given questions referring to the following context. , , 6. You are in charge of ABC Senior High School , Kolkata , the school store. Write to the Manager at Pioneer Traders & Co., Kolkata to order stationery for your school store. Naveen, are you, (i) Which of the following should be mentioned in Naveen's letter? , 1. Application details, 2. Date of letter written

Page 44:
41, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , 3. Estimated date of reply, 4. Estimated date of delivery, 5. Recipient’s home address, (a) 1, 2 and 5, (b) 2, 3 and 4, (c) 1, 2 and 4, (d) 3, 4 and 5, the answer. (c), , (v) Select the option to provide a suitable ending for the letter. , , (ii) Choose the correct subject for the letter. , (a) provide stationery, (b) stationery, (c) provide, (d) provide our order, Resp. (a), , (iii) choose the correct opening line for the letter. , (a) Three days ago, we discussed different stationery items in your store. , (b) This refers to our telephone conversation regarding the different stationery items in your store. , (c) This is our phone conversation three days ago when we discussed different stationery items in your store. , (d) This is your telephone conversation three days ago. , Ans. (c), , (iv) Select the option that contains the correct order listing, (a) S. No., , Articles, , Qty, , 1., , White Paper (17” x 27”), , 10 Order, , 2., , Stencil Paper, , 10 boxes, , , 3., , white chalk sticks, , 12 gross, , 4., , Footballs, , 12, , (b) S. No., , Articles, ,Quantity,, 1.,, Blank Paper (17" x 27"),, 10 Reams,,, 2.,, Stencil Paper,, 10 Boxes,,, 3.,, , White Chalk Sticks,, 12 Hairs, , 4 .,,Carbon Paper (Black),,12 Boxes,,,5.,,School Bag,,20,,(c) S. No.,,Articles,,Qty, ,1.,,White Paper (17" ) x 27" ), , 10 reams, , 2., , template paper, , 10 boxes, , , 3., , slate, , 5, , (d) S. No., , Ans. (d), , Articles, , Quantity, , , 1., , Blank Paper (17" x 27"), , 10 Reams, , , 2., , Stencil Paper, , 10 Boxes, , 3., , Stick White Chalk, , 12 gross , , 4., , Carbon Paper (Black), , Box of 12, , (1) We therefore request that you deliver the above items by June 10th. Payment must be made digitally upon receipt of order. , (2) Deliver the above items by June 10. Orders will be returned after this date. Payment will be made digitally upon receipt of the order. , (a) option (1) is no because of informal language, (b) option (1) is because of polite tone, (c) option is (2) because of authoritative tone, (d) option (2) No due to use of formal language, Resp. (b), , (vi) Choose the correct supplementary endings for the letters above. , (a) Sincerely, Naveen, The Shopkeeper, ABC High School, Kolkata, (b) Sincerely, Naveen, Kolkata, (c) Sincerely, Naveen, The Shopkeeper, (d) Sincerely, Naveen, The Shopkeeper, ABC High School, Kolkata, Ans. (a), , 7. You are a librarian for Amla Public Schools. You have ordered textbooks for Dhanpati and Sons. You decide to cancel your order because the book did not arrive on time. Write to the manager of Dhanpati and Sons, Chennai to cancel the order. , (i) Which of the following should be mentioned in the librarian's letter? , 1. Copy of invoice, 2. Date written, 3. Expected date of response, 4. Expected date of delivery, 5. Recipient address, (a) 1, 2 and 5, (b) 2, 3 and 4 , (c) 1, 2, 4 and 5, (d) 3, 4 and 5, the answer. (w)

Page 45:
42,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, (ii) Which of the following is correct about the sender's address, date and recipient's address? , refer to the reply to the letter. , (a) Manager of Dhanpati and Son, Chennai, 15 September 20XX, librarian, Amla Public School, Bangalore, (b) Amla Public School, 15 September 20XX. , Manager Dhanpati and Sons, Chennai, (c) Amla Public School, Bangalore, 15 September 20XX, Dhanpati and Sons, Chennai, (d) Dhanpati and Sons Chennai, Amla Public School, Bangalore, 15 September 20XX librarian. (c), , (iii) Choose the correct letter subject. , (a) Book Supply, (c) Supply, Resp. (b), , (b) Order Cancellation, (d) Give us the order,, (iv) Select the correct opening line. , (a) Hope you receive our order number A/27/2/04 dated 20th December 20XX for the supply of 200 copies of MA Kalam Accounting by 10th January 20XX. , (b) I would like you to have received your order dated A /27/2/04 12/20/20XX, 1/10/20XX. , (c) you have a receipt for order number A/27/2/04 dated 12/20/20XX. 20XX Accounts for the supply of 200 units of MA Kalam., (d) I believe you hold our Order No. A/27/2/04 dated 20 December 20XX for the supply of 200 units of MA Kalam, Until January 10, 20XX. (a), , (v) Please complete the following to explain the reason for canceling the order. We regret to inform you that (i)...................We had no choice but to cancel the order. We require (ii) ..................., (i) (a) delivery by January 19th, (b) delivery by January 19th, (c ) delivery not delivered by January 19th, (d) delivery not delivered by January 19th, Ans. (d), , (ii) (a) treat the order as canceled, (b) treat the order kindly, (c) treat the order kindly if canceled, (d) the order is canceled, Resp. (c), , (vi ) to select the correct letter completion line. , (a) I look forward to your written confirmation of this cancellation and a full refund within 7-10 days. , (b) I expect written confirmation of receipt of your cancellation and a full refund within 7 to 10 days. Please attach a copy of the invoice. , (c) I would like a full refund within 7-10 days. , (d) I would like to receive written confirmation of this cancellation. , attach a copy of the invoice. , Resp. (b),, PART 2, Subjective questions, 1. You are Vaibhavi Sinha, responsible for the exam,,, Goodway Public School, Aurobindo Road, Indore., You need 4 reams of white paper, 2 packs of carbon paper, A dozen records, blue and red ballpoint pens, point pens (50 each). Place an order with Sunrise, Stationery Mart, 12 Mall Road, Indore mentioning the payment terms, your requested discount and delivery date. CBSE 2020, Ans. Goodway Public School,, Aurobindo Road, Indore, 5th March, 20XX, Sunrise Stationery Mart, 12 Mall Road, Indore, Subject Order Stationery Sir/Madam, We would like to bulk order stationery for academic conference 2020-2021. Below are the specifications, products and quantities to be supplied. , S.No, , Product, , Quantity, , 1., , White Paper, , 4 reams, , 2., , Carbon Paper, , 2 packs, , 3. ,,Record,,1 dozen,,,,, ,blue ballpoint pen,,50pcs,,,5.,,red ballpoint pen,,50pcs

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43, CBSE Term 2 English Language Literature 10, please send us new supplies by 4th July. Any deliveries after that will be returned. Also, send a bill upon delivery. As always, we will check the supply first and then transfer the funds digitally. We are your regular customers and would like to get an extra discount. Sincerely, Vaibhavi Sinha, Exam Officer, Goodway Public School, 2. As the Head of Music Department of your school, please write to Mysore Music Society to order instruments such as flute, casio, zither, organ etc. You are Nandini/Namit from Army Academy, Safdarjung,, Enclave, Delhi., Ans. Army Academy, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi, April 12, 20XX, Owner of Musical Society Delhi Mysore, Order of Musical Instruments, Sir / Ma'am, please note that our school administration has decided to order musical instruments from your company. , the price mentioned in the quotation. April 8, 20XX 12/49/17/82. The list of necessary documents is as follows:, S.No. Instrument Name, , Quantity, , 1., , Flutes, , 20, , 2., , Casio, , 5, , 3., , Sitar, , 3, , 4., , Harmonium, , 5, , 5. , , Drum, , 2, , Please ensure delivery within 15 days between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. We are sure that the correct packaging of the instrument will be handled properly. Any damage caused during shipping will be your responsibility. , payment will be made only after the quality of the instrument has been checked and approved by the school management. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the undersigned below. , Sincerely, Nandini/Namit, (Music Department Head), mobile phone number provided to his school, ABC Matricula School, Civil Lines, Pune. Signed, as Ravi/Raveena, Sports Secretary. , Ans. ABC Matriculation School,, Civil Lines,, Pune, 11th August, 20XX, Lightways Sports, Amrapalli,, Thane, Subject Purchase Order for Sports Articles, Sir/Ma'am, This is to inform you that we need the following sports, articles, S. No., , Item, Description, , Brand, , Quantity, , Nivea, , 4, , 1, , Bladder football, , 2, , Cricket bats, , SVG, , 6 , , 3, , Cricket Balls, , SVG, , 6, , 4, , Batting Gloves, (Pair), , SVG, , 8, , Please send these items at the price mentioned in the quote #15A /23/ 17-18 Date 8/4/20XX. Deliveries can be made at school any day of the week between 8am and 2pm. Payment will be made by the school play department upon receipt and verification of the goods. Please ensure that the product quality meets the standards for submitting samples. If the goods are found to be defective, the entire shipment will be returned free of charge. Cass, Derry. Write to Jindal Publishers in Pratap Vihar, Delhi and order English to Hindi Dictionaries, Illustrated, Children's Encyclopedias, Fiction Books and more. For your school library. Ask them for catalogues, discounts offered, payment methods and delivery times. , CBSE 2019, , Ans. High Scope Public School, Hauz Khas, Delhi, 23 October 20XX, Jindal Publishers, Pratap Vihar, Delhi

Page 47:
44,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, Subject Book Purchase Order, Sir/Madam, This is a reference to our telephone conversation on 15th October 20XX regarding inquiries for certain books for schoolchildren. Based on your oral citation, we would like to order the following books. S. No. Name, Quantity, 1, English to Hindi Dictionary, 20, 2, Illustrated Children's Encyclopedia, 25, 3, Panchatantra, 15, 4, Nancy Drew: Compiled Mysteries, , 15, , 5, , Arabian Nights, , 15, , Please make sure that the latest editions of these books are delivered in good condition. We will be glad if you give us proper discount and send us catalog. Also, let us know the payment method and delivery time. Sincerely, Ambika/Mohit, Librarian, 6. You are Madan/Shama, Sourcing Manager, Electra Trading Concern, North Avenue, New Delhi. Writing a suitable letter to cancel your order with Vendor Sales Manager at Proton Electronics, Airport Road, New Delhi due to unusually delayed delivery of goods. Electra Trading Concern, , North Avenue, New Delhi, , 5. You are Vidushi/Vishal, Hostel Warden, Zenith, , Public School, Kosi Kalan. Write to the Sales Manager, Bharat Electricals and Domestic, Appliances Limited, Delhi to order the fans, microwave ovens, geysers and tube lights you wish to purchase for your hotel. Also ask for discounts allowed at the time of purchase. ,, Ans. Zenith Public School, Kosi Kalan, March 11, 20XX, Bharat Electricals and Domestic Appliances Limited, Delhi, Sales Manager, Purchase Order for Electrical Products, Sir/Madam, We inform you that we will be ordering the following at the above price Electrical products are not in your price list. BE DA/43, dated 1/1/20XX, S. No. Items, , please deliver items to school dormitories any day of the week between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. We also ask that you provide some discount for this purchase. Payment is made upon receipt of the goods and verification by the school dormitory committee. If the product is found to be defective in any way, it will be fully refunded without payment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, sign. , Sincerely, Vishal/Vidushi, (Dormitory Manager), (Mobile Number 99680XXXXX),,Brand,,Quantity,,,,,,Ceiling Fan 36'',,Usha,,,10,,,2 .,,Desk Fan 12'', , Usha, , , 10, , 3., , Microwave Oven, , Thompson, , 2, , 4., , Geysers 2.5 KW, , Thompson, , 5, , 5., , Tubelight Fixtures, , Philips, , 20, , 5 Feb 20XX, Proton Electronics, Airport Road, New Delhi, Subject Order Cancellation No: 33/01/04 dates 15 Jan 20XX, Sir/Madam, we hope you have received our date of January 15, 20XX Order No. 33/01/04 was issued for the supply of thirty Sony Televisions on or before February 1, 20XX. We regret to inform you that you did not complete your order by the agreed date or notified us that you were unable to complete your order. We were hurt by Sony Television's late deliveries. , so we decided to cancel the order because they failed to execute the order in time, because time is of the essence in this regard. , We therefore kindly ask you to consider our order as cancelled. Please note that deliveries will be rejected due to order cancellations. Sincerely, Madan/Shama, Procurement Director, Electra Trading Concern

Page 48:
45,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, 7th. You are Priya/ Prem, Deputy Principal of ABC School,,, Book Title,, Park Street, Bangalore. You have ordered some textbooks from GenX Books Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru, writing to cancel the order as you no longer need them. , , Number of copies, , Panchtantra (English), , 20, , Panchtantra (Hindi), , 20, , Children's Illustrated, Encyclopedia, , 15, , Park Street, Bengaluru, , Nancy Drew: Compiled Mysteries, , , 25 , , Arabian Nights, , 20, , May 23, 20XX, , English to Hindi Dictionary , , 10 , , Manager, GenX Books Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru, , Please send us the copies of the above books before June 16, 20XX new copy. Any deliveries after that will be returned. Also, send a bill upon delivery. As always, we will check the supply first and then transfer the funds digitally. We are your regular customers and would like to get an extra discount. ABC School, , Subject Cancellation of an order numbered 15246, Sir/Madam, I am writing to let you know that I would like to cancel an order for 13 Physics textbooks and 15 Social Science textbooks placed earlier this week. , the order number is 15246, the school has decided to provide books by itself, we don't need any more. Please send the refund amount to the account number provided below. I apologize for all the trouble and inconvenience caused. Please send me confirmation of order cancellation. , Bank Name – XYZ Bank, Park Street Branch, Account No. – 6532XXXXXX, Contact Number. – 785XXXXXXX, Sincerely, Priya/Prem, Deputy Principal, ABC School, 8. You are the current Vaibhav/Vaibhavi of Ajmer Alpha Public School Readers Club. The club is new and needs a few books. Write to Manager (Marketing), National Book Trust, Green Park A-5, New Delhi, to order some books for the Readers Club, Ans. Alpha Public School,,, Ajmer, 10th June 20XX, Marketing Manager, National Book Trust, A-5, Green Park, New Delhi, Subject Sir/Madam, Order Books I would like to place a bulk order for Ajmer Alpha A collection of books required for public school reading clubs. Recently started a book club; therefore, we need the following books:,,,!,,, Letter of Inquiry,, PART 1, Objective Questions, 1. Which of the following comes first and is mentioned in the upper left hand corner of the formal letter ? , (a) Sender's address, (c) Recipient's address, Resp. (a), , (b) Date, (d) (b) and (c), , 2. Which of the following refers to the inquiry letter Appropriate last sentence in ? , , (a) call the following - sign any questions, (b) call the appropriate agency if you have any questions, (c) I hope to hear from you as soon as possible, (d) please Reply now, Resp. (c), , Explain (questions 4 and 5) any five of the six questions given in response to the context below. , , 3. You are Anshika, student of class XII and resident of 56 D, Ring Road , ITO, New Delhi, want to be a choreographer. Write to the Director of National Choreography Academy Noida requesting information about your courses, admissions, procedures, eligibility criteria and other necessary details.

Page 49:
46, , ​​CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (i) Which of the following mentions the recipient's address? , (a) 56 D, Ring Road, ITO, New Delhi, (b) The Director, Institute National Choreography Institute, Noida, Sector 16, (c) 56 D, Ring Road, ITO, (d) National Choreography Institute, Sector 16, Noida, Ans. (b), , (ii) Choose the correct subject for the letter. , (a) Choreography Studies Course, (b) Choreography Course, (c) Choreography Studies, (d) Choreography Course Studies, Answer (d), , (v) Select the correct one showing the information mentioned in the letter List of options. , (a), , !, , !, , !, , !, , (b), , ( iv ) Please complete the following to provide your introduction and reason for enquiring courses. I'm currently in class twelfth and preparing for my final exam. I am very interested in dancing and (i)..........I also know this academy is (ii).......... ..........Regarding choreography, I would very much like to be a part of it., (i) (a) either as a career, (b) as a career, (c) want to be a career, (d ) want to engage, Resp. (c), (ii) (a) best so far, (b) best, (c) best so far, (d) best so far, answer. (a), , !, , !, !, , (c), !, , !, , !, , (d), !, , !, , !, , !, , (iii) Select the letter's Correct start line. , (a) I saw your ad in Times of India. I would like to know more about the courses offered by your college. , (b) I found your ad dated July 11, 20XX. , I would like to learn more about choreography, lessons. , (c) I came across your ad in the Times of India dated 11th July 20XX. I would like to know more about the choreography courses offered by your academy. , (d) I saw your ad on 11th July 20XX in The Times of India. I would like to know more about all the courses your college offers. , Ans. (c), , !, , Department and Program Faculty, Funding Opportunities, Scholarships Available, Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria, Department and Program Faculty, Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria, Funding Opportunities, Scholarships Available, Residence Hall Facilities, Funding Opportunities , Scholarships Available, Admission Procedures, Courses Offered, , Ans. (a), , (vi) Select the correct ending line for your letter. , (a) at least send me the brochure along with the application so that I can register for the course. , (b) Please please send me the flyer with the application as soon as possible so that I can register myself for the course. , (c) Please send me the flyer with the application form so that I can enroll in the course. , (d) Please send the flyer as soon as possible so that I can enroll in the course. , Resp. (d), , 4. You are David/Ronny from 305, B-block, New, Ashok Nagar, Delhi. You will need to stay at a hotel in Shimla. Write to the hotel manager to inquire about reservations and accommodations. ) 312546, (b) 625134, Resp. (a), , 2. Subject, 4. Content, 6. Supplementary Closure, (c) 251436, (d) 165423, , (ii) Choose the correct subject for your letter. , (a) Know Your Hotel, (b) Stay at Your Hotel, (c) Required Accommodations, (d) Accommodation Information, Resp. (Four)

Page 50:
47, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (iii) Select the opening line of the letter. , (a) I read a lot about your hotel online and the reviews are good. Is your hotel known for great arrangements, pick-ups, food, etc., (b) your hotel is known for great arrangements, pick-ups, food, etc., (c) I am also very good on the internet and reviews. , (d) I have read a lot on the internet about your hotel and the excellent arrangements, transfers, food, etc., Resp. (a), , (iv) Complete the following to provide travel details for this letter. , so I am writing to you because I am going to Shimla with my family next month and (i) ..... ., I need (ii)  …. ........ 6 days. , (i) (a) from 14 October 20XX to 21 October 20XX, (b) from 4 October 20XX to 15 October 20XX, (c) from 4 October 20XX to 20XX 8 October 20XX, (d) 4 October 20XX to 10 October 20XX, Ans. (d), (ii) (a) one double bedroom with en-suite bathroom, (b) two bedrooms with En-suite double bedroom, (c) two twin bedrooms, (d) two en-suite bathrooms, Ans. (b), , (v) Select the option to display the correct list of information referred to in the letter. , (a), , !, , !, , !, , !, , !, , !, , ( B C D), , !, , !, , !, , Resp. (c), , Available for 10 days Accommodation, room rates, payment methods, easy pick up and drop off at the train station, arrange sightseeing tours, other terms and conditions, 6 days stay available, price rooms, payment methods, easy pick up and drop off, sightseeing arrangements, other terms and conditions, 10 day stay Availability, room rates, payment methods, easy train station transfers, sightseeing arrangements, other terms and conditions, 10-day accommodation availability, room rates, payment procedure,, (vi) select the option that mentions the correct last line of the letter. , (1) After receiving your letter, I will forward it for advancement, booking and completing my travel plans. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible! , (2) I hope to hear from you as soon as possible so that I can forward it to you to book in advance and complete my travel, planning. , (a) does not apply to option (1) because of the use of informal language, (b) yes to option (1) because of the use of a polite tone, (c) yes to option (2) because of the use of an authoritative tone, (d ) No to option (2) because the formal language, Resp. (b), , Part 2, Topic Questions, 1. You are interested in joining a well-known swimming club in your city. Please write to the Secretary of University Plaza Swimming Club, Calcutta for membership details and other terms and conditions of the club. You are the Mona Lisa at 143 Palm Avenue, Kolkata. 143, Palm Avenue, , Kolkata, 25th June 20XX, The Secretary, College Square Swimming Club, Kolkata 700XXX, Membership Matter, Sir/Madam, I found your ad in the Daily Times June 24, 20XX . I would like to know details about your club membership. I've heard very good reports about pool hygiene and well trained swim instructors. All this made me more determined to join your swimming club. I study in class X and hope to continue swimming with a good instructor. Please send me the following details, !, , !, , !, , !, , availability of swimming instructors, tuition fees, training time, other terms and conditions, , I would appreciate it if you could provide me with details ASAP, ASAP, so I can join your swimming club. Sincerely, Mona Lisa

Page 51:
48,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language Literature 10th,, 2. Are you interested in today's IT field,, take short BPO/KPO training course after 12th exam. Write to Director of Noida Virtue Training Center for your short course and all other necessary details. You are Rahul/Rajiv., Class X and XII, because the bag containing these certificates was stolen. Now, I urgently need copies of these certificates. So please inform me the following details, the procedure to get the second certificate, the amount of the fee to be deposited, the method of payment, the time it takes for the council to issue the certificate and also if there is any other formalities to be done please let me know. I will be very grateful. , !, , !, , !, , Resp. 54, Tagore Park, !, found your ad on The Hindu on June 29, 20XX. I would like to know more about the courses offered by your college. I think these courses will also help me choose my future career path. The short course in BPO/KPO will be the threshold for the rest of the business management courses. I'm in class on the 12th. I wish to attend a BPO/KPO training course after the exam. Please send me all required details including fees, training time and prospects etc. at the above address. , Sincerely thank you, Rahul , , 3. You have lost your original Class X, and Class XII certificates. You want to send out copies, but you don't know the procedure. Write to Preet Vihar, Chairman, CBSE, to inquire about the fees to be paid, the method of payment, the time required for the board to issue a copy of the certificate and any other formalities. You are Tarun/Taruna, 7/9,, Kunj Apartments, Shimla., CBSE 2019, , Ans. 7/9, Kunj Apartments, Shimla, December 10, 20XX, Chairman of CBSE, Preet Vihar, New Delhi, obtained duplicate certificate I hereby inform you that I, Tarun/Taruna, have passed Course X , (Roll no. 90XXXXX) in the year 2016 and Class XII (Roll, no. 105XXXX) in the year of CBSE Board., unfortunately Yes, I lost my original certificate for Class, , 4. You are Sudhir/Sita , ABC Prefect/Chief, Public School, Jayanagar, Bengaluru. His school planned an evening excursion to Mysore and surrounding areas for students and teachers. Please write to the secretary of Mysuru Ace Youth Hostel and ask him to send you a quote for the cost of accommodation for 15 girls, 20 boys and 2 teachers for 2 days in the next month, please state your desired dates for accommodation and any other terms and conditions . ABC Public School, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, 23rd October, 20XX, Secretary, Ace Youth Hostel, Mysuru, subject accommodation fees for a group of students, for two days, sir, this is to let you know that our school has planned, 20XX From November 10th to 11th, students and teachers will visit Mysore and surrounding areas at night. There will be 15 girls, 20 boys and two teachers in the group. They need to spend the night in Mysore on the night of 10th November. The group will arrive at 11 am on the 10th and depart at 5 pm on November 11. Therefore, two student dormitories (one female and one male) and two faculty single rooms are required. Please let us know the cost of accommodation as soon as possible. Also, if you need more information, you can contact the undersigned below. Sincerely, Sudhir/Sita, (Student Council President/Student Council President), Tel 97546XXXXX

Page 52:
49, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , 5. You are the Housekeeping Supervisor of a 3-star hotel. Write to the manager of Indore Ajmal Khan Road Herbal Bath Care with questions about some of the hotel's towels, mats and other bathroom products. ,, Resp. Golden Star Hotel, , GT Road, Indore, , I am a business student looking to work in the hospitality industry. , so please provide me with the following information, course details, fee amount, payment method of payment, accommodation facilities, employment prospects at your school, any other information about the course, please provide me with details as soon as possible so that I can decide whether to take the course or not . , !, , !, , ! , , !, , !, , May 20, 20XX, Manager, Herbal Bath Care, Ajmal Khan Road, Indore, Subject Ask for some bath care products, sir, we are an Indore family Established hotel chain. Our GT Road property requires Bath Mats, Floor Mats, Towels, Napkins and Shower Caps. Please provide us with a copy of your brochure along with your price list. Also, if you would like to offer a special 25% discount on bulk orders, please let us know. If your product quality, price and terms are satisfactory to us, we are willing to place an order with you. Looking forward to your timely reply. Sincerely, Mahendra Nagpal, (Head of Administration),,! , Sincerely, Ramesh Kumar/Radhika Kumari,,, 7. You are Vipul/Apoorva, residing at D-424, Island, Avenue, Ernakulam. You have seen an advertisement for a French degree course to be organized by Maxwell at Fort Cochin Road Language Institute soon. Write to advertisers asking for all relevant information like Admission Procedure, Fees, Structure, Course Duration, Course Schedule, Classes, Means of Transport, etc., CBSE 2020, Ans. D-424, Island Avenue,,, Ernakulam, 9th December, 20XX, , , 6., Institute of Hospitality Management F-5, Junk, Road, New Delhi, some places for housekeeping course, please contact me now for more details ., You are Ramesh Kumar/Radhika Kumari, 12A, Fort, Road, Agra. You saw the ad for it in your local paper. You want to follow the cleaning process. Write to the Director of the Institute for course duration, fees and other details. , CBSE 2019, Ans. 12A, Fort Road, , Agra, March 14, 20XX, Junk Road F-5, New Delhi Director, School of Hotel Management, Housekeeping Course Subject Survey, Sir, referring to your ad in Agra Patrika, dated March 11, 20XX , I would like to know the details of your school's cleaning courses. / Ma'am, with reference to your advertisement in the daily newspaper dated 7 December 20XX, I would like to know more about the French diploma program offered by your school. I have a business degree and I want to learn a new language that will help my career. Therefore, please provide me with the following information: admission procedure, fee structure, duration of the course, class schedule, means of transport, any other relevant information about the course, I would appreciate it if you would provide me with details as soon as possible, to make it as possible I decided to take this course myself. Sincerely, Vipul/Apporva

Page 53:
50, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , 8. As a health conscious person, you notice that a yoga class near you is advertised in the newspaper. Write to the organizer, Public Yoga Organizer, R.K. Puram New Delhi, requesting him to send him information regarding the duration of the course and other relevant details. You are 15 years old Shweta/Srikar, R.K. Puram,, New Delhi., CBSE 2019, Ans. 15, R.K. Puram, , New Delhi, 26th December 20XX, Organizer, Yoga for Public, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, Subject Yoga Course Inquiry, Sir/Madam, , Please see your yoga class ad in R.K. Plum. I want to thank you for your efforts on behalf of the people. Yoga is a great exercise for people of all ages. It helps connect the mind and body to help you relax. As a health conscious person, I practice yoga every day. It keeps me energized and refreshed throughout the day. I would like to join a yoga course at your institute and would like to know the following details: course start date, course duration, class hours, fee structure, any other relevant details about the course, I would be grateful if you would send the details as soon as possible Appreciate as much as possible., Thanks, best regards, Shweta/Srikar, !, , !, , !, , !

Page 54:
51,,CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 02,,analysis,paragraph,in this chapter...,! ,, Analyzing the writing format,,! ,,Chapter Exercises,,analyzing paragraphs is a text-based analysis of writing data. He explains his research or argument with the help of figures, graphs, outlines, clues or tables. In other words, the analysis paragraph not only describes the data but also points out some specific parts of the data to prove its claims. To write an analysis paragraph, keep the following points in mind, !, , !, , !, , !, , read the data carefully to understand the topic the analysis paragraph will be written on, study trends, numbers and information provided for the analysis carefully, use trends As evidence to support your claim,,! ,,! ,, give a clear introduction and conclusion, try to avoid repeating information,, analyze the elements of the paragraph,! ,,! ,,! ,, !, , Claim or Topic Statement Based on the data provided, make a clear statement or title about what you want to convey. , Evidence Use pictures or text information to support your argument. , Explanation explains your analysis and understanding, detailed data. , Conclusion End this paragraph by rewriting your argument in a new way.

Page 55:
52, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10, Analyzing Paragraph Formatting, 1973-1974, 1999-2000, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, , Madhya Pradesh, , Bihar, , 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0, , Odisha , , are given next to graphs of the percentage of the population living below the poverty line in different regions and states of India over a two-year period, 1973-74 and 1999-2000. Use the information provided to write a paragraph about India's enduring poverty problem. Mention regional trends and how the landscape has changed over the years. , , Title, , Poverty: India's Perennial Problem Poverty in India manifests itself in many ways. It has become one of the greatest persistent problems facing our country today. Whether they are landless, street shoemakers, rags, collectors, peddlers, or beggars, they all belong to the category of "poor". Although the number of people living below the poverty line has decreased, the problem persists. The bar chart provided compares the percentage of the population living below the poverty line in different Indian states for two years (1973-74 and 1999-2000). Reductions in poverty were pronounced in all states. Encouragingly, two of those states saw very large declines. In about 26 years, poverty in Gujarat fell by 27%, from 48% to 15%. West Bengal saw a similar drop of 36%, from 63% to 27%, over the same time period. Meanwhile, many states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha are showing slow declines. In 1999-2000, they accounted for 70% of the poor in society. So much remains to be done to completely eradicate social evils in this country. analysis. It contains the evidence and explanations to support your argument), , Conclusion, (The last paragraph reiterates the main argument of the entire paragraph.)

Page 56:
53, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, I. Answer any five of the six questions given in the following context. The table below provides information for 2008, reporting on energy consumption in France from 1980 to the present. Write an analysis report of 150-200 words based on the chart. , 50, , France fuel energy consumption, , 45, , gasoline and oil, , quadrillion units, , 40, 35, 30, , coal, natural gas, natural gas, , , 25, 20, 15, 10, , nuclear energy, Solar/Wind Power, Hydro Power, , 5, 0, , (iv) In which year did coal consumption increase? , (a) 1995-2005, (c) 2015-2020, responses. (d) 1985-1990, , (v) The main trends to be observed are, (a) Consumption of renewable energy sources, ie nuclear/solar/wind increasing over time. , (b) Consumption of coal and natural gas is a better and cost-effective alternative. , (c) Consumption of non-renewable energy is increasing. , (d) None of the above, Resp. (c) Consumption of non-renewable energy sources is increasing. , , (vi) The increase in nuclear energy is..., (a) 4 quadrillion units to 7 quadrillion units, (b) 2 quadrillion Units to 8 quadrillion units, (c) 3 quadrillion units to 11 quadrillion units, (d) 4 quadrillion units to 10 quadrillion units, Ans. (a) 4 quadrillion units to 7 quadrillion units, , 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020, , History, , II. Answer five of the six questions given with reference to the following context. , the table below shows the estimated value of gold sales in Dubai in 2019. ,, predict,, (i) Choose an appropriate topic for the paragraph. , , (ii) Which fuel is the most consumed by the French? , (a) nuclear, (c) gasoline and oil, Resp. (c) gasoline and oil, (b) wind, (d) coal and natural gas, , 350, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100, 50, , (iii) Which fuel has the lowest consumption, among the French? , (a) Nuclear, (c) Solar, Ans. (d) All of these, 400, million dirhams, (a) energy consumption in France, (b) energy consumption in France, (c) fuel used in France, (d) fuel consumption, Resp. (b) Energy consumption in France,, (b) 1995-2000, (d) 1985-1990,, (b) wind energy, (d) all of them,,,,,, Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun,, Jul , , Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec, , (i) Choose an appropriate topic for the paragraph. , (a) Dubai Gold 2019, (b) Dubai Gold Sales 2019, (c) Gold Sales 2019, (d) Dubai Gold 2019 2019, A. (b) Dubai Gold Sales in 2019

Page 57:
54, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) The graph covers ............................, (a) 12 months , (c) 3 years, answer (a) 12 months, (b) 2 years, (d) past 5 years, (iii) which month had the highest sales? , (a) August, (b) February, (c) March, (d) April, Ans. Where are the sales plateaus in (c) March, (v) October and November? , (a) 140 million dirhams, (b) 180 million dirhams, (c) 150 million dirhams, (d) 200 million dirhams, Ans. (b) AED 180 million, (a) significantly lower than the beginning of the year, (b) almost equal to the beginning of the year, (c) higher than the beginning of the year, (d) none of the above, respond. (b) approximately equal to the beginning of the year, , III. Referring to the following, answer five of the six questions given. , the pie chart shows the proportion of people living in poverty in different households in the UK in 2017. , Population Per Household, Type of Living Poverty, ,, 5 %, , Single Elderly, Elderly Couple, Single Without Children, , 15%, , 24%, , Couples Without Children, Single Parent, , 9%, , (b) 5%, (d) 24%, , (a) the younger generation is poorer than the older generation. , (b) The older generation is poorer than the younger generation. , (c) Childless couples are better off financially. , (d) Single people without children are much better off financially. , Reply (a) The younger generation is poorer than the old generation. The sales volume is ......, , 7%, , (a) 7%, (c) 12%, Resp. (c) 12%, , ( iii) The main conclusions from the above data are, (a) January and December, (b) October and November, (c) July and September, (d) June and December, answering (c) July and September, 26%, (a) all families, (b) couples without children, (c) couples with children, (d) single parents, Resp. (d) single parents, (ii) how many older adults represent poverty? ,, (iv) Which months have the lowest sales? , , 14%, (i) Which type of household has the highest poverty rate? , , Couples with Children, All Families,, (a) Couples Without Children, (b) Singles Without Children, (c) Couples with Children, (d) All Families, Resp. (c) Couples with Children , (v) choose an appropriate heading for the paragraph. , (a) poverty in the UK, (b) poor households in the UK, (c) poverty share in the UK, and (d) none of the former, Rep. (d) None of the above, (vi) What is the main part of the analysis paragraph? , 1. Title, 2. Text providing data analysis, 3. Date, 4. Introduction, 5. Format, 6. Conclusion, (a) 1, 2, 4 and 6, (b) 1, 3 and 5, ( c) 2, 3, 5 and 6, (d) 4, 5 and 6, the answer. (a) 1, 2, 4 and 6

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55,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, IV. Please answer five of the six questions given in the context below. , the pie chart below shows the main reasons for immigration to and from the UK in 2018. , TOP REASON FOR MIGRATION TO/FROM THE UK-2018, IMMIGRATION, 15%, 12%, , (v) How many people immigrated to the UK for formal study? , (a) more than a quarter of people, (b) less than a quarter of people, (c) ) a quarter of people, (d) more than half of people, Resp. (a) more than four 1 in 1, , (vi) Which of the following have almost similar percentages of immigrants and immigrants? , 30%, , 26%, , 6%, , 11%, , (b) Follow-join , (d) (a) and (b), part 2, subject,, immigration, 22%, , 29% ,, (a) job offer, (c) unstated reason, Resp. (d) (a) and (b), , 13%, , 1. The map below shows how the village of Meadowside and nearby Fonton have changed since 1962. Analyze the changes that have occurred over the years, and write an analysis paragraph Meadowside, village, , (i) What are the main reasons for immigration and immigration? , (a) Employment Opportunity, i.e. Employment or Job Search as defined, (b) Accompanying Family Member or Household Member, (c) Formal Study, (d) All of the above, Resp. (a) Employment opportunities, i.e. established employment or job search, 1985, Fonton, Leisure, Complex, Meadow, side village,, (ii) What are the reasons for the lowest proportion of immigrants from the United Kingdom? , (a) No cause statement, (c) Formal study, Ans. (c) formal study, (b) other reasons, (d) explicit employment, (iii) how many gave any other reason or no reason to leave the UK? , (a) 17%, answer. (b) 32%, , (b) 32%, , (c) 6%, , (d) 14%, , (iv) Choose an appropriate heading for the paragraph. , (a) Immigration to the UK, (b) ) )) Reasons for Immigration, (c) Immigration, (d) Immigration to and from the UK, Ans. (d) To and from the UK, Super, Store, Present, Leisure, Complex, Meadow, side village, Super, Store, Hotel, Fonton, Station, Business, Park, Ans. The growth and development of the area, the map provided illustrates how the village of Meadowside and the neighboring town of Fonton have changed and developed over the years. It shows maps of the two locations in 1962, 1985, and the present. It is evident from the map

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56,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th,, over the years the villages and towns have grown in size and eventually merged into one. , 1962, towns and towns are separate entities with different infrastructure, housing and other lines, facilities. There are no roads or tracks connecting villages and cities. Although there is another rail line through Fonton and a road from Meadowside, Village, they go in completely different directions. Around 1985, the two places not only expanded in size, but were also connected by another road extending westward. The growth and development of the region is unstoppable. Soon, the village and city merged into a new area with many luxurious facilities. A new rail line has also been introduced to the area, as well as a train station boarding. , currently, the area also hosts hotels and business parks, a testament to the enormous development of the area. , in the same category, Egypt also had a higher infant mortality rate of 97 per 1,000 births. Of the five countries, Bangladesh has the lowest quality of life and its GDP is a hundred times lower than that of the United States. It has significantly higher infant mortality rates, daily calorie intake and life expectancy half that of the United States. Given this, we can classify these countries as the United States, Egypt, Indonesia, Bolivia, and Bangladesh. ,, 3. Read the following report and write a ,, analysis paragraph based on the data presented in it. , recent studies have shown that glucose intolerance rapidly transitions to diabetes in the southern states of India and the prevalence of adult diabetes has reached about 20% in the urban population and about 10% in the rural population. , and low awareness of the disease, blood sugar outcomes after treatment, patients are far from a thought. ,, 2. The table below presents statistics showing various aspects of quality of life in five countries. Write an analytical paragraph on the information provided, selecting and reporting key characteristics and comparing where relevant. , Daily, Living, Calories, Expected, Birth Supply, Heads, (Years), Infants, Mortality Rate, (per 1000 live births), , Bangladesh 140, , 1877, , 40, , 132, , Bolivia, , 570, , 2086, , 50, , 124, , Egypt, , 690, , 2950, ​​, 56, , 97, , Indonesia, , , 580, , 2296, , 49, , 87, , USA, , 13160, , 3653 , , 74, , 12, , County, , Ans., , GNP Per, Head, (1982: US dollars) ,, Quality of life, the following table shows various aspects of quality of life in five countries. Using the four economic indicators it shows, the living standards of these countries in 1982. From the data we have, we can say with certainty that the standard of living in the United States is the highest of the five countries. The United States is a developed country with a per capita GDP of $13,160. It has a relatively high daily caloric intake and a high life expectancy at birth. The country also has a low infant mortality rate. These factors are much lower in other countries than in the US. The range of indicators provided shows similar trends for Egypt, Indonesia and Bolivia. Of the three countries, Egypt appears to have the highest standard of living. , Ans., Diabetes Burden in India India, a country of rapid socioeconomic development and urbanization, accounts for a substantial share of the global burden of diabetes. Studies conducted in different regions of India have shown that the prevalence of diabetes is increasing not only in the urban population but also in the rural population due to the urbanization of lifestyle parameters. There is also a high prevalence of prediabetes. Recent studies have shown that rapid impairment of glucose conversion and diabetes tolerance in the southern states of India have reached approximately 20% of adults with diabetes in urban areas and approximately 10% in rural populations. The availability and accessibility of diabetes care, and because of awareness of the disease, the glycemic outcomes of treated patients are far from ideal. Younger age of onset and lack of good glycemic control may increase the incidence of vascular complications. The economic costs of treating diabetes and its complications are considerable. It is fitting that the Government of India has launched a national program for the management and prevention of diabetes and related metabolic disorders. Lifestyle modification is an effective tool for primary diabetes prevention in India.

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57, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10, , 4. Gautam was shocked when he saw graphs showing rising carbon dioxide levels in the air of his city, Nagpur. He decided to write a paragraph about data to express his vigilance, and drew the present picture to warn people of environmental pollution. Write an analysis paragraph for Gautam., , 5. The chart below illustrates the number of tigers in India, ,. With reference to it, write a 150-200 word analysis paragraph. , , 2010, , 2015, , 2020, , Air Pollution - Deadly Air, Air Pollution is a serious problem affecting our planet today, yet many people continue to turn blind and think it's not that serious. The graph shown shows the magnitude of the air pollution problem, especially in Nagpur. The graph shows a dramatic increase in urban air pollution levels. There is no doubt that the people of Nagpur suffer from various respiratory diseases. While air pollution levels were not very low in 2000, the air quality was much better than what future generations have breathed and are breathing. ., from 2005 to 2010, levels of carbon dioxide in the air fell, which may indicate awareness of the problem. , but this factor is not surprising given the sudden and dramatic change after 2010. The quality of the air keeps decreasing and the percentage of carbon dioxide keeps increasing. Gas levels reach around 855 to 890. Since then, many government policies, programs and advocacy sessions have been launched to create awareness and find solutions. As a result, carbon dioxide levels slowly drop. This decline shows that there are still many changes that need to be implemented to make our environment pollution-free. our whole country. Numerous programs and programs have been launched across the country to protect populations of this enigmatic animal, and they appear to be working well. A graph is provided showing the growth of the tiger population in the country. Poaching, one of the biggest dangers to declining numbers, is the first thing to be tackled. Cameras are placed at different locations where the tigers come and go. In addition to cameras, forested areas have also been converted into reserves where poaching is prohibited. To this end, approximately 5.22 kilometers of foot surveys were carried out to ensure the area continues to be a habitat for the species. As a result, the declining numbers started to increase. Tiger numbers increased from 1,411 in 2006 to 1,706 in 2010, then to 2,226 in 2014 and 2,967 in 2018. Growth areas include Madhya Pradesh, where the tiger population stood at 526 in 2018. Other states with high tiger populations are Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Assam with 524 and 442 tigers respectively , 312, 284, 190 and 190 respectively.

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58, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Issue 10, presents data showing that tiger conservation projects and programs are very successful in preventing the extinction of the animal and preserving its natural habitat. , and when they break down, they release dangerous chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) into the soil. BPA is an endocrine disruptor, which means it can affect hormone levels in the body, creating room for disease. Additionally, BPA is known to be carcinogenic (causes cancer) in humans. , , 6. The following data show that the number of deaths due to violence has increased significantly in recent years. Using this data, write an analytical paragraph that focuses on how educated youth can play an important role in building peace in society. , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, , Resp ., , All these chemicals build up in the soil and eventually sink into the groundwater, polluting the water. What makes these health threats even more dire is that there is currently no known technology to remove BPA, or any other leachate, from the human body. Soil and Water, once there., Ans., , , 1990, , 1995, , 2000, , 2005, , , 2010, , Youth and Peace, Youth and Peace are intertwined in society. Youth can play an important role in building peace in societies. The graphic above depicts data found in a survey showing the decline of peace and the growth of violence in our society. In the research conducted, it was found that since the 1990s there has been a substantial increase in the number of deaths due to violence. The numbers shown in the data are staggering. There is absolutely no decline, but the death rate from violence has increased exponentially. In 1990, the death rate was 2.5, which increased to 3.5 in 1995. This continuous increase was most pronounced between 2000-2005, when the death rate rose from 4.5 to 6,5. In 2010, it increased to 7.5, and currently, it doesn't seem to be stopping. This situation is really sad and requires immediate action. Our young people can play an important role in bringing this crime map under control. There are many ways in which they can contribute to peacemaking. They can awaken people's need for peace. They can help the police by catching criminals. Today's young people have the power to make the world a peaceful and peaceful place to live. , , 7. Read the following report and write an analysis based on the data provided. , , Single-use plastic water bottles allow harmful substances to "leak" into soil and water. Bottles usually don't start to crack for a hundred years or more. Its decomposition is accelerated by extreme weather conditions, such as very, very hot or very cold temperatures. , , The dangers of using plastic The millions of tons of plastic found on the ocean floor and even in the stomachs of animals has gotten a lot of media attention lately. The issue of plastic's harmful impact on the environment has been a topic of discussion for a long time. However, in recent years, the harm of plastic to the human body has become increasingly prominent. It's not a hidden fact that only a fraction of the plastic used every day is recycled and reused. Most everyday plastics end up in landfills or bodies of water, where they take thousands of years to decompose. During those years, the plastic seeps into the soil and water. Studies around the world are warning about microplastics in the land and water we use. They have long-term negative effects on ecosystems and adversely affect human health. Over the years, plastic leach reaches the water table and pollutes the water with toxic substances. Water enters our food chain and makes us susceptible to many diseases. One such substance that researchers have identified is bisphenol A, which has been shown to negatively impact human health. Given how little research in this area has been successful, we need to understand that plastic is dangerous for everyone. We should not use it as part of the ecosystem, but minimize its use in our daily life. , , 8. The diagram below shows the changes that have taken place at Mary Hill School in Goa since it was built in 1950. Compare maps, write an analysis paragraph. , 1950, , Main road, , School, , Farm, , Playground

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59, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , 1980, , 40%, , Main road, , 35%, , Science, Block, , 30%, , School, (Main Building), , Sports, Field, , % people, , Car, Park, , Playground, , 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 0%, , 2010, , Main road, , Every Several Once or Some Never , day , times, week , twice a week, one month a year, , 2003, , Science, Block, Car, Park, , Ans., , School, (Main Building), Sports, Field, , Playground, , Mount Mary School Infrastructure changes , The diagram provided shows how Mount Mary School in Goa has changed and grown since it was established in 1950. It is clear from the diagram that, overall, the main building of the school has not changed over the years. However, all other parts of the school have been replaced by the needs of the time. There is a playground behind the school, a farm to the southwest and houses to the west as part of its complex. In the 1980s the house and farm were replaced. The school has added parking and a science area. Farmland was transformed into a sports field. The latest extension was carried out in 2010, when the complex and its various parts were adjusted. While the science building remains the same, the playground and sports field areas have been reduced to allow more parking for cars. All in all, the main complex, the schoolhouse, is more than 60 years old and can adapt well to a changing culture., , 9. The graph below shows how often Americans dined at fast food restaurants between 2003 and 2013. Using the data provided, write an analysis paragraph. , , Ans. , , 2006, , 2013, ,Fast food addiction, with lifestyle changes, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to prepare meals at home every day. We prefer to go to our favorite fast food restaurant at least once a week or at least once a month. This propensity to eat fast food is evident in the graph above, which shows how often Americans dine at fast food restaurants. Overall, most Americans would rather go to a fast food restaurant once a week or once or twice a month throughout the period. Meanwhile, very few people go to fast food chains, either every day or not at all. This number seems to change almost imperceptibly. During those three years, 2003, 2006, and 2013, Americans ate fast food only once or twice a month or a week, with a break of about 30-35%. Americans who eat fast food every day or never are consistently below 5%. several times a year. Given that the data hasn't changed much, we can say that the love for fast food remains the same. , , 10. The diagram below shows how people buy music. , analyze the data provided and write the analysis paragraph. , Percentage Percentage of Total Music Sales by Method, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0, , 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018, Streaming, Downloads

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60. Trends in Buying Music In this busy and crowded world, music has become a way for us to be happy and relax. Its importance is well portrayed by the daily rollout of new music and music streaming apps. The graph provided focuses on this growing popularity and illustrates trends in music buying habits between 2011 and 2018. The data shows three different ways of buying music: streaming, downloading, and buying CDs. Overall, music downloads and physical sales have declined steadily. The latter has declined since 2011, while the former's downturn began in 2014. However, the number of people streaming music has increased dramatically since 2013. In 2011, the majority of music sales were CDs, accounting for approximately 55% of all music sales. In contrast, streaming is uncommon as it is only 5%. Although people started downloading songs, they only accounted for 35% of sales. As CD sales began to decline, the era of downloads began. Downloads grew steadily and quickly surpassed physical sales by mid-2013. During the same period, with the latest technology, streaming doubled to 10% and started growing even more rapidly. Down to 25% over physical sales. Streaming, on the other hand, surpassed both in 2018, accounting for more than 40% of sales. ,, 11. Take a look at the graph below which shows the wise attendance rate of secondary schools in India this year, and write the analysis paragraph based on, it., Types of school % of, % of, %, in India, Frequency Frequency Frequency, Year, , 2000, , 2005, , 2010, , 2015, , government, school, (township), , 62%, , 68%, , 70%, , 78%, , government, school (township), , 24% , , 28%, , 32%, , 44%, , General English 52%, Medium, Schools, , 49%, , 54%, , 59%, , Convent-Run, Schools, , 82%, , 84%, , 89% , , Ans., , 80.5%, , High School Yearly Attendance Rates In India, a graph is provided showing attendance rates recorded at intervals of 5 years. The table provided provides yearly information from 2000 to 2015. There has been a steady and healthy increase in attendance across all four types of schools over the 15-year period. Compared with the other three types of schools, the growth of monastery-run schools was much higher. Initially, attendance at government schools in the village was significantly lower, and attendance at general and medium English schools was lower compared with schools run by the monastery. All in all, the consistently rising percentages show that the authorities understand how to improve education in the country. The Government has taken appropriate measures and initiatives to ensure the improvement of rural education. The significant increase in attendance indicates a solid infrastructure and attention to the health of the institutions involved. Write a paragraph that analyzes the given data. , Digital Devices Acquired in Rishunagar Over the Years, 120, 100, , Devices, (numbers in 1000), , Ans., , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , 80, 60 , 40, 20, 0, 2015, , 2016, , 2017, Year, , 2018, , 2019, , Ans. The given data shows the data on the number of digital devices purchased in Rishunagar during the period 2015-2019. According to the data provided, purchases of common digital devices such as smartphones and computers increased between 2015 and 2019. Computer sales declined as smartphones increased in functionality, except for an increase in computer purchases in 2017. Both computers and smartphones have become central to people's lives, especially workers. As a result, more and more people bought both products. Sales of these digital devices increased substantially from 2015 to 2017. However, sales and purchases fell sharply in 2018. Compared to 2017, the number of smartphone purchases in the market was relatively low in 2018. This trend is limited to 2018, as in 2019, sales of digital devices are once again growing exponentially. Although there are many reasons for these fluctuations, it is safe to say that the digital age has gained momentum in Rishonagar.

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Section Test (Writing), !, , !, , !, , Letter Writing, 1., , As a health conscious person, you notice that a yoga class near you is advertised in the newspaper. Write to R K Puram, the organizers of public yoga in New Delhi, and ask them to send you information on class durations and other relevant details. You are Shweta/Srikar of 15, R K Puram, New Delhi., , 2., , and you are Salim/ Sarika, Security Agency Administrator M/s Sanjeev, Saharanpur. You are opening a new office in the city and you need the right office furniture to create a two bedroom office. Write an inquiry letter to Saharanpur M/s Office Suppliers requesting a quotation for the required project. Please specify the quantity required for each item and request to be credited upon payment. , , 3., , You are Garima/Girish, Manager of Ranchi Sindhu Enterprises. Your new headquarters needs several pieces of furniture. Write a letter from M/s Office Equipment Corporation, Ranchi, for bulk order of multiple pieces of office furniture (minimum 4 pieces), providing necessary details. Discounts are requested for bulk purchases and orders are made based on supplier quotes in OEC/34/17-18., , 4.,. (minimum 4). You are RK Mittal, Head of Office, Bundelkhand Public School, Jhansi. , , 5., , You are Chandan/Chandni. Write a letter to the bookseller canceling your order due to delay in fulfillment. ,, Analysis Paragraph, 1.,, Study the table below and write an analysis paragraph of 150-200 words based on it. , Secondary School Year Attendance in India, School Types in India,, 2.,, Attendance %, Attendance %, Attendance %, Attendance %, Year, 2000, 2005, 2010,, 2015, , Public Schools , (in the city), , , 62%, , 68%, , 70%, , 78%, , public school, (in the village), , 24%, , 28%, , 32%, , 44%, , general English secondary school , Schools, , 52%, , 49%, , 54%, , 59%, , Convent Schools, , 80.5%, , 82%, , 84%, , 89%, , Study the chart below. The graph is the result of a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education in public and public schools in Vadodara. This graph shows the types of activities teens like to do in their free time. Write an analysis paragraph 150-200, words., 50.00%, 45.00%, 40.00%, 35.00%, 30.00%, 25.00%, 20.00%, 15.00%, 10.00%, 5.00%, 0.00%, Cell , Phone, , public, , government, , friends

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62,,CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Grammar,,Chapter 01,,Tenses,,In this chapter...,! ,, tense classification,,! ,, Chapter Exercises, Tenses are defined as verb forms that give a relationship between time and action. Time is the duration of work while action is the work done. The time indicates the moment at which the action is performed. Time is divided into three phases, (i) present (present time), (ii) past (time that has passed), (iii) future (time that has not yet come), let us consider the sentences given below,, indefinite, future, past, indefinite, indefinite, continuous, continuous, continuous, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, continuous, Perfect, continuous,, perfect, continuous,, (Present Indefinite) ), , This tense is also called the simple present tense. , , we can observe that each sentence given above has a different meaning. The reason is that each sentence has a different verb form. These different forms of verbs are called tenses. The tense of a verb indicates the tense of an action or state of being. ,, tense classification, there are three tenses, (ii) past tense, , present tense, , present tense, , (i) Hari eats a mango . (gift), (ii) Hari ate a mango. (Past), (iii) Hari is going to eat a mango. (Future), , (i) Present Tense, , TENSE, , (iii) Future Tense, , Each tense is divided into four forms. Study the table below to learn more about all tenses and their forms. She get up every morning at 6 o'clock., (ii) To speak about a general or universal truth., eg. The earth revolves around the sun. , (iii) denotes a future event forming part of a plan or arrangement, eg. Schools reopen next week. , (iv) introduces quotation marks with the verb "to say", eg. Newton said: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.", (v) exclamatory sentences beginning with here or there., such as (a) Here it is! (b) He went!

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63, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , Affirmative Sentence Rules, !, , !, , Singular Subject + First Verb Form + s/es + ......, Plural Subject + First Verb Form + . …………,For example. (a) They are playing cricket on the floor. , (b) She cooks dinner at night. , (c) Water boils at 100°C. , (d) We study at the ABC institution. ,(e) She gave me advice not to fumar., , negative sentence rules, !, , !, , singular subject + não + first verb form + ......, plural subject + não + th 1 verb form + .. .. .. ...,, (b) She is reading a book., (c) We are going to Shimla., Negative Sentence Rules, Singular Subject + is/am + not + Verb No. One form + ing, +.. ...., plural subject + are + not + first form of verb + ing +....., eg. (a) Ram is not surfing the Internet. , (b) They are not watching a movie. , (c) I did not swim in the water. , !, , !, , Interrogative sentence rules, Is/are/am + subject + first verb form + ing + ...?, Interrogative word + is/are/am + subject + first verb form +, ing + ...... ?, eg. (a) Is Reena cooking? , (b) don't you write letters? , (c) What is Raveena doing here? , (d) What newspaper do you buy? , (e) Why is the camel not drinking? , !, , !, , For example. (a) Reena doesn't watch TV. , (b) We do not smoke. ,, (c) She doesn't write letters to her friends. , (d) They don't like swimming. ,, Interrogative sentence rules, !, , !, , Do/does + subject + first verb form + .......?, Interrogative word + do/does + subject + first verb form +,  … ? , For example. (a) Do you play cricket? , (b) Does she do laundry? , (c) Doesn't he go to school every day? , (d) Why are you crying now? , (e) Who do you read? , (f) Who do you teach? , (g) What subject does Garima not want to study? , (h) Who taught you English? , (i) why don't you do your homework? ,, present perfect tense, this tense is used in the following ways: (i) to indicate an action that was completed recently, eg she just had tea. , (ii) describes an action, the time of which is not given. ,For example. Have you done an M. Sc in Mathematics? , (iii) describe past events whose effects are still present. ,For example. I've done my job and now I'm free. , (iv) describes behavior that started in the past and continues to the present and may continue in the future. ,For example. I have used this brand of soap before. , (v) show how past situations relate to the present. ,For example. I've done my homework so I can help you, Present Continuous This tense has the following uses, (i) to describe an ongoing action and the continuation of an action. ,For example. Passengers are wandering to and free., (ii) Actions that do not occur but are in progress while speaking, eg. He is working in a multinational company. , (iii) prearranges actions to occur in the near future. ,For example. The wedding will be place on Sunday., (iv) Continuous and bad habit, especially with adverbs, as always, continuously, constantly, etc., eg. (a) You's always running me over., (b) He's constantly looking at me., , affirmative sentence rules, !, , !, , subject singular + is/am + verb first form + ing +... . . ..., plural subject + are + first form of verb + ing +....., eg. (a) I'm playing a game., , with your now., , affirmative sentence rule, singular subject + has + third verb form + ......, plural subject + have + third verb form + . ....., For example. (a) She went to the market. , (b) I met her. , (c) They took a bath. , (d) It is dark now. ,! ,,! ,, negative sentence rule,! , , !, , singular subject + has + not + third form of verb +  …, plural subject + have + not + third form of verb +  …, eg. (a) I didn't call him., (b) The train didn't leave., , interrogative sentence rules, !, , !, , Has/has + subject + third form of verb +..... ? , interrogative word + has/have + subject + third form of verb +, ...... ?

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64, , 10th place in English Language and Literature in the second semester of CBSE, such as (a) Did she go to Delhi?, , (iii) the past tense can also be expressed with "used to", such as my grandfather once read some, , (b) Haven't they seen the Taj Mahal yet? , (c) what did they eat today? , (d) Why hasn't the pawn come yet? ,, Gita verses every day., , (iv) Sometimes this tense is used without an adverb of tense. In these cases, the tense may be implied or indicated by the context. I learned Punjabi in Chandigarh. , (v) indicates another action that occurs in the middle of a longer action, such as when I was watching my favorite TV series and the lights went out. , , The present perfect continuous tense is also called the present perfect continuous tense. , this tense has the following usages, (i) the description begins with past and still is, continuing., such as They have been in the village for long time., (ii) To express a action already completed, but whose effect is still in progress., p. I ran all day, now tired / since +......, subject plural + have + been + verb first form + ing +, ..... + for /since +......, eg. (a) Arpit goes to sleep from 6 o'clock. , (b) They have been running for three hours. , , Negative Sentence Rules, !, , !, Affirmative Sentence Rules, !, , Negative Sentence Rules, !, , !, , !, , !, , (b) Why did she abuse her friend? , (c) When does her father go to the office? , (d) Why is Supriya not telling the truth? , , Past Continuous Tempo , This tense is used in the following way, (i) to indicate an action that happened at some time in the past. The hours of operation may or may not be indicated, e.g. we'll be watching TV all night. , (ii) used in conjunction with always, continuously, etc. Used for persistent habits in the past. For example, he is always in a bad mood. , (iii) The past continuous tense is also used for actions that took place during a certain period or period of time in the past. For example, while Rohan is plugging this hole, his dog is digging another hole. , question word + has/have + subject + been, + first verb form + ing + ……… + since/for + .....?, eg. (a) Have you been to bed since 8 o'clock? , (b) Has he not lived in the house for a long time? , (c) Why did they start playing football in the morning? , , past aorist), This time is also called past tense. , this tense is used in the following ways, (i) to indicate an action that happened in the past and to report the completed action. It is often used in paraphrase and narrative. , p. I visited the Taj Mahal three months ago. , (ii) indicates a past habit or a recurring event that is now over, such as when my mother gave me pocket money, every day. ,,did+subject+initial form of verb+... ?,Interrogative word+did+subject+initial form of verb+... ...? , , For example. (a) Have you ever played any games? , , interrogative rules, !, , subject + no + first form of verb +  …, eg. (a) Did not attend the function., (b) Didn't watch television., , interrogative sentence rules, , singular subject + has + not + been + first form of verb +, ing + ..... + for / since +......, plural subject + have + not + been + first form of verb +, ing + ..... + for/since +......, eg. (a) You haven't had a fever for a week. , (b) Reena has not had music lessons for two months. ,, subject + second form of verb +...... (a) I play soccer on the floor., (b) She sang a song at the party., , affirmative sentence rules, !, , !, , subject Singular + was + first form of verb + ing +... .., plural subject + were + first form of verb + ing +....., eg. (a) She is driving. , (b) They are making noise. , , Rules for negative sentences, !, , !, , singular subject + was + not + first form of verb + ing +..... , plural subject + were + not + first form of verb + ing +.. ..., For example. (a) She didn't sing. , (b) They did not eat the mango.

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65, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , Interrogative sentence rules, !, , !, , was/were + subject + first form of verb + ing +......?, interrogative word + was/ were + subject + first form of verb +, ing +...?, , interrogative rules, !, , !, , eg. (a) Are you eating mango? , (b) When the milkman milks the milk? , (c) Why are blind children crying? , Had + subject + been + first form of verb + ing + .... .. +, since/for + .....?, question word + had + subject + been + first form of verb, + ing + ....... since/for+..... ? ,For example. (a) Have you not read a book since morning? , (b) Where has he been playing since morning? , , This tense is also called the simple future tense. , This tense is used in several ways, , (i) to denote an action completed before a definite time or before another action that occurred in the past, e.g. The patient died before the doctor got the, , (i) Say what we believe or think will happen in the future, e.g. I believe she will join the office tomorrow. , (ii) It is a fact that things are beyond our control. ,For example. The Sun will rise at 6:00 AM., (iii) To indicate an instant decision., eg. This is our first wedding anniversary. I will give you a, precious gift., , hospital., , (ii) expresses unfulfilled wishes in the past. I wish I didn't wasted my time., (iii) Expressing conditions that could not be met in the past, eg. Things would have been better if you had asked him earlier. She cooked the food., negative sentence rules, subject + had + not + third verb form + ..., eg. They did not attend the function., , negative sentence rule, , interrogative sentence rule, , !, , Had + subject + third form of verb + ..... ?, interrogative word + had + subject + third form verb +…………? ,For example. (a) She watched a movie?, , !, , (b) Why don't you go to Delhi means an action that started in the past and continued to some point in the past. When we met in Lucknow, she was in the city for 3 years of college. , affirmative sentence rules, !, , subject + had been + first form of verb +ing + ...... +, since/for + ..., before. (a) You have had a fever since Tuesday. , (b) I have studied for three hours. ,, negative sentence rule,! ,, subject + had + not + been + first form of verb, + ing + . ..... + from/to +......, eg. They have not been in office since July 5. ,, , You/He/She/It/They (2nd and 3rd person pronouns) +, will + first form of verb + ......, I/ Nós (1st person pronoun) + must + verb First form+, ......., ex. (a) He is going to sell his house., (b) I am going to buy a new car., You/He/She/It/They ( 2nd and 3rd person pronouns) +, will + not + 1st form verb + . . . . , I/we (1st person pronoun) + must + not, + 1st form of verb + ... ....,For example. (a) My friend will not be hosting a dinner party tonight. , (b) We will not skip exams. , , Interrogative sentence rules, !, , !, , Will/Shall + subject + first form of verb +... .. ?, Interrogative word + will/shall + subject + first form of verb +, ..... .?, For example. (a) She won't come to the party?, (b) Who will help you?, (c) Why don't your friends come here? i) indicates an action that will take place in the normal course, eg She will be cooking the food tomorrow., (ii) indicates an action that will take place sometime in the future. This time tomorrow, we'll be at the party.

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66,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, Affirmative Sentence Rules,! ,,! ,, I/we (first-person pronoun) + must + be + first form of, verb + ing + .... . .., eg. (a) My teacher will go to China next year. , (b) I will teach my students. , , Negative Sentence Rules, !, , !, , You/He/She/He/They ) +, will + not + be + first verb form + ing + ......., I/We( first-person pronoun) + must + not + be + first form of verb + ing + .  …, eg. (a) They will not study at the town college. , (b) I won't take a shower tonight. , , Interrogative sentence rules, !, , !, , (b) Your brother must have never read this novel before next Saturday., (c) I won't have write the letter before noon.,, You/He/She/It /They (2nd and 3rd person pronouns) +, will + be + first form of verb + ing + .. .. ..., , Will/shall + subject + be + first verb form + ing + .. ....?, question word + will/shall + subject + be + first verb form + ing +. ....? , For example. (a) Will the boy will be wandering in the woods?, (b) They will be traveling?, , Interrogative sentence rules, Will/shall + subject + have + third form of verb +... ? , question word + will/shall + subject + have + third form, verb...?, eg. (a) He won't be gone before I arrive?, (b) What will he have eaten before going sleep?, !, , !, , Future Perfect Continuous, this tense is also called Future Perfect Continuous., this time State is used in the following way: To describe an action that will be taking place over a period of time ending in the future. For example, at noon, Anuradha will sing for an hour. An action that will be done sometime in the future, eg I will have this job done by tomorrow. , , !, , You/He/She/It/They (2nd and 3rd person pronouns) +, will + have + 3rd form of the verb + ......,I/We (1st person pronouns) +must+has+the third form of the verb+..., eg. (a) Your exam will be over on Tuesday., (b) We will have cooked the food in the evening., , Negative Sentence Rules, !, , !, , You/He/She/They (Second and Third Person ) pronoun) +, will + not + have + third verb form + ......, I/We (first-person pronoun) + must + not + have + third, verb form + ... .. . .,For example. (a) Passengers will not arrive at the station before the train departs. ,, I/We (first-person pronoun) + must + have + been + first, verb form + ing + ....... + from/to + ......, such as April next year , we'll go to the American verb first form + ing + ....... +, , You/He/She/It/They (2nd and 3rd person pronouns) +, will + not + have + been + verb First form + ing + ......... +, , since/to + ........., !, , I/we (first-person pronoun) + should + not + have + been +, first verb form + ing + ......... + because/for + ........., eg. (a) Mahima hasn't been to Kanpur for a long time,,, (b) I haven't written for half an hour,, interrogative sentence rules,! ,,! ,, will/should + subject + have + been + the first form of the verb +, ing + ....... + since/for + ....... ?, interrogative word + will/ must + subject + have + been + first, verb form + ing + ... ... + since/for + ......... ?, eg. (a) Has she played for a while? , (b) How long did you play on the April 12th holiday?

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67,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, 1. Tomorrow this time my friends......to your home, city. ,, (b) going on a trip, (d) going on a trip,, 2. Amin couldn't open the door because one of the other students... from inside. , , (d) am ,, (a) Done, (c) Done, Resp. (c), (b) is done, (d) will be done, (a) is told, (c) is told, Resp. (a), , (b) notify, (d) notify,, (a) collect, (c) collect, Resp. (b), , (b) gather, (d) gather, , 13. The children …… in the park overnight., , Ans. (b), , 5. Rohan  ……… Read the review before the film. , (b) watched, (d) watching,, (a) played, (c) played, Resp. (a), , (b) joking, (d) already joking, , , 14. The Rajdhani Express ....... food, cold drinks,, , 6. Every boy and girl..... . . Classes today., (b) present, (d) present, , 7. When I. ......at the headmaster's door, he was talking to someone., , (a ) am knocking, (c) knocked, Resp. (c), , all ....... their work. , , now scattered., , belonging., , (a) are present, (c) have gifts, Ans. (b), , 10. She decides to assign tasks later, , 12. Due to fight.... .....the crowd has, , 4. I just finished watching ........work all afternoon,, (a) look, (c) look, Ans. (c), , (b) congratulations, (d) will be congratulated, , close. , , (b) I'm doing, (d) I'm doing, (a) I am (b) I am (c) must be, (a) Congratulate, (c) be congratulated, Resp. (c), , 11. Until the moment I......, the register is,, (b) it's crashing, (d) it's crashing,,, 3. At this moment, ... . . . The exercise of looking back on the times. , (a) I did, (c) I did, Resp. (d), , (b) sank, (d) sank, , competition., , Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks with the verb in the appropriate tense. , , (a) blocked, (c) blocked, Resp. (d), , (a) will sink, (c) will sink, Resp. (d), , 9. Joseph  …. ... for all after he won the, , Multiple Choice Questions, , (a) will travel, (c) will travel, Resp. (c), , 8. Ship………… in rescue Before the arrival of personnel, (c) the premise is, Ans. (b), , (b) are given, (d) (b) and (c), , 15. Who is Krishna...... Arjun gave him the Upadesas of the Gita., , (a) heuristic, (c) heuristic, answer. (b), , (b) inspired, (d) inspired

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68,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Part 10,, Part 2, Topic Questions, A. Fill in the blanks with verbs in proper tense. , , 1. When the Minister had just finished his speech, an earthquake .... ... (shaked) the stadium. ,, Resp. shocked, , 2. Tomorrow everyone will be in the office around 08:30, because the meeting... (starts) at 9 o'clock., , ​​Resp. begins, , 3. When I climbed to the top of the mountain, I... ...., , (encountered) a strange animal that I have never seen before., , Ans. found, , 4. She .....(know) their problems for many years. , Resp. Met,,, 5. Mom………… (work) in the garden all day. ,, Ans. Working,, 6. Most stores......(closed) Saturday at 6pm. , Resp. near, , 7. When I......(arrived) home this evening, my parents had gone for a walk. , , Resp. came, , 8. When the army.......(arrives), the war is over. , , Ans. Reached,, 9. By 2020, linguists ........... (study) Indo-,, European languages ​​over 200 years. ,, Ans. will study , , 10. At the age of 14, Mozart ...... (composed) an enviable number of musical compositions. , , Ans. had composed, , B. Fill in the blanks with verbs in proper tense. , , 1. We ........ (visited) the beach many time before, but last summer we have more fun than ever. , , answered visited,, 2. On Saturday of the following week, I....(worked) on it and drew for a whole month. ,, Resp. will work, 3. By 2030, the population of Delhi ... , (increase) significantly. ,,Answer. Will grow up, , 4. They are tired at night because they…… (help) have been on the farm all day. , , Resp. is helping,,, 5. Whey they ...... (walking) through the park, yesterday, they met their neighbors. ,, Resp. were walking, , 6. When I was a boy, I .......(met) Santa Claus. , Ans. Met, , 7. I ....... (watch) I have watched this movie a dozen times. Already seen,, 8. We... (sleeping) all day yesterday. , Resp. Asleep,, 9. Rahul........ (study) for math test now., Resp. is studying,, 10. He finally... (decided) to call her yesterday to find out about her situation. ,, Resp. decision, two. Fill in the blanks using the correct tense. , , 1. He lost his watch while ........ (see) the sights of the city., , Ans. , I'm going down the stairs. ,, Resp. played, , 3. A few years ago, he ..........(lived) in Germany, where he worked as a reporter. , , Resp. lived, , 4. After Jaya graduated in 2006........(study) studied in university for more than 5 years. ,, Ans. Researched, , 5. Your plane... (look) just took off for Paris. , , Resp. is looking for, 6. When we went to see them last night, they were playing cards. They say ..........(play) cards, start at 6 o'clock. ,, Resp. was playing,, 7. I'm sorry... (had to) leave the party so early yesterday. ,, Resp. had, , 8. He is usually in the restaurant after school.......(work). After get off work, he hits the gym twice a week. ,, Resp. it works

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69,,CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 02,,Modalities,,In this chapter...,! ,, modal properties,, ! ,, modal functions,, ! ,, Chapter Exercises,,, Modality is a class of auxiliary verbs that express the degree of certainty of an action in a sentence or the writer's/speaker's attitude or opinion about an action. Can, could, will, would, should, should, may, could, must, should, have to, has to and had to is modal. Need, dare and used, are called semi-modal. (a) I can play the harmonium., (Incorrect), (b) I can play the harmonium., (Correct), Modals always have a main verb. ,theme. ,For example. (a) I can play., (b) He can play., (c) We can play., (d) They can play., There is no infinitive for modality. We cannot use 'to' with them in a sentence. , eg (a) We must arrive early. , (b) We must arrive early. ,! ,,! ,, two modals can never be used together., We always use the first form of the verb the verb with modals., , (Incorrect), (Correct), , !, , (i) Show promise, intention, disposition, determination, with the first person (me, us), eg. (a) I will give you a gift of your choice. (promise), (b) we will help you. (will), (ii) expresses a request, invitation, insistence, assumption, characteristic, or habit, eg. (a) Can you help me? (request), (b) She will be at school during school hours., (assumption), negative form of will: won't/won't, eg. (a) I will not spend my allowance., (b) She will not eat unhygious food., , Would (past form of 'will'), (i) expressing the past form of 'will', eg. He told me he would dance at my wedding. , (ii) Express past habits, eg. He drank a cup of coffee in the morning., (iii) as requested, eg. can you give me your bike

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70, , !, , (iv) express a wish, eg. I would like her to be healthy., (v) expressing an imaginary situation, eg. If I make 100 million a year, I'll have a big house. , the negative form of Would: Would not / Wouldn't, for example She didn't get up early in the morning., , Must, , !, , (i) Ask for suggestions, request, advice with the first, person (I , we) in interrogative sentences, eg. (a) Can we start class? (advice), (b) Can I have a cup of coffee from your store? (request), (ii) in the second and third person to express threats, warnings, orders, promises, assurances, and determinations, eg. (a) If you sit with bad boys, you will be punished. , (threat), (b) You must go now. (command), the negative form of must: must/shall not, e.g. (a) she will not sing tomorrow. , (b) they won't win the game. ,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Can (form the past form of 'can'), , !, , May, , Should (past form of 'must'), , !, , (i) Express duty or obligations, eg. (a) I should help my friend. (responsibility), (b) you can't be lazy. (duty), (ii) expression of opinion, p. They must be on their way to Jaipur. , (iii) giving or receiving advice or advice, eg (a) we have to go to a temple. , (b) We must obey our elders. , (iv) When someone expresses fear, after "in case you", for example, walk carefully lest you fall. , the negative form of should: should/should not, eg. (a) You can't come to me every day. , (b) You can't be noisy here. , , !, , !, , (i) show likelihood or probability, eg. (a) Inspectors can go to school today. , (b) she may win the game. , (ii) giving or receiving permission, such as (a) May I come in? , (b) Yes, you can come in. , (iii) hope or prayer, eg. (a) Wishing you a speedy recovery! , (b) God bless you with a son! , (iv) indicates a purpose, eg. (a) My friend is joining a new company so he can achieve his goal., (b) He is working hard so he can win., May Negative form: Can't/Can't, eg (a) Can't rain today., (b) She cannot attend the meeting., , Might (past form of 'may'), , Can, (i) expresses ability, talent, ability or strength, e.g. (a) I can lift 60 kg . (Skill), (b) She can pass the MBA exam. (capacity), (ii) show possibilities, eg. (a) She can fall on the road. , (b) I can go there. , (iii) obtaining or giving permission, eg. (a) Can I sit here?, (b) Can you park your scooter here., Negative form of Can: Cannot /Can't, eg. (a) They cannot climb the mountain., (b) She cannot run fast., (i) Express past ability/talent, eg (a) They could have won last month's race. , (b) she can sing. , (ii) expresses a polite request, eg. (a) Can I get your pen?, (b) Can I ride a bike?, Negative of Could: Couldn't/Couldn't, eg. (a) Could you smoke outside?, (b) She couldn't cook delicious food., , !, , (i) means fewer possibilities, eg. (a) He can help us. , (b) she can be the winner of the contest. , (ii) by permission, eg. (a) Can I begin to reveal the truth? , (b) would this be the key? , (iii) expressing a hypothesis, eg. This can be Rohit., the negative form of power: can't / can't, eg. (a) It may not rain. , (b) she probably won't talk to me tonight. , must, (i) expresses a need or obligation, such as (a) that you must enter a competition. , (b) We must love our motherland. , (ii) expresses a hypothesis or conclusion, such as (a) she must be here tonight. , (b) Mr. AK Gupta must be a good teacher.

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71, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , !, , (iii) where prohibited eg. You mustn't skip class., the negative form of Must: Mustn't/Mustn't, eg. (a) Do not play in the sun. , (b) Do not write your name on the wall. , (c) without fuss. ,, Must/Must/Had to,, !, , (i) expresses obligation or compulsion (when talking about rules, laws), eg. (a) I have to get to school., (b) She has to work late to office., (c) They had to follow instructions., Necessary negative form: not necessary, for example. (a) I don't have to cook at home. , (b) she doesn't have to work late at the office. ,,should,,! ,, (i) expresses a moral duty or obligation, eg. (a) You must respect your parents. , (b) You must serve the country. , (c) We must help our relatives. , (d) We must tell the truth. , (ii) provide advice, eg. You have to study hard to be successful. , the negative form of should: should/should not, eg. (a) You should not hate your neighbor. , (b) You should not insult your elders. -modal because they can be used as modal auxiliary verbs or main verbs. , , Need/Need to, as a negative mood auxiliary verb, expresses no obligation. Expresses the speaker's authority or suggestion, and is used in present and future tense. For example, You don't have to type this letter., (i) Interrogative sentences are formed by inversion. Do I need to talk to him?, (ii) Its past is necessary for in the affirmative sentence, not necessary, has in negative and needs to have in interrogations., For example (a) Do I need to go to him? (past tense interrogative sentence), (b) I had to go to him., (past tense affirmative sentence), , Dare, as a modal auxiliary verb, dare refers to boldness and bravery. Negatives are formed by not daring and questions by inversion, such as (a) Dare we speak to them? , (b) I dare not disturb them. He used to drink daily., (Now he doesn't drink), (ii) something that existed in the past, eg. It used to be a dense jungle.

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72, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Chapter, Practice, PART 1, Objective questions, !, , Multiple choice questions, , Choose the correct option to fill the blank, appropriate modals., , 1. When he was old Little, he... swims very well. He, has won medals and championships! , , (a) can, (b) can, (c) can, (d) must, Ans. (c) The given sentence is about ability and is in past tense, so 'could' is the correct word to fill in the blank. , , 2. The company....... goes bankrupt if it doesn't find a lot of money soon! ,, (a) should, (b) should not, (c) need, (d) can, Resp. (d) The given sentence is talking about possibility, so "could" is the correct word to fill in the blank. , , 3. It is wet and windy outside today. You... go out without an umbrella. ,, (a) shouldn't, (b) won't, (c) should, (d) must, Resp. (a) The given sentence talks about advice, so "should not" is the appropriate word here. ) will, (b) shall, (c) would, (d) shall, Ans. (c) It is a conditional clause; the main clause is past tense, so 'would' should be used here. , , 5.  ….Is there anyone attending the lecture, or is it just for current students? , , Resp. (c) The given sentence says need, so 'need' is the correct word for , , to fill in the blank. , , 7. If there is an age limit, then you... ..go on, you are too young.,, ​​(a) should, (c) should not, Ans. (b), , 8. The government...... will vote on this matter tomorrow. , scheduled for 10 am. , , (a) will, (b) can, (c) will, (d) ) can, the answer. (a) The sentence given is in the future tense, so 'will' is used here. , , 9. You……… worked hard last week. You look tired now. , (a) shouldn't, (b) shouldn't, (c) can't, (d) won't, Resp. (b) The phrase "should" is used for suggestions, so "should not" is the appropriate word here. , , 10. Not sure where the cat is, but I think she, …………… Playing in the kitchen (b) The given sentence talks about obligation, so 'must' is the correct word to fill in the blank. , , 11. If I had left earlier like everyone else, I would have….. yeah, sitting here listening to all this crap right now. ,, (a) probably not, (c) not, Resp. (b), , me too, ................. take scuba lessons., (a) would, (c) can, Resp. (a), , 6. You... ...too lazy to come. I have done this. ,, (a) can, (c) will, Resp. (b), , (b) maybe not, (d) won't, , (b) won't, (d) can't, , 12. If I like All friends go to Bodrum,,, (a) Will, (b) May, (c) Must, (d) Must, Resp. (b) The given sentence is about ability and is in present tense, so "Probably" is the correct word to fill in the blank. , (a) no, (c) need not, , (b) should 't, (d) won't, (b) will, (d) may, , 13. When I talk to you you... ...look at me., (b) should, (d) might

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73,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 14. If you don't start more work, you... will repeat the course next year. ,, (a) can, (b) should, (c) should, (d) should, answer. (c) "I must" means compulsion and obligation. The phrase also refers to a future action, so 'go, gotta' is appropriate to fill in the blank. ,, 15. You.......forgot your sunscreen. It's going to be hot! ,, (a) No, (c) No need, Resp. (b), , (b) Can’t, (d) Don’t dare, , 4. ………… Can I have an application form please? , , Resp. It will be, , 5. Since Rahul was the last one to leave, it will be... the one who opened the door. , , Ans. can, , 6. You...... read your last book. should, , 7. She…………speaks three languages ​​at the age of twelve., , Ans. could, , 8. I ………… see clearly what children are,, PART 2, subjective question , A. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate modality, , 1. Usha ....... run a bundle yards ten seconds later, Resp. may, , 2. ...... May his soul rest in peace! , Ans. May 3. The baby is crying, he is... hungry. , Resp. must, , 4. ......... Could you please tell me the way to the post office? Will, , 5. You………lock your scooter. , Resp. should, , 6. ……… Shall I bring you a coffee?, Resp. I must,, 7. When I was a boy, I . . . walked forty miles a day. ,, Resp. Yes, 8. I'll ask Geeta.......whether she's using her bike tomorrow. ,, Resp. May, B. 1. You…… water the flowers because it will rain. , Ans. We don't need to, , 2. If we go the other way, we... get there earlier. , , Ans. will be, 3. The bank closes at 2pm, but the manager, ..... lets you in. ,, Resp. Yes, do it in the garden. ,Answer. may, , 9. He...... At least sixty years old. , Resp. Must,,, 10. Your work……………………………………………………………………………………… ,, Resp. May, , C. 1. Not very important. You...don't do it now. , resp. Need, , 2. I don't have time. I have to leave now or I………, miss the bus. , Resp. will, , 3. ………… Shall we go out tonight? Yes, but you, can't be late. ,, Resp. May 4. I still haven't decided where to go..... where I'm going on my next vacation. ,, Resp. Go, 5. ………… Do you water the plants while I’m away? Could, , 6. ………… Do I buy tickets for the show? , Resp. must, , 7. ………… Can you speak German? , Resp. Can, , 8. Jayati ………… She didn’t play the violin when she was five years old, but now she can play it very well. ,, Resp. could, , 9. You...don't be so nervous. I think it will be very easy. ,, Resp. should,, 10. He worked more than eleven hours. , he......had done so much and was tired. ,, Ans. he must

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74,, CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th,, CHAPTER 03,, Subject-Verb, Agreement, In This Chapter..., !, , Rules Involved in Subject-Verb Agreement, , !, , Subject and Verb Personally and Number , , !, , Chapter Practice, , Many times we need to write sentences that only contain the, subject and verb. The subject can be a noun, a proper noun, a noun (person or place), or an abstract noun. Singular verb, plural subject → plural verb, when we form a sentence, we are talking about a person or a thing. The part of the sentence that states a person or thing is called the subject of the sentence and the part that gives us more information about the subject is called the predicate of the sentence. , , the subject can be singular, plural, uncountable, , —, —, —, , a book, an egg, a key, woman, boy, flower, sugar, water, air, , the subject and the verb in, Person and number, subject and verb must be in person and number. If the subject is singular, the verb must also be singular. If the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. , , (i) subject singular → verb singular, eg. I'm in the classroom., (ii) subject plural → verb plural, eg. They are in the classroom., (iii) Use plural verbs when two or more singular subjects are brought together. ,For example. Mrs. and Mr. Gupta are going to market., (iv) When two subjects come together to express an idea, singular, use the verb. ,For example. Earning bread and butter is essential for living., (Bread and butter is symbolic and expressing an idea, which is susting), (v) Everyone, someone, nobody, anyone, anyone with a singular verb., eg Nobody is perfect in this world ., (vi) Plural verbs for nouns joined by 'and' eg Sita and Gita are going to Mumbai., (vii) 'nor' if the subject is joined by 'or', 'neither', 'or' Consistent with the subject closest to it, for example, he or his friend is the culprit. , (viii) The title of a book, play, story or musical work, even if it is plural, takes a singular verb., For example, "Three Musketeers" is a very good book.

Page 78:
CBSE Term 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , (ix) When a plural noun occurs between a singular subject and its verb, the verb agrees with the singular subject. Each of the apples is juicy., (x) Use a singular verb if the word is connected to a singular subject through "with". For example The Prime Minister, with his cabinet colleagues must be present., (xi) For example, if the subject is followed by "as well as", the verb must agree with the first subject, whether it is singular or plural. My friends and my father are going outside., (xii) Two nouns qualified by each or all, although joined by "and", they require a singular verb. For example, All boys and all girls went vaccinados., (xiii) None is singular, but receives plural/singular verbs depending on the meaning involved in the sentence. , eg (a) No chance to speak. , (b) I asked for a maid, but no one was there. , (ivx) When a plural noun is a proper noun for a single object or a collective unit, it must be followed by a singular verb. For example The United Nations is not an effective body for world , peace., (xv) Nouns such as glasses (glasses), pants, pants, shoes, people, police, scissors always take plural verbs. Also, 75, descriptive nouns, such as the rich, the blind, the guilty are, are always plural. (a) Your shoes are shiny., but it becomes singular when worn with 'a pair of'., (b) A brand-name pair of shoes are very expensive these days., (xvi) Uncountable nouns such as advice , news, media,, stationery, weather, progress are singular, and the verb is singular. For example, Advice should not be offered unless requests., (xvii) news, physics, economics, measles, letters, aerobics and other nouns are plural in form, but are considered singular. For example, Aerobics is good exercise., (xviii) Collective nouns take singular verbs when the set is considered as a whole. Plural verbs are required when emphasizing individuals, eg (a) The oil supplier cartel has submitted a report. , (b) The oil supplier cartel is divided on this issue. , (ixx) Use a singular verb when the plural noun denotes a specific quantity or quantity, eg. (a) Fifty rupees is too much for this wallet. , (b) Two-thirds of the city was in ruins.

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76, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Chapter, Practice, PART 1, Objective questions, !, , Multiple choice questions, , Choose the option with the correct form of the verb agree with the subject., , 1 Management Prescribes………Courses. , (a) produces, (c) produces, Ans. (a), , (b) stems, (d) are stems, , 2. The son of the person I work with......, broke a window this morning. , (a) is, , (b) has, , (c) has, , (d) has, , Resp. (b), , of our faculty., , (a) were, (c) is, Ans. (d), , (b) are, (d) was, , 9. Neither the man nor his son believed in the idea. , , (a) had, (c) was , answer. (c), , (b) yes, (d) yes, , , 10. Do you know the woman by the window......? , , (a) stay, (c) stay, reply (d), , (b) stand, (d) stand, , , 11. He and I.......good friends, but Now we're not talking., , 3. One of the men in the crew………was in the water every week. ,, (a) diving, (c) diving, Resp. (d), , (b) dived, (d) dives, , leader., , (b) has, , (c) has, , (d) does, , 5. Few students who  … . ...missed playing football, class. , (a) will be (b) may be, Resp. (d), , (c) Yes, , (d) Yes, , 6. Police .......... Be careful because criminals are dangerous. , , (a) was told, (c) was said, Ans. (a), , (b) say, (d) say, , 7. Students' thoughts ...... about the order of the structure. , (a) confusing, (c) confusing, Ans. (b), , (a) yes, (c) yes, answer. (c), , (b) am, (d) was, , 12. Although all the students in my class...... the, , 4. People in the community..... . . . Not Supported, (a) Supported, Resp. (d), , 8. The person I was talking to........ Dean,, (b) Confused, (d) Confused ,, schedule, one of my students is always late, class. ,, (a) know, (c) know, Resp. (d), , (b) knowing, (d) know, , 13. After the meeting, he gave a lot of suggestions,...... ., , (a) was given, ( b) was given , (c) given, (d) given, Ans. (c), , 14. Only after each committee member has read the instructions, you can take them to the lobby. , , (a) Done, (c) Done, Answer (d), , (b) Done, (d) Done

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77, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10, , 15. Istanbul .......... Conquered in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. , (a) is conquered, (c) is conquered, the answer is (c), , (b) is conquered, (d) will be conquered, , 4. There are ........ Fifteen candles in in that bag. Now there, ..........(yes/is) is just the remainder. ,, Resp. Yes, yes, 5. Committee.........these things carefully. , Resp. Debate, , 6. Committee members .......... very different lives, , PART 2, subjective questions, A. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb that is consistent with the subject. , , 1 Anita and her siblings...... at school. , Resp. Yes, , 2. My father or my mother....... came to the meeting. , , Resp. Yes, , 3. Ravi and Rahul......want to see a play. , Resp. No, , 4. He ...... knows the answer. , Resp. No, 5. A friend of mine....... is going on a trip to London. ,, Resp. Yes, 6. That man and all the cats.......on my street. , Resp. lives, , 7. This movie, including all trailers, .... takes about two hours to watch. , , Resp. need, , in private. , , Ans. lead, , 7. All containers, even broken ones,...in this box. , , Resp. are, , 8. Two-thirds of the city .......in ruins. , Ans. is, , 9. The formation of paragraphs....... is very important., , Ans. is , 10. No news ....... Good news., Resp. Yes,, two. Complete the following lines with the appropriate verb that agrees with the subject. , , 1. When the next boat .........?, Resp. leave, , 2. Why is this article......... Famous singer? , Resp. Mentioned, , 3. My mother worshiped the ....... ancient temple. , Resp. Look, , 4. Where do they like to go on vacation? , Resp. do, , 5. Most of the milk ....... spoiled. , Resp. Yes, , 8. The players, and the captain, ...... win. , Resp. Wanted, , 9. Any answer.......Acceptable., Ans. Yes, , 10. All these books.......Fiction., Ans. Yes,, B. 1 . No one.......I am facing the problem. , Resp. You know, 2. This is one of the best movies to come out this year. ,, Resp. Yes, , 3. Fifty rupees........ Car fare from Patel Nagar to Shivaji Nagar., , Ans. Yes, 6. A few of my friends.......(Love/ love) to ride,, bicycles, but neither my brother nor sister owns a bicycle. ,, Resp. Love, , 7. Those shoes on the floor....... mine., Resp. is, , 8. Find a job where you can learn new skills......., a lot of hard work., , Resp. strip, , 9. There are pictures of two children on the table......., Resp. sits, , 10. This website.......is useful for learning English. , Resp. This is

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78,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,, Chapter 04,, Determinant, in this chapter...,! ,, the characteristics of the determinant,,! ,, classification of determinants,,! ,, Article - A, A, The, , !, , Demonstrative Adjectives, , !, , Quantifiers, , !, , Possessive, , !, , Chapter Exercises, , Determiners are words that modify nouns. In other words, determiners are words that can be used before a noun to determine or modify its meaning. Determiners work like adjectives. They are also called "hook words". ,, (ii) Undefined Some, many, a lot, quite a few, few, all,, little, a little, several, most, etc., (iii) Distributive Each, each , all, also, none., ( iv) Difference Other, other., (v) Comparative Plus, minus, minus., 4. Possessive My, yours, his, hers, yours, ours, theirs, my, hers,, yours, ours, theirs, etc., , Characteristics of, Determinants, The characteristics of determinants are as follows, !, , !, , !, , !, , Determinants can determine or fix a place, person or thing. , a qualifier can identify two or more people or things. , qualifiers can be placed before numbers or objects. , the qualifier can indicate quantity or amount. , , Classification of determiners, determiners can be divided into, 1. Articles A, an, the ., 2. Demonstrative adjectives This, that, these, those., 3. Quantifiers Quantifiers are used before nouns to indicate quantity or amount words or phrases. , the types of quantifiers are as follows, (i) One Definite , two, hundred, ..., first, second, both, etc.,, Determinants and Noun Types, !, , !, , !, , !, , !, , ! , , ! , , A, an, each, everyone, other and any are used with countable singular nouns. , This and that are used for uncountable nouns/countable singular nouns. , These and those are used for uncountable/plural nouns, countable nouns. , A little, a lot of, a great deal of, much are used with uncountable nouns. , More, most, a lot of, enough, acquired, some are used with uncountable nouns/countable nouns. , several, many, both are used with plural nouns. , the, some, any, my, her, your, our, their, its, which, who, what with any type of noun.

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79, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Issue 10,, 1. Articles——A, An, The, Use of indefinite articles: A/An, "A" is used before nouns beginning with consonants. a woman, a horse, a university (the woman, horse, university here are words beginning with consonants.), 'an' is used before nouns beginning with vowels, such as an orange, an egg, an elephant, an hour, ( Here orange, egg, elephant and hour are words beginning with a vowel.), , use 'A' and 'An', !, , !, , the use of 'a' and 'an' depends on the sound. The following words start with a vowel but are not a vowel. a, unique thing, a one-rupee coin, a European, a unicorn, a, university, a useful thing, a union., so 'a' is used here. On the other hand, with the following word, 'an ' even They are also used starting with a consonant. Once, an honest man, an heir to the throne, an MCA. , the sound is the criterion for deciding whether to use a/an. ,, V. is unique or of the same kind before the name of the thing. , such as Sun, Moon, Pacific, VI. Before a proper noun, when it is qualified by an adjective or an adjective clause, eg. Great Caesar, King of Rome, sir. Verma you met last night is my boss. , VII. Has the highest degree. ,For example. This is the worst show I've ever seen. , VIII. with ordinal numbers. ,For example. He was the first man to step on the moon. , IX. Before musical instruments, eg He can play the tabla very well., X. Before adjectives when nouns are understood. ,For example. The rich always exploit the poor. , (understand the word "people" here.), XI. As an adverb with a comparative, such as the more money, the more you want a noun., 'O' is used, I. When talking about a particular person or thing or a, has been mentioned (that is, when we When the context of the reference is clear), for example, the book you want is not available. , II. When a singular noun stands for the whole group, eg dogs are faithful animals. , III. Before some proper name denoting a physical feature. , (i) Oceans and Seas, p. Pacific Ocean, Arabian Sea, (ii) Rivers, eg. Yamuna, Thames, (iii) Canal, eg. Suez Canal, (iv) Deserts such as Thar Desert, Sahara Desert. , (v) island groups, eg. West Indies, Low Countries, (vi) Mountains, eg. Himalayas, Satpura, Mountains, (vii) Some country names, including words like country, republic, or kingdom, such as People, Republic of China, Great Britain, America, Republic of Korea, Hague, etc., IV. Before the names of religious or mythological books, such as Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata, (but we say Iliad of Homer, Ramayana of Valmiki). ., eg (a) Honesty is the best policy. (not Honesty....), (b) Sugar tastes sweet., (not Sugar....), (c) Paris is the capital of France., (not Paris....) , countable in plural Used before nouns in a general sense, e.g. children love toys. , before the person's name. ,For example. Rohit, before continent, country name; city etc. eg Europe, Pakistan, Nagpur. Before individual mountain names, such as Mount Everest, general pre-dinner names, such as Dinner is ready., before idioms and words such as school, college, university, church, hospital., such as (a) I learn English at school. , (b) My uncle is still in the hospital., , 2. Adjective demonstrative, (This, That, These, These), I. That (plural form those), (a) refers to people who are far away from the speaker Or something, for example, Get that dog out of here., These houses are for sale. , (b) is used to avoid repeating the preceding , noun). , !, , !

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80,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th,,,, for example, my stick is better than my friend's. , our soldiers are better equipped than Pakistan's. , II. Este (plural, these), (a) refers to a person or thing close to the speaker. For example, This book is very interesting., These flowers are very beautiful., !, ! , , !, , !, , 3. Quantifiers, 'Some', 'many', 'many' and 'some' are all quantifiers example. Quantifiers can be used in affirmative sentences, interrogative sentences, requests, or commands, with countable and uncountable nouns, for example, , !, , !, , !, , There are some books on the table., He has only a few dollars ., How much money do you have?,,, Some measure words can only follow countable nouns, some can only follow uncountable nouns, and some can follow both countable nouns and uncountable nouns. , Here are some examples of quantifiers, with countable nouns and Only with, Only with, countable nouns, uncountable nouns a lot, —, , a lot, a lot,, a large number of, , a large number of, quite, , a large number of, , the use of quantifiers is as follows, 1. The usage of few/some and little/little, (a) Few, few and few, few emphasize the lack of something. There are not many candies in the jar, (you must be careful not to eat too fast, because it is almost finished.), some emphasize that there are still some left, for example. There are still a few minutes until get out of class ends. Do you have any questions? , (We still have some time, so we should take advantage of it.), Few means not much, but all. , For example, I ran back a few meters to the place where the figure disappeared. , (b) Little, a little and the little, Little emphasizes the lack of something. We have no money now; we should out, for dinner another day., (We should be careful and use the money because we don't much.), , a little stressing that something still remains., eg. There's some ice cream left; who's going to eat it? , "small" means - not much, "but" whatever it is. There are also positive meanings. The cat spilled a little milk in the jug. , II. The use of much and many, (a) We use much for singular uncountable nouns and many for plural nouns. ● I don't have much change; I only have hundred rupee notes. , ● Are there many campsites near your home? , (b) We often use much and many with questions, negatives and phrases. ● Are there many unemployed people in this area? , ● How many eggs are not used in this cake? , III. The use of plus, minus, and minus signs (comparative determiners), (a) We use plus or minus before singular uncountable nouns and add that after, or to mean something extra or less. ● I work harder than Suresh., ● Please give me some more salad., (b) We use less before plural countable nouns to refer to one group of things that are less than another, eg. ● Fewer students passed exams compared to last year, IV. The use of each and each (allocation determinant), (a) we use each for two or more items, and each always for more than two items. Both are followed by a countable singular noun and a singular verb, eg ● Two boys each received a prize. , ● All the students in the school are present today. , (b) We use each when the group size is limited or certain, but use every when the group size is uncertain, or unknown. ,it is. ● Every student in my class has been promoted. , ● Everyone in the world has a father. , V. Uses of most, multiple and all, (a) We often use most with plural and uncountable nouns. , for example ● can be trusted by most people. , ● I am not at home most of the time. , (b) We often use several plural nouns, but it refers to a number that is not very large (ie less than most). , for example. ● Several people were crushed in the stampede., (c) All requires a plural verb when used with a countable noun but a singular verb when used with an uncountable noun, eg. ● Everyone goes to Derry. , ● What shines is not necessarily gold.

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81,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, VI. For the usage of other and other, we only use other with countable singular nouns, while other can be used with countable, plural, countable or uncountable singular nouns, for example, Bring me another knife as this one is blunt. other house., The other students have returned home., He is a better human being than most others., !, , !, , !, , !, , VII. The use of any and none, (a) we use either to refer to Represents two things, people, situations, etc. It can mean one or the other of two or both, eg. I disagree with Ram or Shyam. , (b) We do not use the singular countable noun e and the singular verb even. Neither is negative. This allows us to make negative statements about two people or things at the same time. For example, Neither France nor Belgium won Euro 2021., , 4. Possessive, (my, your, his, her, your, our , theirs, etc.), possessive determiners or possessive adjectives tell us who owns something. We use possessive determiners before nouns to show who owns the noun we are talking about. They appear before any other adjectives. For example, , ●, ●, , This is your book., That is our beautiful house., , We use different possessive determiners depending on the owner of the thing we are talking about. , my, her, his and its are used with singular nouns, while our and their are used with plural nouns. your can be used with singular or plural nouns, depending on the meaning. For example,, ●, ●, ●, ●, , This is my book., The dog lambed his paw., What is their car?, All three Have you done your homework yet?

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82,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Chapters, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, multiple choice questions,, fill in the blanks with appropriate determinants, options. ,,1. Very..... People fly only because of terror. ,, (a) few, (c) many, Resp. (d), , (b) a lot, (d) a little, , ...... skills., , (c) a lot, , (d) a little, , 4. Unfortunately, I have no no Time to watch TV. , (a) Few,,, (b) None,, (c) Many,, (d) Few,,, Resp. (c), , Have them. , , (b) a few, , (c) a few, , (d) a few, , Resp. (d), , 6. If you have a………… question, I am ready to answer it. , (a) little, Resp. (b), , (b) any, , (c) a lot, , (d) a lot, , 7. I don't have a problem with... getting a passport. Me, I just have a problem with my photo because it's an old photo. , (a) very much, (c) no, Resp. (a), , 9. No .......... Feeling uneasy about it. , , (a) Few, (c) None, Resp. (c), , (b) Few, (d) Many, , (a) Few, (c) Any, Ans. (c), , (b) None, (d) Few,, (a) Many, (c) Several, Resp. (a), , (b) Amount, (d) Amount, , 12. She went to Turkey to stay.. ..... months of treatment. , , (a) many, (c) integers, answer. (b), , (b) a few, (d) a majority, , , 13. ...... Sixteen cup teams, represented by their flags. , , 5. You can buy these maps at the following stations. Of all these, (a) many, (b) few, (d) many, the universe has yet to be discovered. ,, Munich. There is no……… time to waste. , (b) some, (a) some, (c) some, Resp. (b), , 11. Despite advances in technology, ... do,,, (b) none, (d) very little,,, 3. If we don't pick up the pace, I will miss our move to , (a) Small, Ans. (b), , must., , 10. ...... a coat is fine. It doesn't have to be a raincoat. , , 2. Johnny is a great player, but unfortunately he has, (a) very little, (c) some, Resp. (a), , 8. And... water, so only drink water, if you,, (b) some, (d) few,, (a) a lot, (c) a lot, Anse. (d), , (b) most, (d) all, , 14. Many ........ people travel by train because it is slow. , , (a) seldom, (c) seldom, Ans. (a), , (b) many, (d) some, , 15. Due to the heavy rain, there are no...... people in the stadium., , (a) many, (c) every , answer (a), , (b) a lot, (d) a lot

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83,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Part 10,, Part 2, Subjective Questions,, Answers. little, , A. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate determinant. , , Ans. some, , 1. There are ........ books in the library., Resp. many, , 2. Have you ever had.......high fever? , Resp. a, , 3. ........... The National Health Service was created in England in 1946. , , Ans. The, , 4. In the country of .. , you must pay for medical care. , , Resp. many, , 5. My brother is a ......... dentist., Ans. a, , 6. Only ..... the house survived the earthquake. , Ans. some, , 7. You have to learn every day........ English to improve, your language., , Resp. a little, , 8. There no ....... bread in that can ., Ans. any, , 9. Sometimes....... Patience and advice help more than medicine. , , Resp. a little, , 10. Can you bring me the ..........books I left in the garden? , , Resp. those, , B. 1. She gave a biscuit to the.......kids., Resp. each, , 2. I have to do the ...... math problem before going to bed . , , Ans. some, , 3. ........ Cherries are delicious., Ans. These, , 4. My mother does not drink....... coffee., Resp. a lot, 5. I Always keep .......... money in your wallet for emergencies. , , Resp. Some, , 6. They are boring because there is…………to do. , 7. We invited……… friends to our house for a party. , , 8 ..........The cake was baked the day before. ,,Resp. most, , 9.................The children went to their respective classes. , , Resp. all, , 10. I invited Ram and Sheila to the party, but ......... de, they came. , , Resp. nor,, two. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate determinant. , , 1. I admit that I do not have the knowledge of the subject. , , Resp. a lot, , 2. Can I try the soup you made this morning...? ,, Resp. a little,, 3. When Sapna realized she still had a little,, time, she gave me .......to help my work. , , Resp. some, , 4. I took an apple from the refrigerator and ate it. , Resp. , , 5. The man complained that... the boys stole some of his sleeves. , , Ans. some, , 6. Are there ........ sandwiches for you?, Resp. any, , 7. There are ........ people in theater., Resp. many, 8. Kindergarten kids get a glass of milk and  … cookies at recess. ,, Resp. some, , 9. .......... Goats wandered in the garden and damaged the plants. ,, Ans. Several, , 10. How ...... pills did you take?, Resp. Many

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84,,CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 05,,Report,Speech,(Command and Request,,Statement,Question),In this chapter...,! ,, Basic Rules of Speech and Transition,, !, , Chapter Practice, , The act of linking a speaker's utterances is called narration. There are basically two ways of conveying a speaker's words in writing. , , (a) Direct Quotation (Direct Narration) The way of directly narrating the speaker's words without making any changes is called direct quotation. Direct speech is written between double quotation marks. , , (b) Indirect Narration (Indirect Narration) The behavior of reporting the necessary changes in the speaker's words is called indirect narration. In indirect speech, when something is stated, the person's words are changed. For example, tenses and pronouns change depending on the reporting verb, eg, (i) my mom told me: ''You have to work harder at school.'' (direct speech), (ii) my mom told me I had to work harder at school. School works harder. (indirect speech), , in sentence (i) we can notice that this is the speaker's direct narration as it is written between double quotes, but in sentence (ii) both the verb tense and the pronoun occur Change, quotes, quotes removed.,,Look carefully at the changes below.,!,,!,,He said: "I work in a factory.",He said he worked in a factory.,They said: "We'' are going to the movies.'' , , (Direct speech), (Indirect speech), (Direct speech), , they said they were going to the movies. (Indirect Speech),!,,!,,!,, she said, " I'm kidding. ’, she said I was joking.,, ​​(direct speech), (indirect speech),,, he told me, “You helped me a lot. '', (direct speech), he told me that I helped him a lot. , (Indirect Speech), Ashish told me, "I'm going to the market today.'', (Direct Speech), Ashish told me he was going to the market that day., (Indirect Speech), , Basics of Speech and Conversion Rules, (a) In direct speech, (i) Enclose what the speaker said between " " (double quotes or double quotes).

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85, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) Use a comma to separate referential verbs from direct speech. Indirect speech, (i) changes the verb of condemnation according to the meaning conveyed by the speech. , (ii) Do not change the tense of verbs of condemnation. , (iii) remove the comma that separates the verb of condemnation from the direct speech., (iv) remove the quotation marks. , (v) introduce indirect speech through some conjunctions, for example, that, if, if, what, where, how, why, etc. depends on, , if you want to transform a statement, question, or request as appropriate. , (vi) converts all sentence types into assertion statements. , (vii) make other necessary changes to person, verb form, tense, place, and mode of expression. ,, some changes to consider, (a) 1st person (I, we etc) → change according to the subject of the accusing verb, (b) 2nd person (you, your etc) → change according to the object of the charging verb, (c) Three-person pronoun (He, she) , it, they, his, her etc), → do not change., (d) If the reporting verb does not refer to the object, change the first person to the third person. , Direct quotation, , When there is no object in the sentence, remove the separating comma and backquote, and use the "Q" connector. When the subject and the conjunction "that" are followed by an object. A great help. ,, ",, he said he works in a shipyard.,,", Kamya told me, I was very helpful. Direct speech, , present simple becomes past simple, present continuous becomes past, continuous, present perfect becomes past perfect, present perfect becomes past perfect continuous, , indirect speech, , ", , he said: "I, I No'', , ", , he said he didn't like computers. It's raining,",, she said: "He finished his work.', clock.'',, ", he said he started from 3 Start studying at one o'clock, clock. ,, past tense, conversion rules, , direct speech, , past simple to past tense, , ", , past continuous to past tense, perfect continuous, past perfect to keep past perfect, (tense unchanged), , Indirect speech, , the teacher told me: "You got it right. ",, ",, my teacher said to tell me that I got the answer right. ,,",, he said: "Mohit is listening to music. ",,, ", he said Mohit was listening to music. , , ", , He said: "I have already started a business. '', , ", , He said that he has already started a business., , Future tense, conversion rules, simple future: will change into the future, future continuous tense: will be, will change into future perfect tense: will have, change would have , , Direct speech, , Indirect speech, , ", , He said: “I will study the book.”, , ", , He said he would study the book.,,",, Shreya told him: " I will wait for you.",,",,, Shreya told him that she will wait for him.,,",,, he said: "I will get the job done.", , “, He said he will get the job done.

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86,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, Rules for converting interrogative sentences into indirect speech, (condemning the verb "said" into "asked" and deleting "to"), Rules,, Direct speech, , use 'if' or 'se' instead of 'that' as a conjunction. , Remove the question mark when forming a declarative sentence. , Do not use 'if' or 'if' for questions that begin with a question word, such as when, why, where. Question words are reserved to describe the reported problem. , , ", , ", , ", , Indirect Speech, , She said to me, "Do you like tea or coffee? "Do you have extra copy?", he said, "Do you have any questions?" , , ", , he asked me what the question was, and in sentences starting with "let" change the reporting verb to "propose" or "suggestion". Keep quiet on this matter.'', , indirect speech, ", , ", , I order Hari not to pick the flowers., He advises us to keep silent on this matter., , Interjection turned Rules for indirect speech, rule, words like 'Alas', 'Bravo', 'Oh', 'Wow' should be omitted in indirect speech. Speech, , indirect speech, , ", Ram said, "Ouch !I'm destroyed.",, ",,",, She said: "If I were a bird.",, ", Ram cried out sadly because of being destroyed., She wanted to be a bird. / She wishes, she is a bird.

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87, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Chapter, Practice, PART 1, Objective questions, !, , Multiple choice questions, I. Choose the correct option to change the following sentences into direct/indirect speech., , 1 . The teacher said: "You are suspended!", (a) The teacher exclaimed that I was suspended. , (b) The teacher exclaimed that I should suspend school. , (c) The teacher informed me that I was suspended. , (d) The teacher exclaimed that I was suspended. , Resp. (c), , 2. The guard asked, "Who are you?", (a) The guard asked who he was. , (b) The guard asked me who he was. , (c) The guard asked me who he was was., (d) The guard asked me who I was., Resp. (d), , 3. She said, "Bring a glass of water, please.", (a) She called I take a glass of water. , (b) She asked me to get a glass of water. , (c) She asked me to bring her a glass of water. , (d) She asked me to bring her a glass of water. , Resp. (b), , 4. She said: "Close the door!", (a) She asked me if I would close the door. , (b) She ordered me to close the door. , (c) She said I should close the door. , (d) She yelled to close the door. , Resp. (b), , 5. "Ah! It can't be that bad," he said. , (a) He exclaims sadly that it can't be that bad. Seriously that bad. , (d) He sadly said that was bad. , resp. (a), , 6. The police officer said, "Don't exceed the speed limit.", (a) The police officer said not to exceed the speed limit. , (b) The officer asked me if I would exceed the speed limit. , (c) The police stopped me from speeding. , (d) The policeman asked me if I was speeding. , Ans. (c), , 7. The secretary said: Is Fisher in his office? " (a) The secretary says if Mr. Fisher is in his office., (b) The secretary asks Mr. Fisher is in his office., (c) The secretary asks Mr. Fisher in his office., (d) The secretary asked Mr. Fisher to have been in his office. (b), , 8. The student said: "Madam, please extend the deadline. ", , (a) The student asked the teacher to extend the deadline., (b) The student said whether the teacher would extend the deadline., (c) The student asked the lady to extend the deadline., (d) The student said that the lady should extend the deadline. , Resp. (c), , 9. The driver said: "Do you want to stop for a while?", (a) The driver said if we want to stop for a while., (b) The driver asked us if we want to stop for a while for a while., (c) The driver asked us if we would stop for a while., (d) The driver asked us if we would stop for a while., Ans. (d), , 10. He said he would deposit the check the next day. , , (a) He said, "I'll deposit the check the next day. ”, (b) He said: “I will deposit the check soon. ’, (c) He said: ‘I will deposit the check tomorrow. ’, (d) He said: ‘I’ll deposit the check the next day. ", Resp. (c), , II. Choose the correct option to convert the following sentences into direct speech., , 1. He asked me if you are ready, or if he should wait., , (a) He Said to me, "Is she ready, or should I wait? ’, (b) He said: ‘Are you ready, or shall I wait? "

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88, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , (c) He said to me: "Are you ready, or should I wait?", (d) He said: "Are you ready?", Ans. (a), , 2. She said happily that it was her birthday party. , , (a) She said, "It's my birthday party.", (b) She said, "Go! It's my birthday party.", (c) She said, "I've been waiting for my Birthday party.", (d) She said, "Yay! It's my birthday party.", Resp. (d), 3. He asked where his belongings were. , (a) He said: "Where are my belongings?", (b) He said: "Where are my belongings?", (c) He said: "Where are my belongings?", (d) He said, “Where would my belongings be?”, Resp. (c), , 4. He asked the audience to remain silent. , (a) He said to the audience: "Keep silent!", (b) He said: "The public must remain silent.", (c) He said: "Will the public keep silent?", (d) He said to the public Said: "Please remain silent.", Resp. (d), , 5. The trainer asked us if we have any questions., (a) The trainer said: "Does anyone have questions?", (b) The trainer said : “Any questions?”, (c) The trainer asked us if we had any questions. trainer said to us: “Do you have any doubts?”, (d) The trainer said: “Would you have any doubts?”, Resp. (c), 6. He prayed to God to grant her wishes. , (a) He said, "May God grant her wish.", (b) He said, "May God grant her wish.", (c) He said, "May God grant her wish.",( d) He said, "May God grant her wish.", Ans. (a), , 7. The reporter confirmed that the news is false. The reporter said: "This news is false.", (d) The reporter said: "This news is false.", Resp. (b), , 8. Vikas Order me to finish the presentation as soon as possible. , , (a) Vikas said: "You should finish the presentation ASAP.", (b) Vikas said: "You should finish the presentation ASAP.", (c) Vikas said: "You finished the presentation!", (d) Vikas Say: "Will you complete the presentation soon?", Resp. (a), , 9. He ordered me to guard the gate. , (a) He said, "Keeping the gate.", (b) He said, "Keeping the gate.", , (c) He said, "Keeping the gate.", (d) He said, "Keeping the gate.", Resp. (a), , 10. Tina said she could postpone the trip until next year. , , (a) Tina says "Maybe I'll put off my trip until next year.", (b) Tina says "I can put off my trip next year.", (c) Tina says "Maybe I put off my trip next year. ", (d) Tina said: "Maybe I postpone my trip for next year.", Resp. (c), , 11. Mrs. Nita asked to reschedule the meeting for next Monday. , (a) Mrs. Nita asked, "Reschedule the meeting for next Monday.", (b) Mrs. Nita said, "Reschedule the meeting for next Monday.", (c) Mrs. Nita said, "The meeting will be rescheduled It will be held on next Monday.”, (d) Mrs. Nita said, “The meeting will be held on next Monday.”, resp. (b), , 12. Julia said she couldn't come to our wedding. , (a) Júlia said: "I won't go to your wedding.", (b) Julia said: "I won't go to your wedding", (c) Júlia said: "I won't go to your wedding." , (d) Júlia said: “I can't go to your wedding.”, Resp. (d), , 13. Harish asked if I could accompany him there) Harish said: “Would you like to company me there? ", (d) Harish said: "Would you don't like to company me there?", Resp. (a), , 14. The suspect exclaimed that he was innocent. , (a) the suspect says "I hope I'm not guilty!", (b) the suspect says "I'm not guilty!", (c) the suspect says "I'm not guilty!", (d) the suspect Say: "I'm innocent!", Resp. (c), , 15. The teacher said the wind is a renewable energy source. , , (a) The teacher said: "Wind is a renewable energy source.", (b) The teacher said: "Wind is a renewable energy source.", (c) The teacher said: "Wind is a renewable energy source , source.", (d) The teacher said: "The wind is a renewable energy source.", Ans . (2)

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89, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , PART 2, Subjective Questions, I. Turn the following sentences into indirect speech., , Interrogative Sentences, 1. The teacher said: "Good morning, dear students! Yours Homework?", Resp. The teacher wishes the students a good morning and asks if they have done their homework. ,, 2. Ahmed said to the magician: "What did I do to deserve such a severe blow?",, Ans. Ahmed asked the magician what he did to deserve such a heavy blow . , , 3. My friend said to me, "Can you take me to my office"? , Ans. My friend asked me if I could take him to his office, 4. She asked if Jessica would be there next week, Ans. She said, "Will Jessica come next week?", 5. Farhan asked Geeta if she could lend him a hundred rupees until the next day. Farhan said to Geeta, "Can you lend me a hundred rupees by tomorrow?", Declarative sentence, 6. He said, "I've passed the test.", Resp. He said he passed the test. , , 7. The captain shouted: "Long live! We won the game.", , Resp. The captain shouted happily that they won the , game. , , 8. "Let's play cricket," said Muneer, Ans. Muneer proposes to play cricket. , , 9. Sadiq's uncle tried: "Call the fire department: the next door is on fire". Sadiq's uncle called the fire department because, well, there was a fire next door. ,, 10. Says the poet, "What a charming sight!", Resp. The poet exclaimed, this is a very charming sight. , , 11. He said: "God bless, I speak the truth.", Ans. He swore to God that he was telling the truth. , , 12. He said he would not go with us. , , 14. The teacher cites slow and steady wins. , , Ans. Master said: "Only by playing steadily can you win the game", 15 years old. She said he had some work to do. "He has work to do," she said, 16. He prayed for a long life for his son. , Ans. He said to his son: "May you live long"! , , 17. The teacher asked the children to close the book and answer the questions. , , Resp. Teacher tells children: "Now close the book and answer my question", 18 years old. gentlemen. Gupta said he was busy that weekend. gentlemen. Gupta said, "I'm busy this weekend.", , 19. He told me he might not be able to get to court on time. ,, Resp. He told me: "I may not be able to make it to court within , time". , , 20. The audience exclaimed that she sang so well. , , Ans. The audience said: "She sings so beautifully!", , Commands and Requests, 21. He said to the servant: "Leave the room immediately". He ordered the maid to leave the room immediately. , , 22. Zaira's mother told him: "Make the food ready". , , Resp. Zaira's mother told her to cook well. , , 23 years old. The teacher said to the students: "Don't waste your time". , , Resp. The teacher told a student not waste time., , 24. The policeman shouted at the man: "Stop, or I will shoot you". , , Ans. The police stopped the man and threatened to shoot him otherwise. , , 25 years old. My brother told me: "Please post this letter for me". , , Resp. My brother asked me to send this letter to , , , , 26 years old. I said to my brother: "Let's go to some hill station and change clothes". , , Ans. I suggested to my brother that we go to some hill station for a change. , Resp. He said, "I won't go with you.", 27. Cop orders criminal not to try to be,, 13. President says glad to be,, Resp. Cop to culprit: "Don't be smart" and was there that night . "It's a pleasure to be here tonight," the president said, and the judge told the defendant, "Shut up."

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90, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, Comprehensive Grammar Exercises, Based on the Whole Grammar Section, Category I Fill in the Blanks, Instructions (Questions 1-10) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. , , A. 1. Mt. Kailash—Stairway to Heaven—— (i),, ................... (is most/is the most) Intriguing, The range is the entire Himalayas. Mount Kailash is actually 22,000 feet above the Tibetan Plateau, which (ii).......... (most/large) is considered inaccessible. For Hindus and Buddhists, Mount Kailash is the embodiment of Mount Sumeru. It is one of the most sacred and mysterious mountains in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of pilgrims enter Mount Kailash for pilgrimage in Tibet. Some (iii), ................ (do/do) of the area, few managed to complete a circle around the sacred mountain. , , 2. We enjoy the protective field of Earth's magnetic field , (i), .................... (generated/produced) by the rotation of our planet and its iron-nickel core. This teardrop-shaped field protects Earth from energetic particles from the Sun and the rest of the universe(ii).......................... .... (launched at us/, launched at us). But due to the structure of the field, some particles are funneled to the Earth's poles and (iii), ... (collide/collide with us), the atmosphere, producing the aurora, natural fireworks, the show known by some as the Northern Lights. , , 3. The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, and it fulfills the key mission (i), ................... (for providing/providing) 20% of the Earth's oxygen supply. Its dense vegetation acts like a gigantic air purifier, constantly (ii) ............ (removing/removing) carbon dioxide and distributing oxygen. , the tropical rainforest is so large that it accounts for more than half of the world's remaining tropical forests, but only 6 percent of the Earth's surface. The, Amazon rainforest (iii)............(is/is, is located in) South America, an area of ​​over a staggering 5.5 million square kilometers. , , 4 Brahmins (i) .. .......... (were/are) the highest, , rank caste group and are at the top of the varna, system above Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras. , Brahmins are traditionally priests, either in, , temples or specific families, and (ii) .........................., (was/was) traditionally Better educated, held high positions and owned land and money. Many worked as teachers, scribes, landowners and government officials. Today, they work in a variety of occupations. Many (iii) ... (fulfilling/, fulfill) their priestly duties were only part-time. ,, 5. A total of 152 million children – 64 million girls and 88 million boys – (i ) are … (estimated /, estimated) in child labor globally, accounting for almost one-tenth of all children in the world. Although rates of child labor have declined over the past few years, children(ii) ................ (are, are/were) engaged in some serious forms of child labour, such as forced labour, Children, soldiers and human trafficking. All over India, children, workers (iii) ...................(can be found/could, be found) in various trades: brick kilns, carpet weaving, clothing, domestic services,, food and beverage services (such as tea stalls), agriculture, fisher and mining., , 6. (i) ................ (Previous/Most ancient) known,, dinosaurs appeared During the Triassic period (approximately 250 to 200 million years ago). Dinosaurs evolved into a very diverse group of animals with a wide range of physical traits, including modern birds. Contrary to what many people think, not all dinosaurs (ii).......... (lived/lived in) the same geological period. Stegosaurus, for example, lived at the end of the Jurassic period about 150 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus rex lived in the late Cretaceous period about 72 million years ago. Stegosaurus (iii)...................(extinct/was extinct) 66 million years before Tyrannosaurus rex walked the Earth. ,, 7. The earthquake occurred when two large,, crusts suddenly slipped off. This causes shock waves (i)....(shock/vibrate) the earth's surface in the form of earthquakes. , Earthquakes often occur (ii) .. . . . .....(via, edge to/on the edge of) large sections of the Earth's crust called tectonic plates. These plates move slowly over long periods of time. Sometimes, edges called fault lines become

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91,, CBSE 2nd semester english language literature 10th,, stuck but the sign keeps moving. Pressure slowly starts to build up where the edge gets stuck, and once the pressure gets strong enough, the plate suddenly moves (iii)  ……… (caused/causing), an earthquake ., , 8. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases (i), .................. (accumulate) in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and Solar energy has (ii), .... (bounce/bounce) radiation off the Earth's surface. Normally, this radiation escapes into space - but these pollutants linger in the atmosphere for years or centuries, trapping heat and causing Earth(iii) … ... (getting hot/to, getting hot). This is called the greenhouse effect. , , 9. Emperor Qinshihuang is often referred to as the creator of the Great Wall. In fact, it was (i), ................ (he/he) that first commanded the binding of separate parts established by the states before. Yes, (ii) ................(surprised/I'm surprised) know, this big project decision was made due to rumours! After unifying the Central Plains and establishing the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC, Qin Shihuang(iii) wanted to................... (to, consolidate/consolidate) His power and rule, the country forever., , 10. Kumbhalgarh Fort (i) located 80 km north of Udaipur Forest...(was/is) Rajasthan The second largest fort in the state after Chittorgarh Fort. The fort wall is 36 kilometers long, hence the name "The Great Wall of India". The range is the birthplace of the famous Mewar king Maharana, Pratap. That's why the Rajputs (iii) ......... (own/possess) a special place in the center of this fort. In 2013, the fort was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee. brackets. , , B. 1. Roadside from Agra to Firozabad ............, , (scattered) ruins of Mughal-era monuments juxtaposed with lush green fields. , , 2 . I . . . . . . . . (booked) online flight tickets and departed for Amritsar. , 3. Meditation................................(meaning) when the mind is clear, without any agitation. , , 4. It is worth noting that this is all about The modern science of horseshoe crabs in Taunton Bay or anywhere else  …, (narrated). , , 5. Tomorrow I will…………(go) to take the public school BB entrance exam. , , 6. People from all over the world.......(Come) , Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati and pray. , , 7. Long ago there were………(more) whales swimming in the sea. , , 8. Ali Baba arrived at the foot of the same mountain, the thieves ... (gathered)., , 9. They ... (have) excellent and qualified staff, take care of their work. , , 10. This year's Shimla Summer Camp...................(will be) in the Pabber Valley in the Upper Shimla area. , , 11. The army …………… (Attempt to) overthrow the government failed. , , 12. Scientist ………………… (to be) research bypass is about to make a breakthrough. , , 13. State Government................................(plans) to build a road to Bhubaneswar Bypass to speed up traffic on major roads. , , 14 . Gautam's outlook on life in his awareness of the world........... (be) full sorrows., , 15. Rakesh .. …. was (seemingly) shot down after the game. , , 16. Under the terms of the International Forestry Treaty, a large group of United Nations inspectors ............, (arrived in) India. , , 17. Soldiers ............................(accepted) military orders to inspect all their vehicles before travelling. , , 18. Juan's friend upon learning that he..  ………… (be) prom king., , 19. With all the recent negative events in his life,,, she ...... .. ..(feeling) must be evil forces at work. , , 20. Fictitious rumors.....(do) a lot of harm, even when they turn out to be false. , , twenty one . When she gets too much homework,,,, Pakhi has a tendency to be late, which always puts her further behind. ,, 22. If criminals .. ... ... (have) permission to join election extortion is likely to increase. , , 23. Although the demand for clay idols is high, people also prefer molded idols..... ........ (acquired) in bulk, from other cities. , , 24. Crocodiles can easily live in water and on land. , , 25. The two defendants were arrested by the police …………… (have) registered a complaint.

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92,, CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th,, CATEGORY II Edition, Directions (Q. Nos. 1-5) The following passages have not been edited. Each line has an error. Find the wrong word and correct it in the given blank. The first one is made for you. , , 1. Some political thinkers, for example, (a) believe that liberty, (b) and equality cannot coexist. , (c) they think freedom means freedom, (d) do what they like. ., ..................., , ......... .. .. , ............, . ..........., .................., , incorrect, at, correct,  …, …,.. .. ……………………………………………………………………… ., ..................., , Incorrect is, , Correct, Yes, ................... . ., .. .........., ................, ................ ., .... …………………………………………………………………… .........., 2020 Canadian Securities Exchange, , 2. Countries near the equator, for example, are (a) hotter than other countries, (b) farther north and south, ( c) Kerala is known to be, (d) hotter than Punjab, (e) in winter, , CBSE 2019, , 3. For example, in a prisoner's room, a candle is (a) burning dimly. He himself is a prisoner, (b) sitting at a table. Just behind him, (c) the hair on his head and his, (d) hands can be seen from outside, (e) through the window. , CBSE 2018, , 4. I completed a transaction at the bank one morning, , incorrect, , correct, , ..........., ........... .., ................................ . , ................, ,  … .........., ................, . ................,  … .........., , eg, (a) I was going back to pick up my left motorcycle, (b) outside the parking lot. Suddenly he realizes that I have, (c) lost the motorcycle keys. Distraught, I searched the bank. A bank, (d) the staff tried to find it for me, but to no avail. , CBSE 2013,, Incorrect, , Correct, , ..................., ..... ……………………………………… ………………… ., , 5. Neil Armstrong was the commander of Apollo 11. , (a) he was the first man to walk, (b) the moon. What many people don't know is that (c) unlike most of his fellow astronauts, (d) an astronaut, he is a civilian and not a military man, CBSE 2017

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93, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , CATEGORY III Writing Dialogues, Instructions (Q. Nos. 1-5) Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks to complete the narrative. , A.1. Jane (i) ...................... How is she doing. Jane (ii) ......... She took so many classes that she became bored. Jane agreed to this and left. Annie asks Jane to wait, and then says (iii) .......... It's getting boring. , Hi Anne, how are you? All these classes bore me, wait! I think I'm getting bored! ,, ummm... yes, I agree. ,goodbye. ,, 2. Kylie(i)..........She wore those shoes. Her mother(ii)..........They Only two weeks old. How can this be. She checked it out and said they fit well. To this, Kylie replied that (iii) ........ beat them to fashion. Mom, me, these shoes are over. ,already? Only two weeks, old man. How can it be-? , wait a minute...these fit nicely. , I mean I've outgrown them, fashion. , 3. Grandson (i)...................How many times he can make stones dive into water. Grandpa thought for a while and said that he once made a stone jump twenty-three times. grandson (ii).......... and asked if he could do it again right away. Grandpa (iii)........When the water freezes, he can only jump the rock so many times, it's over. , how many times, can you do one, jump over rocks, water, grandpa? , well, let's see, once I pick up a piece, jumping stone, twenty-three, times. ,Wow! twenty three! Can you do it again now? ,, no, I can jump so many times, when the water freezes, it's over.

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94, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, , 4. When Birbal reached the court, Akbar told him that he had lost his ring. It is very precious to him because his father gave it to him as a gift. He (I)...find him. Birbal relaxes Akbar and (ii) .......... finds his ring immediately. Birbal further indicated to His Majesty that (iii)...this is one of his courtiers. Courtiers with a straw in their beards put on rings. ,, Instructions (Q. Nos. 1-5) Read the dialogue and complete the following paragraphs, , B.1. Sherlock: I'm not well, Duke: What can I do for you, sir? , Sherlock: Will you take me to the doctor? , Duke: Yes, sir. The Duke asked (b) …………., Sherlock asked the Duke (c) …………. The Duke answered in the affirmative. , , 2. Divya: I plan to buy a car. , Arti: Which car are you going to buy? , Divya: I plan to buy the latest model from any popular company. , Arti: This is a wise decision. , Divya told Arti (a)…………. Then Arti asked her (b)…………. Divya said (c)…………. Arti said that, (d) …………., , 3. Susan: Why didn’t you bring my party dress? , Jenny: I didn't bring it because I went to my uncle's house with my parents, so I forgot to take it. Susan: Don't make stupid excuses for me. I want to know the truth. Jenny: Sorry, Susan. I chatted with my friends late. I forgot you needed it urgently today Susan asked Jenny (a)………. .Jenny said she (b)…………. Suzanne (c)……………. Jenny said, (d)………. .She was late chatting with her friends, and (and)………… Jenny was in desperate need that day. ,, 4. Dilip: I have been looking at the sea, and there is no sign of a ship. , Rohan: I told you yesterday that we would be rescued, so be patient. , Dilip: Why does it make me quiet every time I say something? , Rohan: Have you said something sensible? , Dilip said (a) .......... the sea and that (b) ... any trace of the ship. Lohan replied (c)…………, they (d)……………… and asked him to be patient. Dilip angrily asked Lohan (e)……………to keep quiet whenever he said something that Lohan wanted to know for (f)……………. ., , 5. Sanjay: I was surprised to see you in Delhi. when did you come? , Madan: I came yesterday. I was offered a job here., Sanjay told Madan (a) ………… and asked (b) …………. . Madan replied (c) ………… and added (d),……… ....

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95,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Issue 10,, Answer, Class I Fill in the Blank A., 1. (i) most,, (ii) most of,, (iii) indeed, 2. (i) generated, , (ii) launched against us, , (iii) collided with our ,,3. (i) provide, (ii) receive, (iii) locate,, 4. , (ii) has, , (iii) satisfies, , 5. (i) is estimated to be, , (ii) is still, , (iii) can be found, , 6. (i) oldest, , (ii) ) Lived in, , (iii) became extinct by, 7. (iii) Warming,,, 9. .1. Sprinkle, 4. Say, 7. Much, 2. Keep, 3. Mean, 5. Will, 6. Come, 8. Gather, 9. Have, 10. Yes, 11. Tried, , 12. Yes , , 13. planned, , 14. was, , 15. seemed, , 16. will arrive, , 17. received, , 18. was, , 19. felt, , 20. did, , 21. got, , 22 get, 23. get, 24. live, right, incorrect, right, think, (b) can't, can't, imply, (d) do, do, than, , (b) further, , further, , (c) all, , we, , (d) warm, , warmer, , (e) a, , in, the, , (b) he, , his , , (c ) by, , in, , (d) are, , were, , (e) by, , the, , Incorrect, , Incorrect, , Correct, , , 25. has, , Category II Edition, Incorrect, 1. (a ) thinks, (c) implies, 2. (a) then, , 3. (a) to, 4. (a) at, , to, , (b) him, , me, , for, , (d) and , , but, 5. (a) about, , in, , (b) know, , knows, , (c) theirs, , his, , (d) the , , the, (ii) sighed and said, (iii) She means, (c) About, Dialogue Writing, Category III, A.1. (i) asked Anne, 2.(i) told her mother,,, (ii) was surprised, and said,,, (iii) she meant she had,,,,,,,,,,,,3.(i) asked his grandfather,,( ii) Exclaimed in amazement,, (iii) Replied in denial,,, 4. (i) Asked Birbal to help him,, (ii) Said he would,, (iii) The ring was in the court itself,,, 5. (i) ) Tell Ms., (ii) Think for yourself, (iii) Say Detergent

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96,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, B.1. (a) he is unwell, (b) what can he do for him, (c) will he take him to a doctor, 2. (a) She is going to buy a new car, (b) Which car is she going to buy, (c) She is going to buy the latest model car from any popular company, (d) It is a good decision, 3 . (a) why didn't she bring her tux, (b) because she went to her uncle's house with her parents and forgot to put it away, (c) told her not to make stupid excuses, and she wanted Know the truth, (d) she's sorry, (e) forgot, 4. (a) he was watching, (b) didn't, (c) he told him the day before, (d) it will be redeemed, , (e) Why did he ask him,, (f) Did he say anything wise,,, 5. (a) Who was surprised to see him in Derry, (c) He had come the day before, (b) When he came, (d) he got a job there

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First Flight - Essays, , CHAPTER 01, , Glimpeses, of India, In This Chapter..., !, , Chapter Summary, , !, , Word Meaning, , !, , Chapter Practice, , I. A Baker of Goa, Lucio Rodrigues, This part of the chapter is a portrait of a traditional baker or "Pader" from a Goan village that still holds an important place in Goan culture. ,, Chapter Summary, Old Portuguese Times in Goa, In the old days in Goa, the Portuguese were famous for their bread. The Portuguese left Goa long ago, but traditional bakers and their ovens (roasting machines) still exist there. In some places the sound of the baker's bamboo can be heard in the morning. These bakers are still known today as Goan bakers. , a traditional baker in the narrator's childhood, the narrator recalls his childhood in Goa, when bakers were friends, companions and guides to them. He comes to their house twice a day. He came to sell bread once in the morning, and came again in the evening when the bread was sold. As soon as the children heard the sound, they ran to the baker and took the bread, and bracelets were sometimes made of sweet bread. stamp. She held the basket in one hand and tapped a bamboo stick on the ground with the other. The baker came, greeted the hostess, and put his basket on the stick. The children were taken away, and the bread was given to the servants. Still, the kids found a way to peek inside the basket. The author remembers that the fragrance of the bread made him not even brush his teeth before eating.

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98,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, Importance of Bread in Traditional Rituals, In that era in Goa, the presence of a baker was essential. No wedding or any holiday is complete without a sweet bun known as a bol. The sandwich was prepared by the hostess for her daughter's engagement. Cakes and balls are essential for Christmas and other holidays. It was a knee-length one-piece dress. When the narrator was a child, the shirt and trousers worn by the baker were shorter than the whole body and longer than half of the trousers. Even today in Goa, if someone sees someone wearing tights on the street, he is called a pader. The baker pencils his monthly bills on the wall and collects his bills for the month. , Baking: A Profitable Industry Career In the past, baking was a lucrative career. The baker, family and servants are always happy and prosperous. His plump figure is a testament to the fact that a baker and his family never go hungry. Matches specified pages Word, , Meaning, , Word, , Meaning, , extinguish, , finish, , fragrance, , smell, smell, , thud, , a heavy heavy sound, , Page 87, , jingle, , a light ringtone , , peculiar, , special, exceptional, , prosperity, , remarkable success or economic well-being, , page 86, advertisement, , advertisement, person who gave bread its special shape, , personal, , stick, , plump body, pleasant body fat, reprimand, disapproval or reprimand, public testimony, very hot, confined room, railing, low protective wall along the edge of a roof, about a, character or quality

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99,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions,! , multiple choice questions, 1. The baker used to come to …………., (a) once a day, (c) once a week,, (b) twice a day, (d) twice a week,, , Resp. (b) The baker used to come twice a day—once in the morning when his basket was full of bread, and the second time in the evening when his basket was empty. , , 2. Where does the sound of 'jhang-jhang' come from? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , bread basket, musical instruments used by bakers, children's voices, bamboo sticks specially made for bakers, , Resp. (d) specially made for bakers The bamboo stick made a 'dongdong' sound. , , 3. What did the baker bring to the children? , (a) bread, (c) sweet bread, , (b) bread bracelet, (d) sandwich, , the answer. (b) Bakers used to give bread bracelets to children. , , 4. The author is ......... When he says, "Bread for old people, bracelets for children., (a ) despair, (c) nostalgia, , (b) pride, (d) regret, , Ans. ( b) The author recalls with nostalgia his childhood, when bakers from Goa often visited their house., , 5. Combine the following required during various events mentioned in "Bakers from Goa" Essentials., Events, , Essentials, , A. As a Wedding Gift, , 1. Sandwiches, , B. For Party or Banquet, , 2. Cake and Prom, , C. For Daughter Engagement 3. Bol, D. Christmas Save, , Codes, A B C D , (a) 1 3 2 4, (c) 2 3 1 4, , 4. Bread, , A B C D, (b) 3 4 1 2, (d) 4 1 3 2, , Ans . (b) 3412 is the correct matching order.,, 6. What did bakers wear in ancient Portuguese times?,, (a) Long shirt, (c) Kabai,, (b) Long skirt, (d) Bol , , Rep . (c) Bakers used to wear a very special kind of clothing called a kabai, in old Portuguese times.,, 7. Who invites comments – "he dresses like a pader"?,, (a) Who wears tights Pants just below the knee, (b) who wears a long skirt to the knee, (c) who wears a shirt and trousers, (d) who makes bread, answer. (a) who wears leggings that go below the knee, prompting comment— — "Dress like a talisman"., , 8. How are traditional bakers recognized?, (a), (b), (c), (d), , with the banging and clanging of bamboo , with your cooking style, with your dress style, none of the above,, Resp. (a) traditional baker by bang and,, bamboo jingle.,, 9. Choose to list according to the given paragraph no Options for the correct set of sentences.,, (i) The breads of bread loved The narrator speaks Portuguese., (ii) Bread is a special delicacy in Goa., (iii) The baker is a famous goan Characters., (iv) Baking as a profession is dead in Goa., (v) The arrival of the baker is a special moment of the day for the narrator., (vi) The narrator misses the Portuguese baker. , (a) 1 and 2, (b) only 4, (c) only 6, (d) 3 and 5, responses. (b) only statement 4 - Baking as a profession has died out in Goa is Incorrect.

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100,! ,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. (d) The baker makes popping and clanging noises as he,, MCQ based on excerpts, 1. Read the excerpts to try the following questions. , and its famous bread. Those diners may be gone, but the creators are still there. There are still beaters, grinders, and bakers among us. Those old, tried-and-true ovens still exist. The fires in these furnaces have not been extinguished. In some places the banging and clanging of the baker's traditional bamboo can still be heard announcing his arrival in the morning," CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) The narrator says the oven has been "tested by time" because, (a) They are thoroughly tested before each use, (b) They have stood the test of time and perform well, (c) They have been tested by modern experts, (d) They are capable of withstanding inexperienced use , A. (b) The narrator says ovens are time-tested because they pass the test of time every time before they are used., , (ii) Those who ate the food may be gone, but the makers are There., choose the option to express the tone of the narrator., 1., 3., 5., 7., elated, nostalgic, sarcastic, celebratory, , (a) 1 and 7, (c) 3 and 4 , , 2 sullen , 4 . hopeful, 6. critical, (b) 2 and 6, (d) 4 and 5,, answer. (c) the author's tone is nostalgic for the Portuguese, , he wants people to know that he is coming Bread seller., , (v) 'The fire has not gone out' implies that (a) ovens are still used to bake bread, (b) fire is being reviewed as an alternative to heating ovens, (c) ovens are too strong to Mobile use, in other areas, (d)) the fire in the stove takes a long time to stop burning, once lit, Resp. (a) the fire in the oven has not been extinguished, suggesting that the oven is still used to bake the famous Portuguese Bread., 2. Read the excerpt to answer the following questions: The baker made a "jhang jhang" sound with a special bamboo stick. He entered the scene with one hand supporting the basket on his head and the other hand beating the bamboo on the ground. The hostess said "Good morning" and put the basket on the vertical bamboo. We children would be scolded a little and handed the bread to the servants. But we would not give up., We climbed the bench or Window sill, somehow peeking in the basket., (i) How would the baker greet the hostess?, (a), ( b), (c) , (d), , good night, good morning, bow, smile, bread , while hoping that these breads and Portuguese bakers exist in Goa., , Ans . (b) used by the baker to greet the hostess,, (iii) choose the expression with the same meaning as "remember" used in the article. ,, (ii) choose the option to list the set of statements, which is not true according to the given excerpt.,,, answer (c) that the expression "a trip down the memory lane" is the same as that of "remember" used in the passage Same meaning., (iv) Why do you think the baker came in with a "bang and clang"?, (a) He wanted everyone to be alert and active with his presence, (b) He wanted Wake everyone up from sleep and invite them to visit the bakery, (c) he is used to being loud like most people. people, answer exactly that, (d) He wanted people know that he had come to sell his wares , , Good morning., , 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., ,The baker is a celebrity. , children love bread. , the baker was rude. , only the servant went to the baker. , the baker makes music as he enters. , the baker puts the bread in the box. , , (a) 1, 2 and 4, (c) 1, 3 and 5, , (b) 2, 5 and 6, (d) 3, 4 and 6, , Ans. (d) Statements 3, 4 and 6 are incorrect. ,, (iii) What is the first thing the baker does when he arrives at a house? , (a) place a basket and offer bread, (b) place a basket on a vertical bamboo and give bread to a servant, (c) give bread to a mistress, (d) none of the above

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101,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. (b) The baker puts his basket away as soon as he arrives at a house, , 4. 'Tigers never brush their teeth'. Why, he erected the bamboo, and handed the bread to the servant. ,, (iv) Why don't children give up? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , what does the author say about this? , , Answer The reason why the author said this is because when the baker brings it, peek into the basket, peek into the basket, cry and peek into the basket, choose a bread bracelet you like, and push others away. Basket peeks, bracelets for kids who don't even care to brush your teeth or wash your mouth properly. They don't like the hassle of tearing the leaves off the toothbrush hose. They don't feel the need to wash their mouths, just take out the never-brushed tiger before meals. ,, Ans. (c) The children did not give up on the bread bracelet of their choice. , , 5. Why is the baker's oven the correct option for (1) and (2) in a, , (v). , 1. The baker keeps the children away. , 2. The bread was given to the servant. , , traditional Goan village?, , (a) (1) is the result of (2), (b) (2) is the result of (1), (c) (1) is independent of (2), (d ) (1) contradicts (2), because the village needs different types of bread on different occasions. A wedding gift would be meaningless without the sweet bun known as a bol. On the occasion of her daughter's engagement, the hostess must prepare a sandwich. Cakes and balls are essential for Christmas and other parties. (c) State that (1) is independent of (2).,, 6. How do we know that bakers in Goa are very,, PART 2, subjective factor,!,, prosperous? ,, Their plump bodies. Baking is an important occupation in Goa as bread is an important part of all celebrations in Goa. As a result, the baker, his family and his staff never went hungry. They are always happy and prosperous. , , 1. Is baking still popular in Goa? Like you, NCERT,! ,, Resp. Yes, baking is still popular in Goa. , , this is clear from the narrator's assertion that the Portuguese are gone but the traditional bakers and their ovens still exist. They still exist in Goa. ,, 2. What did bakers wear,, NCERT,, (i) in Portuguese times? , (ii) When the author was young? , Resp. (i) Bakers usually wear a fancy dress called the Kabai. This is a knee-length one-piece dress. , (ii) When the author was young, he saw a baker in a shirt and trousers. Pants are shorter than full pants and longer than half pants. , , 3. What time does the baker come every day? Why did the children run to him? ,, CBSE 2019,, Resp. We know bakers are very prosperous in Goa, know that? , CBSE 2010, 2020, Ans. A baker's oven is essential in traditional Goan, NCERT,, Ans. The baker came twice a day, once very early in the morning, and the second time when he came back all the bread was sold. Which one they choose is very careful. , , Long answer questions, 1. After reading the story "The Baker from Goa", do you think our traditions, heritage, values ​​and practices are what feed us? Why/why not? , CBSE 2015, Resp. Yes, I think our traditions, heritage, values ​​and practices are what feed us. They shape our personality and provide us with emotional support. They make us mentally strong and allow us to face difficult situations. They can even affect how we behave towards other people in society. This story highlights the importance of traditional bread-making methods on all occasions. No occasion in Goa is complete without bread. No wedding is complete without including a sweet bun called a "bol". No party or gathering is complete without cake and balls. Today, elders still remember those ancient and famous breads made by Portuguese bakers. From childhood to old age, remember, Portuguese bread. This shows that bread is an important part of Goan life that continues to this day. Thus, our traditional practices keep our past heritage alive and nourish us.

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102, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , 2. “In our childhood in Goa, the baker was our friend, companion and guide.” What does this sentence tell us about the character of the baker? ,, Resp. The testimony given tells us that the baker was a highly respected person in Goan society. He will guide the children to develop good behavior habits. This happened when he softly berated them for peeking into his basket. He taught children to respect their elders. That's when he said "good morning" to the lady of the house. He is very casual with the kids. Therefore, the narrator sees him as a friend and a partner. He's not just a salesman interested in selling what he makes. Even scolding the children, he also gave them bracelet bread and their choice of sweet rolls. A feast or banquet loses its charm without bread. Cakes and balls are a must for Christmas and other holidays. The presence of a bakery in the village is absolutely essential. As such, he was an important figure in Goan society at the time. ,, 3. Why are kids so fascinated by bakers? , how did they show their desire to see him? ,, CBSE 2020, Ans. According to the narrator, the children were eager to meet him. They wake up every time they hear the jingle of the baker's bamboo pole. Whenever the baker greeted the mistress, the children would gather around and scold their baker, and pass the bread to the servants. bread. These kids haven't even brushed their teeth before getting their bread bracelets, so choose carefully. Their behavior made it clear that the children were fascinated by the baker and had been looking forward to meeting him. Gently rebuked him, pushed the bread aside, and passed it to the servant. But we won't give up. We would climb onto a bench or a ledge and somehow peer into the basket. I still remember the typical aroma of those breads. Bread for old people and bracelets for children to "show disapproval/rebuke"? , (iv) What's in the basket? , (v) What did the children do when they were pushed aside by the baker? , Resp. (i) "We" in the passage refers to the narrator and his friends. , (ii) The children were taken away so that the bread could be given to the servants. (iii) The word "rebuke" in the text means 'one, expression of disapproval/a rebuke'., (iv) There is some bread for the elders and some bracelets for the children. , (v) When the children are being pushed by the baker, they climb a bench or railing to peek into the baker's basket. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the next questions. , the baker usually gets his bill at the end of the month. Used to record monthly bills, some in pencil. Baking has indeed been a lucrative career in the past. The baker and his family never went hungry. He, his family and his servants always looked happy and prosperous. His voluptuous physique is a public testament to this. Even today, anyone who looks like a jackfruit is easily compared to a baker. , CBSE 2019, , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , where do bakers register their accounts ?, why does the baker and his family never go hungry? , which word in the excerpt means the same as "build"? , how to identify a baker in Goa? , "The monthly records are kept on some wall, a pencil". This illustrates the relationship between bakers and Goans. ,, Ans. (i) The baker used a ,, pencil to record his bill on the wall. , (ii) The baker and his family never went hungry because baking is a profitable profession. , (iii) "Physical" in the extract has the same meaning as "construction". , (iv) Anyone with a jackfruit-like appearance or a buxom physique is easily recognizable by a baker. , (v) The baker and the Goans develop a relationship of trust and friendship because the baker does not need to memorize his sales records.

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103,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, II. Coorg, , By Lokesh Abrol, , This section of the chapter is a pen portrait of Coorg. Coorg is a coffee growing region known for its tropical forests and spices. Summary of this chapter, Paradise known as Coorg, Coorg or Kodagu is the smallest district in the state of Karnataka, located between Mysore and the coastal city of Mangalore. This is a land of rolling stones, inhabited by beauties of martial arts and countless beasts. ., the best time to visit Coorg runs from September to March. At that time, the weather was pleasant, with light rain, and the aroma of coffee was everywhere. With coffee farms and colonial bungalows tucked away in corners, the landscape looks like paradise on earth. , the origin of the Kug people, the Kug people may be of Greek or Arab descent. It is believed that Alexander's army moved south along the coast and settled there when they were unable to return to their country. These people married locals, and their culture can be seen in their military traditions, weddings, and religious ceremonies. Their traditional attire could prove the theory of Arab origin. Kodavus (the resident of Coorg) wears a long black coat with an embroidered sash called the Kuppia. It is similar to the Kuffia worn by Arabs and Kurds. , Kodavus Hospitality and Bravery, Kodavus is known for its hospitality. In addition, there are many legends of bravery associated with the Coorgs. The Coorg Regiment is one of the most decorated regiments in the Indian Army. The first Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, General Kariaappa, was a Kurgi. Even today, Kodavus are the only people in India who can carry firearms without a license. The Kaveri River and the wildlife of Coorg, the Kaveri River rises from the hills of Coorg. In river waters, large freshwater fish Mahaseer can be found in abundance. Monkeys, bees, butterflies and more. Tours in Coorg, Coorg offers many adventure activities such as rafting, canoeing, abseiling, climbing, mountain biking and hiking. Climbing Brahmagiri Mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Coorg. Other places of interest are Nisargadhama and Bylakuppe, the largest settlements of Tibetan Buddhist monks. , the meaning of the word, to our page. , Word, , Meaning, , PAGE 90, , Word, , Meaning, , Word, , Meaning, , rafting, generosity and friendliness, hospitality, , Youjiang a, raft, , canoing, , traveling on a river in a, canoe, , stories of courage and bravery, usually in war, rappel, , descending a cliff, sliding down a rope, , PAGE 91, , adrift, ,separation,,military,,war-related,,hospitality,,start, ,Start, Uplifting, Feel Strong, Healthy and Vibrant, Fold, Hide, Canopy, Roof-Like Covering, Form Shelter, Allow, Allow, Main,, Best, Mass, Presence of Mass, Intense, Powerful, Friction, Falling, Origin, Friction Purpose, Clean, Mainstream, Tradition Most People Follow, Mahout, Elephant Keeper, Relaxation , Relax, Bravery Stories, Most decorations received, Largest number, Awards for bravery in war, , PAGE 92, Trails, , Creating a path to feet, , Panoramic view from a wide area, land, foggy, , full of fog, ochre, medium color, orange-yellow to orange

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104,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Part 10,, Part 1, Objective Questions,! ,,Answer. (d) The following destinations are mentioned in the course,, 'Coorg', Mangalore, Karnataka, Bylakuppe, , multiple choice, , (a) September to March is the best time to visit Coorg, (b) September March to March is the wet month, (c) Coorg is at its most beautiful between September and March, (d) (a) and (c), Ans. (d) The line given shows that September to March is the best time to visit Coorg, and that it is more beautiful between September and March. 3. What is the embroidered belt worn by Kodavus known for? , , (b) Kuppia, (d) Belt, , Ans. (b) Kuppia is , an embroidered belt worn by Kodavus. , , 4. The first chief of the Indian Army came from……… ., (c) Mysore, , (d) Punjab, , Ans. (a) The first Chief of the Indian Army was from Coorg., , 5. Who are the only people allowed to carry firearms without a license in India? , (a) Kodavus, , (b) Kurdish, , (c) Arab, , (d) Greek, , Ans. (a) Kodavus is the only person in India who is allowed , , to carry firearms without a license. , , 6. Climbing to the hills………brings a panorama of the entire misty landscape of Coorg, (the ) Brahmagiri, (c) Nilgiri,, (b) Himalayas, (d) Parvati,, Ans. (a) Climb Brahmagiri Hill for a misty panorama of Coorg. , , 7. Which of the following destinations are mentioned in the “Coorg” course? , 1. Mangalore, 3 . Karnataka, 5. Bylakuppe, (a) 1, 3, 4 and 6, (c) 1, 2 3 and 5,, 2. Kurds, 4. Coorgis, (b) 2 and 4, (d) All of these,,,response to the national or ethnic group mentioned in (d) through March. The lines given show that,, (b) Goa,,! ,, Mysore, Nisargadhama, Brahmagiri Hills,, (a) only 1, (c) 2 and 3, Chapter "Coorg" is: Arabs, Kurds, Greeks and Coorgis., , 2. Season of Joy From September, (a) Coorg, , !, , 1. Arabs, 3. Greeks, , (b) Karnataka and Mangalore, (d) Chennai and Karnataka, , Ans . (a) According to the course, Coorg is almost identical to,, (a) Kuffia, (c) Kurd,,,! ,, mentioned in the "Coorg" chapter? ,, From…………….,, Mangalore and Mysore ., , !, , !, , 8. What nation or ethnic group is, , 1. According to the text, Coorg is almost equidistant, (a) Mangalore and Mysore, (c) Bangalore and Mysore,, !, , both. Mysore, 4. Nisargadhama, 6. Brahmagiri Hills, (b) 2, 3, 4, and 5, (d) all of them, , !, , Excerpt-based multiple choice questions, 1. Read the excerpt to answer the following questions. , halfway between Mysore and the coastal city of Mangalore, there is a slice of paradise that must have been far from God's kingdom. This land of rolling hills is home to proud warriors, men, beauties and beasts. Coorg or Kodagu is the smallest district in Karnataka with evergreen rainforests, spice and coffee plantations. Evergreen tropical forests cover 30 percent of the area. During the monsoon, it rains enough to drive away many tourists. The season of joy begins in September and runs through March. The weather was fine with a few showers just in case. Breathe the air, pick up the coffee. Coffee farms and colonial bungalows are tucked away under tree canopies on the main corner. , (i) The weather was perfect with a few showers. The given line shows that (a) showers make perfect weather, (b) rain showers favor Coorg's climate, (c) rain showers help make Coorg's climate pleasant, (d) none of the above options, Answer . (a) The given line suggests that light showers make the perfect weather even more perfect., , (ii) Choose the appropriate word from the excerpt and complete the following. , Pagaents : Beauty : Army : ..... ... , (a) Military, (b) Manor, (c) Colonial, (d) Prime Minister, Resp. (a), , (iii) The author states that from September to March, there were some showers. , which indicates that 1. the weather is pleasant, 2. it is more beautiful when it rains, and 3. expect rain during this time

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105, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10, , 4. The rain is rare, 5. You can visit during the period, (a) (1) and (5), (c) (2) and (3) ), , ( b) (1), (2), 3 and (5), (d) (2), (4) and (5), , Resp. (a) The author gives us information about Coorg in a factual tone . , (iv) "these persons" in the preceding paragraphs means, (a) Greeks, (c) Arabs,, Ans. (b) The author uses words to indicate that from September to March there is little rain, the climate is pleasant and the scenery is more beautiful. So must visit during this time. ,, Ans. (b) "These men" in the given passage refer to,, men of Alexander's army. ,, (v) ……… means “related to war”. ,, (iv) Coorg or Kodagu, the smallest district of Karnataka, , is home to ……… ., (a), (b), (c), (d), , evergreen rainforest and spices , evergreen rainforest, spice and coffee plantations, spice and coffee plantations, evergreen rainforest and coffee plantations, , the answer. (b) Coorg or Kodagu, the smallest district in Karnataka, home to evergreen rainforests, spice and coffee plantations. , (v) clean coffee smell means (a) Coorg is full of coffee, (b) there are many coffee plantations in Coorg, (c) strong coffee smell in the air, (d) all of the above, Resp . (c) The air in Coorg bresthes intoligrant coffee means, the air smells like strong coffee. , , 2. Read the excerpt and answer the following questions. Military traditions, marriages and religious ceremonies differ from mainstream Hinduism. The theory of Arab origin is supported by the long black coat with an embroidered belt worn by the Kordaus, known as the Kupiya, similar to the Kupiya worn by the Arabs and Kurds. , (i) What are some things that show that Kordauth culture is distinct from the current dominant Hinduism in the above excerpt? , (a) military traditions, (c) religious ceremonies, (b) marriages, (d) all of these,, Ans. (d) Military traditions, marriages and religious ceremonies indicate that Kodavus culture differs from the Hindu mainstream. , (ii) What are the similarities between the Kodavus and the Arabs? , (a) a traditional dress with embroidery, (b) a modern dress with stone carvings, (c) a long black coat with an embroidered belt similar to a Kuffia, (d) a dress with a belt similar to Kuffia's simple belted short coat, Ans. (c) A long black coat with an embroidered belt, the Kuppia is a resemblance between the Kodavus and the Arabian. , (iii) From the options given, determine the author's tone in the excerpt. , (a) informative, (c) nostalgic, (b) nostalgic, (d) cheerful, (b) men of Alexander's army, (d) Kodavus, (a) popular, (c) martial arts, (b) ) Obviously, (d) the Kurds, , answer (c) military means related to the war. ,, Part 2, Subjective Questions,! ,, Short Answer Questions, 1. Why is Coorg called the Land of the Hills? ,, CBSE 2020,, Ans. Coorg is known as the Land of Rolling Hills as it sits on gently sloping hills covered in lush green tropical forest. The hills it sits on seem to be rolling and rolling, presenting a beautiful panorama that feels like paradise on earth. , , 2. Describe the climate of Coorg. When is the best time for tourists to go to Coorg? ,, CBSE 2012,, Ans. Coorg It rains heavily during the monsoon, we can say that the monsoon starts from April and ends in August. The climate in Coorg is pleasant for tourists between September and March. At this time, the aroma of coffee spread everywhere. ,, 3. The Coorgis belong to a brave and hospitable race. ,, Comment on this statement with reference to the text. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, , Ans. The Coorgi are said to be a brave and hospitable race because of the tradition of hospitality in their homeland. There are many folk tales of Coorg's courage. In fact, the Kurg Corps is one of the most decorated regiments in the Indian Army, and the first Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, General Kariappa, was a Kurgi. Even now, Kodavus is the only one in India who is allowed to carry firearms without a license. ,, 4. How is Coorgi's tradition of courage and bravery recognized in modern India? ,, CBSE 2019,, Ans. Coorgi's tradition of courage and bravery recognized in India with highest number of Bravery Awards awarded to Coorg Corps. Furthermore, Coorgi was the only Indian entitled to bear arms without a license. The first chief of the Indian Army, General Karyappa, was also a Kurgi.

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106, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , many birds, insects and animals. Nature here exists in its pristine glory. Furthermore, Coorg's culture is very different from the Hindu tradition. Because of their Greek and Arab ancestry, their military traditions, rituals, and etiquette show a mixture of Arab and Greek cultures. Also, this land was home to many brave men as well as religious Buddhists and monks. There are many other tourist destinations to add to the icing on the cake. All of these characteristics of Coorg together contribute to the diversity of the country. , , 5. Do adventure sports such as rafting and mountain climbing require only one person's physical strength? Why/why not? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. No, adventure sports like rafting and rock climbing require more than physical strength. It also requires alertness and mental toughness. Since these sports are played in a natural setting, vigilance and caution must be exercised when performing these sports. One needs to have excellent judgment and a quick reaction system to execute them effectively and safely. Will it be found in Coorg? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. The author of 'Coorg' says that tourists looking for the heart and soul of India will find him in Coorg because of its natural grandeur and unlike-nature appearance. de, flora and fauna, but it is also home to martial arts and beauties. Traditional practice. Do you agree that it is important to follow these practices today? Why or why not? ,, Resp. After reading the text, I think it is important to follow the traditional practice. The reason is that it preserves the well-known Coorgis tradition to this day. If the people of Coorg do not follow, their traditions will disappear. Without their traditional culture and customs, no one would remember them today. According to the text, their tradition can be seen in military forms, religious ceremonies and weddings. Kodavus even wears clothes that resemble Arabic attire. Traditional customs also play a very important role in maintaining people's values. They have an effect on shaping people's behaviour. These practices bring us together in our social lives. Just like the Kodavus today are connected to their ancestors, we are also connected to our ancestors because of the traditional values ​​we have inherited from them. ,, 2. How do the location, people and natural features of Coorg contribute to the diversity of India?,, CBSE 2016,, Ans. Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka and one of the most beautiful districts in India. Its geography, people and natural resources give rise to India's diversity. Coorg is called a slice of heaven, which must have drifted away from the realm of the gods. It has beautiful rolling hillsides filled with evergreen rainforests, spice and coffee plantations. It also includes a river, Kaveri and,,! ,, Questions based on the excerpt, 1. Read the excerpt to answer the following questions, The Kaveri River draws its water from the hills and forests of Coorg. Mahaseer - a large freshwater fish - abounds in these waters. Kingfishers dive into the water to catch fish, while squirrels and langurs take advantage of the splash and ripple effects in clear water, dropping partially eaten fruit to inflict damage. Elephants love to be bathed and rubbed in the river by their mahouts. ,, (i) Which river flows from Mount Coorg? , (ii) Why do squirrels drop partially eaten fruit into the river? , (iii) in extract means the same as "wave". , (iv) What do elephants like? , (v) What fish are abundant in Kaveri waters? , Resp. (i) The River Kaveri flows from the hills of Coorg. , (ii) Squirrels throw partially eaten fruit into the river because they like the splash and ripple effect of the fruit hitting the water. , (iii) o The ripples of the extract mean "waves". , (iv) Elephants love to be bathed and rubbed by their mahouts. , (v) Mahaseer - A large number of large freshwater fish are found in the waters of Kaveri. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the following questions, , follow. More leisurely people are turning to a life of active adventure through rafting, canoeing, abseiling, climbing and mountain biking. Hikers love the many trails in the area. Birds, bees and butterflies are there to keep you company. , monkey. Malabar squirrels, langurs and slender slow loris keep watch in the treetops. However, I prefer to stay away from wild elephants.

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107, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th,, (ii) Rafting, canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing and mountain biking can be done at Coorg. , (iii) monkeys, Malabar squirrels, langurs and squirrels, larch can be found in Coorg., (iv) "High energy" is the opposite of "relaxed". , (v) Coorg's many walks are favorites for walkers. ,, (iii) What animals can be found in Coorg? , (iv) Which word in the excerpt is the opposite of "relax"? , (v) What do hikers like best? , Resp. (i) The most leisurely people turn into energetic adventurers when they visit Coorg., , III. Tea from Assam, by Arup Kumar Datta This part of the chapter is about the tea gardens of Assam. Pranjol belongs to the state of Assam, and his father is the manager of a local tea plantation. He invited Rajvir to his house during the summer vacation. So, the two took a train to Assam. When the train stopped at a station en route, they bought tea from a peddler to start drinking. Rajvir told Pranjol that more than 800 million cups of tea are consumed worldwide every day. Therefore, it is a very popular drink. Rajvir looked out the window as the train moved. Soft rice paddies give way to tea bushes. Rajvir was fascinated by the vast expanse of tea trees. On the other hand, Pranyol is reading his detective book. Pranjol was born and raised on a tea plantation, so was less excited about it. However, he told Rajvir that Assam has the highest concentration of tea plantations in the world. Rajvir's tea knowledge, Rajvir told Prajol that there are many legends or stories about the discovery of tea. According to legend, a Chinese emperor discovered tea while boiling water for drinking. When the water boils, some leaves of the burning shoots (stems) under the pot fall into the water. Therefore, boiled water acquires a delicious taste. They are believed to be tea leaves. Rajvir further told Pranjol that tea was first drunk in China in 2700 BC, and words like "tea", "chai" and "chini" are also in Chinese. He also mentions that tea, first introduced to Europe in the 16th century, was consumed more as a medicine than as a beverage. Rajvir also told Pranyol about another Indian legend that the ancient Buddhist monk Bodhidharma cut his eyelids because he felt sleepy while meditating. Ten tea gardens grow out of her eyelids. It is believed that the leaves of these plants, when placed in hot water for drinking, can cure sleep. They drove to Dhekiabari, the tea plantation run by Pranjol's father. On both sides of the road are large tea gardens and bushes. Groups of tea pickers carrying bamboo baskets and wearing plastic aprons picked the newly sprouted leaves. Looking at the tea pickers, Prajol's father Rajvir said that this is the second season of picking or sprouting. He also told him that the season lasted from May to July and produced the best tea. Rajvir's knowledge amazes Pranjol's father and Rajvir tells him that he wishes to learn more there. Corresponding to the number of pages of the specified book. , Word, , Meaning, , PAGE 94, steamy, , very hot, , burning his nose in the started reading, burning, , sharp, , background, , background, , densely, , densely ,, word, , Meaning, , word , , Meaning, , dwarfism, , make something appear, small, , legends, , robust, , strong and solidly built, , stories of the past that many believe but cannot prove true, ascetic, with incredible ego , disciplined person, bamshed, get rid of, p.95, billowing, moving clouds or lots of smoke

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108,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Part 10,, Part 1, Objective Questions,! ,, multiple choice questions, 1. Who is the author of "Assamese Tea"? , (a) Arup Kumar Datt, (c) Lúcio Rodrigues, (b) Lokesh Abrol, (d) None of these,, Ans. (a) Arup Kumar Datta is the author of "Assamese Tea". , , 2. Rajvir and Pranjol traveled from ... to Assam. , (a) Mumbai, (c) Pune, , (b) Delhi, (d ) ) Ahemadabad,, Ans. (b) Rajvir and Pranjol are traveling from Delhi to Assam. , , 3. When Pranjol said, "You will see enough gardens to last you a lifetime!" he meant, (a) Rajvir would see so many tea plantations in Assam that he would Got bored at some point, (b) Assam has too many tea plantations, Rajvir can't possibly see all of them in his lifetime, (c) Rajvir will see enough tea plantations in Assam, ( d) Rajvir will see many tea plantations in Assam so that he can experience its essence in his lifetime, Ans. (d) When Pranjol said, "You will see enough gardens to spend a lifetime!" he meant that Rajvir would see many tea gardens in Assam so that he could experience its essence in his lifetime . , , 4. In Europe, drinking tea is more about … than ………., , (a) drug, drink, (c) sleeping pill, drug, (b) drink, drug, (d) sleeping pill, medicine, the answer. (a) In Europe, drinking tea is more of a medicine than drinking it. , , 5. Words like "chai" and "chini" come from, ………., (a) Indi, (c) France, , (b) China, (d) None of these, , Ans. (b)' The etymology of chai' and 'chini' comes from ,, China. ,, 6. Trains from Pranyol and Rajvir stop at, (a), (b), (c), (d), , Dhekiabari Junction , Dibrugarh Station, Mariani Junction, none of these, , Ans. (c) The train from Pranjol and Rajvir stops at Mariani, , Junction., , 7. You seem to have done your homework before coming," said Pranjol's father in amazement. What homework is he talking about?, (a) homework for holidays, (b) homework for school fees, (c) knowledge about Assam (d) above All,, Ans. (c) Pranjol's father was speaking about the knowledge of Rajvir, about Assam., 8. The second germination of tea lasts from (a) May to July, (c) June to July month, (b) May to June, (d) July to August, (a) the second tea bud lasts from May to July., !, , MCQs based on extracts, 1. Read the extracts to answer the questions ,, , follow., "CHAI-GARAM...garam-chai," a seller shouted loudly. He went to the window and asked: "Chai, sa'ab? "Give us two cups," Pranjol said. They sipped the steaming liquid. Almost everyone in her compartment drank tea. "Did you know that the world consumes more than 800 million cups of tea every day?" "Rajvir said: "Bah! exclaimed Planyol. "Tea is really popular." ", (i) Where are Rajvir and Pranjol going?, (a) Meghalaya, (c) Sikkim, (b) Assam, (d) Manipur, , Ans. (b) Rajvir and Pranjol are going to Assam., , (ii) how many cups of tea are drunk per day in the world?, (a) more than 800 million, (c) more than 700 million, (b) more than 800 million, (d) about 800 million, Ans. (a) Consuming more than 800 million cups of tea,,,, (iii) choose from the following options, when Pranjol says "Phew! Tea is really popular. ", (a) Recovered, (c) Surprised, (b) Shocked, (d) Angry, Resp. (c) Pranjol surprised: "Bah! Tea is really popular. ", , (iv) Which word in the passage has the same meaning as "chinked"?, Answer (b) Sipped has the same meaning as "chinked".,, (v) Choose to classify the statement as fact that the student said (F) And options for opinion (O)., 1., 2., 3. , 4 .,, I think tea is very popular all over the world., I think everyone should drink tea., I think Rajvir see tea plantation is very Excited.,I think Rajvir and Pranjol are classmates.,,(a) F- 2,3 and O-1,4, (c) F-3,4 and O-1,2, answer. (c) F- 3, 4 and O-1, 2, , (b) F-1, 2, 4 and O-3, (d) are true

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109, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , 2. Read the excerpt and answer the question that follows, "Tell me one more!" Laughing at Prajol. "We also have an indigenous legend. The ancient Buddhist ascetic Bodhidharma cut off his eyelids because he felt sleepy while meditating. Ten tea plants grew on the eyelids. The leaves of these plants, when placed in hot water and ingested, can Eliminate sleep.", "The Chinese first drank tea," Rajvir added, "as early as 2700 BC! In fact, the words tea, chai, and chini all come from Chinese. Tea was only introduced to Europe in the 16th century, and people Consume tea more as a medicine than a drink. Europe? Doctor. Smith was a doctor from Europe in the 16th century., (a) Dr. Smith encouraged drinking as much green tea as possible to reduce tooth loss patients with weak hearts., (c) Dr. Smith always treats guests with tea snacks, because everyone loves this drink., (d) Dr. Smith generally recommends black tea to reduce inflammation in the body., Answer (c) The article states that tea is consumed as a medicine and not as a beverage in Europe. Therefore, option (c) is correct., CBSE Question Bank 2021, , (v) Based on this excerpt, do you think Rajvir is How did it feel while narrating?, , (i) What is the main idea of ​​this excerpt?, (a) Tea as a popular beverage in Europe and how it spread, (b) Origin of Indian tea and its popularity in Europe reasons, (c) the importance of India in popularizing tea and its influence in Europe, (d) Indian legends about tea and how it spread from China to Europe, (a) (i) excitement (ii) excitement, ( b) (i) Hysterical (ii) Nervous, (c) (i) Nervous (ii) Agitated, (d) ) (i) Enthusiastic (ii) Enthusiastic, Resp. (d) Rajvir telling Pranjol., Ans. Excited and enthusiastic when reading tea legends. (d) The main theme of the excerpt is Indian legends about tea, and how tea spread from China to Europe.,, (ii) Why do you think Plain Hall was "mocked"?, ( a), (b) , ( c ), (d), , he was disturbed by the saga shared by Rajvir, he laughed at Rajvir's lack of knowledge, he mocked and ridiculed what Rajvir shared, he was impressed by what Rajvir shared, Ans. (c) Pranjol sniffed as he was amused by what Rajvir had shared about tea. (iii) Selected the option that included the tea label and the information matched the given sentence. "The leaves of these plants when placed in hot water Drink it in the middle of the night to eliminate sleep. ", (1) Its calming effects can be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which is rich in chamomile tea. Apigenin binds to specific receptors on the brain that reduce anxiety and initiate sleep ., (2) It increases levels of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and improves overall sleep quality by shortening the time to sleep and reducing nighttime awakenings.,, (3) Interfering with REM sleep, Has some unwanted side effects, makes sleep difficult to fall asleep and can cause hours of insomnia and increased nighttime awakenings., (4) Relieves anxious thoughts and calms the mind before falling asleep. Boosts energy levels and helps eliminate stress, naturally Improve nighttime sleep.,, (a) Option (1), (c) Option (3),, (b) Option (2), (d) Option (4) , , Response. (c) The statement given emphasizes How does tea eliminate sleep, which is the core concern of option (3).,, Part 2, Subjective Questions,!,, Short Answer Questions, 1. Where did Rajvir and Pranjol go and why?,, Resp. Rajvir and Pranjol Going to Assam.Pranjol invited Rajvir to go there for summer vacation.Pranjol's father is the manager of a tea plantation in Assam.So he wanted Rajvir to visit the tea plantation and learn how tea is grown., , 2 . Rajvir loves to read detective novels very much., , Why doesn't he like to read while traveling? , Answer Rajvir doesn't like to read detective novels while traveling because at that time he keeps looking at beautiful landscapes. Surrounded by greenery — — Soft paddy fields, then tea bushes. Rajvir can see the endless vegetation, it is a spectacular sight. Why are their attitudes different?, CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Pranjol buries his head in his detective book , as he belongs to Assam and has traveled this route and

Page 113:
110, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , Visited green tea plantations several times. So he wasn't looking forward to seeing the outside scene. When Rajvir first traveled to Assam. Therefore, in addition to reading, he was also interested in enjoying the beautiful scenery during the train journey. , Ans. The fact that Rajvir did research before visiting tea plantations and his knowledge of the lands he visited suggests that it is good to do research before embarking on a new adventure. You have an idea of ​​your destination, but you can also plan your trip accordingly. , you can also identify places or activities that interest you. , it does not take away the excitement of discovery, on the contrary, it helps you plan a better vacation.,, 4. O did Rajvir see while looking out of the train?,, Ans. When he looked out of the train window , Rajvir saw vegetation everywhere. First, he saw the green paddy fields (rice) that gave way to tea bushes. Against the backdrop of dense forests, he saw a tea plantation pruned to the same height. The beautiful scenery surprised and fascinated him, he .,,,!, , long-answer questions, 1. The article said that Assam is the 'country of tea'. Do you believe that Assam has the best tea gardens in the world, which makes it unique? , , 5. Why did Pranjol not share Rajvir's excitement at seeing the tea plantation? Answer yes, I believe Assam has some of the best tea gardens in the world which makes it a unique place. In India, some crops such as tea and coffee are grown in large quantities. India is also home to many spices such as haldi. Assam is the hometown of tea, Coorg is the hometown of coffee. There are enough tea plantations to see in Assam. May to July is the best time to produce the best tea. The road in Assam is lined with an acre of tea bushes, all neatly trimmed to the same height. These plantations still follow traditional Indian farming methods. Thus, these plantations make India a unique country with traditional spices and drinks, and the plants that grow in them. , Ans. Pranjol did not see Rajvir's excitement when he saw the plantation because Pranjol was born and raised in tea plantation. He is very familiar with the tea garden. Rajvir, on the other hand, had never been to any tea plantation before. Then the endless green tea bushes fascinated him. Please refer to Assam., CBSE 2013,, Ans. for an explanation of this. Assam is known as the "Country of Tea". It has the largest concentration of tea gardens in the world. There are a lot of tea plantations there. In Assam, there is a sea of ​​tea trees everywhere. Most of the tea grown in Assam is supplied to the rest of the world. , , 7. What is the relationship between China and tea? , Ans. China is associated with tea in many ways. According to legend, tea was first discovered in China by a Chinese emperor who always boiled the water before drinking it. One day, some leaves from the tea branch fell into the water and tasted delicious. They are believed to be tea leaves. Also, words like 'tea', 'chai' and 'chini' come from China. , , 8. Why did Pranjol's father say that Rajvir had done his homework before visiting Assam? Pranjol's father said that Rajvir did his homework before visiting Assam because he told Pranjol's father many facts about tea cultivation and its popularity. ,, 9. Rajvir did research before visiting tea plantations. Is it good to do research before embarking on a new adventure, or does it take away the excitement of discovery? Clarify your position. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, , 2. Inspired by the diversity in the chapter 'India at a glance', you wrote an article for your school magazine on the topic 'India's Diversity-Uniqueness'. Write a share article Two main points of view. , Ans., "Diversity - Uniqueness of India", XYZ, India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. It is without a doubt known as a place of unity in diversity. Every culture in this land has its uniqueness. Geographic and cultural differences in each region make each place unique. On the one hand, we have the beauty and bravery of Korg, a majestic landscape of martial arts, beauties and flora and fauna. On the other hand, the geographical features of Assam make it suitable for tea production. The same goes for the cultural heritage of the Portuguese in Goa. Each region is identified by its own way of life, which makes its diversity full of unique combinations. ,, 3. The culture, way of life and traditions of a place are at all times influenced by the people who live or settle there. Cultural assimilation adds flavor to the existing fabric of society. Summarize your thoughts on a given idea.

Page 114:
111,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. The culture, way of life and traditions of a place are influenced by the people who lived or settled there at one time or another. Cultural assimilation or merging with another culture adds flavor to the existing fabric of a society. This is especially true of Indian lands. This assimilation can be seen everywhere from Goa to Coorg or Assam. Portuguese culture and its bakers have become an important part of the Goan landscape. The Coorg people are of Greek or Arab origin and have their imprint on military traditions, dress, marriage and religious ceremonies, which are distinct and dominant from other Hindus. Even Assam's tea landscape stems from the development of the Chinese tea industry. The ancient Buddhist ascetic Bodhidharma cut off his eyelids because he felt sleepy while meditating. There are ten tea trees growing on the eyelids. The leaves of these plants, when placed in hot water and drunk, can eliminate sleep. “Tea first appeared in China,” Rajvir adds, “as early as 2700 BC! In fact, words like tea, “chai” and “chini” all come from Chinese. Tea was introduced to Europe only in the 16th century, and people even Much tea is consumed as a medicine rather than a beverage.,, (i) Why is this story called a legend?, (ii) What does the given line say about Rajvir?, (iii) In The word meaning "to get rid of" is found in the excerpt., (iv) When and where was tea first drunk?, (v) Why did Bodhidharma cut his eyelids?, Ans. (i) The story of Bodhidharma's discovery of tea is called Legend, because there is no way to prove the veracity of this story., , (ii) The lines given indicate that Rajvir was interested in tea. He read a lot about it and wanted to explore further., (iii) " Banish" means "to get rid of"., (iv) Tea was drunk in China as early as 2700 BC., (v) Bodhidharma cut off his eyelids because he felt sleepy while meditating.,, 2. Read the article and answer the questions,, follow., Pranjol's father slowed down to allow the tractor, pulling a trailer of tea leaves, to pass. That, is the second flow or germination period, right, Mr. Barua Rajvir asks, "It lasts from May to July and produces the best tea. " "You seem to have done your homework before you came," said Father Prajols in surprise. "Yes, sir. Barua”, admits Rajvir. “But I hope to learn more here. ", , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), Resp. (i), (ii), , (iii), (iv), (v), , Mr. Why. Was Barua surprised?, Did Rajvir want to spend his time there?, Which word in the excerpt means sobriety?, What is Tea Bud?, Who is Tea Bud? Barua?, Sir Barua Surprised Rajvir already knows the tea gardens of Assam like the back of his hand. Rajvir wants to spend time exploring the beauty of Assam. He wants to know more about the tea gardens of Assam., "Acknowledgement" in the extract means "awakening" ., the germination period or second discharge of tea leaves lasts from May to July. and managers of tea gardens in Upper Assam.

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112,,CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 02,,,Lady Rides the Bus,,From Vallikkannan,,In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,, ! ,, The Meaning of Words, , ! , , Chapter Practice, , Chapter Summary, Valli and Her Desire to Ride the Bus, Valliammai is an eight-year-old girl who is affectionately known as Valli. She's a curious girl whose time has passed, standing at the front door of her house and watching what's going on in the street. She has no playmates of her own and just likes to take care of. To her, it's as much fun and fun as a child's game. Valli is most fascinated by the buses that run from her village to the nearest town. Valli was overjoyed to see the bus getting new passengers every hour, and soon she was longing for the bus. The desire to ride a bus turns to longing as Valli sees buses pass her street every day. ,,bus. So she's planning to go for a drive after lunch, when her mom naps for about three to four hours. and climb into the car. Valli acts like a grown lady when she gets in the car. The conductor, who is cheerful by nature, was amused by Valli's behavior and started calling her "ma'am". He led her to her seat, and the moment Valli sat down, the bus started moving. There were only six or seven passengers on the bus. It's a new bus with plush plush seats and nice paint. Valli rises from his seat to admire the view from the window. , Valli plans to ride the bus,, the view outside the bus,, for many days and months, Valli used to listen intently to the conversations between his neighbors and ordinary people, riding the bus travelers. Sometimes she asks questions to gather information about the bus and her trip. In this way, she gathered various small details about the bus trip, such as the distance between her village and the city, and the bus fare, which was thirty paise each way. She learns that the bus takes 45 minutes to reach the city. She timed her travels, planned and rescheduled her trip. She carefully hoarded coins for months, resisting temptation to buy toys, candy, and rides on the carousel at the village fair. In the end, she collected sixty paise... The bus passed by a canal. On one side of the narrow road are palm trees, pastures, distant mountains and blue sky. On the other side of the bus was a deep ditch with acres of green fields beyond. In the eyes of the old man, she was a child. She told him she had paid full fare like everyone else, and asked the conductor to give her the ticket. The driver and passenger were amused by an 8-year-old acting like an adult. When the conductor handed him the ticket, they laughed at his behavior. He also explained to her that she needed to sit down or she would get hurt.

Page 116:
113, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , The Journey Continues, Soon the bus stopped at a bus stop and some new passengers got on. Valli sat down, afraid of losing him. An older woman sat next to her, alone on the bus, asking Valli about her trip. Valli finds the lady ugly and unpleasant. , Valli, exasperated by her question, started looking out the window. , the bus runs smoothly, leaving all obstacles behind. From the road, in front of the bus. The driver slowed down and honked the horn, but the cow was frightened and ran even faster. Valli found it funny and laughed a lot. Finally, the cow turned the road and stopped in town, and the bus crossed the railroad crossing and passed through the train station. Then it reached the nearest town to the village of Valli. All the passengers got out of the car except Valli. The conductor asked her to get off the bus to explore the streets and nearby attractions, but Valli refused, telling her that she would return to the village on the same bus. The conductor also offered her a cold drink, but she refused. , , Valli's Return Journey, the bus started heading towards the village, Valli saw the same beautiful scenery again, and was moved by the same. Then her eyes fell on the cow that was killed by the flying car. The sight left her heartbroken, and she never wanted to look out the window again. The bus arrives at her village at 3:40. She bade farewell to the conductor and conductor warmly, which she did. She got off the bus and ran towards it, towards the house. Once inside, she saw her mother talking to one of her aunts. They are talking about everyday things and things that are beyond their knowledge and understanding. Valli spoke with them, and went, smiling, indoors. ,, the meaning of the word, given to our page. Corresponding to the number of pages of the specified book. , Word, , Meaning, , PAGE 118, crept, , make way, , Word, , Meaning, , Word, , Meaning, , startle, , surprise, , pedestrian, , a person traveling on foot,, PAGE 121,, joy, joy, honking, honking, galloping, (of the animal) running fast, unstoppable, (here) strong, haughtily, proudly, melancholy, wistfully, joined the conversation, , kindle, , kindle (a fire) here, feelings, , join a conversation or discussion, , slang, , a language consisting of words and phrases that are considered very informal, , imitating, , copying the speech of, someone, , will hardly be see or notice by many people, , PAGE 122, , discreet, PAGE 119, creep, , move slowly, , heavy, , happy and cheaply, , lazy, , when there is not much work, , PAGE 120, growling,, moving at high speed, making a loud, prolonged sound,, disgusting,, causing intense disgust or disgust,, PAGE 124, point,, very small size,, rattling, making rapid succession short, high-pitched noises, passing through, passing through or across, public roads, main roads in town, terse, harsh, nonsense, talking in a very stupid or stupid way, ,Trouble,,Concern,,Meticulous,,,Careful,,,PAGE 125,,,Frugal,,,Spend prudently,,,Shrug,,,Indicate indifference,,,Temptation,,,Strong impulse or desire,Own or do something, , arms outstretched, , lying down, arms and legs outstretched, , haunted, , repeatedly come to mind, , restraint, , decrease, , resolute containment determined control, hike, , flash Bright, Shine Bright, Overhead, Overhead, PAGE 123, Devour, Preoccupied, Adventure, Canvas Blinds, Thick Drapes, Peeking, Looking Closer, Ditch, A Hole, A short trip, especially for, pleasure, , shining, , shining, , gagging, , look with surprise or admiration, , commercial, , things for sale, , PAGE 126 , chatty, , talker, , cautious,, bold ,, underage girl, village, small village, nose picking, devouring, hitting, interested in something, it's not about her

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114, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, Multiple Choice Question, 1. "Valley looked wistfully at people getting on and off the bus." What does wistfully mean? , (a) With longing, (c) With care, , (b) With fear, (d) Gladly, , 2. Which word did Valli and his friends use to express slang disapproval? ,, (b) Yes! Yes! , (d) Alright! , , disapprove of Valli and her friends. , , 3. Conductor refers to Valli as…………… ., (c) Child, , (d) Daughter, , Resp. (b) Conductor refers to Valli as “Madam”. ,, 4. From the options below, find out the conductor's intention in addressing Valli as "ma'am". , (a) hatred,, (b) jealousy,, (c ) joke, , (d) sarcasm, , Resp. (a) calling Valli "ma'am", the driver wanted, (i) Valli found the lady People are disgusted. (ii) The lady has big pierced ears, ugly earrings and chews betel nuts. (b) (i) ) is true (ii) is false, (d) (ii) is the cause of (i), , Ans. (d) (ii) is the reason for (i), i.e. Valli finds the old woman repulsive because she has large pierced ears, wears ugly earrings, and chews betel nuts. , 6. What is the time since Valli's mother's nap? ,, (b) 1 to 4,, (c) 2 to 4,, (d) 2 to 3,, Resp. (b) Nap time between 1 and 4 after lunch, , by Valli's mom. , , 8. What does 'a stare from her lifeless eyes' in "Madam Rides the Bus" mean? , (a) The animal is sleeping, (b) The animal is dead, (c) The animal is looking at the sky, (d) The animal is looking at Wally, and the animal is dead. ,, 9. What does this say about Valli when she refuses to be treated by the conductor? , (a) Responsible, (b) Stubborn, (c) Rude, (d) Disrespectful, Resp. (a) Whether Valli is responsible and mature enough to take care of herself in the outside world before traveling alone. , , 8 year old? , , 5. Select the correct option for (i) and (ii). , , (a) 1 to 3, , (b) only (iii), (d) all of them, , 10. What usually goes through a person's mind, making a joke to make everyone happy., , (a) ( ii ) is true (i) is false, (c) (i) and (ii) are both false, Code, (a) only (i), (c) only (ii), , Resp. ( b) The phrase “a stare of his lifeless eyes” means, Resp. (c) 'Proud! proudly! ' is used as slang for (b) lady, (i) knowing bus timetables, (ii) buying tickets, (iii) sneaking out of the house, money for sneaking out of the house. ,, turn off the bus. The word "wistfully" means to desire, a, strong desire. ,, (a) Baby,, enough money?,, Resp. (c) Valli's next challenge, once she saves enough money, Resp. (a) "Valli looks thoughtfully at the person who comes in, Or, (a) Alright! Alright!, (c) Proud! Proud!, , 7. What's the next challenge after she gets saved,, (i) I should go on this adventure alone., (ii) If I get lost What about my parents and family!, (iii) I'm not allowed to leave without my parents' permission., (iv) I'm old enough to handle things on my own., Rule(a) (i) and (iv), (b) (ii) and (iii) )), (c)(i), (ii) and (iii), (d)(ii), (iii) and (iv) , Resp. (b) Statements (ii) and (iii) are the general thoughts that go through the mind of an eight-year-old before traveling alone.

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115, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th, 11th. Below is a list of some adjectives. Selection can be related according to Valli, in chapter 'Madam Ride the Bus', 1., 3., 5., 7., , Intelligent, Mature, Cranky, Curious, , 2., 4. , 6 ., 8 ., , (a) 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, (c) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, , cunning, responsible, polite, active listening,, (b) 2 , 3 , 5, 6, 7, (d) 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, , the answer. (a) Valli is intelligent, mature, responsible, curious,,, active listener. ,, 12. Rearrange the order in which Valli takes the buses in the order given in the story. ,, (i), (ii), (iii), (iv ), (v), , The bus passes the train station. , the bus leaves the village. , the bus runs along the canal. , The bus crosses a busy and congested street. , the bus arrives in the city. ,,,Code, (a) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v), (b) (v), (iii), (ii), (iv) and (i) , (c) ) (ii), (iii), (i), (iv) and (v), (d) (iii), (iv) (i), (ii) and (v), Resp. ( c) (ii), (iii), (i), (iv) and (v) are Valli,, bus trip., !, 1. answer, 3. support, 5. pets estimation, (a) 1, 5 and 6, (c) 2 and 5, , 2. lie, 4. majority, 6. place, (b) 1, 3 and 4, (d) 3, 5 and 6, , Ans. (b) response, support And most people use the word "overwhelming" to mean it. ,, (iii) "Valli would be jealous to hear that..." This suggests that Valli, (a) wants to take the bus, (b) is by nature a jealous human being, (c) refuses to accept his situation, (d) tends to For bothering travelers, Ans. (a) 'Valli would be jealous to hear...' This shows that, , Valli would like to take the bus. , , part of paragraph (iv) has been paraphrased. Select the option that contains the solution that best fits the blank. , the desire becomes so (i) .................... that, appears in a (ii).......... .........one. Valli will watch (iii) .................. see those getting on and off. , (a), (b), (c), ( d ), , (i) active ii) open iii) eager, (i) energetic (ii) overwhelming (iii) cheerful, (i) firm ( ii) open (iii) cheerfully, (i) vigorously (ii) overwhelmingly (iii) ) eagerly, , Ans. (d) (i) vigorously (ii) overwhelmingly (iii) eagerly, based on excerpts Multiple Choice Questions, 1. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. , "She looked at the bus day after day, and gradually, she had a little wish. Her head grew there: She wanted to take that bus, just once. When the bus stopped at the corner Valli looks wistfully at the people getting on and off the bus. Their faces will burn on her, longing and dreams and hopes. If a friend of yours happens to be on the bus and tries to describe the city to her Valli would be jealous, shouting in English as he listened: "Proud! pride! ’, CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) Valli looked at people longingly, (a) looked at the bus for a long time, (b) was inspired by people traveling on the bus, (c) wanted to ride the bus very much, (d ) Envious of people who can travel by bus, Resp. (c) Valli looks at people wistfully because he desperately wants to get on a bus., Desire), , (v) "A little bit of desire creeps into your head and in What does the phrase "grow there" mean?, (a) Desire has been developing in your mind for some time, (b) Desire is a feeling of wanting to prove yourself planted in your mind, (d) the desire is small, overcome by a feeling of doubt, Ans. (a) the phrase "gradually a little desire rouse in his head and, grows there" The words indicate that this desire has been developing in his mind for some time., , 2. Read the excerpt and answer the following questions. Over many days and months, Valli listened intently to the conversations among her neighbors, and People who used to ride the bus and her, asked some discreet questions here and there. In this way, she captured a few small details about the bus trip. The town is six miles from her village., (i) Valli How did you get the details about your bus ride?, (a) overheard a neighbor's conversation., (b) asked discreet questions., (c) both (a) ) and (b), (d ) none of the above

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116,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. (c) Valli learned details about the bus journey by listening to the neighbors and asking some questions about the bus and the journey. , (ii) What is Valli's irresistible desire? , (a) have friends, (c) be top of class, (b) travel by bus, (d) neither, Resp. (b) Valli has an irresistible desire to travel by bus. ,, (iii) Choose the option where you can describe Valli, referring to the above paragraph. , (i) curious, (iii) active listening, (v) cautious, codes (a) (ii), (iii) and (vi), (c) (iii), (iv), (v) and (vi ),village. The journey to the city takes forty-five minutes, and a one-way ticket costs thirty cents. Valli discovered these details by carefully listening to conversations between his neighbors and frequent bus riders. She also asked them some questions. , CBSE 2013, , (b) (i), (ii), (iii) and (v), (d) (i), (ii) and (iv), every temptation to buy mints, toys, balloons, and even Take a ride on the carousel at the village fair to save money on the bus. ,, 5. Why did the conductor call Valli "Ma'am"? ,, NCERT,, Rep. The conductor called Valli "Ma'am" because she behaved well,, (iv) Choose the correct option for (i) and (ii). , 1. Valli overhears a conversation between her, a neighbor, and a regular bus passenger. , 2. Valli wants to travel by bus. , (a) neither 1 nor 2 can be inferred from the excerpt, and (b) 2 is true and 1 is false. , (c) 1 contradicts 2, (d) 2 is reason 1. , answering (d) (2) is the reason for (1), ie Valli wants to travel by bus, so she used to listen to her, neighbors and Conversation among ordinary passengers on a bus. (d) 2 is the reason for 1., as a mature woman. She refused his help and answered the conductor's questions very quickly. The conductor was amused by her behavior and called her "Ma'am" just to amuse her. ,, 6. Describe the bus that Valli was on. , Resp. Valli's bus was new. Its exterior is painted bright white with several green stripes on the sides. Inside, the upper railing gleamed silver. , with a beautiful clock above the windshield, and its seat is soft and plush. , , 7. Why did Valli stand on the bench? What does this mean, (v) the synonym for "cautious" is, does she see now? ,, (b) Details, (d) Periodic,, Resp. Valli stands up in his seat as he finds his vision, Ans. (c) A synonym for discreet is "cautious". , part 2, subjective questions, short answer questions, 1. Who is Valli? Why is she standing at the door? Valli is a very curious eight-year-old girl. So, she used to look, the street outside her house. ,, 2. What is the most fascinating thing Valli has seen on the street? ,, NCERT, , Resp. Valli save money on bus travel, be cautious. ,,! ,, Did she discover these details? ,, Resp. Valli discovers that the city is six miles away from her, 4. How does Valli save money traveling by bus? , , (ii) Smart, (iv) Annoying, (vi) Interrupting, , Resp. (b) Valli is curious, intelligent, active listener, and, (a) cautious, (c) cautious, 3. What did Valli discover on the bus trip? AS, CBSE 2019, Ans. The most fascinating thing Valli sees on the street is, she, the bus driving between her village and the nearest town. He passed her street every hour, once into town and once back, blocked by the tarp at the bottom of the window. To get a better view, she sat up from her seat and looked over the screen. Valli can now see that the road is narrow. On one side of the road is a canal, and beyond the canal are palm trees, trees, pastures, distant mountains and blue sky. On the other side she saw a deep ditch and acres of green fields. , , 8. During her travels, Valli soaked up the natural beauty and clapped her hands with joy when she saw a heifer running fast. What does this tell Valli? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. During her travels, Valli soaks up the natural beauty, clapping her hands with joy when she sees a heifer running fast. It can be seen that although Valli is a mature and responsible girl, she is still a child at heart. Valli may act like an adult when she gets in the car, but when she claps her hands, her childishness and joy come through. Saw the hand of a cow as it ran in front of a bus.

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117,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. In this day and age, age is no longer a barrier. Boys, 9. Why doesn't Valli want to be friends with that old woman? ,, NCERT, , Ans. Valli doesn't want to befriend the old woman because she looks disgusting. She has big ears with ugly earrings. Also, she was chewing betel nuts and it looked like betel juice was about to drip from her mouth. , , 10. Valli didn't like the way adults treated her when she was on the bus. Describe how you would feel and react if you found yourself in a similar situation. CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. With adults constantly calling the shots, I also react like Valli when traveling because I consider myself responsible enough to travel alone. Just as Valli thinks she can take care of herself, so can I and therefore don't want to be bothered by her elders. ,, 11. What did Valli see on her path that made her laugh? , NCERT, Ans. Valli saw a heifer running very fast in the middle of the road in front of the bus. The horn of the bus frightened the animals. The more the driver honks, the faster the cattle run in front of the car. It all seemed funny to Valli, and she laughed a lot. , , 12. Why doesn't Valli get off the bus when it stops in town? , , Ans. When reaching the nearest town, everyone got out of the bus except Valli because she wanted to go home on the same bus. She just wants to go and take the bus. So she gave the conductor a ticket home and told her to take the same bus home. , , 13. Why doesn't Wali want to go to the stall for a drink? What does that tell you about her? ,, Resp. Valli doesn't want to go to the stall to drink because he doesn't have the money to pay. This tells us that she is a well-bred and self-respecting girl. 14. How did Valli feel when he saw a dead cow on the road? ,, CBSE 2014,, Resp. Seeing dead cow on road, Valli breaks down. She thought a beautiful and lovely creature, not so long ago, suddenly lost its charm and lost its life. It looks so scary and scary. After that, she didn't even glance outside the bus. What is it about Valli that helped her achieve the miracle of visiting the city at such a young age? , CBSE 2014, works miracles from a very young age. So is Wally. At age 8, Valli was able to take a bus into town to pursue his dreams on his own. She's no different than everyone else, except she has certain qualities that make her dreams come true. Valli is a very confident and bold girl. She knows proper planning and execution. She resisted the urge to save up for the bus ride. In addition, she was an excellent observer and student. All these qualities make her dream come true. Therefore, one should always remember that there is no age to learn and try new things. , , 2. Once we decide to achieve something, we encounter many difficulties. With focus, we can achieve this. How does Valli get her wish to ride a bus? , CBSE 2017, or How does Valli fulfill the desire to commute to and from the city by bus? , CBSE 2020, Resp. Indeed, once we decide that we want to achieve something, we encounter many difficulties that prevent us from doing our best to achieve it. But with focus, we can achieve something. The story of "Madame on the Bus" proves this fact. In the story, an eight-year-old girl, Walyamai or Valli, has a strong desire to catch a bus that runs from her street every day. As a confident and bold girl, Valli not only collected all the knowledge about the journey, but also carefully planned her journey. With extreme self-discipline, Valli saved money on the shuttle bus. She reined in her desire to buy candy, toys, balloons, and even, she never sat on the carousel at the village fair. So she planned to set off quietly while her mother was taking a nap. Finally, she was able to realize her dream. Her passion for nature, confidence and self-esteem helped her make the journey safely. So, indeed, with focus, determination and planning, you can achieve anything in life. , , 3. What kind of person is Valli? Explain your answer based on the text you read. CBSE 2012, or "Valli is a girl ahead of her time". Support the statement with examples from the text. CBSE 2020, , Resp. Valliammai or Valli is a curious 8 year old girl who develops a strong desire to ride a bus. In the story, Valli becomes a smart, sensitive, self-respecting and funny girl. With determination and enthusiasm, she strives to make her wish come true. Not only did she gather all the information she needed to ride the bus, but she sacrificed a lot for it. she controls her innocence

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118, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Want to buy toys, balloons, etc. take a bus. During the ride, Valli showed a mature, confident, courageous and down-to-earth temperament that surpassed her peers. She is, full of emotion and enthusiasm that she enjoys from the scenes outside the bus. Even the cows gave her great joy. Valli is also a smart, observant and sensitive girl who is friendly, polite and caring. Not only did she refuse to drink cold drinks from strange men, but she was also very polite when talking to the conductor. Her true nature is evident when she feels sorry for the dead cow lying on the side of the road. All of these characteristics show that Valli is different from other children her age. , , 4 years. Valli's dream is to travel by bus to the nearest town. How did she prepare to realize her dream? , CBSE 2019, Ans. Valli plans his bus trips by listening carefully to the conversations between neighbors and frequent bus riders. She also asked them some questions. She found that the city was ten kilometers away from her, and in the village, the one-way ticket was thirty shillings, and the journey took forty-five minutes. She also thought that if she stayed on the bus and came back on the same bus, it would cost her sixty paise. She refrained herself from buying toys, mints, etc., thus saving the ticket. Horseback riding, the carousel in the village saves fares, money all year round. In the end, she managed to save sixty paise for her trip. As fun as any other well-designed game for kids. Watching the street gave her many new and unusual experiences. ,, (i) Why does Valli keep standing at the door? , (ii) How did Valli feel when he stood in the doorway? , (iii) find a word meaning "not very common" from the article. , (iv) How is Valli different from children her age? , (v) What are the other kids doing on the street? , Resp. (i) Valli continued to stand at the door looking out at the street. , (ii) Watching the street gave Valli many new experiences. extract means "less common". , (iv) Unlike children her age, Valli is not interested in elaborate games. , (v) Other children used to play elaborate games in the street. , , 2. Read and try to do the following questions. The main attraction is the bus that runs between his village and the nearest town. It passed his street every hour, once into town and once back. Seeing the buses fill up with new passengers each time brings Valli endless joy. , (i) How many times has the bus passed by? , (ii) What is the source of Valli's endless joy? , (iii) Find a word from the article that means "always, cast". , (iv) What is the thing that fascinates Valli the most? , (v) What happens when Valli sees the bus every day? , Resp. (i) The bus passes the streets of Valli once an hour. , (ii) It was a source of joy for Valli to see the bus loaded with new passengers every time. , (iii) 'Endless'' from the excerpt means 'eternal'. , (iv) Valli is most fascinated by watching the bus driving between his village and the nearest town. , (v) Valli slowly develops the desire to ride the bus, seeing the bus pass by his village every day.

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119,,CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10,,Chapter 03,,The Sermon at Benares,,—by Betty Renshaw,,In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,, ! ,, the meaning of the word, , !, , Chapter Practice, , Chapter Summary Sakyamuni's early life, Sakyamuni Buddha was born in Gautama in northern India, a prince named Siddhartha. When he was twelve years old, he was sent to school to study Hindu scriptures. Four years later, he returned home to marry a princess and have a son. He lived the real life for ten years, free from all the misery in the world. Gautama felt the suffering in the world, Gautama was 25 years old when he saw the vision of suffering in the world. One day he went hunting and saw a sick man, an old man, a funeral procession, and then a monk begging. These visions had a profound effect on Gautama, who gave up real life and set out to seek enlightenment. Enlightened on the seventh day, he renamed the tree "Bodhi Tree" (the tree of wisdom). He began to teach his new insights and became known as the Buddha. As Buddha, Gautama gave his first sermon at Benares, the holiest place of immersion in the Ganges. of, grief., , Kisa Gotami's only son Kisa Gotami's story is dead. She was so sad that she went from door to door begging for medicine for her dead son behind her back. Eventually, she meets a man who leads her to Buddha, who might fix her problems. She went to Buddha and begged him to heal her son. The Buddha asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house that had not lost a loved one. Gotami went door to door looking for mustard seeds, but she couldn't find any houses that didn't have them. One is dead. Tired and desperate, she sat down on the side of the road. When she sees the city lights flickering in the dark, she realizes that human life has the same fate. She realizes that death is everywhere and no one can escape it.

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120, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , The inevitability of death, Buddha said that our life is full of pain and suffering. Everyone who is born must die. It is impossible to avoid death. All men, whatever their differences, must die, because all mortals inevitably die. He further added that wise men understand the inevitability of death. They do not lament, lament, or complain, and are therefore at peace and free from sorrow. If anyone continues to suffer, they will suffer physically and mentally, and only those who continue will be blessed. , sacred, , a, religion, , appropriated, , appropriated, , until now, , before now, money or food given to, poor people, enlightenment a state of high spiritual knowledge, chance discovery, wandering, , meaning, , word , , mean, , swear, , a solemn promise, something, extinguish, , erase, , valley, desolate, , place of deep sorrow, , awakening, , enlightened, mortals, , those who are doomed man, sermon, p. 135, repair, speech on religious or moral subject, incomprehensible or explainable, is, seeks, obtains, darling, dear, tired, , feels or shows extreme weariness, shines unsteady, , holy, , scripture, , almsgiving, , Word, , slow or aimless movement, , page 134, , incomprehensible, , sparkling, , ground , , boiled in clay or cooked, relative, close relative, lament, express sorrow, regret, or displeasure about something

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121, , CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, multiple choice questions, 1. This lesson tells about the life of Buddha as a prince to show that…  …  …, (a) he lived a happy and fulfilling life, (b) he was a wealthy man, (c) he is a spoiled rich man, (d) he is ignorant of human suffering, A. (b) This lesson narrates the life of the Buddha as a prince to show that he lived a happy and fulfilling life with his parents, wife and son. , , 2. Prince Siddhartha lived ten years as a royal. What does the underlined sentence mean? , (a) a member of the royal family, (b) a person who lives off royal wealth, (c) a person who lives as a king or queen should, (d) none of the above, Resp. (c) "Authentic kingship" is It means that one should live like a king or queen. , , 3. What is the reason why Prince Siddhartha was free from suffering in the world? , , (a) Avoid hindering him from becoming a great spiritual leader as prophesied at his birth. , (b) his inability to accept the truth about the suffering of the world. , (c) He does not want to see the suffering of the world. , (d) None of the above, Rep. (a) Prince Siddhartha was protected from worldly suffering to prevent him from becoming a great spiritual leader, as prophesied at his birth. ,, 4. How long did Gautama sit under the Bodhi tree? ,, (a) seven years, (b) six years, (c) seven days, (d) four days, the answer. (c) Gautama sat under the Bodhi tree for 7 days and became enlightened. , 5. What does the word "enlightenment" mean in the context of the chapter "The Benares Sermon"? , (a) to a state of innocence, (b) a state of high spiritual knowledge, (c) a state of brain abandonment, (d) a state of begging, Ans. (b) Enlightenment implies a state of high spiritual knowledge,,, 6. What does the sermon in the chapter "The Sermon at Benares" reflect? ,, (a) The Wisdom of the Buddha, (c) The Story of Gautama, , (b) The Enlightenment of the Buddha, (d) Mortal Death, , Resp. (a) "The Sermon of Benares" The sermons in this chapter reflect the Buddha's wisdom about an incomprehensible suffering. , , 7. Why did Gotami Kisa bring his dead son back to life? Choose the smallest possible cause. ,, (a) She cannot accept the fact that her only son is dead. , (b) She believes in rebirth. , (c) She believes that medicine can cure her son. , (d) None of the above, Resp. (b) The least likely reason Kisa Gotami brought her dead child back to life is that she believes in rebirth. , , 8. “She lost consciousness. The boy died.” – Who are “she” and “boy” in the sentences given?, (a) Kisa Gotami and her late husband, (b) Kisa Gotami and Gautama Buddha, (c) Kisa Gotami and her dead son, (d) Kisa Gotami and a nearby person, Ans. (c) In the given line, "she" is Kisa Gotami and "boy" is her, Dead son., , 9. Why did Gautama Buddha ask Kisa Gotami, to bring mustard seeds from nobody's house, to be dead?, (a) to disappoint her., (b) to make her realize that death is to all It is common for people., (c) Keep her busy until he heals her son., (d) All of the above,,, respond. (b) Buddha asked Giza Gautama that no one died Bringing mustard seeds in her house made her realize that death is common to all.

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122, , CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature 10th, , 10. People who don’t suffer are…………, (a) arrogant,, (b) proud,, (c) happy,, (d) wise the response to. (d) Those who do not suffer are wise. , , 11. According to the chapter "The Sermon of Benares", which of the following statements is NOT true? , , (i) Gautam Budhha's real name is Prince Devdatt. , (ii) The sight of a monk begging sets the prince on the path to enlightenment. , (iii) Kisa Gotami is mourning her deceased husband. , (iv) Gautama Buddha took ten years to attain enlightenment. , (v) Prince Siddhartha married at the age of 16. , (vi) Prince Siddhartha was free from worldly suffering until the 25th year of his life. , (a) (i), (iv) and (v), (c) ) (ii), (v) and (vi), , (b) (i), (iii) and (iv), (d ) (i), (ii) and (iii), , Resp. (b) Statements (i), (iii) and (iv) are incorrect. Shakyamuni Buddha's real name is Prince Siddhartha. Kisa Gotami, mourning her dead son. Gautama Buddha took seven days to become enlightened. , , 12. Which of the following is a teaching of the Buddha as stated in the chapter "The Benares Sermon"? It is bothersome and fleeting, and accompanied by pain. , (ii) those who are born cannot avoid death. , (iii) The fate of man is like the lights of a city, which flicker in the dark and then go out again. , (iv) No one gets peace of mind from crying or mourning. , (a) option (i), (b) option (ii) and (iii), (c) option (i), (ii) and (iv), (d) none of them, Ans. (c) Options (i), (ii) and (iv), !, , multiple choice questions based on excerpts, 1. Read the excerpts and answer the following questions. At the age of twelve, he was sent to study the sacred Hindu scriptures, and many years later he returned to his hometown to marry a princess. They had a son and lived like royalty for ten years. The prince was about twenty-five years old, and escaped from the sufferings of the world here. He went hunting and fell ill. ,, Then an old man, then a funeral procession, and finally a monk begging. These sights moved him so much that he immediately became a beggar, seeking enlightenment in the world about the sorrow he had witnessed. , (i) What was the unintended effect of the Buddha seeing these visions? , (a) he was depressed and sad, (b) he renounced the kingship, (c) he decided to become an ascetic, (d) he decided to consult a scholar, Ans. (a) The vision of suffering had a profound effect on Gautama. , , He wanted to see an answer, so he gave up or left his royal life to become a wanderer. , , (ii) What did the prince see when he was trapped out hunting? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , he saw a sick old man, , the answer. (d) When the prince was hunting, he saw a sick man,,,, an old man, a funeral procession, and a begging monk,,,, (iii) Select the option that lists a set of statements that are incorrect according to with the excerpt given. , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), , he is Buddha. , he is far from the pain of life. , he was only ten years old when he left the kingdom. , he became a beggar because he was deposed. , he attained enlightenment. , his son was ten years old when he left the kingdom. , , (a) (iii) and (iv) , (c) (ii) and (v), , (b) (i) and (iv), (d) (ii) and (vi), , Resp. (a) Statements 3 and 4 are incorrect. He was 25 when he left the kingdom. He becomes a beggar seeking clarification. ,, (iv) Select the option that correctly categorizes the following facts and opinions. , 1., 2., 3. , 4. , , He was born a prince and kept away from sorrow. , he should not have made such a rash decision. , his wife and children must hate him. , he is an enlightened man. , , (a) F - 1 , 3 and O-2, 4 , (c) F-1, 4 and O-2, 3, , (b) F-2, 3 and O-1, 4, (d ) F-1 and O -2, 3, 4, , Ans. (c) Statements 1 and 4 are true because they are directly mentioned in the text. Statements 2 and 3 are opinions because they are not mentioned in the text. ,, (v) He decides to seek, (a) self-awareness, (c) healing of people's suffering,, (b) enlightenment, (d) helpless sad people, Ans. (b) He decides to seek enlightenment. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. Poor Gotami is now going door to door and people sympathize with her and say: "Here you are, wasabi; take it!" But when she asks: "Do you have a dead son or daughter, father or mother?" They answered her, "Alas! few live, and many die. Do not remind us

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123,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, Our deepest condolences. "There is no house but a loved one dies in it.,,View the titles below and select the option that provides the most suitable set of titles.,,CBSE Question Bank 2021,,(1) Title Series - From Dark Light.,Part 1-- Living with Loss; Part 2 – Mother’s Journey; Part 3 – Mustard Seed, (2) Series Title – Mustard Seed., Part 1 – Mother’s Journey; Part 2 – From Darkness to Light; Part III - Living with Loss, (3) Series Title - Mother's Journey, Part I - The Mustard Seed; Part II - Living with Loss; Part III - From Darkness to Light, (4) Series Title - Living with Loss, Part 1 - From Darkness to Light; Part 2 - Mustard Greens, Seeds; Part III - A Mother's Journey, (i) In the above excerpt, the community reacted slightly differently to Kisa than before .Why, do you think so?, (a), (b), (c), (d), , They learned from Buddha's saying., They were able to help Kisa somehow this time., They understood The pain of their parents., They love Kisa and enjoy talking to her., Ans. (b) The community is different than before because this time they managed to help Kisa somehow; they can give you a handful of mustard seeds. But , due to becoming a Buddha, she cannot accept them., , (ii) Which of the following is the correct understanding of the word "poor" in the sentence "poor Gotami"? need money, (c) unhappy,, (b) Weakness, (d) Inferior,,, Resp. (c) "Unhappy" stands for the correct understanding of the word "poor" in the sentence "Poor Kisa Gotami"., (iii) "Do not remind us of our deepest pain . "The tone of the speaker is, (a) Disillusioned, (c) Sarcastic, (b) Skeptical, (d) Serious,,, Ans. (d) The tone of the speaker in a given speech is dignified, i.e., ,, Seriously.,, (iv) Select the option for explanation - '...there are few living, but many dead.', (a) shows the high death rate in the city of Benares and The low birth rate., (b) highlights the sacred status of Benares, where many Hindus died., (c) reveals the countless relatives of the villagers, lost there over time., (d) reflects Many children died in the village due to various reasons., Ans. (c) "Few live but many die" reveals the fact that the villagers lost many relatives over time., (v) Hypothesis You are a photojournalist visiting towns and going door to door during the Kisa Gotami era., You have documented the experiences she gave above and extracted a series of photos. Part 2 depicts her conversations with people, part 3 part captures Kisa's reflections as she sits on the side of the road at the end of the day. The publisher also wants you to choose titles for the series and its three parts. ) 1 and 2, (c) 3 and 4, , (b) 2 and 3, (d) 1 and 4, , Resp. (b) 2 and 3,, Part 2, Subjective Questions,!,, Short Answer Questions, 1. How much do you know about the early life of Buddha?,, Answer. Early Life of Buddha Filled with true joy and happiness. Buddha was born into a royal family like Siddhartha Gautama. At the age of twelve, he was sent to study the Hindu scriptures. Four years later, he married a princess and gave birth to gave birth to a son., , 2. What effect did viewing worldly suffering have on Buddha?, , Ans.Visions of suffering sick people, old people, funeral processions and beggars had a profound impact on Buddha. He was so affected by suffering that He immediately left real life to seek enlightenment and understanding of the world around him.,, 3. What did Buddha do after becoming enlightened?,, Ans . After Buddha attained enlightenment, he began teaching and sharing his new realization. He Spread his sermons widely so that people can come and know the truth. He wants people to know about this world so they can live a peaceful life., , 4. When his son died, Kisa Gotami went door to door Visiting. What did she ask? Did she understand? Why not?, NCERT,, Resp. After Gotami's son died, she went door to door asking for medicine, son. No, she couldn't because her son had Dead, no medicine could bring him back to life.

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124,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 5. After that Kisa Gotami went door to door again,, Ans. Siddhartha showed compassion, kindness and determination in his decision to leave his family and principality. He feels compassion for others. He was troubled by seeing people's pain and wanted to find a solution to their pain and disease. She converses with Buddha. What does she want... for the second time? Does she understand? why not? ,, NCERT, Resp. After talking with the Buddha, Gotami again went door to door to fetch mustard seeds from homes where no one had died. No, Kisa Gotami achieved nothing because there is no person or family in the world, no death. Everyone has faced the loss of a loved one, member. , 6. What did Kisa Gotami realize the second time, 12. Do you think that becoming a Buddha brings much greater responsibility to the Buddha than becoming a king? Prove your position. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, , Answers. Yes, enlightenment brings with it far greater responsibilities on the Buddha than the responsibilities of being a king. As king, he was more concerned with the health of his people, but now he has an obligation to look after all of humanity. Like Buddha, he had a responsibility to preach and educate people about the truths he recognized, she didn't understand the first time? Is this what the Buddha wanted her to understand? NCERT,, the answer. Kisa Gotami understood for the second time that death is common to all. She understands that she is selfish and painful. There is no dead house without loved ones. , yes, that's what the Buddha wanted her to understand. , , 7 According to Kisa Gotami, what is the greatest pain in life? , CBSE 2014, Ans. According to Gotami, the greatest pain in life is the death of a loved one. Therefore, instead of mourning, the sage accepts the truth of death. Crying only increases suffering and disturbs one's inner peace. , , 8. How did Kisa Gotami realize that life and death are a process? , CBSE 2016, 2019, Ans. Kisa Gotami realized that life and death are normal processes while visiting houses, but could not find a house where no one died. As she sat down, she realized that death was common to all. The living are mortal. , , 9. According to the Buddha, who is a sage? , Ans. According to Buddha, wise men are those who never complain or regret their losses. They accept the facts and move on. These people are composed. They live a happy and peaceful life. , , 10. How do you usually understand the concept of "selfishness"? Do you agree with Kisa Gotami that she is "selfish in pain"? , NCERT, Ans. I tend to interpret selfishness as thinking only about my own interests. I also understand it to mean complete disregard for the interests of others. Yes, I agree with Kisa Gotami that she is "selfish in her pain". In her son's death, she failed to see that death is something that befalls all living beings. , , 11. Clarify any qualities that Siddhartha exhibited when he gave up his position and family. Bank 2021, , !, , long-answer questions, 1. Describe Siddhartha Gautama's journey to Buddhahood. , CBSE 2020, , Ans. Gautama Buddha was born into a royal family in 563 BC. His name was Siddhartha Gautama. At the age of twelve, he was sent to study. He studied all the holy Hindu scriptures. At sixteen he married a princess, and they had a son. He lived a real life for ten years, free from the sufferings of the world. However, when he was twenty-five, he saw a sick man, then an old man and a funeral procession. Finally, he met a monk begging. This is the first time he encounters the harsh realities of life. These visions upset him so much that he decided to give up worldly pleasures. He left his family and became a monk. He went into the world in search of spiritual knowledge. Siddhartha Gautama wandered for seven years in search of wisdom and truth. Finally, he sat down and meditated under a big plane tree. He vowed to stay there until he attained enlightenment. Seven days later, Gotama attained enlightenment. He was called "Buddha," which means "enlightened one" or "awakened one." He began to teach and spread his message of wisdom and truth. , , 2. Life is full of trials and tribulations. Kisa Gotami, also went through a period of mourning in her life. , how does she behave in this situation? , or why did Gotami go to see the Buddha? What lessons did he teach her? , CBSE 2019, or how Buddha made Kisa Gotami aware of the reality of death? , CBSE 2020, Resp. When Gotami's only child died, she was very sad. She took the dead child to her neighbor's house

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125, CBSE 10th Semester 2 English Language and Literature, for remedies to bring him back to life. Her neighbors thought she had lost her mind because she couldn't, accepting that their son was dead. It was then that someone suggested that she go to meet Shakyamuni Buddha. When she met Gautama Buddha, he gave her a practice. She was asked to collect mustard seeds from a house where no one died. She went from house to house, but could not find a house in a city where no one died. Just like that, she realizes that death is a part of life, and whoever is born will die one day. Thus, the Buddha changed his understanding of death through this practice. The Buddha told her that only the wise don't suffer and accept reality. Grief brings nothing but pain and suffering to the body. If you are calm, you will stay away from sorrow and get happiness. This gave him the strength to overcome his pain. , , 3. Through Gotami's story, what was the Buddha trying to teach ordinary people? The lesson the Buddha taught Gotami about death and suffering is that they are an integral part of life. No one can escape this truth. One day he will meet his predestined end. People who come into this world will die one day. So, when mourning the loss of a loved one, one should remain calm and collected. So, um, never mind the pain. Otherwise, they will suffer even more. Wise people, however, never complain or mourn their losses. They never try to bring their dead relatives back to life, as Gotami wants to do. They accept the truth and overcome their grief. Those who overcome grief will be blessed. Therefore the wisdom is that one should not be troubled by pain, suffering or death. , , 4. What lesson did Kisa Chotami learn the second time around that she didn't learn the first time? , , Answering that Gotami lost her only son, she was so distraught that she took her dead son and ran to all the neighbors to pick him up, healed him, and brought him back to life. Finally, she went to Buddha for medicine to cure her son. Buddha felt she needed to realize that death and sorrow are inseparable truths of life. , it was difficult for her to accept this fact. So Buddha asked her to take mustard seeds from a house where no one had died. Kisa Gotami visited from house to house. Then she realizes that there is no house where no one has died, that death is common to all. She went back to the Buddha, who told her that life in the world is full of troubles and sorrows. He gave her examples of ripe fruit and clay pots with a short "life". In this way, he made her realize in the next second that death is inevitable, and no one can save someone from death, even the closest person. After wandering for seven years, he finally sat down under a bodhi tree and vowed to stay until enlightenment came. After seven days of enlightenment, he renamed the tree the Bodhi tree and began teaching and sharing his new understanding. At that time he was called Buddha. , (i) What is the name of the Bodhi tree on which the Buddha sat? The exact words in the excerpt mean "a solemn commitment to do the specified thing". , (iv) After how many days did Siddhartha attain enlightenment? , (v) Siddhartha is called………… (i) The name of the Bodhi tree on which Buddha sat was the Bodhi tree. , (ii) Siddhartha sat under a tree and began to teach and share his new understanding. , (iii) "promise" in the excerpt means "a solemn commitment to do a specific thing". , (iv) Siddhartha attained enlightenment 7 days after promising that he would sit until enlightenment came. , (v) Siddhartha was known as Gautama Buddha after his enlightenment. ,, 2 Read the excerpt to answer the following questions. Buddha gave his first sermon at the city of Benares, the holiest diving spot on the Ganges. The sermon has been saved and given here. It reflects the Buddha's wisdom about a kind of incomprehensible suffering. ,, (i) Where did the Buddha give his first teaching? , (ii) What does the Dharma taught by the Buddha reflect? , (iii) Find the exact word meaning "impossible to understand" in the passage. , (iv) How is Benares described in the curriculum? , (v) What is your understanding of the word Buddha? , Ans. (i) The first sermon of the Buddha in Benares. (ii) reflects the Buddha's wisdom on a kind of incomprehensible suffering. (iii) "Incomprehensible" in the excerpt means "incomprehensible". (iv) Benares is immersed in the Ganges as the holiest place of course. , (v) Buddha means an awakened person or an enlightened person.

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126,,CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 04,,Proposal,(Part),,—by Anton Chekov,,In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,, ! ,, Meaning Word , , !, , Chapter Practice, , Chapter Summary, Lomov in Chubukov's House, , Natalya Meets Lomov, , The play begins in the living room of Chubukov's house. Ivan, Romov came to see Chubkov. Chubukov Very nice to meet you. He was surprised to see Lomov in a suit and asked if he was going somewhere. Romov told him that he came to you because he needed your help. Chubkov thought that Lomov must have come to borrow money from him, and claimed that he would not give him money. In the end, Romov said that he had come to propose to Natalia (Chubkov's daughter). Natalya went into the living room and was surprised to see Romov. She welcomes Lomov and starts talking about working in the fields. Suddenly, she noticed Romov's attire and asked him if he was going to the prom (party). Romov told her the reason for his visit. But instead of talking about the proposal, Lomov told her about the good relationship between Lomov and Chubkov. He also mentioned the Bois Meadows he inherited from his aunt. He hugged and kissed Lomov. He told Lomov that he had been waiting a long time for this offer. He further assured her that Natalya would also agree to the offer and would call her. ,, After hearing Lomov call Oxen Meadows his, Natalya tells Lomov that Oxen Meadows does not belong to him. They really belonged to Chubkov. A discussion about cattle meadows ensues. Both men continually claimed the grass as their property. Lomov offered to produce documents supporting his claims. He clarified that Bois Meadows had been the subject of arguments between their families. Her aunt's grandmother gave her free to the farmers of Natalia's father's grandfather. A farmer lays bricks for his grandmother. Since farmers have used the grass for forty years, the Chubkovs have come to regard the land as their own. But now they belong to Lomov. Romov thought about Natalia and her life. After Chubukov left, Lomor was left alone in the living room. He started talking to himself. He thought Natalia was a good housewife. She is well educated and not ugly. He thinks he needs to get married now because he is thirty-five and needs a quiet and peaceful life. He also found that he was always restless and couldn't sleep well. In fact, we (as readers) found Lomov getting very excited and nervous when he announced his proposal.

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127, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10, Discussion continued between Natalya and Lomov, Natalya learned about the proposal, and as soon as Lomov left, Chubukov told Natalya that Lomov had come to propose to her. Hearing this, Natalia almost fainted and burst into tears. She blames Chubkov for angering Lomov and asks him to bring him back. Chubukov went to get it, Lomov came back. Natalya disagrees and insists that the grass is theirs. She insists the land has been theirs for nearly 300 years. Both Lomov and Natalya insist that the land is not worth much, but they want it out of principle. Lomov proposed the meadow as a gift to Natalia. Natalya also said she could make grass, which was a gift to Lomov. He supports Natalia and tells Lomov that the cattle meadow is their property. The argument escalated to the point where Lomov and Chubukov started calling names at each other and their families. Chubukov asked Lomov not to talk to him like that because he was twice his age and it was disrespectful. Lomov called Chubkov a predator and threatened to take Chubkov to court. This angered Chubkov, who claimed that Romov's grandfather was an alcoholic and that his little aunt Nastasya had run off with an architect. He also called Romov a villain, a scarecrow and a monster who dared to propose. It all got Romov excited, and his health went from bad to worse. In the end, Chubkov told Romov to leave his home and never return. Romov entered the house again. Natalya told him Bois, Meadows belonged to Lomov and changed the conversation. Then they started talking about dogs. Lomov told Natalia that her dog Guess is the best dog ever. Natalya again disputed Lomov's claims and named her dog "Squeezer", making it better than Guess. Once again, an argument ensues. Both listed their dog's qualities and claimed that their dog was better than the other. Chubukov joins in and the argument escalates again to the point where they start hurling insults at each other. Chubukov asks Lomov to marry Natalya. Both Natalya and Chubukov thought he was dead and started crying. They thought Natalia's chances of getting married were over. After a while, Romov came back to his senses. Chubukov tells Lomov that Natalya is ready to get married and they must get married as soon as possible. Not wanting to miss a moment, he joined their hands. He asks them to kiss and blesses them. However, they started arguing about their dog again, as Chubukov ordered everyone to drink champagne in an attempt to calm his daughter. Corresponds to the pages of the prescribed book, Grain of the Plant, Excuse, Husk, Husk Removal, Gypsy, A Homeless Man, Storage, Recklessness, Failure to Show Due Respect and courtesy, bottle, , container of water, , PAGE 144, stand up, forgive, count on, , depend on, , stacked, PAGE 147, , PAGE 145, by jove, , used to express surprise or emphasis, , respect , a feeling of respect and admiration for someone, loss of balance, agreement, , liveliness, , meadow, , a place to graze cattle, , allow, something, , swamp, , a place of loose land and water, , trembling, , trembling slightly like you, scared, nervous, excited, etc., trapped, , forced into a confined space, squeezed, , angry, , expressing surprise, anger, or affirmation, , permanent, acknowledging, , PAGE 146 , palpitations, ( , , squirming, , rapid and heavy beating, and often in an irregular manner due to excitement, nervousness, etc., making uncontrolled or deliberate slight, sudden movements,, PAGE 149, cutter of grass , grasping, grasping, hoarseness, high, containing, preventing someone from doing something, a state that lasts for a long time, excruciating pain, very distressing; causing great mental or physical pain, Believe, p. 150, p. 148, a mower, habit, habit, dessiatins, a coin, waving, begging, making a very serious request to someone or Emotional, disturbing, exciting or irritating someone, p.151, making heads or tails, understanding, petty, someone who argues over trifles

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128,CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Word, , Meaning, , Word, , Meaning, , Word, , embezzling public funds, , stealing money from your, employer, , frugal, , a colorless person, , PAGE 154, explosion, , breaking or in pieces, , drunk, , a person who were were or, who frequently got drunk, , whine, , cry, , fester, , (here) rubbish, , hysterical, , wildey emotional and exaggerated reactions, , well-developed, rounded, purebred, (animal), parent of the same breed, nose, usually long nose and mouth of the animal, p.152, meaning, hump,,, on the back have a hump, drunkard, get fat or drink (something) greedily, seek, pursue, bring back someone, gambler, person who gambles, , hot, , angry, , , scheming, , cheater, , pp. 153 page, , neck and neck, , very close (as in a race), , malevolent, , having or showing a desire to cause harm, , lame, , verst, , the distance of one Russian unit, equal to 1,067 km, , hobbled,, Shaking from side to side, Injury to a leg or foot that makes walking difficult or painful, Sprain, Forced out of its natural or proper form, Worrying, Possible, Predisposition to family history, Members of the animal, past especially in When Good or Impressive, Tracking, (Here) Hunting, Partridge, A Bird, Milkmaid, A Courageous One, Purebred and Unmixed, Jesuit , , cheater, , overshot, , upper jaw, extended jaw, , page 156, , exhausted, , tired, , pretending, , hypothetical, , villain, scarecrow, , rude, confused, , wrinkled, , a cruel or dishonest man, , pedigree, , grotesque-looking, scrawny, invisible qualities, respect for others, used for emphasis, especially when expressing anger or annoyance, wrinkled face, purebred, , PAGE 155, (here) following, , damn, , used to say something is, not important,, happiness, complete happiness

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129, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! , multiple choice question, (a) the tendency for wealthy families to seek connections with other wealthy families, (b) the tendency for wealthy families to increase their fortunes, (c) encourage marriages that make good economic sense, (d) all of the above, Answer. (d) The show is about the tendency of wealthy families to seek out, to network with other wealthy families in order to increase their fortunes and encourage marriages that make good financial sense. ,,2. The word "marriage proposal" has many meanings and you can, guess what kind of proposal this drama came from? , (a) a suggestion, plan or plan to do something, (b) a proposal of a possible plan or action, (c) the act of courting someone, (d) none of the above, Resp. (c) The play is about the act of proposing to someone, marriage. ,, 3. Chubukov (narrator) He came to borrow money. ………, (b) Pretentious, (d) Hypocritical,, Ans. (c) The given line shows that although Chubukov,, knows Lomov very well, he doesn't actually like him and only pretends to like him. ,, 4. What was Lomov wearing when he entered the scene? ,, (a) coat and white gloves, (b) coat and hat, (c) vest and trousers, (d) shirt and trousers, Ans. (a) Lomov is wearing a white coat and gloves, , as he enters the scene. , , ……… ., , (a) gave Oxen Meadows to Chubukov, (b) gave Natalya his pet dog Intuitive, (c) proposed to Chubukov’s daughter, (d) none of the above, Resp. (c) Chubukov blesses Lomov because he asks, , Chubukov's daughter to marry. , , 1. What is this play about? , , (a) Selfish, (c) Greedy, , 5. Chubukov blessed Lomov for him, , 6. Determine the setting of the scene. , (a) Chubukov's living room (b) Lomov's bedroom, (c) Natalya's bedroom, (d) Oxen Meadows, Ans. (a) The entire play takes place in Chubukov's living room, , , 7. Natalya and Lomov's What is a point of disagreement? , (a) pet dog, (c) house, , (b) Oxen Meadows , (d) none of these, , Ans. (b) Oxen Meadows is the first point of contention, between Natalya and Lomov. ,, 8. When Natalya fell on the chair and asked to call Lomov back? ,, (a) when she learned that Lomov came to ask her in the marriage, (b) when she learned that Lomov was emotional, (c) when Natalya learned that he had actually left the house, (d) above Neither, Resp. (a) When Natalya learns that Lomov is coming and proposes to her, she collapses on a chair and asks to call Lomov back. ,, 9. "Honey, why shout like that? You don't prove anything just by shouting. Who said this to whom in the play?, (a) Chubukov to Natalya, (c) Lomov to Natalya,, (b) Chubukov to Lomov, (d) Natalya to Lomov, , Resp. (b) Chubukov to Lomov's lines., , 10. Natalya's pet dog, Squuezer, is a purebred animal and is………… Son of …., , (a) Harness and Chisles, (b) Harness and Volchantesky, (c) Chisles and Volchantesky (d) Chisles and Taxi Horse, Ans. (a) Natalya’s pet dog Squeezer is a purebred dog, is Son of Harness and Chisles.

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130, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , 11. What is the theme of the play? , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), , Human nature, the rich, the weak, arguments and disputes, two-faced people, affection for dogs, (a) (i), (iv), (v) and (vi), (c) (i), (ii), (iii) and (v), , (a) He is an old man. , (b) He was emotional. , (c) He wants Natalia to be his business partner. , (d) He wants to travel around the world. , Ans. (b) "Speaker suffers from fits of excitation" is true. , (b) (ii), (iii) and (iv), (d) all of these, , Ans. (d) all of these, , 12. Choose the most appropriate option for (1) and (2). , 1. Natalya and Lomov will not be a happy couple. , 2. Lomov does not love Natalya., (a) (1)) and (2) both hold, (b)(2) is contrary to (1), (c)(1) strengthens the premise of (2), ( d) (1) and (2) are both true) is false, answer (a) (1) and (2) are both true, !, , multiple choice questions based on excerpts, 1. Read the excerpts to answer the following questions . , ''Natalya Stephenova is an excellent housekeeper, not ugly and well educated. What more do I want? But I heard excited voices ringing in my ears. (drinking) It is impossible for me not to get married. First of all, I'm 35 years old - a critical age, so to speak. Secondly, I must live a peaceful and regular life. '', (i) Who is the speaker of the given line? , (a) Chubukov, (b) Ivan, (c) Ivan's brother, (d) Chubukov's friend, ,, answer (b) Ivan is the speaker of the given line. , , (ii) When the speaker says "What more do I want?", he means, (a) that he wants to get married as soon as possible. , (b) Natalya is a good match for him. , (c) He and Natalia quarreled. , (d) Natalia will add to his glory. , Resp. (b) When the speaker says: "What more do I want?" he, , means that Natalya is his good partner. suffer from many diseases. , (b) He leads a very social life. , (c) He wants a beautiful wife. , (d) He wants to live a very quiet and regular life. , Ans. (d) The given utterance tells us that the speaker wants to live a normal life. , , (iv) According to the passage, the statement about the speaker is true, (v) Choose a word from the excerpt to complete the following. , Critical : Confident : : ……… : Indifference, (a) Excellent, (c) Enthusiasm, , (b) Polite, (d) Cool, , Resp. (c) Critical: Safety :: Enthusiasm: Indifference. That is, , because criticism and security are antonyms, excitement and indifference are also antonyms. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. The Romovs are noble people, no one has ever been tried for embezzlement like your grandfather! Chubkov, you Romov family are crazy! Natalia Everything, everything, everything! Chubkov Your grandfather was an alcoholic, his little aunt, Nastasya Mihailovna, ran away with the architect, etc... LOMOV His mother was a hunchback. , side... my head... help! Water!, CHUBUKOV Your father was a graveous gambler!, CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) choose the option to correctly identify the tone of the characters in the excerpt provided, (1) confrontation, (3) contempt, (a) (1) and ( 2), (c) (1) and (3), , (2) humor, (4) sarcasm, (b) (2) and (4), (d) (3) and (4) , , the answer ( c) The tone of the character can be described as confrontational and contemptuous. ,, (ii) The playwright's intention in the given passage is, (a) to reveal the weaknesses of the wealthy in any society. , (b) Emphasize that family history is important in marriage, courtship. , (c) satirizes the superficiality of the upper classes of Russian society. , (d) Send the message that ego is not healthy in any relationship. , Ans . (c) The intention of the playwright in the given passage is to satirize the superficiality of the upper classes of Russian society.

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131, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , (iii) If according to Chubukov and Natalya, Lomovs are not "respectable people", why are they still considering Lomov's proposal? , (a) Natalya can take care of her father if she gets married nearby. , (b) They exaggerate the argument and don't mean to. , (c) They understand that honor is superficial and overvalued. , (d) Lomov's status in society trumps everything else. , answering (d) Chubukov and Natalya are still considering Lomov's proposal, because his status in society trumps everything else. ,, (iv) Imagine you find the playwright's notes for every scene in the play and realize that some words are missing. Select the option that most appropriately fills in the missing word. What started as a pleasant conversation quickly turned into (i)... a discussion. Oxen Meadows was at the heart of the matter due to (ii)..........de, Lomov and Natalya had a falling out, and Chubukov later joined in. So begins (iii) ................. Insults, accusations, and name-calling. All (iv) ........., disappear. In the end, Lomov came out tightly, his heart, his numb feet, (a), (b), (c), (d), , (i) trivial; (ii) history; (iii) series; (iv) politeness, (i) cruelty; (ii) ownership; (iii) circus; (iv) politeness, (i) curiosity; (ii) land; (iii) spillover; (iv) laughter, (i) ) the ugly; (ii) the community; (iii) the dam; (iv) the kind, the answer. (b) (i) cruelty; (ii) ownership; (iii) circuses; (iv) civility,, (v) Which of the following comes closest to the meaning of "tried" as used in the excerpt? , (a) She mastered the game through a process of trial and error. , (b) He followed the trial closely and was seen in court every day. , (c) This is a tried and true formula of the organization. , (d) They go to great lengths to replicate their past successes. , ans. (b) Phrase (b) is close to the word "attempted" used in the excerpt above. , , part 2, subjective questions, !, , short answer questions, 1. Chubukov initially suspected Lomov, , to what? Was he sincere when he later said "I've always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son"? Find the reason for your answer in play., NCERT, , Ans. At first, Chubkov suspected that Romov was here to borrow money, and when Chubkov told Romov that he always loved him and that he was like his son, Chubkov was not sincere because he decided to No money for Romov, if he was serious about what he was saying, no money for him. He said that only because Romov proposed to his daughter. , , 2. How did Romov come to Chubkov's house? Because, where does it come from? How was it received? CBSE 2012, Response. Romov came to Chubkov's house in evening dress and gloves. Romov came to propose to Chubkov's daughter Natalia. Lomov was respected by Chubkov, and Chubkov was also pleased. , , 3. Chubkov's reaction when Romov stopped, , to propose to his daughter? , CBSE 2019, , Ans. Chubkov was ecstatic when Lomov said he had come to propose to his daughter. He hugged and kissed Lomov, shed tears of joy, and prayed to God to bless Lomov and Natalya. , , 4. Why was Natalia surprised when Romov visited? , , CBSE 2019, , Resp. Natalia was surprised when Lomov came to her house, because Romov was wearing evening dress, gown, jacket and white gloves. Usually, one does not wear formal clothes to visit neighbors. , , 5. Why did Lomov get married? , Resp. Lomov wants to get married because he is 35 years old. He felt that he should now live a peaceful and peaceful life with the beautiful and educated Natalia. In addition, he was guilty of seasickness and needed someone to accompany and take care of him. , "Go; there's a merchant coming to get his goods. What do you think Chubukov means?, CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Resp. When Natalya came to see Lomov, she quoted her father—' Dad said': "Go; there is a merchant, come and get his goods. These words from Chubukov mean that Lomov has come to propose to Natalya. , , 7. What happens when Lomov gets excited? , , Ans. When Lomov was excited, his heart beat faster, his lips quivered, and his right eyebrow twitched. When he fell asleep like this, something pulled him to the left, and he jumped up and down like a madman.

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132,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 8. How would you rate the neighborhood of Lomov and Chubukov? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. "The Lomovs and the Chubkovs have always been the friendliest, and I would almost say, had the most affectionate respect for each other" seems true at first glance. Lomov and Chubukov had been neighbors for many years, so Lomov came to Chubukov's house to propose to Natalya. However, as we move forward, this relationship may not be as cordial as it seems. They often quarrel over some trivial matters, and they don't have any trust in each other. They insult and insult each other, but still maintain the semblance of a happy relationship. , , 9. Describe cattle pastures. How could they be a source of quarrel between Lomov's family and Natalya? Oxen Meadows is the land sandwiched between Birchwoods and Burnt Marsh. It became a source of contention between the Lomov and Natalya families, as claimed by both parties. Lomov tries to prove that Oxen Meadows was given to Natalya's great farmer-grandfather for free use. , having used it for 40 years, they began to think that the meadow belonged to them, and Chubukov disputed (contradiction) Lomov's claim. , , 10. Natalya's reaction when she knew about Lomov and proposed to her? ,, CBSE 2014,, Ans. Natalya was shocked when she found out that Lomov had come to propose to her. She cried, changed her posture, and begged her father to bring Lomov back. She was delighted when he proposed to her because she wanted to marry him too. CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Resp. Natalya Stepanova learned that her father had come to propose because she was secretly in love with Lomov, and she asked her father to call him back. She may have been expecting that Romov would fall in love with her and propose to her. , , 12. What purpose did the playwright use Lomov's palpitations in the play? The play "Proposal", as the name suggests, is the story of Romov's proposal to Natalia. However, all the characters in the play are playing tricks, which delays Romov's purpose. The playwright then exploits Lomov's palpitations for the purpose of the proposal. The offer was made and accepted only after Lomov fell into a coma with palpitations. How did Natalya and Lomov lose their temper over trivial matters? , CBSE 2018, Resp. Neighborhood relations must have been harmonious, which was lacking in Lomov and Natalya. When Romov came to Chubkov's house to propose to Natalia, Chubkov was overjoyed. When Natalia entered the room, she also politely chatted with Romov. At the time, when they started talking about a piece of land called "Bois Meadows," they began arguing about their ownership, claiming the land was theirs. Chubukov also begins to defend Natalya and curse Lomov. No sooner had the argument ended than Romov and Natalya started arguing about whose dog was better. It can be seen from these quarrels that both parties lost patience because of some trivial matters and forgot about the marriage proposal. They should follow the principle of forgive and forget. They should be polite to each other. They shouldn't complain and blame each other for some trivial things. They should understand each other and help each other. , , 2. The proposal was forgotten because of petty quarrels. Which is the correct approach for Lomov and Natalya? , CBSE 2020, Ans. Lomov came to Chubukovs to propose to Natalya (his daughter). They've been neighbors for a long time and are of marriageable age. As Romov prepares to propose to Natalya; they start arguing over a piece of land called Oxen Meadows, claiming it as theirs. Her father also got into the argument and swore, Lomov, that they forgot to propose. But after Romov left, Chubkovs remembered the proposal and told Natalia about it. She immediately called Lomov back, and they started bickering again about their dog. All three claim their dogs are better than other dogs. Once again they forgot about the offer because they were arguing over trivial matters. This wouldn't have happened if they had done the right way to talk to each other calmly. Natalya and Lomov should understand that if they marry, Oxon Ranch will belong to both of them. They should have been polite and patient with each other, not rude and stubborn. Cow meadows and dogs are poor things to discuss before a marriage proposal.

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CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, , 3. Neighbors should have cordial relations, Lomov and Natalya did not. Describe the first, the struggle between them. , CBSE 2015, Ans. There must have been a cordial relationship between the neighbors, which Romov and Natalya lacked. Lomov came to the house of his neighbor Chubkov and proposed to his daughter Natalia. When he meets Natalia, the two seem to have an affectionate relationship as the two talk about Natalia's fields. However, the two soon began competing for ownership of a piece of land called Oxen, Meadows. A brawl ensues when Lomov calls Oxen Meadows his own. When Natalia heard this, she objected, saying that the Oxon Ranch belonged to her family. Lomov even claimed to have documents proving that the land was his property, and he told Natalia that her aunt's grandmother had given those meadows to her father's grandfather to use without compensation. Forty or a few years, they began to think and theirs. But Natalia is not convinced, insisting they are her family. The quarrel was even accompanied by Natalia's father Chubkov. However, instead of settling the issue, he got into an argument with Lomov. They even started insulting each other, and after a while, Lomov left the house. They all showed discord with each other, fighting over trivial matters. you! The farmers of your father's grandfather, as I have already had the honor to explain to you, used to bake bricks for my aunt's grandmother. Now my aunt's grandmother wants to give them a gift. , NATALYA I can't understand these, aunt and grandfather and grandmother. The grass is ours, that's all. My Romov, Natalya is ours! You can prove it two days in a row, you can wear fifteen dresses, jackets, but I tell you, they're ours, ours, ours! I don't want anything from you, and I don't want to give anything from me. So there!, 133, (i) Why were Natalya and Lomov arguing?, (ii) Find the exact word from the passage, meaning "go, desperately beg someone to do something". , (iii) Natalya father's farmer, what does grandfather do? , (iv) Find out the language given in the excerpt and write down its meaning. , (v) What did Lomov forget in the discussion? , Resp. (i) Natalya and Lomov are arguing over ownership of Oxen Meadows. , (ii) "begging" in the excerpt means "begging someone, desperately doing something". , (iii) Natalya's father's grandfather's farmer used to be Lomov's aunt's grandmother., (iv) The expression is 'cannot make heads or tails', meaning do not understand anything. , (v) Lomov forgot Natalya's marriage proposal during the argument., , 2. Read and try the following questions. , ''But, Stepan Stepanovich, please, how could they be yours? Be a reasonable person! My aunt's grandmother gave the Meadows away for free to her grandfather's farmers for temporary use. Farmers have used the land for forty years and are used to treating it as their own, but in the end..., (1) Who said these few words? , (2) Why did your grandma and aunt give the, meadows?, (iii) Why do farmers regard the land as their own? , (iv) What do these verses reveal about the character of the speaker? , (v) How did the audience respond to the speaker? , Reply to (i) Lomov is the spokesman for these lines. , (ii) his aunt's grandmother temporarily provided the grassland free of charge to the farmers hired by Stephan Chubukov's grandfather, and in return they were supposed to make bricks for her. , (iii) Farmers treat the land as their own because they have used it for forty years and are used to it as their own. , (iv) These lines say that the speaker is logical, rational and educated. , (v) The audience, Chubkov politely refuted the speaker's assertion.

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134,,CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Issue 10,,First Flight - Poetry,,Chapter 01,,Amanda,- Robin Klein,,In this chapter...  .,! ,, explained in section,,! ,, Meaning of Words, , !, , Chapter Exercises, , Section Explanation, Section 1, Don't Bite Your Nails, Amanda! , don't shrug your shoulders, Amanda! Bending: raising the shoulders and bending the upper body forward; slouching: sitting slouchingly, bent over, she imagines herself dancing in the gentle waves of the sea like a mermaid. She believes that as a mermaid, her life will be peaceful and easy. , , Stanza 3, Have you done your homework, Amanda? , Tidy up your room, Amanda? Amanda! , , Interpretation Along these lines, Amanda, a little girl is being scolded, , meaning of the word, , and directed by her mother's behavior. , Amanda was asked to stop biting her nails. She was also asked to sit up straight without bending her shoulders, as her mother wanted her to do, and she had to sit with the correct posture. The last word "Amanda!" is used with an exclamation point to indicate the annoyance and frustration of Amanda's mother. , , Tidy up : organize with care and order, Explanation In these lines, Amanda is asked about her job. , Amanda's mother is asking if she has done her homework and if she has cleaned the room. Amanda was also reminded that she was told to clean her shoes. , verse 2, (There is a lazy sea of ​​emeralds, the only inhabitant of which is me—a mermaid, floating happily.), verse 4, (I am an orphan, wandering the streets, I silently bare feet on soft dust., Silence is golden, freedom is sweet.) Mermaid: an imaginary sea, a creature with a woman's head and a fish's tail instead of legs; Drifting: slow and steady movement, Orphan: Child of Parents; Wandering: moving aimlessly, Silence: very quiet and still, explains Amanda lost in her imaginary world, like her, mother. Amanda was immersed in her imaginary world. She imagined herself an orphan wandering freely in the streets. Your mother is teaching you. In her world, she imagines herself as a mermaid, living alone in a beautiful green ocean. , again explaining that Amanda wasn't paying attention to her

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135, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature No. 10, she has no shoes on her feet, making patterns in the soft dust with her bare feet. She likes the quiet and the freedom to do anything in her imaginary world. Episode 5, No Chocolate, Amanda! , remember your acne, Amanda! , look at me when I speak for you, Amanda!, word meaning, Acne: a common skin condition characterized by pimples, mainly on the face, , explaining that in these lines, Amanda's mother instructs her not to eat chocolate. She was reminded before that eating chocolate caused her acne. However, as Amanda was lost in her own thoughts, she did not notice her mother. So, her mom, strictly made her look at her when talking to her. , verse 6, (I am Rapunzel and I don't care; never give up my shiny hair!), word meaning, Rapunzel: Rapunzel is the name of a girl in a German fairy tale who is forced to live alone In the tower, with beautiful long golden hair. She was captured by a witch who used to ride her long hair up the tower; Quiet, :free from any problem or anxiety, to be in a state of peace of mind. Now, she dreams of herself as Rapunzel living alone in the tower. Well, Rapunzel, she has nothing to worry about, and life in the Tower will be peaceful and peaceful. She emphasized that, unlike Rapunzel, she would never let her hair down or allow anyone to come to her. , Stanza 7, Amanda, stop sulking now! I complain, you, Amanda! , meaning, sulking: feeling upset about something; nagged : to annoy someone by complaining about their habits again and again Explanation In these words, Amanda did not respond to her mother's instructions. She seemed annoyed by the constant instructions. , Amanda's mother asked her to stop being upset. , her mother said that her unhappy behavior would show everyone that she was upset because of her mother's constant instructions.

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136,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, multiple choice questions, 1. What does the poem "Amanda" tell us, speaker? ,, (a) likes to give directions, (b) physical beauty is important, (c) wants to control Amanda, (d) all of the above, Resp. (d) The poem tells us that the speaker likes to give, to instruct, that physical beauty is important to her, and that she tries to control Amanda. ,,2. Emerald Sea means……………, (a) clear sea, (b) green sea, (c) emerald sea, (d) none of the above, Amanda! (b) Amanda is playing, (c) Amanda is sleeping, (d) Amanda is lost in her own thoughts, Resp. (d) Amanda is not looking at the speaker because she is lost, in her own thoughts. ,, 6. According to the speaker, what is the reason for Amanda's acne? , (a) nail biting, (c) eating chocolate, (b) cleaning the house, (d) eating pizza,, Resp. (c) Eating chocolate caused 7-year-old Amanda to develop acne. In the poem "Amanda!", the speaker is very concerned about acne. What does this mean? ,,, (a) It shows that we attach importance to external beauty. ,(b) State your concern for Amanda. ,(c) shows that Amanda is careless. ,(d)(a) and (b), , in. (b) Emerald sea means green sea. , , 3. A transferred epithet is a literary device in which a modifier or epithet is transferred from the noun it is intended to describe to another noun in a sentence. Select the option that lists examples of transfer epithets, based on the provided definition of Transfer Epithets. CBSE Question Bank 2021, (a), (b), (c), (d), ,, 5. Will look at me when I talk to you,,, Resp. (a) The speaker worries about acne. This shows that, the speaker attaches great importance to physical beauty. , , 8. What do the words Serenity and Rare mean? , (a) Pleasant Environment, (c) Music and Emotions, , (b) Freedom and Peace, (d ) ) Peace, No Complaints, , Resp. (d) Quiet and rare means peace and murmuring., , 9. Why the poet used the line in brackets in the poem, 'Amanda'., soft dust, silence (barefoot), freedom (yes) sweet, silence (yes) ) Golden, , Resp. (b) Silent feet (barefoot) is an example of a transfer nickname. , , 4. Which of the following options can complete the popular statement below? ................ Silence is gold. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, (a) words are precious, (b) words are silver, (c) silver is the tongue, (d) ideas may be precious, but, Ans. (b) Words are silver and silence is gold. , , (a) Demonstrate their importance. , (b) show mother's words, (c) show Amanda's imagination. , (d) Show the words of the poet. , Reply to (c) The poet used square brackets in the poem to indicate, , Amanda's imagination. , , 10. Amanda wants to be Rapunzel because……… ., (a) She wants to have long hair. , (b) She wants a prince to save her. , (c) She wants to live a carefree life. , (d) She wants to be a prince. , Ans. (c) Amanda wants to be Rapunzel because she wants to live a carefree life.

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137,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 11. What was Amanda imagining when her mother gave her instructions? ,1. become a mermaid, 2. Orphan, 3. Rapunzel, (a) only 1, (c) 2 and 3, , (b) 1 and 2, (d) all of them, , Resp. (d) Amanda imagines she is a mermaid, an orphan,,, Rapunzel while her mother gave her instructions. ,, 12 years old. She means, (i) Amanda is irritated by her mother's constant nagging. (ii) Amanda ignores her mother's instructions. , once, Amanda! She meant that Amanda was annoyed by her mother's constant nagging. She ignored her mother's instructions. , , 1. Read the excerpt and answer the questions that follow. Silence is golden, freedom is sweet. ), CBSE Question Bank 2021,, (i) The tone of the line given is, (b) Desperate, (d) Nervous,, Resp. (c) The tone of the given line is peaceful. ,, (ii) Read statements A and B given below and choose the option that correctly evaluates these statements. , stating that the imagined value of "I" in graph A is less than , the realistic view is an orphan. , state that graph B "I" does not like the speaker. , A is true and B is false, and according to the excerpt, A is true and B cannot be clearly inferred from the excerpt. , A cannot be clearly inferred from the text, and B is false. , A is true and can be deduced from the poem, and B is also true. (b) A is true and B cannot be clearly inferred from the excerpt. , , (iii) The golden silence and ..., (a), (b), (c), (d), , (1) reflect the simplicity of the child's mind. , (2) Reflects the harmony and rhythm of the child's inner world. , (3) reflects the child's expression. , (4) ) highlights the poet's aesthetic sensitivity. , (a) (1) and (4), (c) (2) and (3), (b) (1) and (2), (d) (3) and (4), , (a) , (b), (c), (d), , The pattern of the wallpaper is really beautiful. , he decided to wear a patterned shirt to the party. , poetry is a form of pattern making. , she styled her hair in the styles of her favorite celebrities. ,, Resp. (d) Choice (d) is the correct answer. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the following questions,, multiple choice based on extraction,, (a), (b), (c), (d), , (iv ) the 'aaa' rhyme scheme in the above paragraph is in All other stanzas of the poem follow, written in parentheses, ie ( ). Why? , read the reasons given below and select the option that lists the most accurate reasoning. ,, (v) Choose to list options that use the word "default", as in the excerpt above. (c) When Amanda's mother says, "Stop sulking, (a) Analytical, (c) Peaceful, Instructions received from the choker., Resp. (c) Statements (2) and (3 ) are possible causes., , (a) (i) correct (ii) incorrect, (b) (i) incorrect (ii) correct, (c) both (i) and (ii) are correct, (d) Neither (i) nor (ii) is true,, !, , Ans. (b) The golden silence contrasts with the constant, chaotic, constantly receiving directions of the street, the sweetness of freedom, silence, bare feet,, Follow., Don't bite your nails Amanda!, Don't shrug your shoulders, Amanda!, Stop slouching, sit up straight, Amanda!, CBSE Question Bank 2021, (I) The purpose of the speaker's utterance in the given excerpt is (a), ( b), (c), (d), , Show the audience the power of the speaker., Make the audience a better person., Advise the audience as an elder., Improve the posture and habits of the audience.,, Ans. ( d) The purpose of the speaker's utterances in a given excerpt is to improve the audience's posture and habits.,, (ii) Select the option that lists images that correctly correspond to the speaker's emotions in the passage., , (1), , ( a) Image (1), (b) Image (2), (c) Image (3) ), (d) Image (4), answer (c) Image (3), , (2), , (3) , , (4)

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138, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , (iii) Alliteration is a literary device used in an excerpt. , Which of the following does not include an example of this literary device? , (a), (b) , (c) , (d), , the moon and the twinkling stars watch us, Catherine chooses comfort in that charming conversation, the poor dog in the distance pouts like a princess , Diddy drives day after day, Ans . (a) Option (a) No use of alliteration. , , (iv) What does the repetition of 'Amanda!' mean? The end of each line reflects ?, (a), (b), (c), (d), , describing who the speaker is talking to. , representing listener distraction. , showing the speaker's frustration. , helps create rhyme schemes. ,, Resp. (c) Repeat "Amanda!" at the end of each line, reflecting the speaker's frustration. , , (v) Select the option that matches: , slack: straight:: ..... .................. : ... . ........., , no, Amanda is not listening to the speakers in verses 1, 3, 5, and 7 because she is lost in her imaginary world. , , 5. What kind of image does "Laziness and the Emerald Sea" evoke? ,, CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Ans. The "Lazy Emerald Sea" conjures images of a calm and green sea. "Slouch means moving slowly with little energy, usually in an attractive way. 'Emerald' is a green gem that refers to the sea, the green color of water., , 6. What do girls yearn for? What does the poem say to Amanda?,, NCERT,, Ans. The girl Amanda desires or yearns for freedom and peace in her life. According to the poem, Amanda feels her freedom is restricted by her mother. She is fed up with her mother Constant scolding and instructions. She wants to go away and live a peaceful life., , 7. Why Amanda Wants to Be a Mermaid, an, , (a) Transparent: Translucent, (b) Lazy: Agile, (c) Forgetful: Vivacious, (d) Generosity: Freedom, Orphan, or Rapunzel?, Resp. Amanda wishes to be a mermaid, orphan, and Rapunzel, and live a life of freedom. She is often scolded by her mother. Therefore, she flees to her own An imaginary world where she lives a peaceful life alone. As a mermaid, she will be the only resident of the beautiful sea, and as an orphan, she will enjoy freedom. Finally, like Rapunzel, she has lived a carefree life .,, Ans. (b) Laziness: Agile is the right answer.,, Part 2, Subjective Questions,,, 8. Why does Amanda look grumpy most of the time?,, CBSE 2016,, Resp. Amanda most of the time Looks grumpy because she is so,!, , Short Answer Questions, 1. How old do you think Amanda is? How do you know?,, NCERT,, Resp. Amanda is a middle-aged school-going (8-12 ) little girl. We know this because of references to mermaids and rapunzel. Also, giving her instructions, doing homework, biting nails, correct posture, etc., is usually given to children of this age.,, 2. Who do you think is talking to her?,, Entering her imaginary world She doesn't pay attention to her mother. Amanda often escapes reality and enters her fantasy world to escape constant reprimand. Her daydreams make her seem moody And have no interest.,, 9. List the things that Amanda's mother nagged at her., Resp. Amanda's mother complained or scolded her for the following,, things, ●,, NCERT,, Ans. Among Amanda's elders or parents Any one of is talking to her., , From the instructions given to Amanda, it can be said that she may be Amanda's mother or housekeeper., , 3. Why are verses 2, 4 and 6 in brackets? NCERT, Answer .Verses 2, 4, and 6 are in brackets because they reflect Amanda's inner thoughts. Amanda is lost in her dream world, not listening to what her mom asks/tells her. , , 4. Who are the speakers in verses 2, 4, and 6? Do you think this speaker is listening to the speakers in sessions 1, 3, 5 and 7? , NCERT, , Resp. The speaker in verses 2, 4, and 6 is the child Amanda. ,, ●, , ●, ●, , She kept asking her to sit up straight and not to bite her nails. Amanda was instructed not to eat chocolate and to clean her up, her room as well as her shoes. Amanda was also asked to do her homework. Amanda was also singled out for not paying attention to her mom and her moody behavior. ,, 10. Justify the title poem "Amanda". ,Answer. The title of the poem "Amanda" is apt. The poem is about a little girl, Amanda, who is constantly scolded by her mother. Throughout the poem, the focus is on Amanda and her imagined world. In this world, she lives a free and peaceful life undisturbed.

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139,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 11. Do you think Amanda is wrong in this poem? , justify your answer. ,, Resp. No, Amanda is not to blame. In the poem, Amanda is constantly reprimanded and reprimanded by her mother. She, mom restricted her freedom. Amanda yearns for the peace and freedom she doesn't have. So she escaped to her own world, where she enjoyed peace. , , 12. What is the central theme of the poem? , Ans. The central theme of Robin Klein's poem Amanda is that children love freedom. They do not want any restrictions on their activities. The poem points out that parents often give too many instructions in order to make their children obedient. This scolding behavior is repugnant by children and negatively affects their development. , , 13. Amanda's mother has annoying behavior. , justify your answer. , , Resp. Amanda's mom does have a nasty act. She's always guiding Amanda and picking on her. Her mother often told her what to do and what not to do. This annoying behavior took a toll on Amanda, who felt her freedom was being curtailed. Amanda's mother takes on the responsibility of instilling (nurturing) good manners in her child, which causes Amanda to retreat (escape) into her imagination, where she seeks peace and freedom. , , 14 years old. Would you call Amanda a disrespectful child? Please give reasons to support your point. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Answers. Yes, we can say that Amanda is a disrespectful child because she doesn't respond to her parents' repeated instructions. She was so lost in fantasies that she didn't even look at her when she was yelling at her. What does the phrase "never give up my shiny hair" tell us about Amanda? "Never give up my shiny hair" phrase. Said, Amanda didn't want anyone to bother her. , she wants to live quietly by herself and hates chaos. ,, 16. The reader sympathizes with the narrator of the poem. There are reasons to support this view. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. The speaker (presumably Amanda's mother) is worrying for Amanda as she is lost in thought. Amanda doesn't pay attention to her mother's words, which makes the reader sympathize with her mother. Klein.,, Ans. Education plays a vital role in the development of a child's personality. Whenever we want to praise or criticize someone, we talk about that person's education. Robin Klein's poem "Amanda" highlights the issue of "proper" parenting. It is the primary responsibility of parents to instill good values ​​and moral principles in their growing children. However, the poem shows how a child can be troubled by constant instructions. This is what happened to the little girl Amanda in the poem. She is coached and scolded for her habits. She didn't get freedom and space for herself. As a result, she enters her imaginary world. The world, it turns out, is his line of defense against his scolding mother. In her world, she pursues freedom and peace. She imagines herself as the only resident mermaid in the beautiful sea. So she imagined herself as an omnipotent orphan. In the end, she wants to be Rapunzel and live a peaceful life in the tower. Therefore, parents/elders must maintain a balance. By instilling good manners, they should also give the child some freedom. , , 2. How does Amanda deal with her mother's nagging nature? Explain with examples from the poem. ,Answer. In the poem "Amanda," the little girl Amanda often escapes into her own world. Her dream world gave her the freedom and peace she sought in reality, where she was constantly being pestered by her elders. Her mother constantly coached her and scolded her for being impolite and lazy. She was told not to bite her nails, not to eat chocolate, not to clean her room, etc. Amanda's mother was giving her instructions while she was lost in daydreams. Amanda's mother's insistence left a damaging impression on her. So her withdrawal is her way of fighting her mother. It is her shield and defense against the harsh realities she experiences. In her reality, her freedom is limited. Her need for freedom and peace is expressed in her dreams, where she imagines a carefree and happy life, an orphan, mermaid and Rapunzel, without her mother. Distraught, towards his mother, but not really fond of it. Her mother's nagging nature led her to escape to a world far removed from the realities of her life. , , 3. State the gist of the poem "Amanda". What did you learn from it? ,, CBSE 2016,, Resp. The poem "Amanda" emphasizes that every child is unique and it takes a lot of patience and love for him to understand that. In order to develop such an understanding, parents must allow their children freedom as they learn best from their own experiences. In the process, children can learn some bad habits that need to be broken. This, undo also requires a high level of understanding and the right approach. Parents judge their children's every move and do more harm.

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140, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , The poem constantly reprimands the little girl Amanda for her bad habits. Everything she does is corrected by her mother, she can't do anything at will. Thus, girls seek/crave freedom and choice. Distraught by her lack of freedom, Amanda flees her imaginary world. She likes what is deprived of reality in imagination. So in Amanda, we witness her parent's failed methods and learn the lessons parents need to learn, a more humane/humane approach to raising children. , , 4. Amanda wants to be Rapunzel, the one who lives in a quiet tower. Write Amanda's character sketch based on this observation? , CBSE 2020, Ans. The testimonies provided show Amanda's desire to be free. She was frustrated and annoyed by her mother's constant nagging complaints. She always imagines situations and places where she wants to be alone. In one vision, she thought of Rapunzel and felt that she should live a happy life alone in that tower. The peaceful tower life of her dream world gave her the freedom and peace she sought in reality, where she was constantly pestered by her elders. Amanda didn't want to follow her mother's instructions and wanted to live her own life on her own terms. This behavior shows that teens don't like being taught all the time. They want to make their own decisions and explore the world on their own. , !, , Excerpt-based questions, 1. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. i—, a mermaid, happily floating. ), (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , Resp. (i), , (ii), , (iii), (iv), (v), , CBSE 2019 , , What does "I" mean? , how does "I" feel? , Who is "I" compared to whom?, Which word in the excerpt means the opposite of "sad"? , why Amanda wants to be a mermaid? , where "I" stands for Amanda. , "I" felt lonely and imagined myself as a mermaid, living alone in a beautiful green ocean. She moves in gentle waves. Here, "I" is compared to "mermaid". Do it where she is alone. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the next question, No chocolate, Amanda! Look at me when I talk to you, Amanda! , CBSE 2016, (i) Why doesn't Amanda look at the speaker? , (ii) The speaker is very concerned about acne. What does this indicate? , (iii) Which word in the article has the same meaning as "to, look at"? , (iv) Why does the speaker want Amanda to look at her? , (v) Why is Amanda reminded of her acne? , Ans. (i) Amanda was absorbed in her own thoughts and did not pay attention to the instructions given to her. i.e. why she doesn't look at the speaker. , (ii) the speaker's concern about acne shows how much the family values ​​physical beauty. , (iii) continuous look means "look". , (iv) The speaker wants Amanda to look at her to ensure that Amanda is listening and following her instructions. , (v) Eating chocolate will cause Amanda to develop acne, so, she will be reminded the same thing. ,, 3. Read the excerpt and try the following questions. ,(I'm Rapunzel, I don't care;,Life in the tower is quiet and rare;,I will never let down my shiny hair!),(i),(ii) ),(iii),(iv) , (v), Resp. (i), , (ii), , (iii), (iv), (v), , Amanda lives in the tower? , why doesn't Amanda let down her shiny hair? , What poetic device is used in this verse?, Find a word with the same meaning in the verse, such as "tranquility". , why Amanda wants to live like Rapunzel? , no, Amanda stays at her house. Here she is, imagining herself as Rapunzel living in a tower. Amanda knows the story of Rapunzel. In Rapunzel's story, all the setbacks and misfortunes are brought to her because of her downcast. Amanda also hopes to live a carefree life without any interruptions. Here the poet uses allusion as a potential poetic device. Live a carefree life in the tower, alone.

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141,,CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 02,,Animals,- Walt Whitman,,In this chapter...,! ,, explained in section,,! ,, the meaning of the word,,! , , exercise chapter, , verse commentary, verse 1, I think I can get by with the animals, they, so peaceful and self-sufficient, I stand still and look at them for a long time. , meaning, Placido: Quiet, calm; Self-contained: – in full control of himself, Explanation In these verses, the poet says that he wants to turn himself into animals and live with them. According to the poet, animals are calm, peaceful and self-sufficient. They never complain about any problems. Because of these qualities in animals, the poet stands up and looks at them for a long time. , verse 2, they don't sweat or complain about their condition, they don't lie awake in the dark and weep over their sins, , they don't make me sick of discussing your responsibilities to God. Sins – crimes, , Explanation In these verses the poet says that animals do not complain and cry about their situation like humans do. Unlike humans, animals don't lose sleep at night and cry over their sins. Additionally, he says animals don't make him sick, discussing his duty to God. For your kind who lived thousands of years ago, no one in this land was honorable or unhappy. Mania—obsessed; Possess—possessed; Kneel down—bowed (as a sign of respect), , Explanation In these verses, the poet says he doesn't find any animal that might seem dissatisfied. No animal is ever troubled by having more and more of it. Animals do not show respect or bow to other animals or their ancestors the way humans do. The poet said that all animals are equal. For animals, therefore, there are no more respectable or less fortunate beings on earth.

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142,, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Section 10,, Section 4, so they showed me their relationship and I accepted them, they brought me my own signs and they clearly showed them have, I wonder what they put those tokens,, I passed by there agents ago and carefully dropped it?, the meaning of the word,, explain that in these verses the poet says that the animals showed a very similar look to him, He happily accepted. He feels that animals somehow represent humans. They seem to possess innate qualities that humans once possessed, virtues such as kindness, self-control, and innocence. Animals, reminding the poet of those qualities that symbolize the lost values ​​of humanity. The poet wonders how animals acquire these qualities. The poet believes that human beings have long ago accidentally discarded these virtues, forgetting them in madness in order to have more. Evince—to express a certain feeling, quality or attitude; Possession – ownership, , Chapter Practice, PART 1, objective questions, !, , multiple choice questions, 1. Which of the following reflects the poet's love for animals? , , (a), (b), (c) , (d ), , He stood still and looked at the animal for a long time. , he admires animals, he admires their inner qualities, he longs to be one of them and live with them, Ans. (d) All the statements given show the poet's love for animals. , , 2. The phrase "they don't sweat and complain about their condition" means, , (a) animals don't cry about their condition, (b) they don't blame others for their condition,( c) They stay happy and accept whatever happens in life, (d) All of the above, Resp. (d) The phrase “They do not sweat and complain about their, condition” means that animals do not cry about their condition , not blaming others for your condition, being happy and accepting what happens in your life. ,, 3 The literary devices used in the line “I think I could, turn around and live with animals” are………., (a) Simile, (b) Assonance, (c) Metaphor, (d) Alliteration, , Resp. (b) The literary device used in the line “I think I could, , turn around and live with animals” is homophonic. , , 4. Name the poetic device used in the following lines: "They don't sweat and complain about their condition, Disgusting to discuss their duty to God,", (a) allergy, (c) metaphor, (b) homophony, (d) alliteration, , Answer (a) alliteration is a literary device, repeated at the beginning of a sentence A word or phrase. Here, 'They' is repeated. , , 5. How do humans disgust poets? Act in the name of God and religion, (d) Discuss their personal life with him, Ans. (c) The psalmist is disgusted by man boasting and discussing his good deeds in the name of God and religion. , 6. The poet said that animals have no dissatisfaction. , (c) Instinct, (b) Satisfaction, (d) Delight, Resp. (d) The poet believes that animals are content in life with what they have and therefore are not concerned with satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

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143, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , 7. What mania do animals never show? , (a) mania for owning things, (b) mania for crying in the dark about guilt, (c) mania for complaining about their situation, (d) none of the above, Resp. (a) Animals never display a mania for possessing things. , , 8. “No one is demented from possessing things” – underlined words mean, (a) have dementia (b) irrational behavior, (c) have OCD (d) (b) and (c), Ans. (b) The underlined word "dementia" indicates unreasonable behaviour. , , 9. "Mankind's ancestors in the distant past shared symbols of love, and understanding made them sacred and adored" - the line given is, paraphrase which line? Choose the correct option. ,, (a) won't they sweat and complain about their condition, (b) did I pass that way long ago and accidentally let them down?, (c) no one is respected or dissatisfied in the whole earth . , (d) No one kneels down to another human being, nor to the same kind that lived thousands of years ago, Ans. (d) The line given is for no one knees to, another, nor to their species that lived thousands years ago., , 10. choose the option that says the qualities of animals that humans should adopt from them . , , (a ) The animals spend most of their time sleeping and eating and they are being rude and ignorant to each other. , (b) Immediately after birth animals learn to stand and fight for their territory. , (c) Animals do not waste their time discussing their responsibilities to God, they display innocence and simplicity. , (d) None of the above, Ans. (c) The animal qualities that humans should adopt, their qualities are, ●,,, ●,, animals do not waste time discussing their responsibilities to God, they exhibit the qualities of innocence and simplicity,, 11. What are the qualities that humans possess The "symbol" mentioned in the poem of quality? , (a) materialism, (c) selfishness, (b) immorality, (d) all of these,, Ans. (d) All of these, , 12. The last line of the poem is a question. What do you think its purpose is? , , (a) make the reader think about it, (b) ask the audience when, (c) use poetic phrasing, (d) show the essence of your thinking, Ans. (a) To let readers think it, , !, , extract-based MCQs, 1. Read the extract to try the following questions. Their Responsibilities to God, CBSE 2015, (i) Why do humans keep awake in darkness? , (a) not sleepy, (c) worried, (b) feeling guilty, (d) weeping for his sins,,,, answering (d) humans stay awake in the dark, weeping for their , sins. , , (ii) What does the word “condolences” mean here? Angry, (d) speak softly, Resp. (c) The word 'cry' means a loud cry of complaint. , , (iii) refers to……… here. , (a) animals, (c) children, , (b) humans, (d) ) birds, , Resp. (a) "they" here refers to animals. ,, (iv) Why is the poet in a bad mood? , (a) humans chase money, (b) always complain, (c) always criticize others, (d) preach to themselves, Ans. (d) The poet feels bad when he sees people preaching to himself. , , (v) What is the purpose of the given row? , (a) Emphasize the importance of moral virtue. , (b) Comparing humans and animals. , (c) highlight the virtues possessed by animals. , (d) stands for nostalgia for the good old days. , Ans. (b) The purpose of the lines given is to compare humans, and animals. , , 2. Read the passage and try to answer the following questions. No one is dissatisfied, no one is insane with a passion for owning things, no one bows to another person or kind that lived thousands of years ago, no one in the whole world is honored or unhappy. CBSE question bank 2021, (i) repeating "none" in a given passage, denoting poet's effort, (a), (b), (c), (d), ..., to create a a sense of continuity. , experiment with musicality and rhythm. , feelings of disappointment and frustration. , feelings of anger and revenge. ,,Answer. (c) Repeating "None" in a given passage indicates the poet's disappointment and frustration.

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144, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) Which of the following qualities does the poet ascribe to the animal in the given passage? , 1., 2., 3., 4., , Displeased , furious , respective, Fearless , materialistic, respectable, Contented, equal, not greedy, Happy, self-seeking, intelligent, , (a) Option (1), (c) option (3), , 3. What is the difference between animals and,, (b) option (2), (d) option (4),,, Resp. (c) Animals are included, equal and non-possessive, according to the poet. ,, (iii) Select the option to complete the following options, Dementia: Dementia::Mania: ………. .... ., (a) Maniac, (c) Maniac, , (b) Maniac, (d) Maniac, , Ans. (d) Dementia: Demented : : Mania : Maniacal., , (iv) Choose to include the following An option for a statement that cannot be conclusively inferred from the excerpt. , (a) man is miserable, (b) man is materialistic. , (c) Man is power hungry., (d) Man is curious., Ans. (d) 'Man is curious' cannot conclusively inferred from, , (v) Which of the following characteristics describe the poet's attitude towards animals in a given passage manner? , (b) nostalgia, (d) enthusiasm, , Resp. (a) The poet appreciates animals in the given passage. ,, PART 2, Subjective Questions,!,, Short Answer Questions, 1. Note the use of the word "turn" in the first line, "I, , think I can turn around and live with animals...". What is it, the poet turns to? ,, Ans. In this line, the poet wants to move from man to animal. This turning point represents the poet's desire to get rid of the oppressive, selfish, and false human world and to be with animals. , , 2. Why did the poet turn around and live with animals? Sin and, God? , or why do humans lie awake in the dark, weeping over their sins, while animals never do such things? ,Answer. In this poem, the poet says that animals are simple and innocent creatures who do not sin. Therefore, they don't have to worry about God's forgiveness. Humans, however, commit sins such as greed and possession. As a result, they cannot sleep well all night and pray to God for forgiveness. , , 4 . Explain the satisfaction that animals have that humans don't. ,, CBSE 2014,, Ans. Animals have no desire for worldly things and are therefore satisfied with what they have. They live happily in their natural environment. However, human beings want to have as much as possible and thus can never be satisfied. ) admiration, (c) jealousy, the poet wants to turn himself into an animal and live with animals because they retain the basic good values ​​that humans have lost. , CBSE 2018, 2020, Ans. Poets love/prefer animals because they are calm and in control. In the poem "Animals," "No one kneels before another...no, a man is honorable..." referring to the good values ​​that animals possess. It shows that there is no concept of respect or insult among animals. They are all equal and free from unnecessary activities and formalities. , , 6. What is the relevance of the "token" in the poem "Animals"? Who brings them to poets? Or why does the poet say "they brought me my own signs"? Who owns these tokens? ,Answer. In the poem "Animals," the poet says that animals bring/show him "symbols" of himself. The marks here refer to virtues, including contentment, self-control, and innocence. The poet argues that these virtues exist in both humans and animals, but humans have forgotten them. The animal still retains these symbols or virtues and reminds the poet of them. , , 7. What message did the poet Walt Whitman want to convey through this poem? , , Ans. Through the poem "Animals," poet Walt Whitman wanted to convey the message that animals are superior to humans. In the poem, the poet says that with progress, mankind forgets all the noble virtues. They reduced themselves to animals, but they retained these noble virtues. So they seem noble compared to humans.

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145,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 8. What is the central idea of ​​the poem "Animals"? ,, CBSE 2020,, Ans. In the poem "Animals," Walt Whitman candidly stated that he was more at home with animals than with humans. In his view, human beings have fallen and lost all good values ​​of kindness, equality and peace. Animals still retain all positive values ​​and are therefore superior to humans. , , 9. What vices of human beings did Whitman notice? , CBSE 2020, Ans. Whitman realized that humans have always been self-centered and have no respect for others. They wept over their sins and begged God for forgiveness. Humans are dissatisfied with their lives. They suffer from possessiveness and want to rule the world. , , 10. Did Whitman believe that animals and humans, , are essentially alike? Provide reasons to support your opinion. CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Yes, Whitman believed that animals and humans are essentially alike. In his view, human beings also have the same qualities of calmness, self-control, and restraint. Initially, they were possessed by animals. However, over time, they lost them. , , 11. Calling someone an "animal" often has negative connotations. How does the poet reverse it? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Calling someone an animal means he/she is uncivilized. , , the poet reverses this by emphasizing the qualities of calm and self-control that animals possess. Speaking of this, he brought up the fact that animals are far more civilized than humans, and humans are greedy and sinful. , , 12. Whitman's ode to animals is just a yearning for a simple life. do you agree? Justify your answer. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Yes, I agree that for animals, it's just a yearning for a simple life. In the poem "Animals," Whitman exhorts people to slow down and live a peaceful life. He believes that human greed is affecting his quality of life. Is the poet right? Write your own review. ,, Resp. In the poem "Animals," the poet uses the word "crazy" to refer to the constant human desire to have things. Therefore, never be satisfied. The acquisition of material things is a fierce competition in which all human beings are forever engaged. The more a man gets, the more he wants. Your greed knows no bounds. Yes, the poet is right to do so. Greed or the desire to own things drives everyone crazy. They want more like crazy, but they are never satisfied. Therefore, the poet said, animals are better than humans. They don't want to own material things and are happy with what they have. Unlike animals, humans worry and complain all the time. So the poet is right in calling fanaticism the desire to possess things. , , 2. "Humans are known as the most civilized species in the world. But sometimes they lack the virtues that animals best exhibit.'', elucidated with reference to the poem 'Animals'., Ans. Humans are considered the most Civilized species, but they lack virtue. Humans lack the virtues of respectability, joy, independence, restraint, and calmness. In the poem "Animals," the poet argues that it is civilization that deprives man of his nature. He becomes a Selfish, jealous, restless, unhappy and greedy creatures. They are always complaining about their lives, crying over their sins, and discussing their responsibilities to God. Their true identities have all become false. Unlike humans, Animals are peaceful, self-sufficient and happy. They are happy with their lives. They have no mania for owning things, and no concept of respect or insult. Therefore, animals retain all those things that existed long ago even in humans Virtue.,, 3. The key to happiness is "Don't complain, but, accept the status quo". Elaborating it in the context of the poem "Animals"., CBSE 2015, Ans. True, the key to happiness is "Don't complain, but Accept the status quo.” The poet Walt Whitman exemplifies this statement in the poem “Animals.” In this poem, animals are compared with humans to highlight their differences. Animals are known for their joy, equality , simplicity, and many other "symbolic" characteristics, are ranked as far above and superior to human beings. The poet explains his beliefs by saying that animals are simple creatures who never complain about their situation. They have accepted their natural surroundings and thus feel happy and satisfied with their lives. Humans on the other hand have never accepted nature. They always complain about her, so they try to change her. Therefore, they live unhappy lives. Humans keep growing Their expectations and their demanding, greedy and selfish nature make them unhappy.

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146, , ​​CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, 4. Suppose Walt Whitman and Nelson Mandela are invited to a discussion on the topic "The Journey of Man - Vices, Virtues, and Visions". , , based on your reading of Animals and Nelson Mandela: The Long Road to Freedom, presenting the similarities and differences in your views and views on humans in the form of a dialogue, or Nelson Mandela would prefer Gentle human beings, better than Walt Whitman. do you agree? Support your opinion based on your reading of Animals and Nelson Mandela: The Long Road to Freedom, CBSE Question Bank 2021, Resp. Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom" talks about the value of freedom. He claims that a man who has not enjoyed his freedom knows his worth better than a man who has. He believed that the oppressed were as much to blame as the oppressors. Nelson Mandela believed in the power of human beings to unite and fight evils such as social and racial discrimination. Walt Whitman said in the poem "Animals" that human beings are inferior to animals because they no longer have the qualities of contentment, kindness, etc. that they once had. He claims that they are not free beings because they are limited by greed, excessive ambition, arrogance, etc. He wants to leave the human world and seek refuge in the animal world. Animals still have noble qualities. Therefore, it can be said that Walt Whitman had less hope for humanity than Nelson Mandela. I live with animals and they are so peaceful and self-sufficient that I stand and look at them for a long time. , , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), Ans . (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), , What does the poet want to be? , What qualities in animals attract poets? , what word is similar to the word "calm"? , explain the two consecutive uses of the word "long" and bring out its meaning. , why do poets want to live with animals? , the poet wants to turn himself into an animal. , The poet is attracted by calmness and balance, animals., The word placid is similar to the word calm, and the word long is used together, which has a deep meaning; the first "long" means "time", and the other means "wish". ,, (v) The poet wants to live with animals because they are calm and self-sufficient. ,, 2. Read the article and try the next questions, they don't sweat and moan about their condition, they don't wake up in the dark and cry over their sins, they don't make me sick discussing what they have about God Liability,,, (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), Resp. (i), , (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , why do humans stay awake in the dark? What means? , find an antonym of "thank you" in the stanza, a phrase that means to make someone angry or upset. , the word "regret" is the opposite of "thank you". , man made the poet feel bad by discussing the good deeds he has done in the name of God. , , 3. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. , then they showed me their relationship and I accepted them, they brought me my own signs, they proved the signs, obviously they had them, I wonder where they got them from,, Have I walked past them countless times and accidentally fell off? , CBSE 2019, (i) Interpret the verse: "They brought me a symbol of myself". , (ii) What did the poet accept? , (iii) What similarities does the poet find between humans and animals? , (iv) What does the poet want to know? , (v) What poetic device is used in the verse - "I ask, where did they get these chips?", Resp. (i) What the poet means here is that animals remind him of the true values ​​of humanity, such as love and understanding. , (ii) The poet embraces the connection to animals and their love. , (iii) The poet finds that animals have virtue, honesty, kindness and innocence, just like humans. Humanity, however, has long since lost these virtues. , (iv) The poet wonders whether animals derive virtue from humans when they abandon them for greed and selfishness. , (v) Alliteration given away is used in the verse.

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. , !, , Chapter practice, , Stanza explanations, Stanza 1, Belinda lived in a small white house with a black kitten and a gray mouse, a yellow dog and a red car Carriage, and a realio trulio's little dragon pet., , meaning, Spikes: fine-pointed structures on the body; scales: small, hard skin on animals; fireplace: a place where fire burns to keep the house warm; A long pipe that opens on the roof to let out the fumes released from the fireplace; Dagger : small sword, , word meaning, , explains Cream, dragons have big and sharp teeth, spikes, , Wagon : wagon, wagon ;Realio: True; Trulio – true., indicating that Belinda lives in a small white house with her four pets—a black kitten, a gray mouse, a yellow puppy, and a little dragon. She also has a little red buggy. In the last line of the stanza, "realio" and "trulio" are used by the poet as expressions for the "true" and "true" dragon, its top and belly scales, respectively. Its mouth has been compared to a fireplace, as the dragon can breathe fire from it. Your nose has been compared to a smoking chimney. His fingers are so sharp and sharp that they can cut through anything like a dagger. , , Stanza 2, now the black cat's name is Ink,, little gray mouse, she calls him Blink,, little yellow dog is as sharp as mustard,, but the dragon is a coward, she calls him Custard ., explaining the black kitty The name is Ink, and the gray mouse's name is Blink. The puppy was named Mustard because of its bright yellow color, just like Mustard. The dragon is Cowardly Belinda, named Karstad. Trullio, with a dagger in his toe. ,Verse 4, Belinda is as brave as a bucket full of bears, while Ink and Brink chase the lion down the stairs, Mustard is as brave as an angry tiger,, But Custard crypto for a beautiful safe cage., barrel: drum (usually used to hold liquid); anger : anger, , explains that in these verses the poet compares the bravery of all the characters in the poem. Belinda's bravery has been compared to that of a pack of bears. Ink and Blink, despite being small, have the ability to chase lions down the stairs. Wasabi's bravery has been compared to an angry tiger. However, Castaard is the exact opposite of them. He's a coward and always needs a safe cage.

Page 151:
148, Stanza 5, Belinda tickle him, she tickle him mercilessly, Ink, Blink and Mustard, they call him Percival brusquely, they all laugh in a little red buggy, No realio, trulio, cowardly dragon., The Meaning word , Tickling : lightly touching (part of the body) to cause laughter;, Percival : warrior of King Arthur's court;, explaining how Belinda once cruelly tickled Custard. Ink, Blink, and Mustard mock him by comparing Custard to Percival. Percival was one of the finest knights at Arthur's court, renowned for his bravery and bravery. They sat together in the little red wagon, laughing at Castaard. They used to laugh at his cowardice. , verse 6, Belinda laughs until the house shakes, Blink says Weeck! a nice safe cage., word meaning Laughing: Laughing, explain Belinda laughed a lot at the dragon. She laughed, laughing so hard it felt like the house was shaking because of her, the laughter. With a wink, the mouse used to laugh and make a "Weeck" sound. Ink and Mustard taunts the dragon by rudely asking for his age, and the dragon asks for a safe cage for him. Look around, meow! Ink screamed, Oh! Belinda screamed,, For there was a pirate, climbing in the winda., Nasty: nasty; roar: animal noise; , There was an unpleasant sound in the room. Mustard, the dogs start growling, and everyone looks around. Ink screams "Meowch" and Belinda screams "Oh" as they see a pirate crawl in through the window of the house. ,, Stanza 8, left pistol, right hand pistol,, he has a shiny meat cleaver in his teeth, his beard is black, and one leg is wooden;, it can be seen that this pirate has no good intentions. , The meaning of the word, Cleaver: a small sword with a slightly curved blade, indicating that the appearance of pirates looks very dangerous. He held a pistol in both hands and a small sword between his teeth. He has a black beard, CBSE Semester 2 English Language Literature 10th and his legs are made of wood. His expression made it clear to the roommates that the pirate intended to harm the people and pets who lived there. In episode 9, Belinda pales and screams, Help! Help, but Mustard screams and runs away, Paint runs to the back of the house, Blink the mouse strategically opens a mouse hole. Howl: cry; trickle:, drop; Mousehole: hole made by a mouse (not a word, but made into a word for rhyme), explained Belinda turned pale with fright when she saw the pirate, and called for help. All her brave pets couldn't help her, they all escaped from there. Mustard yelled and ran away. The ink flowed down to the bottom of the house, and Blink ran into its hole with great deftness. ,, Stanza 10, But Custard sprang to his feet, snorting like an engine, beating his tail like iron in a dungeon,, rumbling and clanging and sharp twisting, and he went to the pirate like a thrush to a worm. Clashed : hit;, Dungeon : an underground prison; Noises, clanks, and screeches: the sound of two metals clashing; Creeping: moving in a twisting fashion; Robin : a bird., Explains when everyone sees a pirate and runs away , the cowardly dragon Kastad came to rescue Belinda and bravely fought the pirates. , he jumped in front of the pirate and made a loud snort that passed through your nose like an engine. He began to wag his tail vigorously, making the sound of iron or metal hitting the dungeon (prison). With all these dangerous sounds he followed the pirate like a bird follows a worm. , verse 11, the pirate stares dumbfounded at Belinda's dragon, swallows a drink from his pocket,, he fires two bullets, but they don't hit it,, the cream devours bit by bit it. , the meaning of the word, Gaped: open mouth to look at;, Swallowed: swallowed; Grog: wine;, Pitcher: a wine vessel made of silver;, Gobbled: swallowed, , explaining pirates to dragons Shocked by the reaction. He, looking at Belinda's dragon with his mouth open, took a drink from the container in his pocket, and the pirate drew his pistol and fired two shots at Castaard. However, he couldn't beat him. In the end, Custard ate the pirates.

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149, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Section 10, Section 12, Belinda hugged him, Mustard licked him, no one mourned for his pirate victims, Ink and Blink happily spun around the one who ate the pirate dragon. , the meaning word, embrace: embrace; lick: touch with tongue; lament—sigh; Glee: happiness;, Rotate: do circular motion. , explain that everyone celebrates the pirate's death. Belinda hugged Castard, who licked him affectionately. No one felt sorry for the pirate's death. Ink and Blink go, dancing merrily around the dragon that ate the pirate. Talking Ink Talking Blinked,, We could have been three times braver, we thought,, Custard said, I totally agree, everyone is braver than me, the meaning of the word, Stunned: He tensed, explaining events clarified Who is a coward and who is brave. Mustard said he would be twice as brave as Karstad if he hadn't panicked. After that, Ink and Blink say they are three times as brave as Custard. Custard, agrees and says everyone is braver than him. , Stanza 14-15, Belinda still lives in her little white house, with her, a black kitten and her little gray mouse, and her little yellow dog and her little red dog car, and Have your realio, trulio little pet dragon. , Belinda was brave like a barrel full of bears, Ink and Blink chased the lion down the stairs, Mustard was brave like an angry tiger, but Creme kept crying over a beautiful safe cage., Explanation Verses 14 and 15 are almost Repetition of Sections 1 and 4. Sections 1 and 4 now have only one difference, which is the situation of the roommates in the past, and sections 14 and 15 present their situation after the pirate incident. Nothing has changed. Belinda and her three "brave" pets tease the "cowardly" pet dragon, and everything returns to normal.

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150,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Chapter 1, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, Multiple Choice Questions, 1. The poem Tale of Custard the Dragon that tells the story in short stanzas is called/an ………………., (a) free verse, (c) lyric,, (b) Ballad, (d) Epic, , Ans. (b) A poem or song that tells a story in short stanzas, , is called a ballad. , , 2. Name the poetic device used in the line "And the little yellow dog was as sharp as mustard." , (a) Oxymoron , (c) homonym, , (b) metaphor, (d) simile, , Ans. (d) The poetic device used is simile. , , 3. ……… has been ironically compared to the brave knight Percival. , (a) Ink, (c) Belinda, , (b) Blink, (d) Cream, , respond. (d) Custard is ironically compared to the brave knight Percival., , 4. A cage means captivity. Why does Custard tend to stay in a cage, despite what it symbolizes? ) (i), (ii) and (v), (c) (iii), (iv) and (v), (ii) guard house, (iv) shelter, (b) (i) and (iv ), (d) (iii) and (v), , Resp. (b) Custard sees cages as shelters and shelters. , , 5. What is the theme of the poem "The Tale of, Custard the Dragon"? , , 1. Appearance and reality, 3. Courage, (a) only 4 , (c) 1, 2 and 4, , 2. Hypocrisy, 4. Jealousy, (b) 2 and 3, (d) all of them, , Ans. (d) Appearance and reality, hypocrisy, courage and jealousy, are the themes of this poem. , , 6. Select the option that best matches the usage of the word “, , dripped” in the stanza. Paint was running to the back of the house. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, (a) Water flows through the tap and fills the sink. , (b) The students came in when the teacher came in. , (c) Tears were streaming down his face when he heard the sad news. , (d) His enthusiasm for the task fades. , Ans. (b) Choice (b) is the correct answer. , , 7. “And he held in his teeth a shining cleaver” What is a, cleaver?,, (a) a dagger with a curved blade, (b) a large hammer, (c) a short axe, ( d) A saw with a very sharp blade, Ans. (a) A scimitar is a short sword with a curved blade. , , 8. 'He attacked pirates as robins attack worms. Why is this comparison used here? Just as the robin catches the worm,, CBSE Question Bank 2021, (a), (b), (c), (d), , Custard attacked the worm after careful observation. Pirates are bold. , Castaard secretly attacked the pirates. , Resp. (b) When Robin catches the bug, Custard, , immediately attacks the pirate. , , 9. “The pirate gagged at Belinda's dragon” means, (a) the pirate was looking at the dragon, (b) the pirate was shocked to see the dragon so big, (c) the pirate was scared to see the dragon, (d) ) None of the above, Ans. (b) "The pirate gaged at Belinda's dragon" means, , that the pirate was shocked to see such a big dragon. , , 10. What did the pirates do to prepare for battle? , , (a) swallowed some wine, (c) he let out a war cry, (b) he took a deep breath, (d) made up his mind,, Resp. (a) The pirates drank some wine and prepared to fight.

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151,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 11. What does the underlined phrase "Belinda as brave as a bucket full of bears" mean? ,, (a) a person has no fear of what might happen, (b) a bucket full of bears, (c) a pack of bears, (d) none of the above, Resp. (a) a bucket full of bears means a person Don't be afraid, what might happen. ,, 12. Select the option that corresponds correctly to columns A and B. , Column A, CBSE Question Bank 2021, , Column B, , A. Laughing, , 1. smiling in a slightly suppressed mocking way,, B. Snigger, , 2. smiling in an annoying, smug way. , , C. Smirk, , 3. Laugh silently and suppress., , D., (a), (b), (c), (d), , 4. Laugh out loud, A-4, B -1, C-3, A-3, B-1, C-2, A-2, B-4, C-3, A-1, B-3, D-4, , Resp. (b) 3 1 2 is the correct matching order. , !, , Multiple choice questions based on excerpts, 1. Read the excerpts to try the following questions,, , Belinda laughed until the house shook,, Wink and say Weeck! Who's laughing at a mouse, Ink and Mustard rudely ask her age, when Custard cries for a safe good cage. Suddenly, they heard a harsh sound, Wasabi let out a low growl, and everyone looked around. Banco 2021, , (i) What can you infer from the repetition of "suddenly, suddenly" in the paragraph above? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , The scene changes immediately., Emphasis on indiscreet attacks and loud noises. , to emphasize that an unexpected noise was heard. , draw attention to a loud scream that occurs. , , Ans. (c) The repetition of the word "suddenly" emphasizes that an unexpected sound is heard. , (ii) Why did the poet use the word "weeck" for the laughter of a mouse? Poets, (a), (b), (c), (d), , use it to add suspense to a poem. , imagine what sounds the mouse would make in that mood. , the mocking mouse mocked Custard. , use it to create a scary effect for the reader. ,, Ans. (b) The poet imagines how the mouse would sound in the mood described in the given passage. , , (iii) Choose a word from the paragraph to complete the following. , Whimper : Laugh : : Purr : … … …, (a) Weeck, (c) Shook,,, (b) Heard, (d) Growl,, Ans. (d) whining: laughing:: grunting: growling. That's because purring is the opposite of laughing, as well as grunting and growling. ,, (iv) What beliefs about dragons contrast with Karstad's behavior in the text? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , dragons are brave and fearsome. , the dragon can grant wishes. , the dragon can become invisible at will. , the dragon is soft-hearted and kind. , , Ans. (a) Dragons are brave and fearsome, but in poetry,,, Karstad, dragons are described as cowards. ,, (v) Hyperbole is a literary device that a poet/writer/orator exaggerates purposefully and obviously to extremes. , select the option that contains the hyperbole example from the excerpt. , (a), (b), (c), (d), , Mustard growled, everyone looked around, Ink and Mustard rudely asked her age, Belinda laughed until the house shook, when Custard cried for a When safe beautiful cage. (c) Belinda laughing until the house shakes is an exaggerated example. ,, 2. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. , "The paint ran to the back of the house,, the mouse wink was positioned strategically in the mouse hole., but Custard jumped up, snorting like an engine, and beating his tail like iron in a dungeon, clicking , jingle and shrill wriggling, he goes to pirates like a thrush in a worm", CBSE Question Bank 2021, , (i) Which option lists quotes in the excerpt that support these ideas? , 1. Fear turns strangers into people who will become friends. , 2. If you have enough courage to start, you're strong enough to finish. 3. Courage does not mean you are not afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you. , 4. You get what you have the courage to ask for in life. , 5. Fear has a large shadow, but itself is small. , (a), (b) , (c), (d), , 1 and 5, 2, 3 and 4, 2 and 3, 1, 3 and 5, , Resp. (d) References 1, 3 and 5 Support the points made in the excerpt.

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152, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , (ii) What is the poet's purpose in using the onomatopoeia given in the excerpt? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , 3 .Does Custard match his appearance? It is to emphasize Custard's strength and boldness, to introduce Custard's character to readers, and to tell readers To give the impression that Custard is ready is to make Custard bold enough to face the situation. ,, Ans. (a) The poet uses onomatopoeia to emphasize, , Custard's strength and audacity. , , (iii) Choose the option that matches the reaction of the characters in the article. , Ink: terrified : : Blink : i) . .......... Pirates: ii), ................... . ..:: Custard : fearless, (a) (i) shocked (ii) unhappy (b) (i) petrified (ii) surprised, (c) (i) frustrated (ii) shocked, (d) (i) ) petrified (ii) shocked, Ans. (d) Blink is terrified, Pirate is shocked, and Custard,,, is not. ,, (a) hit his tail like iron..., (b)... like a thrush to a pirate of worms. , (c) ...creamy, roaring like an engine..., (d) ...falling to the bottom..., Resp. (d) "Dripping to the bottom" is no simile. ,, (v) The excerpt mentions "iron" in the dungeon. , according to this excerpt, "iron" refers to the iron shelf on which horror books are placed. , an iron box containing treasures. , chains to hold prisoners. , an iron coffin used to bury the royal dead. , Ans. (c) The "iron" in the excerpt refers to chains,,, captives. ,, short answer questions,, the dragon known as the "cowardly dragon"? Castard cries for a safe good cage because he's a "coward" who wants peace and security. He is called "Dear Dragon" because all the other pets except him are described as being very brave. Belinda is as brave as a pack of bears, Ink and Blink can give chase, and Lion and Mustard are like angry tigers. , the answer dragon Custard was teased by Ink, Blink and Mustard like Percival because he was shy. Docile (submissive), always crying for a nice safe cage. , , 6. What did everyone do when the pirates came? , Ans. When the pirates arrived, Belinda cried out for help, pale with fright. Mustard runs away screaming in terror, Ink hides behind the house and Blink disappears into his hole. Only Custard jumped in front of the pirate to fight him and showed courage to face the pirate. , , 7. How did Custard face the pirates? , except Custard went into hiding. Custar jumped in front of the pirate to fight him. He even hit his own tail. During the fight, the pirates fired two bullets at him, but neither hit the target. In the end, Custard ate him without leaving a trace. ,, 8. Did Belinda and her pets thank Custard for killing the pirate? How did Custard react to their response? ,, Resp. Yes, Belinda and her pets thank Custard because, 1. Where does Belinda live and with whom? , Resp. Belinda lives in a small white house with her four pets and a red buggy. She has a black kitten named Ink, a gray mouse named Blink, a yellow dog named Mustard, and a cowardly dragon named Custard. Why, , Answers to all of Belinda's pets when pirates enter her house, Part 2, Subjective Questions! ,, are all dangerous, but in fact he is a coward. He's always crying, for a nice and safe cage, while everyone laughs at him for being cowardly. ,, 5.,Excerpt. ,, (a), (b), (c), (d), , Ans. No, Custard does not match his appearance, his appearance, CBSE 2016, Ans. The third stanza of the poem "The Tale of Custard the,, Dragon" describes the dragon's appearance. Cream, dragons have big, sharp teeth. It has spikes, top, and lower scales. Your mouth is like a fireplace, and your nose is like a chimney. He had the dagger, on his tiptoe, and killed the pirate, but only temporarily. Immediately after, Mustard, Ink, and Wink express their gratitude and start making excuses for their cowardice, and everything is back to normal, as it was before the Pirates incident. Custard, the dragon responded in a humble way, acknowledging that all other pets were braver than him. ,, 9. Is it really as brave as they claim? , Resp. Belinda and her three pets, with the exception of Karstad, all pride themselves on being brave, but they're not really brave. Only Kastad dared to face the pirates and fight him. So of all men, only Kastard was brave.

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153,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, 10th. The poet uses many poetic techniques in his poems. For example, "his tail clashed like iron in a dungeon"—the poetry here is a simile. Can you and your partner list more poetic techniques used in the poem? , NCERT, , 15. Please explain why you think the poet named these animals Ink, Blink, Mustard, and Cream? , Resp. The poet named the animals Ink, Blink, Mustard, and , Custard to make the poem interesting to read and to keep the poem in rhythm. Mustard is named for its yellow color. ,, Ans. In the poem, 'The Tale of Cream, the Dragon', the poet uses many poetic techniques. Here are some of the equipment used, (i) a metaphor for Boca as a fireplace. , (ii) repeated use of the word 'little' in verse 1, (iii) onomatopoeia using sound words like 'weeck', and 'meowch'. , (iv) The metaphor uses the comparison as "the nose of the chimney". ,, 11. How does Custard accept his cowardice and the bravery of others? , CBSE 2020, Ans. Castard accepted his cowardice in asking for a safe cage, and he accepted the bravery of others when they boasted how brave they were in the face of pirates. The pirates saved everyone in the house. However, he chose to be modest and modest, rather than bragging about himself. , , 12. Custard humbly admits that other animals are braver than he. Give a reason to support your position that humility is a virtue worth having. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Castaard humbly accepts that other animals are braver than he is, because humility is a virtue to be had, as it helps us not to take our achievements too seriously. It also allows us to accept our vulnerabilities. , , 13. Using words like "realio trulio" has wonderful poetic effect. How about it? The word "realio trulio" creates a wonderful poetic effect that makes the poem fun to read. In fact, there are no such words as "realio" and "trulio". In fact, they mean "really" and "truly" respectively. Biggest difficulty? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Custard might be the perfect poster child for his belief that a person's true nature comes out in the toughest of times. This is because Castard showed his true brave nature during the fierce battle with the pirates. Before this incident, he was considered a coward by his roommates. The humble dragon has proved its bravery in the face of adversity. Analyzing certain qualities, such as bravery and courage, is situational and spontaneous. Express your opinion with reference to the poem "The Story of Custaron". , Ans. Granted, bravery and courage are situational and spontaneous. This fact is aptly conveyed in the poem "The Story of Longcasta". Dragons are considered cowards. He was taunted and cried for a good safe cage. Unlike Belinda and her other pets, he never brags about his bravery and courage. Everyone else, including Belinda, Ink, Wink, and Mustard, claims to be brave. They even made fun of Castard's cowardice. However, when they showed their talents, none of them could face the danger directly. They hide somewhere in the house. Only Kastard dares to go head to head with the fearsome pirate. Not only fight pirates, but also eat pirates. This is a dangerous situation where Castaard reacts spontaneously. His courage and bravery were shown in a threatening situation. So qualities like grit and grit are really situational and spontaneous. , , 2. Do you think someone should be laughed at for their preferences and choices in life? Long., Ans. In my opinion, one should never make fun of anyone based on their lifestyle and choices. It should always be remembered that choices and preferences may depend on unexplained factors. In the poem "The Story of Long Kashida", Kashida made a choice, that is, he wanted a "safe cage". He prefers comfort and safety. However, Belinda and her other pets always laughed at him. They thought he was a coward because he chose to stay in the cage and made fun of him. Custard the dragon quickly proves that his choice of comfort doesn't make him a coward. In fact, instead of all of Belinda's "brave" pets fighting the pirates, it's Karstard. It was Castard who bravely faced the pirate and killed him. So never judge anyone by their choices. Appearances can be deceiving. Just like the cowardly but brave dragon, others can behave differently from him/her, he/she is your preference.

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154, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , 3. Do you think 'The Tale of Custard the Dragon' is a serious poem or a light poem? Give reasons to support your answer. , NCERT, , Ans. "Long Ka Shi Da Ji" is a very lighthearted and funny poem that everyone should like. Fixed rhyme schemes and the use of misspellings deter, hold and make reading easy and enjoyable. Even nicknames rhyme and elicit laughter. The descriptions of Belinda and her pets make up the poem, which is interesting. Belinda's bravery has been described as being the equivalent of a pack of bears. Her youngest pet kittens, Ink and Blink the mouse, are brave enough to scare away lions. Mustard Dog is like an angry tiger. But above all, dragons are friendly and timid. He was, always crying for a safe cage. Plus, it's hilarious how these characters react to dangerous pirates. The bucket is full of bears, Ink and Blink chase the lion down the stairs, Mustard is brave like an angry tiger, but Custard cries out for a safe cage. ,, (i), (ii), (iii) ), (iv), (v), Resp. (i), , (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , 1. Read Article, try the following questions, now the black cat's name is Ink, and the little mouse is gray, she calls her wink,, that little yellow dog is sharp as mustard,, but the dragon is a coward, she calls him cream. , CBSE 2019,, (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), Resp. (i), , (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , says Name the poem and the poet. , what color is Belinda's dog? , what are the names of the kitten and the mouse? , the word in which stanza is the antonym of "dull". , named the poetic device used in the line - "Little Yellow Dog as sharp as mustard". , the name of the poem is "Tale of the Cream Dragon" and the poet's name is Ogden Nash., Belinda's dog is yellow as mustard., Belinda's kitten is called Ink, and the mouse is called Blink., the word sharp is the correct word for dull Antonym., simile used in lines - "And that little yellow dog, it's as sharp as mustard". , how brave are the cat and mouse? , why is Custard crying for a nice safety cage? , What words are similar to "anger"? , The first and third lines of the stanza use a metaphor, why is the dragon called a timid dragon? , the kitten and the mouse are brave enough to scare away the lion. A beautiful safe cage for being a coward. , the word is "angry". , the metaphor used in the first and third lines is a "simile". , this dragon is known as the Cowardly Dragon because despite possessing great power and potential, he, always cries for a nice safe cage. ,, 3. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. , Belinda tickle him, she tickleed him mercilessly,, Ink, Wink and Mustard, they rudly o called, Percival , , they were all laughing in a red pony carriage, No realio, trulio, cowardly dragon., CBSE 2018, (i ), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), Ans. (i), (ii), (iii), , who scratched Belinda? , why did she scratch "him"? , who are Ink, Blink and Mustard? Meaning, Custard the dragon was tickleed by Belinda., She tickle him to teaching and mock him., Ink is a black kitten, Blink is a gray mouse, and, Mustard is a yellow puppy. They are all Belinda’s pets . , (iv) They laughed at him because everyone thought he was a coward. , (v) Realio, trulio means true and true. The poet changes the words to give rhythm to the poem.

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155,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, Foot Points Without Extra Feet,, Chapter 01, The Growth of a Scientist, — Robert Peterson, In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,,, !, , Meaning of Words, , !, , Chapter Exercises, , Chapter Summary, Richard's Young Success, Richard HEbright and his college roommate are the first to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences University students who publish articles. , Richard and his roommate were just 22 when they explained how cells work. This achievement is one of Richard's many in science. Richard's childhood, Richard lived in Pennsylvania, USA, the only child of his parents. With no one to play football or baseball with, he got into the habit of collecting items like rocks, fossils and coins. He is also very interested in astronomy and enjoys stargazing all night long. , Richard's mother: his real partner, Richard lost his father in third grade, so his mother was his only partner. His mother encouraged his interest in learning. She took him on trips and bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mosaic materials, and many other equipment. She also supports his hobbies, inviting his friends to play with him. Even when Richard had nothing to do, she found him a job. She supports his intense curiosity, bright mind, and desire to learn. As a result, Richard got high marks in school. Richard read the book "The Travels of Emperor X", and Richard had a keen interest in butterflies since he was a child. By the time he was in second grade, he had collected all 25 species of butterflies found in his hometown. He is tired of collecting butterflies. But his mother gave him a book, The Travels of Monarch X. This book opened up a whole new world of science to Richard. Butterfly migration. Readers are instructed to tag butterflies for PhD research. Frederick A Urquhart, University of Toronto, Canada. After your mom wrote to Dr. Urquhart, Richard started tagging butterflies. Soon, however, he started creating them. He took a monarch, took her eggs. As the butterflies grow, he marks their wings and releases them. This process went on for many years, and his basement became a home for butterflies. Soon, he lost interest because he didn't get much feedback. , attending the county science fair, Richard began learning what real science was in seventh grade. At the county science fair, everyone except him won an award. That's when he realized that other people had been doing real experiments, and he was just showing a neat slide of the frog's organization. Failure fueled Ebright with a competitive spirit.

Page 159:
156, Richard's eighth grade project, for his next project, he wrote to Dr. Urquhart asked for comments and received many suggestions. Soon, Richard achieved his first success. For Richard's eighth-grade project, he was trying to find the cause of a viral disease that killed monarch butterflies. Richard believed the disease could be spread by beetles. He tried to raise caterpillars in the presence of beetles, but he failed. However, he won an award at the county fair. Richard's next project, in The Viceroy Butterfly, Richard's next project is to test the theory that the Viceroy butterfly replicates the Monarch butterfly. Butterfly Viceroy Yes, to protect yourself from birds, because birds don't like to eat monarch butterflies, they like to eat viceroy. He found that starlings only eat monarch butterflies and butterflies, not common bird food. The project placed first in the Zoology Division and third in Richard's Hormone Discovery at the County General Science Fair. , cell life. The purpose of the original project was to find out the cause of the twelve gold spots on the monarch chrysalis. Together with another science student, Richard built an apparatus that showed that the spots produced a hormone that was required for the butterfly to fully develop. The project earned Richard first place at the county science fair and entry to the international science and engineering fair. There, he earned a third in zoology and had the opportunity to work in the entomology laboratory at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute. Advanced, study the emperor chrysalis. Won the first prize at the International Science Fair that year. During his senior year, he grew imperial wing cells in a culture. He showed that these cells develop into normal butterfly and wing scales only when the golden blobs are fed with hormones. This experience won him the first prize in zoology at an international exposition. All the while, he went on to work in Army labs and also got an opportunity to work in a USDA lab. There, using advanced technology from the Department of Agriculture, he was able to determine the chemical structure of the hormone. Early on, he came up with the idea for a new theory of cellular life while looking at x-rays of the chemical structure of hormones. He believes his research can shed light on how cells read their DNA blueprints. Richard and his college roommate, James R. Wong, spent the night modeling molecular plastics to show how this happened. They later wrote a paper together to explain their theory. He became a graduate researcher at Harvard Medical School, where he began experiments to prove his new theory. If his theory is correct, it could lead to new ways to prevent certain cancers and other diseases. Richard: Richard is a generalist, he is not just a scientist. He is a generalist. He is a champion debater and public speaker. He is also an accomplished kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. He is also a great photographer. In his high school, he was a member of the Debating and Model United Nations clubs. There he met Richard A. Weiherer, a professor of social studies whom he greatly admired and an advisor to two clubs. Richard: A real scientist, sir. Weiherer praised Richard for his hard work. He also praised Richard's healthy competitiveness, which is all about doing the best you can. Richard has all the qualities that make him a true scientist. He has a top-notch mind, curiosity and a willingness to win for the right reasons.

Page 160:
157, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, Meaning of Words, pages provided. , Word, , Meaning, , Page 32, , Word, , Meaning, , Word, , fritillary, , A Butterfly, Orange Brown, Checkered Wings, Black, Page 36, Boy Scouts, Boy Scouts, Association Membership of, Newspapers, Newspapers or Magazines, Dealing with Specific Subjects, p. 34, Becoming part of Important or Successful Groups, Monarch Butterflies and Discovered Butterfly Types, Viceroy, North America, making the, big leagues, page 33, varietyed, growing, , species, , sticky, teidous, with patches, stripes or marks of different colors, curved shape, wide, in its center, pointing to its two crescent-like points, a group of similar An animal or plant that produces young that can firmly adhere to a surface or object; sticky, dull, very slow or long, hormone, natural substance, that is produced in the body and affects the body Mode of growth or development, pupae, insects and adults in the larval stage of development, entomology, branch of science that studies insects, culture, growth of cells in specially prepared nutrients, culture medium, esp rica, the sound of joy when someone finds something, plants, a design plan, , Page 35, pile, , large numbers, , starling, , dark brown or black birds common in Europe and America, , animals science, , branch of science dealing with the study of animals and animal behavior, , meaning, , Page 37, kayaker, , canoeist, , reason, , purpose

Page 161:
158,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Chapter 1, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, Multiple Choice Question, 1. Richard Ebright Publishes His Cell Theory…………….,, (a) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (b) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (c) National Academy of Sciences Proceedings, (d) Proceedings of the International Journal of Science, Ans. (a) Richard Ebright publishes his cell theory in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ,, 2. Why doesn't Richard play football or baseball? , (a) Because he doesn't know how to play. , (b) because he doesn't want to play. , (c) Because his mother won't let him play. , (d) because he has no one to play with. , Resp. (d) Richard cannot play football or baseball because he,,, has no one to team up with. ,, 3. "Before he started school, I was his only teammate," he says in the context of "The Making," the scientist'? , (a) Richard E. Bright, (c) Dr. Urquhart, (b) Richard's mother, (d) James R. Wong,, Ans. (b) The dialogue given is that of Richard's mother. , , 4. Which of the butterflies Ebright caught in his hometown was not on the list? , (a) Bog Copper, (c) Pearl Crescent, , (b) Red Admiral, (d) Olympia, Ans. (b) Of the butterflies caught by Ebright at home, 'Red Admiral' did not make the list. , , 5. The book "The Travels of Monarch X" tells how Monarch butterflies migrated to……… ., (a ) North America, (b) Canada, (c) Central America, (d) Pennsylvania, Ans. (c) The book "The Travels of Monarch X" describes how the monarch butterfly migrated to Central America. ,, 6. Which project won the first Ebright Award at the County Fair? ,, (a) Device monarch butterfly showing golden spots, producing hormones required for full butterfly development. , (b) A blueprint of how a cell reads its DNA. , (c) Discovery of unknown insect hormones. , (d) All of the above, the answer. (a) The installation showing that the golden spots on the monarch butterfly are producing the hormones necessary for the butterfly to fully develop won the first Ebright Award at the county fair. , 7. In which entomology lab does Richard have the opportunity to work? ?,, (a) Walter Reed Army Research Institute, (b) Model United Nations Club, (c) Army Laboratory, (d) USDA, Ans. (a) Richard has the opportunity to work at Walter Reed at the Army Research Institute. , , 8. What experiments did Richard do in his sophomore year of high school? ,, (a) cell experiment, (b) DNA experiment, (c) monarch pupae experiment, (d) viceroy butterfly experiment, Ans. (c) Continuing experiments on the Emperor Chrysalis, Richard as a high school sophomore. ,, 9. DNA is the substance in the nucleus of the cell that controls the………., (a) Blueprint, (c) Inheritance, (b) Information, (d) Identity, Resp. (c) DNA is the material in the nucleus that controls heredity. , , 10. Mr. Weiherer said, "For the right reasons, he wants to be the best." What does the statement he gives mean? , A. Richard is not interested in winning. , B. Richard didn't want to win first prize by winning. , C. Richard wants to do his best for the well-being of others, people., (a) only A, (c) B and C,,, (b) A and B, (d) none of these

Page 162:
159,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. (c) What Mr. Weiherer means is that Richard does not want to win the first prize for winning, but he wants to do his best for the welfare of the people. , , 11. Who is Richard's social studies teacher? , (a) Mr. Weiherer, (c) James R. Wong, (b) Dr. Urquhart, (d) None of these,, Resp. (a) Mr. Weiherer is Richard's Professor of Social Studies. ,, 12. Organizing Richard Ebright's achievement in "The Growth of a Scientist". ,, (i) tried to discover a disease caused by a virus that killed most emperor caterpillars almost every year., (ii) began his scientific research and discovered a mysterious insect hormone. , (iii) His new theory of cellular life was born. , (iv) Try to find the main purpose of the tiny twelve golden dots of the imperial chrysalis. , (v) I had the opportunity to work in the entomology laboratory at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute. , (a) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) ), (b) (v), (ii), (iii), (i) and (iv), , ( b) (iv), (iii), (v), (ii) and (i), (d) (iv), (v), (ii), (iii) and (i), , Resp. (a ) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) are the correct matching order. , , 13. What other qualities does Richard have besides being a scientist? , , (i) Debater, (iii) Lecturer, (ii) Photographer, (iv) Kayaker, (a) (i), (ii) and (iii), (b) (ii) , (iii) and (iv), (c) (i), (iii) and (iv), (d) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv), Resp. (d) Ricardo more whole. In addition to being a scientist, he was a photographer, debater, kayaker and public speaker. , , 14. What is the conclusion of the story "The Making of a Scientist"? , , (a) we should persevere, (b) we should be committed to our work, (c) anyone can be a scientist, (d) (a) and (b), Resp. (d) The conclusion of the story is that we must, persevere and put our hearts and souls into our work. ,, 15. Select the correct options for (i) and (ii). , (i) Richard's mother motivated him and his studies of science, curiosity. , (ii) Richard graduated from Harvard Medical School. , (a)(i) is the result of (ii), (b)(i) and (ii) are independent of each other, (c)(ii) is the result of (i), (d)(i) is true (ii ) is false, Ans. (b) states that (i) and (ii) are independent of each other. , , !, , Multiple-choice questions based on excerpts, 1. Read the excerpts to answer the following questions, , “I didn’t get any real results,” he said. "But I went ahead and showed that I had done the experiment. This time I won. The following year, her science fair project was testing the theory that the doge, the butterfly, replicates the monarch. The theory is that the doge looks like a monarch because the king is to the bird. Classes have poor taste. - Monarchs, on the other hand, have good taste in birds. Be the bird's dinner. Ebright's project was to see if, in fact, birds eat monarchs. He found that starlings don't eat bird food. Common He will eat all the monarchs he can get his hands on., CBSE Question Bank 2021 , (i) Choose the option that lists the qualities of Ebright, as shown in the above excerpt, 1. Perseverance, 3. Unwavering, 5. Complacent, (a) 1, 2, (c) 1, 3, , 2. Visionary, 4. Liberal, (b) 3, 5, (d) 4, 5, , Ans. (c) According to the provided Excerpt, Ebright is retaining and,, determined.,, (ii) According to the dictionary, 'fair' as a noun has the following meanings. Choose the option that lists the with a meaning similar to that used in the paragraph. , (a) Stalls and gatherings for public entertainment and entertainment. , (b) A competitive exhibition or ideas., (c) A periodic collection for the sale of goods., (d) An annual exhibition of livestock, agricultural products, etc., held by a city, county, or state. , Ans. (b) Option (b) lists a meaning similar to that of just used in the statement. , , (iii) Select the option that matches both statements about the information in the statement. , Statement 1 Starling feeds if of viceroys., Statement 2 Starling does not eat seeds and insects., Codes, (a) Both statements are explicitly mentioned in the excerpt. , (b) Statement 1 cannot be clearly inferred from the text, and, Statement 2 is true. , (c) Statement 1 is false and Statement 2 cannot be clearly inferred from the excerpt. , (d) Both statements must be inferred from the given excerpt, answer. (c) Statement 1 is false and Statement 2 cannot be clearly inferred from the excerpt.

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160,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, (iv) Given an excerpt in context, choose the correct statement. , 1. Ebright did not get any results from his experiments on butterflies. ,2. Monarchs have terrible taste for birds. , 3. Ebright wanted to explore the possibility that the monarch was eaten by birds. , 4. He wants to prove that the governor looks like a monarch. , (a) 1, 2 , (c) 1, 3 , , (b) 2,, (d) 2, 4, , (iii) How can your theory benefit the world? , (a) provide new ideas for preventing certain types of cancer and other diseases., (b) provide information about DNA. , (c) provides information on monarch butterflies. , (d) provides information about the Governor Butterfly. , Ans. (a) His theories could benefit the world by providing new ideas for preventing certain cancers and other diseases. , (iv) How did Rechard Ebright graduate? , (a) graduated with highest honors, (b) ranked second out of 1510 students, (c) from Harvard University, (d) all of the above, , Ans. (b) Statements 2 and 3 are true. , , (v) Four friends take their pets to a pet show. , select the option to mention that a friend has a starling as a pet. , O Friend 1 has a turtle named Missy. , friend 2 has a dragonfly named Majesty. , friend 3 has a rabbit named Molly. , friend 4 has a bird named Mitch. , (a) Friend 1, (c) Friend 3, , (b) Friend 2, (d) Friend 4, , Representative (d) Friend 4, , 2. Read the excerpt to answer the following questions. , , It will come as no surprise to anyone who knew him that Richard Ebright graduated with highest honors from Harvard University, second in his class of 1510. Ebright later became a graduate student at Harvard Medical School. There he began to conduct experiments to test his theory. If the theory turns out to be correct, it would be a huge step forward in understanding the processes of life. It could also lead to new ideas for preventing certain cancers and other diseases. This is all possible thanks to Ebright's scientific curiosity. His high school research into the use of spots on emperor pupae eventually led to his theories about cellular life. The golden blob of the imperial chrysalis, (b) Ebright's theory of cellular life, (c) Ebright's theory of insect hormones, (d) Ebright's theory of governors and monarchs, Ans. (b) Ebright's theory of cellular life is being discussed in the given paragraph. , , (ii) "This is all possible because of Ebright's scientific curiosity" shows that (a) many things can be discovered in life. , (b) Ebright is a smart man. , (c) Curiosity to learn more leads to important discoveries. , (d) Scientific curiosity is necessary to make Ebright world famous. , Ans. (c) "This is all possible because of Ebright's scientific curiosity" suggests that curiosity to know more leads to important discoveries. , Ans. (d) Richard Ebright graduated from Harvard University with highest honors, second in his class of 1510. ,, (v) Why is no one surprised by Ebright's graduation? , (a) Because everyone knows Ebright will. , (b) because Ebright is already famous. , (c) Because everyone believes in Ebright. , (d) Because Ebright is smart. , Ans. (a) No one was surprised that Ebright graduated because everyone knew that Ebright would graduate. -two? Richard has achieved a rare achievement at the age of 22. He and his friends wrote a paper on how cells work. The article, published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, marks the first time the journal has published work by university students. ,, 2. Richard became a collector when he was young. How about it? Richard was the only child of his parents. There is no one at home to play with him. So he started collecting things in his spare time. His hobbies are collecting coins, fossils, rocks and butterflies. In this way, Richard became a collector from an early age. ,, 3. Why did Ebright lose interest in tagging bufferflies? , CBSE 2020, Ans. Richard raised thousands of butterflies, tagged them, and released them to study their migrations. But he quickly lost interest, as only two tagged butterflies were recaptured, and they had only traveled seventy-five miles. , , 4. How did Ebright's mother help him become a scientist? , Answer Richard Ebright's mother helped him become a scientist by encouraging his interest in learning.

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161, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, she took him on a trip and bought him science equipment. She spends all her time creating challenges for him. This helped Richard learn a lot. She introduces him to the book "The Travels of Monarch X". This book changed Richard's life forever. , , 5. How did this book become a turning point in the life of Richard Abright? ,, Resp. The Travels of Sovereign X became a turning point in Richard Ebright's life when he became interested in studying butterfly migration after reading it. This opened up the world of science to Richard. ,, 6. What lessons did Ebright learn while attending the County Science Fair in the Seventh Garden? ,, CBSE 2020, Ans. When Ebright entered the county science fair, he learned what science was all about. He learned that science is not about neatly organized presentations on slides. It's about real experiments in order to get some real results. , , 7. What experiments and projects did Richard carry out? ,, NCERT, , Ans. Richard Ebright has carried out many projects and experiments. His first project was to prove that beetles carry a viral disease that kills monarch butterfly caterpillars. He then tried to prove that the viceroy butterfly copied the monarch. Later, he studied the twelve golden dots on the Emperor Pupa and discovered a new hormone. In addition, he discovered how cells read their DNA. , 8. Who is Dr. Frederick Urquhart? Why did Richard Ebright come to you for new ideas? ,, Resp. Dr. Frederick A Urquhart is a scientist and professor at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is studying butterfly migration. Ebright sent him many tagged butterflies to use in his research work. Richard is looking for new ideas and suggestions because of the ones Dr. sent. Urquhart helped shape Ebright's career as a scientist. Monarch, Butterfly? ,, Ans. Birds eat viceroy butterflies because they taste good to them, while monarch butterflies don't. So the viceroy tried to emulate the monarch in protecting himself from the birds. , , 10. List two of Ebright's contributions to the scientific community. Two of Ebright's contributions to science were, ●,,●, Ebright built a device showing that spots on the monarch butterfly's wings produce hormones necessary for butterfly growth. He studies how cells read their DNA. ,,, 11. Besides science, what are Richard's other interests? , Ans. In addition to science, Richard is an excellent debater and public speaker, as well as a kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. He also likes photography and likes to collect various objects and butterflies. , , 12. Mr. Weiherer pays warm tribute to Richard. , What did he say? ,, Mr. Resp. Weiherer is the Ebright Professor of Social Studies and an advisor to the club that Richard Ebright joined. He praised his brilliant mind, curiosity and willingness to win for the right reasons. He also admired Richard's spirit of always doing his best. ,, 13. Hobbies play a very important role in a person's life. .It is true that hobbies play a very important role in a person's life. Richard Ebright's hobby led him into science. His hobbies are encouraged by his mother who always encourages him to learn new things. Moreover, precisely because of his hobby, he was an all-around curious man. , always ready to get involved in what he loves to do. , , 14. How does one become a scientist, economist, historian...? Does it just involve reading a ton of books on the subject? Does it involve observation, thinking and experimentation? , NCERT, Ans. Reading books is important to being a scientist, economist and historian. However, this is not enough. In addition to the knowledge acquired from books, you must be able to think independently. Yes, it also requires a keen interest in seeing, thinking and experimenting, and acquiring as much practical knowledge as possible to be successful in your field. , , 15. When Richard's mother bought him things like cameras, telescopes, microscopes? Give two reasons to support your answer. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. I don't think Richard's mom was very lenient in buying him cameras, binoculars, etc. for the following reasons, (a) she knew Richard was very curious and intelligent. , (b) He wants to learn something. So Richard's mother was right to provide him with the right equipment to help him through the process.

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162,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,,, 16. It is recommended that you cultivate your child's scientific temperament in two ways. ,, CBSE Question Bank 2021, Answers. The scientific temperament is all about questioning. It can develop in a child by: (a) Encouraging him to ask questions instead of accepting them blindly. , (b) Logical thinking is another way to develop a child's scientific temperament. ,! ,, long-answer questions, 1. Richard's mother had a great influence on him. ,, discuss, or discuss the role of Ebright's mother in making him a scientist. , CBSE 2011, 2019, Resp. Richard's mother played a major role in making him a great scientist. She takes him on trips to encourage and learn. He is an only son. After his father died, his mother made him the center of her life. She bought him various microscopes, telescopes and other equipment. After dinner, she asked him to sort things out. This helped Richard learn a lot. For a long time she was his only companion. She always finds a way to give him a job that does not require physical strength but also improves his academic ability. It was his mother who gave him the book The Travels of Monarch X. This book opened up the world of science to Richard. She also wrote to Dr. Urquhart mentors his son. The scientist helped and mentored Richard. So his mother turned him into an extraordinary scientist. , , 2. Richard Ebright showed a well-rounded personality. do you agree? Clarify in context from the given text. , CBSE 2016, Ans. Richard Ebright showed a complete personality from an early age. His genius was evident in his sophomore year. He collects not only butterflies, but also stones, fossils and coins. He managed to collect all 25 species of butterflies found in his hometown and catalog them. Science isn't his only hobby. He is an active member of the school debate club and model, United Nations Club, and is an effective debater and public speaker. Because of interests and hobbies, he easily devotes his time and energy to many other interests. He's a champion not because he wants to win for the sake of winning, but because he wants to do better. All these qualities make him a well-rounded individual. , , 3. How did Ebright use determination and perseverance to achieve his goal of becoming a scientist? Richard Ebright was a curious child from kindergarten. His curiosity drives him to collect stones, fossils, coins and butterflies. His mother's encouragement and his bright mind also contributed to his success as a scientist. His mother gave him everything he needed to develop his scientific hobby. Your response to Dr. Fredrick A., Urquhart Collecting butterflies for his research gave him a chance to work hard. Then, in seventh grade, when he entered and lost a country science fair, he got a taste of what real science is. He realized that the winner was trying to do a real experiment, not simply an organized presentation. After that, Ebright threw himself into every science project the school gave him each year. He then took first place at the county fair, which earned him access to the International Science and Engineering Fair, where he finished third. He then received top honors and graduated from Harvard. In these spots, the imperial chrysalis eventually led him to the theory of cellular life and DNA. He never lost his grit and determination, so he always moved forward in life, putting all his failures aside, and because of this, he became a famous scientist. ,, 4. 'Richard Ebright has all the makings of a scientist. 'Detailed description, CBSE 2019, Ans. Ebright was a keen observer and hardworking kid. He has keen insight and great curiosity. He started working at a very young age, namely in kindergarten. In second grade, he collected all 25 species of butterflies found in his hometown. He creates a colony of butterflies and labels them to help the Doctor. Frederick studies his migration. In seventh grade, when he failed at the county science fair, he learned that real science is real experiments with results. His competitive spirit led him to a real experiment. At his university, he led to the discovery of new theories about cellular life. With his perseverance, dedication, and constant drive to achieve his goals, he was able to determine that DNA is the blueprint for life. This discovery helped him become a world-renowned scientist. Richard Ebright thus possessed all the ingredients necessary to form the analytical mind of a scientist, to feed ideas through experimentation, to strive to win and to work for the benefit of others.

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163,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature No. 10,, 5. Make a short character sketch of Ebright's mother. , CBSE 2020, Ans. Richard H. Ebright's mother was a kind and gentle lady who encouraged and stimulated Ebright's interest in learning. It was she who laid the foundation for his success as a scientist. After her husband died, her son, who was in third grade, became her life. She encouraged her son to develop a strong interest in learning. She understands that her son has a curious and intelligent mind. She could see his scientific temperament, so she made sure he had everything he needed. She took him on trips and bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mosaic materials and all the other equipment. She was Richard's only companion until he started school. When Richard's school started, she was the one who encouraged him to make friends. She would invite her friends to her house. She sat with him at night. Even when Richard didn't have any work to do, his mother was keen to find something to impress her son. It was she who let him get the book "Travel of the Ten Kings", which opened up the world of science for him. She knows her son has a passion and is doing everything possible to make it happen. It was this kind of support, guidance, care and concern from Ebright's mother that made him such a successful scientist as a prodigal son. He used to be! Since kindergarten, Ebright has collected butterflies with a signature determination in all his activities. He also collects rocks, fossils and coins. He also became an avid astronomer, sometimes spending all night looking up at the stars. From the start, he was driven, curious and intelligent. He also has a mother who encourages his interest in studies. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mosaic materials, and other equipment, and assisted him in many other ways. , (i) What does "he did" in the article refer to? , (ii) What what besides butterflies, does he collect other things? ,, (iii) Find a word from the passage that means "determination". , (iv) How did Richard's mother encourage his interest in learning? , (v) How did Richard develop an interest in the collection of, things? ,Answer. (i) "He did" refers to Richard's habit of collecting things. , (ii) In addition to butterflies, he collects fossils, coins and stones. , (iii) “Determination” is an extraction word meaning “determination”. , (iv) Richard's mother encouraged him to study. , she took him on a trip and bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipment. , (v) From then on, Richard had no one to play with, and he developed, the habit of collecting things. , , 2. Read the excerpt to try the following questions. He would take a female monarch butterfly, take her eggs, and raise them in his basement for their entire life cycle, from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult butterfly. He would then mark the butterfly's wings and release them. For several years, its basement was home to thousands of monarch butterflies in various stages of development. ,, (i) Why did Ebright breed butterflies? Excerpt given above. , (iii) why did Ebright lose interest in tagging butterflies? , (iv) Why did he mark the butterflies? , (v) to whom must he send the marked butterfly? , Ans. (i) Ebright created the butterfly because it is very difficult to catch, many butterflies one by one. , (ii) 'Lift' is a word in the excerpt that has a similar meaning to 'rear'. , (iii) Ebright lost interest in tagging butterflies because he didn't get much feedback and the work was tedious. , (iv) He tagged butterflies to study their migration patterns. , (v) He had to send the tagged butterflies to Dr. Urquhart.

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164, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Chapter 02, Necklace, —by Guy De Maupassant, In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,, ! , Chapter Practice, , Chapter Summary, Matilda Loisel and Her Misery, Matilda Liosel is a beautiful married lady with big ambitions. She wants to be rich and dreams of a good life. However, she was born into a family of clerks. She is also married to M Liosel, a clerk who works in the offices of the Board of Education. Matilda believed she was born to live a life of luxury. She has always dreamed of elegant dinners, fine china, beautiful clothes and delicious dishes. However, her reality is poverty, which makes her miserable. She is always dissatisfied with her life and jealous of her rich friends. , M Loisel brought an invitation, and one evening Matilda's husband, M Loisel, came back from the office with a large envelope in his hand. The envelope contains an invitation to a ball (party) at the minister's residence. M, Loisel thought his wife would be delighted to see the invitation, but Matilda threw it away angrily. For the ball. She even rejected her husband's idea of ​​a dress she owned and asked him to forward the invitation to a colleague. .He gave Matilda the 400 francs he saved to buy a gun, and asked her to buy new clothes. Matilda told him of her misfortune, that she had no jewels to match her dress. Your husband suggested using natural flowers. But Matilda was not convinced, and replied that she would look poor among rich women. Finally, her husband advises her to borrow jewels from her wealthy friend, Madame Forestier. She told Madame Forestier about her problem. So Madame Forestier took out her jewel box and gave Matilda a choice. Matilda tried on a few pieces of jewelry but finally settled on borrowing a diamond necklace. Everyone likes her, she is the center of attraction. She dances with great enthusiasm and joy. At 4 a.m., they rented an old buggy and headed home.

Page 168:
165, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , The necklace was lost, and when Matilda came home to change, she wanted to take one last look at herself in the mirror. , suddenly she realized that the necklace was not around her neck. She screamed and told her husband about it. Your husband looked around for a necklace last night. He went to the police station and the taxi office. He also advertised a reward in the newspaper, but the necklace was not found. So he advised his wife to write to her friend that the clasp on the necklace was broken and she needed some time to fix the necklace, Matilda replaced the necklace, finally Matilda and her husband decided to change the necklace. They searched around for a similar necklace and found it in a shop in the palace. The necklace is worth 36,000 francs. Her husband gave the 18,000 francs left to him by his father. He also borrowed the rest of the money and bought a diamond necklace. Finally, Matilda returned the necklace to her friend. , a poor life, after changing the necklace, Matilda and her husband lived in poverty. They bid farewell to the maids, changed places, and rented some rooms in the attic. Matilda had to do all the housework. She started dressing simply and even went shopping for her groceries. Her husband works around the clock. He placed some businessmen's books overnight and made a few copies in the evening. Finally, they paid off their debts after ten years. , Matilda changed, ten years later, Matilda changed. She had grown into an old woman, strong and resilient. Her hair was disheveled, her skirt was ragged, her hands were red, and her voice was often loud. She also often wonders what her life would have been like if she hadn't lost the necklace. Ten years ago, she was still charming and charming. Matilda hesitated, but decided to tell Madame Forestier about her necklace. Madame Forestier doesn't know her at first, and is shocked when she is introduced. After learning what happened to Matilda and her necklace, she was even more surprised. She told Matilda that the necklace she had replaced was a fake and was worth around 500 francs. Corresponds to the pages of the specified book. , meaning, , woe, , petty, , secondary rank or importance, , Page 41, , recessantly, , continuously, , vexed, , tureen, , a deep bowl with a lid, used to serve soup, ecstatically, , Beautiful, Well Made, Page 42, Desperate, Totally Lost Hope, Lobby, Ecstatic, Very Happy, Word, Page 39, Page 40 Malicious, , Painfully, , a feeling of unhappy, disappointed, upset, depressed, or, worried, very happy and excited, a room used for entertaining guests, , modest, , inexpensive, , cover, , a hanging piece of Sleeve clothes loose from shoulders, p. 43, confusion, chaos, wreath, a (diamond) necklace, usurer, moneylender, p. 44, attic, space or room within a roof , building,,, rough, very simple, i am, low value french coin, perceived, noticed, stained, character, name

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166, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! , multiple choice questions, 1. Where did Loisel work? , (a) Board of Education, (b) Board of Public Education, (c) Ministry of Public Education, (d) Ministry of Education,, 2. Matilda is .. about the invitation. , (b) stressed, (c) confused, Matilda really wants this necklace? ,, 1. Her heart began to pound with uncontrollable desire. , 2. Her hands trembled as she took the necklace. She tied it around her neck and lost herself in ecstasy. Passion, then let it go, treasure. , (a) only 1, (c) 3 and 4, , the answer. (a) Loisel used to work on the Board of Education., (a) doubtful, , 7. Which of the following sentences tells us, (d) haggard, , Ans. and extravagant Matilda. ,, 3. Find the option that best describes M Loisel. , (a) greedy but kind, (b) caring and selfless, (c) proud and honorable (d) smart but lawless, Ans. (b) Caring and selfless, 4. Why does Matilda need jewelry? , (a) go to rich people's parties, (b) take pictures, (b) make replicas, (d) use them at home, Anse. (a) Matilda needs jewelry to attend a rich man's party at the minister's mansion. , , 5. Mrs. Liosel Cheers? , (a) The suggestion of the husband. , (b) with the permission of the husband. , (c) looks like a good idea. , (d) promote her husband. , Resp. (a) Mme Loisel cried out with joy at her husband's suggestion, , , 6. What advice did Matilda's husband give her? , (a) She doesn't wear jewelry. A fine piece of jewelry. , (c) she should wear what she owns. , (d) She should borrow jewelry from her wealthy friend. , Ans. (d) Matilda's husband suggests that she should,, borrow jewels from her rich friend Mme Forestier, (b) 2 and 4, (d) all this,, Ans. (d) All the sentences given tell us that Matilda wanted the necklace very much. ,, 8. Where does Loisel sleep while her wife enjoys a party? ,, (a) in her own house, (c) in a small hall, , (b) at the meeting place, (d) outside in a carriage, , Resp. (c) Loisel enjoying his wife , slept in a small hall while partying. , , 9. After the party, Loisel must be at……… ., , (a) seven o'clock, (c) eight o'clock,, (b) ten o'clock, (d) nine o'clock,,, Resp. (b) Loisel must be at the office after the ten o'clock meeting. , , 10. Select the correct option for (i) and (ii). , (i) Loisel suffered rent payments for up to ten years. , (ii) Madame Loisel regrets her decision to borrow the necklace. , (a) (i) is true (ii) is false, (b) (ii) is true (i) is false, (c ) (i) ) and (ii) are false, ( d) (ii) extends the meaning of (i), Ans. (d) (ii) expands the meaning of (i), that Mme Loisel, , regrets her decision to borrow a necklace from Mme, Forestier, since its replacement caused Loisels to suffer for ten years. , , 11. Where did Matilda find her friend Mme Forestier, after ten years of suffering? , (a) Drury Lane, (c) At the Minister's Ball, (b) In the Street, (d) Champs-Elysees,, Ans. (d) Matilda finds her friend Madame Forestier after 10 years of suffering on the Champs Elysees.

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167, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, 12th. How do you think Mrs. Loisel felt when she realized that the necklace she had borrowed was fake? Choose the correct option. , , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), , Mme Forestier betrayed me! , I should tell Mme Forestier the truth. , She should tell me the necklace is fake., How stupid I am! I wasted ten years of my life because of that fake necklace! , (a) (i) and (ii), (c) (ii), (iii) and (iv), (b) (i), (ii) and (iv), (d) all of these, the answer . (c) Statements 2, 3, and 4 describe the feelings of Mme,, Loisel., !, , Ans. (d) Savory refers to the fineness or complexity of texture or structure. Robustness refers to the quality or state of being solid and in good condition. Therefore, it does not correspond to gastronomy. ,, (iii) select the features exhibited by M Loisel in the extract. , (a) Vanity, (c) Appeasement, (b) Controversy, (d) Softness, Resp. (b) M. Loisel, Matilda's husband discussed with him, what he had. ,, (iv) Choose the answer that lists the correct option, what is a "covered bowl"? ,, Multiple Choice Question Based on Excerpt, 1. Read the excerpt trying the following question, “She suffers constantly and feels that she was born for all the goodies and luxuries. His apartment is dilapidated, the walls and chairs are worn out. This Everything tormented her and irritated her. When she sat down to eat dinner opposite her, the husband who found the bowl said with joy, "Oh! good pie! I know, there's nothing better than this...', she thought, an elegant dinner in gleaming silver; she thought of fine food served on fine plates. She had no clothes or jewels, nothing. What she loved, was Those things. She had a rich friend, a convent classmate, she didn't like to visit her - she came back and suffered a lot. She cried all day with despair and disappointment.", CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) Select the option to list the set of incorrect statements based on the excerpt provided. , 1., 2., 3., 4 ., , Matilda is very satisfied with her life. , Matilda envied that her friend was doing well. , M Loisel did not appreciate Matilda's cooking. , Matilda despised her for living a poor life. , 5. Even though Matilda wanted a life of luxury, she never felt uncomfortable. 6. Matilda sat at the table thinking about the big dinner and the silverware. , 7. Matilda was depressed after visiting her friend. , (a) 1, 3 , 6, (c) 1, 3, 5, , (b) 3, 5, 7, (d) 2, 4, 7, , the answer. (c) Statements 1, 3 and 5 are incorrect. , , (ii) Which word "delicious" does not correspond to? , (a) ethereal, (c) delicate, , (b) elegant, (d) sturdy, , (1), , (a) option (1), (c) option (3), , ( 2), , (3), , (4), , (b) Option (2), (d) Option (4), , Rep. (c) Option (3), (v) The excerpt uses the phrase " fine dining restaurant". , which of the following is incorrect about the word "elegant"? , (1) Furniture, (4) Interior Design,, Elegant,,,, (2) Wave, , (3) College, , (a) Option (1), (c) Option (3), , (b) Option (2), (d) Option (4), , Resp. (c) Option (3), , 2. Read the passage and try to do the following questions. "When he saw his wife crying, he was silent, dumbfounded and frustrated. He stammered: 'What's wrong? What's wrong? Suppressing his anger, he wiped his wet cheeks and replied calmly, "It's nothing, it's just that I don't have a skirt, so I can't continue that case." Give your business card to some colleague whose wife is better equipped than mine. ’ He was sad, but replied: ‘Let us see, Matilda. How much does a suit cost, a dress for another occasion, a very simple dress? "She considered for a few seconds, thought of the amount she could borrow, but immediately declined, and the thrifty clerk exclaimed.", CBSE Question Bank 2021,, (i) What does the "thrifty clerk" point out? , (a) M Loisel spends a lot of money despite earning a lot. , (b) M Loisel is frugal because his income is small.

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168, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, (c) M Loisel has been counting money while working as a clerk. , (d) M Loisel is stingy with money and spends nothing. ,, Monday, January 11 at 21:00, I thought Matilda would _____(i) ____ see the invitation in my hand. However, her response made me feel, _____(ii)______. I don't know how I can, _____(iii)_____ buy her a new dress. , Resp. (b) The phrase "thrifty clerk" indicates that M Loisel,,, was thrifty, as he had a micro income.,, (ii) Choose the correct set that matches the feeling, highlighted word associated with the character:, Matilda via: Violence Efforts, she controlled..., M Loisel: He was sad..., (1) Matilda felt aggressive; M Loisel was upset, (2) Matilda was angry; M Loisel was upset and cried Get up, (3) Matilda is struggling; M Loisel is feeling intense sadness, (4) Matilda is calm; M Loisel's heart aches for love, (a) option (1), (c) option (3), , ( b) Option (2), (d) Option (4), , Resp. (c) Option (3), , her irritation and M Loisel feel intense sadness – matches, with the feelings of the highlighted words related to, characters.,, (iii) Choose to give the most appropriate answer to the speaker's statement from the following options. , M Loisel is too doting on his wife and gladly accepts her requests. , (a) I think Matilda is unreasonable and impractical. , (b) I think M Loisel loves Matilda and wants her to be happy. , (c) In my opinion, M Loisel was too harsh on Matilda. , (d) I don't think M Loisel should have taken the invitation home. , Resp. (b) Choice (b) gave the most appropriate response to the speaker's statement. , , (2) I, feel, that, Matilda, (3) Is, important, , (i) vexed (ii) ) uneasy (iii) bringing, (i) euphoric (ii) uneasy (iii) giving, (i) Anxiety (ii) Depression (iii) Bringing, (i) Euphoria (ii) Distress (iii) Giving,, Ans. (d) (i) elated (ii) distressed (iii) pay, , PART 2, subjective questions, !, , short answer questions, 1. Why was Mme Loisel always unhappy?, CBSE 2020, 2019, Ans. Loisel Madame was always very upset because she thought she had mistakenly thought she was born into a family of clerks. She felt she was made for all the goodies and luxuries in life. She's still disappointed because she's married to a clerk. She has always dreamed of a life of luxury, full of elegance, gowns, jewelry and fine food served at silver dinners. She is tormented and angry about her current life, her situation, and she suffers constantly. ., , 2. Why do you think M. Loisel was a loving husband? , CBSE 2019, Resp. M. Loisel was a loving husband because she cared for him, (iv) Choose the option that correctly categorizes the facts (F) and opinions (O) of:, (1) I think that Matilda, (a) , (b ), (c), (d), , (4) I really don't think, , wife's emotions. He takes care of his wife's every need and want. He made her buy a new dress for the party. When his wife lost her diamond necklace, which he didn't have, he kindly helped her return it to her and replaced it with a diamond necklace. He helps, by working around the clock to pay off debts to make extra money. , , 3. Why did Matilda throw out the evil invitation? Matilda just showed displeasure with her husband, (a) F-1, 2 and O-3, 4, (b) F-3, O-1,2, 4, (c) F-2, 4, O -1,3, (d) F-2, 3, 4, O-1, Resp. (b) F-3, O-1,2, 4, , (v) M Loisel sees his wife's reaction Very surprised. He wrote a diary entry that night. Complete the entry by selecting the correct option. , , her invitation. She felt humiliated, but she turned down the invitation nonetheless because she didn't have a nice enough dress for the ball. ,, 4. How do you solve jewelry problems? ,, NCERT,, Ans. Matilda Loisel's husband M Loisel to solve Matilda's problems. First, he suggested that she use flowers. So he advises her to borrow jewels from her rich friend Madame Forestier. So when Mrs. Forestier lent him a beautiful diamond necklace, the problem was solved.

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169, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, 5. Do you think Mrs Loisel had a good evening at the ball? Justify your answer. CBSE 2014, Response. Madame Loisel was the center of attention at the ball. Her beauty, her grace, her joy and her beautiful smile captivated everyone. She danced happily. So she had a nice and successful evening at the prom. , , 6. Why did Matilda leave the ball in such a hurry? What does this indicate about her character? ,, CBSE 2018,, Resp. Matilda left the ball in a hurry because she didn't want to be seen wearing a plain shawl. She thought the shabby look of her shawls was a stark contrast to the elegance of other ladies wrapped in sumptuous furs. It shows that she just wants to keep up appearances just to flatter her pride without getting in touch with the real truth of her life. , , 7. What did M. and Mme Loisel do when Matilda lost her necklace? , , Ans. Loisel did her best to find the necklace. M. Loisel returns to find the missing necklace. So he went to the police station and the taxi office. In addition, they placed an advertisement in the newspaper and offered a reward to whoever found the necklace. But all his efforts were in vain. ,, 8. What excuse did Loisels use to explain the delay in returning the necklace? ,, Ans. Loisels lost his necklace and it will take time to find the exact same necklace. Therefore, Mrs. Loisel wrote a letter to Mrs. Forestier, with the excuse that the clasp on the necklace was broken and she needed time to fix it. , , 9. How do they change the necklace? , , NCERT, , Resp. After all other efforts failed, Loisel decided to purchase an identical new necklace to replace the missing one. M. Loisel gave away the eighteen thousand francs left to him by his father, and borrowed the rest. The couple therefore managed to purchase the new necklace for thirty-six thousand francs and return it to Madame Forestier. , , 10 The trajectory of Loisel's life was changed by this necklace. Comment., , Congressman This necklace really changed the trajectory of Loisel's life. It took the Loisels ten years to repay the money they borrowed to buy the necklace. It changed everything for them. They had to move to the poorest neighborhoods in the city. With no maids or help, Matilda had to cook, clean, sew, sew, and haggle with the grocer and butcher to save every sous (a low-value French coin) just for her to survive. They worked day and night to pay off their debts. , , 11. Describe Mme Loisel ten years later. , Ans. Ten years of poverty and hardship took away Matilda's youth and beauty. She grew into a strong, strong woman, with ragged clothes, disheveled hair, and ragged and red hands. Her skirt is crooked (irregular) and she speaks very loudly. She became a commoner who had to do everything by herself. , , 12. Why are Matilda's friends surprised to see her at the end of the story? Mathilde? ,, Rep. Matilda's friend Jeanne Forestier fails to recognize her at the end of the story because she looks like a poor old and tired woman. Matilda is no longer the beauty and joy she used to be. She lost her charm and lived a miserable life. , 13 years. What was the cause of Matilda's downfall? How could she avoid it? ,, NCERT,, Ans. The reason for Matilda's failure is her ambition and dissatisfaction with life. She expects a lot from life. But unfortunately, she married an average man who couldn't provide her with all the creature comforts. She could have avoided all of this if she had told her friends she had lost the necklace. Also, she should be content with what she has instead of copying rich people. , , 14. What would happen to Matilda if she confessed to her friend that she lost the necklace? Answer If Matilda confessed to her friend that she lost the necklace, she would probably have fewer problems than if she had replaced the necklace. His friends would be angry with her and probably ask Matilda to replace him. She reportedly gave her details on where she bought the necklace and how much it cost. The jewelry on the necklace is not real diamonds. Matilda thus saved herself and her husband from all the troubles they went through. ,, 15. Mme Loisel now knows the dreadful life of poverty. ,, Do you think Mme Loisel is willing to accept this change? Give two reasons to support your answer. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. Yes, I think Mrs. Loisel is happy to accept this change for the following reasons: (i) She understands that in order to pay off her debts she will have to cut back on luxuries. , (ii) She learned kitchen work, did laundry, fetched water from the street, and sent maids to help raise money to pay her debts.

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170, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language Literature Issue 10,, 16. Mention two things you will do to help with the lost necklace problem in addition to what M Loisel did. CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Answers. In addition to what M Loisel did, there are two things I will do to help with the loss of the necklace: (i) I will tell Mme Forestier the truth of what happened and ask her forgiveness. , (ii) I will also promise her to replace the necklace as soon as possible. Or Matilda wants to live a life beyond her status. How does this desire of hers lead to her suffering? , CBSE 2019, Ans. Madame Loisel came from a family of clerks, but she wanted to live a life beyond her status. They live on meager incomes, enough for basic needs but not enough for aspirations. Married to a shop assistant, she gets so caught up in dreams of wealth and pleasure that she loses touch with the reality of real life. In order to show face and show off her pride, she bought a beautiful dress for four hundred francs. She also borrowed a necklace from a friend. It's all just to impress the rich and rich (even if borrowed) with her beauty and charm. No, there was no doubt that her pride had been gratified, her desire to eat well, to wear expensive clothes, to wear jewelry was satisfied. Inherit and borrow to replace it. Paying off debts devoured the next decade of his youth. They live in extreme poverty and have to work hard to pay off their loans. If she could just accept her reality and be happy with what she has, she wouldn't suffer so much. Therefore, it can be said that her temperament led to her beliefs. , , 2. Mme Forestier proved to be a true friend. , clarify. , CBSE 2015, 2020, Ans. Mrs Forestier is a dear friend of Mrs Loisel. She plays a very important role in the story. As Matilda's friend, we thought she was sincere. She helps Matilda in her time of need. When Mrs. Loisel needs to borrow jewelry, she turns to Mrs. Forestier. Mrs. Forestier did not refuse. To show off her generosity, she opened up the entire box of jewels for Matilda to choose from. Also, she was considerate when the Loisels were slow to return the necklace. At the end of the story, she sums up the whole story. Mrs. Forestier reveals to Matilda that her necklace is a fake. She wasn't at all concerned that she might have to return the necklace. This shows her honesty. She was a true friend who felt sorry for Matilda and felt sorry for her unnecessary pain. , , 3. Did Matilda's dream come true at the ball? Why, all men notice and want to introduce her? ,, Resp. Yes, Matilda's dream came true at the ball. Matilda has always dreamed of grandeur, luxury and pleasure in her life. She was very well prepared for the prom, perfect for a grand occasion. She didn't want to leave a miserable image in front of the rich ladies. She asked her husband to buy her a new dress for the party. She borrowed a necklace from Madame Forestier and dressed herself elegantly. As it turns out, she was a hit at the ball and her dream came true. She is the focal point that attracts all the women as well as the men present. Matilda danced enthusiastically. She revels in joy because she likes to be admired and appreciated. At parties, Matilda is the prettiest of them all, which is why all the men notice her. They couldn't help but want to notice her, want to be introduced to her. , , 4. Do you think this story has an appropriate title? Justify your answer. ,,Answer. The entire story of the story "The Necklace" revolves around young Matilda, who foolishly and proudly borrows a necklace that causes pain and sorrow to herself and her husband. The "necklace" is lost and the Loisels are saddled with huge debts. They spent the next ten years of their lives paying off the debt to replace the missing necklace. Their entire lives revolved around the daily saga of poverty and hunger, and the necklace literally changed the trajectory of their lives. And, it is against this necklace that Matilda's arrogance and dishonesty stand out. At the same time, the necklace acts as a twist at the tip because it turns out to be fake. Hence, the title of the story is more appropriate, as the necklace is actually the protagonist in this satirical tale of lust, doom, and tragedy. ,, 5. How has Matilda's lifestyle changed since she lost the necklace? ,, CBSE 2020 , , Response. Matilda has lost the necklace she borrowed from Mrs. Forestier, and she borrows a new diamond necklace. Paying off her debts changed Matilda's life forever. For an attic room, Matilda learned to do housework. He learned to cook, wash dirty laundry, clothes and kitchen towels, and he had to walk down the street to fetch water. She had to dress like an ordinary woman, go to the grocery store, butcher shop, fruit stand alone, and stay at home.

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171, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , Remember to save every penny. She and her husband also work nights. He would sort out some merchant's books and make copies at night for five sous a page. This miserable life lasted ten years to pay off the debt. , , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , 6. Read the following quotes. Things, moreover, they don't satisfy us. The love relationships we have, the universe around us, we take for granted. ", - Mitch Albom, Matilda was never satisfied with her life and wanted more. The citation given reflects its character. Justify., CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Ans. (i) , (ii), (iii), (iv), , Resp. Matilda always wanted more than she had. She wanted fine food, shiny silver, dresses and jewelry. She just Likes and longs for these rich things. She cares less about her husband's happiness. He has an invitation from a minister, hoping it will make her happy. Instead, she only cares about her lack of clothes and jewellery. Her husband gives away the money he has saved She, just to make her happy, but even after spending money on a dress, she craves jewelry. This craving caused problems in her life with her husband, who spent 10 years in poverty. When she did all Monsieur Loisel worked day and night while doing her domestic chores. At the end of the day, she looked old and worried, and it turned out that the necklace wasn't even worth that much, and all her troubles and debts were for nothing. If she accepted And happy to accept what they have, none of her problems will happen. She could have chosen to see her husband love and care for her, not what they lack, and be really happy. , He put the plain The shawl was draped over her shoulders, they carried the shawl, the simplicity of the shawl matched the elegance of the ball gown. She wanted to get out quickly, so as not to be noticed by the other women in gorgeous furs. Loisel stopped her: "Wait, "He said. "Yes, I will call a taxi." "But she didn't listen, and went downstairs quickly. When they reached the street, they found no carriage. They started looking for one, paying homage to the coachman they saw in the distance. Why?, Why did Loisel detain Matilda?, Why doesn't Matilda block?, What is the rhetorical device used in "rich skins"?, Find the opposite word in the excerpt meaning the word "great"?, "Matilda" doesn't want to break her fantasy, she passes The greatness of successfully conveying to others in such a worn wrap dress. So, she wanted to run away to escape the attention of the rich woman.,Loisel asked Matilda to wait so he could call a taxi as it was early morning Four o'clock., Matilda didn't stop to avoid being noticed Rich ladies, Synecdoche It's used on "rich skin". They mean expensive, coats or capes wear by British women., Modest is the opposite of grand .,, 2. Read the excerpt to answer the questions that follow., She learned the abominable job of the kitchen. She washed the dishes. She hung dirty laundry, clothes, and dish towels on a line to dry; on the street, bring water, and stop at every platform to catch my breath. And, dressed like a commoner woman, with a basket on her arm, she visits grocers, butchers, and fruit shops, shopping, and haggling, until she runs out of money. Poor money. Her husband worked at night, sorting some merchant's books, and at night he often photocopied, five sous a page. And this life, lasted ten years. At the end of ten years, they recovered all., (i ), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), Ans. (i), (ii), , How does she live?, Why does she have to do housework?, What changes have taken place in "her" ?, What does the word "bargain" mean?, How did her husband manage to work?, "She" lived in extreme poverty and misery., She had to learn to do housework, because she and her husband had to pay back the borrowed Loan to replace Mrs. Foretsier's diamond necklace.,(iii) She, Matilda, became a rude housewife who used to dress simply and do all the work herself. She started, looking very old.,(iv ) Haggling means constant haggling over the cost of something., (v) Her husband M Loisel used to manage a merchant's book, which was then used to copy homework at night.

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172,,CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 03,,The Hack, Driver,,—by Sinclair Lewis,,In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,, ! !, , Chapter Practice, , Chapter Summary, The Narrator's Work, The Narrator is a young lawyer turned junior assistant clerk in a large law firm. He was assigned to call witnesses. But he hated his job because he had to go to dirty, dark places to serve subpoenas. Also, he was sometimes beaten. Therefore, he thought of going back to his hometown, where he could become a real lawyer. , he was a witness in a court case. The narrator is very excited to visit a beautiful town, but his excitement ends the town's dreary appearance. The streets were muddy and full of dilapidated wood shops. The only pleasant thing the narrator encounters is the delivery boy (the hacker driver) at the station. He was about forty years old, fat and flushed. His clothes are dirty, but he looks friendly. Then the narrator went to find him,, The Narrator Met the Hack Driver, the narrator told him the hack Driver he was looking for, Oliver Lutkins. The hacker driver told him he had seen Lutkins about an hour ago and that it would be difficult to catch him. In his mind, Lutkins was always busy doing one thing or another. The hacker driver tells the narrator that the Lutkins should be playing poker in the back of Fritz's store. The driver also tells the narrator that he drives a buggy and will help him find Lutkins. As they leave to find Lutkins, the hacker driver tells the narrator that Lutkins owes a lot of money to people and never pays it back. He also said Lutkins owed him 50 cents for a poker game. The narrator is impressed by the user-friendliness of the hack driver. He also made sure to find Lutkins with the help of the hacked driver. While looking for Lutkins, the hacker's driver introduces himself to the narrator as Bill. At Fritz's shop, the hacker had the lawyer follow him. He inquired about Oliver Lutkins and learned that Lutkins had gone to Gustave to shave. At Gustave, they learned that Lutkins had used up all his credit and left without a shave. So they went to Gray's pool hall, and they learned that Lutkins had left. However, by the time the hacker driver and lawyers arrived at the pool hall, Lutkins had already left.

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173, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language Literature No. 10, The narrator loves the driver company and when they reach Lutkin's mother's house and interrogate the Luktins there, the mother takes a hot iron rod and threatens to burn them. The two escaped to save themselves. However, they searched the house, stables, and barn, but could not find Lutkins. It's lunchtime, so the narrator offers to take Bill to a restaurant. But Bill wanted to go to his wife's for lunch. Bill told the narrator that his wife would make treats for the narrator for half a dollar. Then they had lunch at Mount Wade. The narrator is enjoying the company of a hacked driver with whom he talks about the New Mullion. The driver's earthiness and humor influence the narrator, who plans to settle in the city. The narrator returns to town, and when the narrator fails to obey the summons to return to town, his boss is very angry with him. They need Lutkins as a key witness in the case. He decided to send another man who knew Lutkins into town with the narrator to bring him. Lukins for a long time. Then one of Lutkin's friends suggested that they should go to Oliver at his mother's house. So the two went to Lutkins' mother's house. During one trip, the hacker's driver described Lutkins' mother as a vivacious eight-foot lady. The next day, the narrator and his companions go to the village. They find the hacker driver talking and laughing with Lutkin's mother at the station. The narrator pointed the driver to his companions and explained how the driver helped him find Lutkins. His companion then told the narrator that the driver was Lutkins himself. The narrator summons Lutkins, who, along with his mother, laughs at the narrator. , the meaning of the word, given to our page. Corresponding to prescribed pages for large farm buildings used to store hay/grain etc., Swedish, profane, rude or offensive language, especially when angry, creeks, narrow areas where water flows into land from, sea,, Spy, Carefully or Difficultly, Meadows, A Pasture, Page 52, Summons, Order to Appear Before Judge, Sweden, A Pleasant View, night view, PAGE 50, PAGE 48, cent,, , national currency unit, equal to, one hundredth of the US dollar.,, PAGE 49, part with, , bum, , PAGE 51, give to someone (money, ownership, control, etc.),, arrest, the act of, seizing, retreating, retreating or, retreating, killing time in some way, aimlessly, idle

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174,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, ! ,, Multiple Choice Questions, 1. Why was the lawyer sent to subpoena Oliver Lutkins? ,, (a) He is required to be a witness in legal proceedings. , (b) he is a criminal and must be arrested. , (c) he was subpoenaed to clarify legal issues against him. , (d) None of the above, Resp. . (a) The attorney was sent to serve as a subpoena for Oliver, Lutkins because he was required to be a witness in a legal proceeding. ) Fraudster, (c) Oliver,, (b) Magnuson, (d) Lutkins,, Ans. (b) People in the village used to call the driver Magnuson. , 3. Bill originally thought the narrator went looking for Lutkins because, (a) he owed Lutkins fifty cents. , (b) He wants to subpoena Lutkins. , (c) He must collect money from Lutkins. , (d) None of the above, Ans. (c) Bill initially thinks that the narrator goes looking for Lutkins because he has to collect money from Lutkins. The priest sings loudest in church. , (b) A person coming home from college in a nice dress. , (c) the lawyer whose wife can never convince him to wear a tie and tie on the same day. , (d) All of the above, Ans. (d) Bill described the following people while wandering around town with the lawyer: , ●, ●, ●, , the pastor's wife, who sang loudest in church. , boy back from college in nice clothes. , the lawyer's wife could never get him to wear a collar and tie on the same day. Three miles south, (c) three miles north, (b) six miles north, (d) seven miles east, Ans. (c) Lutkins' friend instructs the hack driver and the narrator to drive three miles north to Lutkins' mother's farm 6. When Bill and the narrator question Lutkins, how does Lutkins' mother respond? ) She threatens to burn them, (b) She threatens to kill them, (c) She abuses them, (d) She kicks them out, Ans. (a) When they question Lutkins, Lutkins' mother threatens them to burn Bill and the narrator. (b) digging a ditch, (c) beating a criminal, (d) being beaten by a criminal, Resp. (b) the chief implies that the narrator can do a good job, digging a ditch. , , 8. Why is Lutkins and his mother laughing at the narrator at the end? , , (a) because the narrator is deceived by Lutkins. , (b) because they are intrinsically happy. , (c) because they share jokes with each other. , (d) None of the above, Resp. (a) Lutkins and his mother are laughing at the narrator, who ends up being tricked by Lutkins because of the narrator. , , 9. Why did Lutkins beg the narrator to come with them for coffee at a neighbor's house? , , (a) They want to provide the narrator with supper. , (b) They are the only people in town who have not seen the narrator the day before. , (c) hacker driver wants to eat instead of narrator. neighbor., (d) all of the above, answer. (b) Lutkins implores the narrator to join them for coffee at a neighbor's house, since they are the only people in town who missed seeing the narrator the day before.

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175, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , 10. After reading "The Hack Driver", what do you infer about lawyers? , (i) innocent, (ii) cheated by a hack driver, (iii) blindly trusting in people, (a) only (i), (c)(ii) and (iii), (b)(i) and (ii), (d) all of them, Resp. (d) The lawyer was an innocent man who trusted, , people blindly who let him be trucked by the hack, driver., , 11. The following are some adjectives. Choose from "The Hack Driver" option that can be associated with Oliver Lutkins. , 1., 3., 5., 7., , Tricky, Astute, Friendly, Insightful, , 2., 4., 6., 8. , , (a) 3, 4, 7 and 8, (c) 2, 3, 4 and 5, , Smart, Moody, Cheerful, Hack driver, , (b) 1, 2, 5 , 6, 7 and 8, (d) 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7, the answer. (b) Oliver Lutkins was degreeful, smart, friendly, heavy,,, insightful, hacker driver.,, 12. Select the option to correctly classify the facts (F) and opinions (O) of the following students. ,, 1. I think everyone in the village is fooling the narrator. , 2. I think the narrator is not satisfied with his job and life in the city. , 3. I don't think the narrator should trust anyone blindly. , 4 I think Oliver Lutkins takes advantage of the narrator's innocence. , (a) F-1 and O-2, 3 and 4, (c) F-1, 2, 4 and O-3,, (b) F-1, 2 and O-3, 4, (d) F-3, 4 and O-1, 2, , Resp. (c) Statements 1, 2, and 4 are facts because they are directly mentioned in the text, and statement 3 is opinion. I became a junior office assistant at a magnificent law firm with honors. I was sent, not to prepare legal papers, but to deliver subpoenas, like a cheap private eye. I had to search for my victims in the dirty and dark corners of the city. Some of the biggest and most confident people even beat me. I hated this nasty job and the side of city life it revealed to me. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) The law firm the narrator joins is, (a) Excellent, (c) Respected, (b) Charitable, (d) Contemporary, Answers. (a) The law firm the narrator joins is great. , (ii) "like a cheap private eye" refers to speakers (a), (b), (c), (d), , not getting paid as well as a detective. , feel uncomfortable working in the private sector. , do not want to be a full-fledged detective. , disappointed with the work assigned to him. , , Resp. (d) The speaker is disappointed with his work. , , (iii) Which of the following is not part of this unpleasant job? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , find infringers, comply with citations, catch, prepare legal documents,, answer. (d) Preparing legal documents is not part of your unpleasant job. , (iv) Do dark corners of cities conjure up images of places? , (a), (b), (c), (d) ), , there are many trees that provide shade. , where crime is not uncommon. , with no sunlight at all. , with tall buildings and their shadows. , , Ans. (b) The dark corners of the city are reminiscent of places where crime is not uncommon. ,, (v) Choose incorrect option. , the announcer finds this aspect of city life unpleasant because it reveals people, (a), (b), (c), (d), , robbing other people of their belongings. , to threaten others. , to deceive the innocent. , to serve a subpoena for the case. , , Ans. (a) Stealing other people's property. , , 2. Read the excerpt and answer the following questions. Fritz watched me from behind Bill. He hesitated, then admitted, "Yeah, he was here just now. I think he went to Gustaff's to shave." Well, if he comes in, tell him I'm looking for him. ’, we drove to Gustav’s barber shop. Bill went in first again, and I lingered at the door. He asked not only the Swede, but two customers if they had seen Lutkins. Not the Swedes.” He Angered: "I haven't seen him, I don't care. But if you find him, you can get back the thirty-five dollars he owes me." One of the customers thought he saw Lutkins walking down the street on the side of the hotel On., CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) Fritz's hesitation is because he wants to, (a) take the time to understand and accept the joke., (b) understand the question being asked and answer accordingly., (c) pretend Wasting time knowing nothing about the question being asked., (d) Acknowledging that he is being asked before answering.

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176,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, Ans. (a) Fritz's hesitation is because he wants to take a moment to understand and play with. , (ii) The narrator lingers near the door because he (a), (b), (c), (d) , , wants to eavesdrop on the conversation. , in disbelief Bill asked sternly. , was invited by Bill to stay there. , found the room too stuffy. , , was invited by Bill to stay there. , , (iii) A person mentions that he saw Lutkins walking down Main Street. Here's an example being taken to a laundromat. , sent for a futile search. , exaggerating the facts. , causing the scales in the human eye to fall off. ,, NCERT,, Resp. The lawyer was sent to New Mullion to act as a subpoena,,,, 3. Explain how the narrator's expectations fell through,, What were his expectations when he was sent to New, Mullion? , CBSE Question Bank 2020, , Resp. The narrator longs to see a sweet and simple country, a village, but when he reaches New Mullion he is disappointed. He saw streets that looked like muddy rivers, next to wood shops that were painted brown or not painted at all. , , Ans. (b) The sentence given is an example of sending one, , on a wild goose chase, which means instructing a person to go on, to engage in a long or confusing search for something that is difficult or impossible to find, usually because none was found it exists. ,, (iv) Is this essay an example of a writing style, (a) personal narrative, (c) historical fiction, , what was his first thought?, , about Oliver Lutkins ) are required as witnesses in legal cases. , the lawyer believes that this place should be a beautiful and peaceful countryside. , , Ans. (c) The narrator lingers near the door because he has , (a), (b), (c), (d), , 2. Why was the lawyer sent to New Mullion? What does it mean, (b) biography, (d) research article, 4. What did Bill say to Lutkins? , Resp. Bill told lawyers that Lutkins was a hard one to find because he was always busy with a certain activity. He owed money to a lot of people, including Bill himself, but he never paid anyone back. He also told lawyers that Lutkins played a lot of poker and was good at deceiving people. , , 5. "But he is no more dishonest than I am". Explanation.,, resp. (a) An excerpt is an example written in the style of a, , personal narrative. , , (v) The extract is an example of writing in style of a, (a) personal narrative, (b) biography, (c) historical fiction, (d) research article,, Ans. The reason why the lawyer said the following , because the hacker driver charged a lot of money to find Lutkins. However, like the hacker's driver, he also billed the company for access to New Mullion. , so both are equally dishonest. , , 6. What did the hack driver do to help lawyers find Oliver Lutkins? , , Resp. (a) Personal narrative, CBSE 2019, Ans. Hacked Police Driver, Calling himself Bill, Part 2, Subjective Questions,! ,, Short Answer Questions, 1. Why does a lawyer hate his job? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, or Why a Lawyer Hates Linking His 'Unpleasant' Job, CBSE 2019, Ans. The narrator calls his job unpleasant and hates his job because, contrary to the expectations of a practicing attorney, he was sent to execute a subpoena. He had to go to various dirty and dangerous places to find criminals. Sometimes he was also beaten, summoned by those he had to serve. , Magnussen, befriend a lawyer. Bill told the attorney he knew Lutkins and would help find him. Bill took him to all the places Lutkins was known for. He took the lawyer to Fritz's shop, where Lutkins played a lot of poker; to Gustave's barber shop, then to Gray's barber shop; farm. Oliver Lutkins, however, was nowhere to be found. When the narrator arrives in New Mullion, the courier is the only pleasant sight for the narrator. His presence delights the narrator because his manner is friendly and frank. Let the young assistant be full of warmth. That kindness and his smile made the clerk feel like an old friend.

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177, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , The solicitor said and confirmed Bill's opinion that he was looking for Oliver Lutkins, who had devised a scheme to deceive the solicitor. ,, 8. Why is Lutkins pretending to be Bill Magnuson? ,, CBSE 2015,, Responses. Lutkins pretended to be Bill Magnuson because he didn't want to accept the subpoena and be a witness in the case. So he pretended to help the lawyer find Lutkins and wandered around. , , 15. Do you think lawyers are gullible? How could he avoid being taken away? ,, 9. Explain why Bill's proposal was not "entirely out of brotherhood." ,, He believed everything Oliver Lutkins said. He should also ask other villagers about Lutkins instead of relying entirely on hack drivers. , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Ans. When the narrator gets hungry, Bill offers to bring his wife's lunch. It's not exactly a matter of bromance, since he's charging the narrator for money. The narrator pays for Bill's time and lunch. ,, 10. Why do you think Lutkins neighbors rushed to see a lawyer? ,, NCERT, , Resp. Lutkins' neighbors can't wait to see the lawyer because almost the whole village loves Lutkins and makes fun of the lawyer. Only they (Lutkins' neighbors) haven't seen the lawyer, but they've heard what happened. They want to meet the gullible Lutkins hitchhiked. , , 11. Why does the young lawyer want to go back to New, Mullion? The young barrister wanted to return to New Mullion to practice law. He was very happy with the driver's ride. He was pleased with Bill's wit and wit. He wanted to live with smart neighbors in New Mullion. He envisions an honest and happy life outside the strict confines of universities and law firms. 2021, , answer. Bill told the narrator that the minister's wife sang the loudest when she was most in debt. This is probably the way God first heard her voice and helped her pay off her debts as soon as possible. Why., CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Ans. The young man incurs the wrath of the office and people come back from New Mullion as his mission remains unfinished. He went to New Mullion to call Oliver Lutkins, whom he needed as a witness. Everyone in the office was very upset with him when he couldn't find it. When the lawyer arrives in New Mullion, does "Bill" know he's looking for Lutkins? When do you think "Bill" came up with the plan to trick the lawyer? When the lawyer arrived at the station, 'Bill' knew immediately that the lawyer was looking for him. When,, NCERT,, answer. Yes, lawyers are naive (innocent). One cannot be too confident. Describe how Oliver Lutkins deceived young lawyers. , CBSE 2018, , Ans. It is true that in life, people who easily trust others are easily regarded as fools. It is important to remember that not everyone is honest, so everyone should not be trusted blindly. village. First, he introduces himself as Bill at the train station and assures the lawyer that they will find Lutkins together. He told the lawyer he knew most of the places Lutkins used to go. He then takes the narrator to Fritz, then to the barbershop, then to Gray's shop, and finally to Lutkins' mother, who he calls a "terrorist." He has been cheating lawyers and driving lawyers for money. So, driven by Lutkins' desire not to be a witness in the case, he devises a plan to defraud the gullible lawyer and break his trust. , , 2. Lutkins blatantly took the lawyer all over the village. No one revealed the secret? (Tip: Note that the hacker driver asked the lawyer not to appear behind him when entering Fritz's). Can you spot any other subtle ways Lutkins manipulated the ride? , NCERT, Ans. Lutkins never lets the lawyer get where Lutkins supposedly should be at a certain moment. The way he makes up stories about Lutkins' bum, nature, and the way he scares lawyers with Lutkins' mother is the way he tricks lawyers designed by hackers. Everywhere he didn't allow lawyers to question Lutkins, but he pretended to question him himself, which the locals knew was a sham. So the villagers got in on all the drama too. It's fair to say that Lutkins has navigated the journey deftly. Wherever he went, the lawyer asked him to stay outside or stay behind him. With his effective position, he was able to demonstrate his honesty and Lutkins' dishonesty.

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178,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, 3. Write a hacker driver character sketch. ,, CBSE 2020,, Ans. Cheerful and friendly. The driver's name is Bill. He is a red-faced 40-year-old man with a cheerful and pleasant personality. The narrator first meets the hacked driver, Oliver Lutkins, who came to New Mullion as a summons. At first, the narrator finds Bill to be a friendly, wise, and pleasant man. ], Helful A Great Conspirator When the narrator informs Bill of his visit, Bill readily agrees to help him and take him wherever Lutkins can be found. Bill has all the means to gain the trust of gullible (innocent) people like lawyers, and trick them. Oliver Lutkins, a great Dodge Bill himself, came up with a plan as soon as he heard the lawyers were visiting. He pretends to help the lawyer. All this shows that Bill is a great schemer. He cleverly tricked the lawyer into believing he was trying to help. But in fact, he never let lawyers come in and directly contact the people. So Bill plays the double role perfectly, outwitting the narrator. ,, 4. What did the hacker say to the narrator, Lutkins' mother? How does she treat the narrator? , CBSE 2020, Ans. While going to Lutkins' mother's house, the hack's driver tells the narrator that Lutkins' mother is a terrorist. He also told him that once he got her a box from the farmhouse and she nearly ripped the skin off him. All in all, this information takes the narrator by surprise, but he goes anyway, to find Lutkins at his mother's house. When they arrived at Lutkins' mother's home, they were met by a burly, cheerful older woman. Bill went to her and told her about his visit. Lutkins' mother was outspoken about what she knew about Lutkins. When Bill searched the house as he was legally entitled to, she came in and out, attacking them with a hot iron rod. As a result, the two fled the scene. emotion. Of course I knew he wanted business, but his kindness was genuine. I'm glad the ticket money will go to this good guy. I managed to negotiate down to two dollars an hour, and he brought a big black box on wheels from his house next door. He said, "Well, boy, here comes the carriage," and his big smile made me an old friend. These villagers are very willing to help strangers. He's done his job and found Oliver Lutkins for me. , (i) Who is "he" in these lines? , (ii) exemplifies his kindness. , (iii) find a word from the excerpt meaning "a tender affection". , (iv) Select the quality of the hacker driver contextually, for the excerpt above. , (v) What does the narrator mean when he says "these villagers are very willing to help strangers", answer (i) the "he" in these lines is the hacker driver Bill Magnuson., (ii) He offers to take the narrator across the village to meet Lutkins., (iii) 'Affection' in the excerpt means 'a, affection'., (iv) the hack driver is open, friendly, gracious, kind and Willingness to help the narrator., (v) The narrator means that the people in the village are friendly and make it your task to help strangers with their quests. , , 2. Read the excerpt and answer the following questions. So we chased him, right behind him, but never caught him, for an hour until past one o'clock. I'm hungry. But I liked Bill's rude comments about his neighbors so much that I hardly cared if I found Lutkins. "How about something to eat?" I suggested. "Come on, let's go to the restaurant and I'll treat you to lunch." "Well, it's time for me to go home and see my wife. I don't like these restaurants very much - there are only four of them, and they're all terrible. Tell him what we're going to do. Let our wives pack lunch for us., (i) Who's chasing whom?, (ii) Why are they chasing him? (iv) Why do you think Bill suggested the narrator ask Bill's wife to pack lunch?, (v) Bill let How much did his wife pay for a packed lunch?, Answer. (i) The narrator and Bill are hunting Lutkins., (ii) They are hunting him because the lawyer has to subpoena him. The way he paints the image of everyone in town.,( iv) Bill suggested this to make more money from the narrator., (v) Bill said his wife would not charge more than a dollar.

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179,,CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10,,Chapter 04,,Bholi,—by KA Abbas,,In this chapter...,! ,, Chapter Summary,, ! ,, the meaning of the word,,! , , Chapter Practice, , Chapter summary, Bholi as a child,, Bholi ready for school,, Bholi's real name is Sulekha, but since childhood everyone called her Bholi. She was the fourth daughter of the seven sons of Numberdar Ramlal of the village. When Bholi was 10 months old, she fell out of bed, which damaged parts of her brain. She's been a late kid ever since. And, when she was two, she contracted smallpox, which left her disfigured with dark pustules all over her body. She learned to speak at the age of five and stuttered. So children often make fun of her. The next day, Bholi got dressed and went to school. Bholi got new clothes for school. Before, she wore her sisters' old clothes. She showered and oiled her dry hair. Bholi didn't know where she was being taken, but was glad her mother had prepared her for it. Bholi was terrified when her father returned to the village after handing her over to the headmistress. Her principal sat her in a corner of one of the classrooms. She is happy to see girls her age go to school. Bholi's family Bholi's father is a wealthy farmer who sends his children to the city for education. The eldest daughter Radha is married while Mangla and Champa are beautiful and healthy girls. Ramlal only cares about Bholi because she is neither beautiful nor smart. Bholi went to school, and when Bholi was seven years old, a primary school was opened in her village. Tehsildar, who came to inaugurate the school, suggested that Ramlal send his daughter to the school to set an example for others. Ramlal could not refuse him. His wife objected that if the girls went to school, no one would marry them. But then she felt that Bholi was ugly and no one would marry her. So, they decided to send Boli to school. On the first day of school, Boli was attracted by the colorful pictures on the wall. She was impressed by the realistic images of birds and animals. The teacher asked her name. Bholi stuttered and cried. After class, the teacher returned to Boli. She calls her affectionately and encourages her to say her name. This time Bholi tried to say her name and succeeded. The teacher told Bholi to come to school every day. , read like everyone else, and then no one laughed at her. , Bholi was very happy, because the teacher encouraged Bholi and gave her hope for a new life.

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180, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , village progress, , wedding procession, , many years passed and the village progressed and became a small town. Elementary school, turned into middle school. There is now a movie theater, under a tin shed and a cotton gin. Mail cars began to stop at their railway stations. On the day of the wedding, Bishamber was present as the groom, along with a host of friends and family. As he was about to place the garland around Bholi's neck, he saw her face. Seeing her pockmarks, Bishamber demanded a dowry of Rs 5,000 and threatened to leave without marrying Bholi if it was not given. Ramlal begged him but finally he brought 5000 rupees. Seeing this, Bholi took off his veil and threw the garland into the fire. She refused to marry Bichambeau and asked her father for the money back. The guests start muttering to themselves, embarrassing Bholi, but she stands firm. Or 50, lame and widowed. He has grown children with his first wife. Bishamber was wealthy and did not ask for any dowry. Ramlal is not very happy with the proposal but his wife thinks it is the best proposal for Bholi. She tells Ramlal that since Bishamber is from another village, he doesn't know about Bholi, pockmarks and lack of consciousness. So they fixed her and married Bishamber. , Brave Bholi, when Bisamber and everyone left, Ramlal asked Bholi what she would do with her future. Bholi told him that she would not marry and would take care of her elderly parents. She also told them that she would teach at the school like her teacher. Sulekha's teacher, who has been watching the drama, approves of Bholi's decision. She smiled at him with satisfaction, like an artist who has completed a masterpiece, contented. Silly, muttering, speaking in a low voice, making it difficult for others to hear you, , copying the actions or words of others to ridicule them, , moving quickly with short steps, , calm, , having a gentle Sedative effects, , stuttering, , speaking with many pauses or repetitions due to, having a speech impediment,, flowering, a, tree or plant,, flowering,, disfigurement, deterioration or damage, heart beating, heart beating a lot, Stronger and faster than normal, due to excitement,, PAGE 55, Income,, p. 59, a, revenue regularly received by the government, or an amount representing that revenue, p. 56, tangled (hair) ,, p.58,, Tangled,, Fool,,, Very Stupid or Stupid,, Grocer,, A person who sells food and household goods,,, Induce,, Make (someone) do something,, poised, immobile but ready to move, page 60, victorious, victorious, prospective, likely to be or become, something specified in the, future, , as a trace of very quickly, enlightenment, contemplative, , to something intense disrespect of the person, , PAGE 61, dumbfounded, , very surprised or shocked, , thinking deeply or carefully about something

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181, CBSE 2nd Semester English Language and Literature Chapter 10, Exercises, Part 1, Objective Questions, Multiple Choice, 1. What do you mean by the word "simple" as you describe in this chapter Bholi? , (a) easy, (c) basic, (b) stupid, (d) none of these are, , the answer. (b) The word "simple" used to describe Bholi in this chapter means fool. , , 2. Why does Bholi speak so little? , (a) she stutters, (b) other kids imitate her and make fun of her, (c) she's shy, (d) none of the above, Resp. (b) Bholi speaks very little because other kids used to, imitate and make fun of her. ,, 4. What is the name of the cattle raised by Bholi? , (d) Gayya,, Ans. (a) Bholi had a cow called Lakshmi. ,, 5. "What's wrong with you, fool? I just sent you to school. Who said it to whom?, (b) Teacher of Bholi, (d) Headmistress of Bholi, Ans. (c) Ramlal said to Bholi ,, 6. Whose painting is it that she sees on the classroom wall?, (a) Cow, (c) Parrot, (b) Goat, (d) All of these,,,Response. (d) Bholi Saw paintings of cows, goats and parrots on classroom walls. (iv), (d) All of the above,, Resp. (d) Before school, Bholi lacked confidence and felt bad about herself. She must have felt that no one Love her, she's a burden to the family, she doesn't treat anyone well, she wishes she could talk and look like other kids her age., hands?, (a) see the acne marks on Bholi's face, (b) see He was shocked when he got to Bholi, (c) when he heard Bholi's stuttering, (d) when he saw the veil on the bride's face, , feet.Here "his turban" means…………., received new Clothes, no one bothered to do laundry or comb hair.,, (a) Tehsildar to Ramlal, (c) Ramlal to Bholi,, Nobody loves me., I am a burden to my family., I am of no use to anyone. , I wish I could talk and look like other kids of my age.,, 9. Ramlal went to put his hijab on Bishamber house,, Resp. (d) Bholi was not treated well in her family .she was not,, (c) Ganga,, (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), remained in Bishamber's hands.,, (a) she did not receive new clothes, (b) did not Concerned about washing her clothes, (c) no one cares about combing her hair, (d) all of the above,, (b) Gayatri,, before starting school by herself?,, Resp. (a) Seeing the pockmarks on Bholi's face , Garland, , 3. How was Bholi treated in the family?,, (a) Lakshmi,,, 7. How do you think Bholi felt in the past,, (a) a piece of cloth, (c) your money,, ( b) your honor, (d) none of the above,, answer. (b) Ramlal went and put his turban at the feet of Bishamber. Here "your turban" means "your honour".,, 10. How did Bholi react when Bishamber was about to place the garland around her neck? The Holy Fire., (c) She stood up and lifted her veil., (d) (b) and (c), Ans. (d) Bholi will The garland is thrown into the flame, the roses, and then, as Bishamber is about to place the garland around her neck, she throws off her veil. , , 11. The option to choose the most appropriate response to the statement was made by the speaker that Ramlal was more concerned about his izzat than Bholi's life.

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182, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10, (a) I think Ramlal and his wife are right. , (b) I think Bholi's decision to annul the marriage was correct. , (c) I don't think Bholi should annul the marriage. , (d) I don't think Bholi should say a word. (b) Choice (b) is the most appropriate response to the speaker's statement. , , 12. Select the correct option for (i) and (ii). , (i) Everyone was shocked to hear Bholi in time, from his marriage. , (ii) Bholi does not stutter. , (a) (i) is true (ii) is false, (c) (i) is the result of (ii), (b) (ii) is true (i) is false, (d) ( Both i) and (ii) are false, Resp. (c) (i) is the result of (ii) that everyone was shocked to hear Bholi's voice when she was married because she spoke without a stutter. Excerpt Ask the following questions. , "What's wrong with you, you fool? Shout, Ramlal. "I just sent you to school. ’ Then he said to his wife, ‘Let her dress up a bit today, otherwise what will the teachers and other girls at school think of us when they see her? No new clothes were ever made for Bholi. Her sister's old dresses had all been passed down to her. No, someone bothered to mend or wash his clothes. But today she was lucky to receive a clean dress that had shrunk after many washes and no longer fit Cham. She even took a shower and oiled her dry, tangled hair. Only then did she believe that she was taken to a better place than her own home! When they got to school, the children were already in the classroom. ” CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) Why did Ramlal call Bholi a fool? This is because, (a), (b), (c), (d), , Bholi became hysterical and screaming., Bholi screamed in horror screamed and pulled her hand away., Bholi was acting stupid and was running away., Bholi was behaving strangely towards her father., Ans. (b) Ramlal called Bholi an idiot because Bholi was screaming, scared and Holding her hand., (ii) Choose the option that best describes how Bholi felt at the end of the first day of school., (a) Lost and scared, (c) Ecstatic, (b) Calm and peaceful, ( d) Hopeful and ecstatic, Ans. (d) At the end of her first day of school, Bholi was feeling hopeful and elated.,, (iii) Why is Bholi's hair matted?, (a), ( b), (c), (d), , it was unkempt and oiled., it was never oiled or combed., it was not combed regularly., it was unkempt and oiled.,, Ans. (b) Bholi's hair is unkempt as it has never been oiled and never combed., , (iv) The word "heritage" is similar to……… ., (a) used, (c) trash of, (b) almost brand new, (d) scrapped,, Resp. (a) the phrase conveyed is similar to hand-me down, , means to put on your old clothes.,, (v) select the text Phrases that convey the meaning of 'decent'., (a) he makes a good salary., (b) must be decent when talking to strangers., (c) she dresses well for the interview., (d) he lent me some money is Very decent., ans. (c) She was well dressed for the interview., 2. Read the excerpt to try the questions below., “Ramlal stood on the ground, head bowed, under the weight of pain and shame. The flame of the sacred fire was slowly extinguished. Everyone left. Ramlal turned to Bholi and said, "But what about you, no one will marry you now. What shall we do with you?" Sulekha said in a calm but firm voice. "Don't worry, Pitaji! In your old age, I'll serve you and your mother, and teach at the same school where I learned so much. Is it true, ma'am? The teacher has been standing in the corner watching the play. "Yes, Bholi of course," she replied. In his smiling eyes, was the gleam of deep contentment the artist felt while contemplating the completion of his masterpiece.", CBSE Question Bank 2021, (i) Ramlal Standing Heels, for he, (a), (b) ), (c), (d), , was moved by what he heard. , influenced by Bholi's words. , shocked. , like a statue. , , Ans. (c) Ramlal was stunned and rooted to the ground. ,, (ii) Bholi refused to marry because, (a) her father was unable to pay the required dowry. , (b) The groom is greedy and rude. , (c) The groom insulted her father. , (d) Her father married her to an older man. , Resp. (b) Bholi refuses to marry because the groom is greedy and disrespectful. ,, (iii) Choose the phrase that expresses the meaning of "consider" as used in the excerpt. , (a) It is definitely difficult to think about sharing my property with someone. (b) She took some time to answer because she was thinking about what to say.

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183,, CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature No. 10,, (c) I am thinking about my reflection in the mirror and I am speechless. , (d) She is considering the pages of the document she has with her. ,Answer. (b) Option (b) highlights the meaning of observing how, used in the excerpt.,, (iv) Why did the teacher stay in a corner watching the drama?, (a), (b), (c) , ( d), , she is happy to see what happened. , she wanted to see what Bholi would do. , she doesn't want to interfere with family affairs. , she believes Bholi will stand up for herself. , , Answer (d) The teacher stood in the corner watching the drama because she believed that Bholi would defend herself. , (v) Choose the option that includes the correct match from columns A to B, Column A, Column B, 1. Independent Confidence, B. Ramlal, 2. Less burden and freedom, C. Teacher, 3. Satisfaction and Sense of accomplishment, 4. Embarrassment and anxiety, (b) A-1; B-4; C-3, (d) A-3; B-2; C-4,, Response. (b) 1 4 3 is the correct matching order. , , PART 2, Subjective questions, !, , Were you neglected and abused by your parents when you were young? , , CBSE Question Bank 2021, Resp. I was so saddened to read that Bholi was neglected and abused by her parents through no fault of her own. All the problems Bholi faced were not her fault, they were accidents and misfortunes. In the circumstances, her parents' behavior was unreasonable. ,, 4. For what unusual reason was Bholi sent to school? ,, CBSE 2018,, Ans. Bholi was sent to school because when primary school started in her village, Tehsildar advised her father to send his daughter to school as a role model for the villagers. After consulting with his wife, it was decided that if the ugly Bholi went to school, it would not affect the marriage prospects of his other daughter. Initially, Bholi was terrified of going to school. She cried, A. Bholi, (a) A-2; B-4; C-3, (c) A-3; B-2; C-1, , 3. When you read Bholi, you have How does it feel,, short answer questions, 1. Why is Sulekha called "Bholi"? ,, Ans. Sulekha was called "Bholi" because she was a douchebag and suffered some damage to her brain after falling out of her crib when she was ten months old. As a result, she was slow to learn and stuttered. ,, 2. Ramlal is worried about Bholi because she is not,, pretty. Contradicts the belief that girls are important to be beautiful and gives reasons for the same. CBSE Question Bank 2021, Resp. The belief that it is important for a girl to be beautiful is wrong. It's not about pretty looks that bring a person a life of comfort and prosperity. A person's kindness, behavior, wisdom, purity of heart and courage are the guarantee of a happy life. Beauty doesn't last forever, whether it's a boy or a girl, it's a person and virtue is eternal and therefore more important. However, she was fascinated by the very realistic color photos on the wall. So Bholi isn't totally scared at school, but she enjoys part of it because of the kind teachers and her new life. Will bring., , 6. Does she think her teacher is different from, , people in her family? , NCERT, Ans. Yes, Bholi found out that his teacher was different from the people in his hometown. At home, she was ignored and no one paid her any attention. She never takes a bath, and she never does laundry. She gets criticized and everyone makes fun of her. Her teacher was completely different. She is gentle, tender, and affectionate. She encouraged her and made her hopeful for a new life. , , 7. What makes Bholi' the trash cow so full of new hope for her? And, a new life'. What does the phrase "new hope and new life" mean to Bholi? , CBSE 2020, Ans. Bholi's heart is full of "new hope and new life". This means that the new hope in Bholi's life is the hope of education, and when Bholi went to school, her teacher showed her the way to get a new life through education. She assured Bholi that she would not stutter, that she would be the most learned person in the village and that no one would laugh at her, instead they would respect her. ,, 8. What objections does Ramlal have to Bishamber's proposal, , Reply that Ramlal is not very satisfied with Bishamber's proposal. He doesn't like the fact that Bishamber is his age.

Page 187:
184,, CBSE 10th Semester 2 English Language and Literature,, Not a very satisfactory proposal. But he can't do anything for her because Bholi is not as beautiful as his other daughters. CBSE Question Bank 2021,, Resp. I would be very proud of her defense, 9. Why did Bholi's parents accept Bishamber's marriage proposal? , 14. How would you react if you were her. It is important for us to understand that no one can shame such a person just because he has no way, appearance. I would definitely commend Bholi for being so brave. , CBSE 2015/2019, Ans. Bholi's parents accept the marriage proposal of Bishamber, who is a wealthy man. He has a big shop, a house, no dowry, and he doesn't know Bholi's bladder imprint. 10. Why didn't Bholi like Bishamber?, or Why didn't Bholi marry Bishamber?, 15. If Bholi's mother hadn't insisted, do you think Bholi's father would have agreed to the marriage? , CBSE Question Bank 2021, , Ans. I think Bholi's father will agree to the marriage even if her mother doesn't insist. Of course he was thinking about it, because he was worried about what would become of her when her sister married. He had figured that because of her looks and intelligence, Bholi would have much less chance of getting married. , CBSE 2020, CBSE 2020, Ans. Bholi did not marry Bishamber because when he saw her, his face was scarred from smallpox, he demanded a dowry of Rs 5,000 to marry her and insulted her father. This made Bholi refuse to marry him. , 11. What kind of mother was Ramlal's wife? CBSE 2014, Response. Ramlal's wife (Bholi's mother) is a traditional housewife who believes that her daughters should not be educated as it is difficult to find a groom for them. She neglects Bholi because she is ugly and stupid and wants to get rid of her by marrying her to anyone. , , 12. How did Bholi's teachers play an important role in changing the course of her life? , to answer that Bholi used to stutter when he started school and was afraid to speak. Her teacher is nice to her and encourages her to be confident. She teaches Bholi to read and write, making her an independent, entitlement-conscious girl. It was due to the guidance of his teacher that Bholi developed his personality. So, with her kindness, love and care, she changed Bholi's life. , , 13 years old. Bholi's real name is Sulekha. We were told this from the beginning. But just in the penultimate paragraph of the story, Bholi is called Sulekha again. Why do you think she was called Sulekha at that point in the story? , NCERT, , Resp. The word "Bholi" means fool. Throughout history, she's been a douchebag, barely expressing her opinion on anything. The word Sulekha means "one who has a good sense of words". In this story, the word has a larger meaning of becoming a literate, wise and mature human being. During her upbringing, Bholi literally turned into Sulekha, and she was sure to be her when she got married, announcing to the world that she was no longer Bholi but Sulekha. ,,!,, Long answer type Questions, 1. Bholi chose a life of service instead of indulging in a greedy old man for the rest of his life. Education provides the necessary stimulus to overcome personal obstacles. , about the "Bholi" curriculum, explaining the role of education in shaping the lives of children. , CBSE 2012, or How does education change Bholi's personality? , CBSE 2020, Answer Education brought about a drastic change in Bholi's character. Bholi was a late born child. As a child, she was a docile girl, pockmarked and stuttering. She didn't speak until she was 5 years old. For these reasons, she was a neglected child by her family. No one cared about her and she lost all confidence in herself. When her father was forced to send one of his daughters to school, Bholi was the first choice. In school, Bholi flourished. The teacher treated her with love and care like she had never seen before. She encourages the girl, guides her, and becomes a girl of her own. Bholi learned to read, write and speak without stuttering. As a result, she became confident and independent, while also knowing her rights. She learned to fight what she thought was wrong. It is precisely because of her upbringing that she dared to oppose her fiancé and refuse to marry a greedy man. Bholi, now independent, told her parents that she would teach at the school and take care of her parents, her elders. This Bholi is in stark contrast to the effeminate old Bholi, all because of his upbringing.

Page 188:
185, 10th CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature, all the girls laughed at her, Bholi was hesitant and embarrassed. After class, the teacher went to Boli and asked her name again. Bholi stuttered so badly that he finally spoke and reported his name to the teacher. The teacher appreciated his efforts and boosted his confidence. She assured Bholi that she would be able to speak with confidence. The teacher gave her a picture book first, and then helped her read, write and learn other good books. Your kindness towards Bholi, your love and encouragement pushed Bholi to overcome her fear of school and become a confident girl. , , 2. Bholi was a different kid. This difference made it an object of neglect and ridicule. , Elaborar., CBSE 2019, , Ans. Bholi is a different kid. She had an accident (falling out of her crib) when she was 10 months old and lost her spirits. She also started to stutter when she spoke. Later, she became unsightly with acne marks on her face and body due to smallpox infection. All this caused her family and other children to treat her badly, causing her to become withdrawn. To help these children face the world bravely, we must treat them with love and care and encourage their integration into society. We must never laugh at its shortcomings; instead, we should give them hope that they will excel like other children, motivating and elevating them. As we know, every child is special and must be given appropriate guidance and support to boost their morale and encourage them to do good in life. There are many children like Bholi in our society who need a lot of care and love. We must help them improve their lives so they can excel in the future. ,, 5. After reading Bholi's story, you decide to write a blog about the importance of educating a girl and how education makes her stronger. Write this blog and express your opinion. , CBSE Question Bank 2020,, Ans. The importance of educating girls, the right to education is one of the fundamental rights recognized in our Constitution. Yet, in many parts of our country, parents do not send girls to school. Education has long been seen as a "privilege" that only boys deserve, as it is believed that girls should only focus on homework, chores and caring for their families. Due to their lack of education, they were abused even more because they never knew what was right and what was wrong. This understanding comes from education, which is why we must educate girls. This will help them understand what is good for them and enable them to take a stand and fight for their rights. This will prevent abuse, as has happened to many people. Only in this way can they be truly safe and happy. Education also helps them become independent, helping them become more confident and self-reliant, rather than dependent on family, which only leads to more abuse and resentment. ,, 3. How much do you know about Bishamber Nath? Why did Bholi refuse to marry him? ,, CBSE 2020,, Ans. Bishamber Nath is a thriving grocer who is the same age as Bholi's father. He is a widower with his own shop and house and a large bank balance. With children raised by the first wife, Bishamber decides to remarry and agrees to Bholi's proposed marriage. On the day of the wedding, Bishamber was in attendance with his friends and family. He entered the venue with pomp and circumstance. During the ceremony, Bholi entered and her veil was removed. At first, Bishamber didn't ask for any dowry, but after seeing Bholi's pockmarked face, he demanded £5,000 from Bholi's father as a dowry. Bholi's father Ramlal, in tears, bought it for £5,000. Satisfied with the dowry, Bishamber proceeded with the ceremony, but Bholi refused to marry him. She told her father that she would not marry such a greedy man as Bi Shanbo. She prefers to take care of her elderly parents. ,, 4. How did her Bholi teacher help her overcome her fear of school and become a confident girl? , CBSE 2020, Ans. Bholi is a meek girl. She is full of acne marks all over her body, slow to learn, and often stutters when speaking. When Bholi was first sent to the school, she knew nothing about the school. When she arrived at school, she sat in the corner of the classroom. When the teacher asked her name, she stuttered and couldn't say her name. smallpox. Only the eyes were saved, but the whole body was permanently disfigured by deep black acne marks. Little Suleika couldn't speak until she was five years old, and when she finally learned to speak, she stuttered. Other children often made fun of her and imitated her. As a result, she talks a lot, and very little. , (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v), , How did Sulekha become famous later? , Why are the kids making fun of her? , What does the word "imitate" mean? , why is Bholi a late born child? , what was Bholi like when he was born?

Page 189:
186, Reservoir. (i) Sulekha was later called Bholi. , (ii) The children made fun of her because she stuttered when she spoke. , (iii) The word "imitate" means to imitate someone else's speech. , (iv) Bholi was a late born child because when she was ten months old, she fell out of bed and suffered head damage. , (v) Bholi was a beautiful and beautiful child at birth. , , 2. Read the excerpt to answer the questions that follow. The next day, Ramlal took Bholi's hand and said, "Come with me. I'll take you to school." Bholi was terrified. She doesn't know what school is like. She remembered how her old cow, Lakshmi, had been driven out of her home and sold a few days earlier. "No-no-no-no, no no no," she screamed in horror, pulling her hand from her father's. "What's the matter with you, idiot?" Ramral yelled. "I just took you to school.", (i) Why was Bholi taken to school? , (ii) Why is Bholi screaming in terror? , (iii) How did Bholi's family treat her on the first day, from her school? , (iv) How much did Bholi know about the school? , (v) Find the word for fear in the excerpt. ,Answer. (i) Tehsildar asked Ramlal to send his daughters to school to set an example before the village because Ramlal is the number of the village. Therefore, Bholi is sent to school. (ii) Bholi screams in fear that her father will throw her out of the house and sell her. (iii) Bholi was given new clothes, her hair was washed and oil was rubbed into her dry matted hair. , (iv) Bholi knew nothing about the school, what it looked like, what it looked like and what was going on there. , (v) The word fear means to be afraid. , , 3. Read the excerpt and answer the following questions. The teacher in the class is saying something to the girls but Bholi can't understand anything. She looks at the pictures on the wall. The colors fascinated her—the horse was brown, like the one Tehsildar rode when he visited their village; the goat was as black as the neighbor's goat. The parrot was green, like the parrots she had seen in the mango orchard. Cows are like their Lakshmi. Suddenly, Bholi noticed that the teacher was beside her, smiling at her. , answer (i), (ii), (iii), , (iv), (v), , where is Bholi? , why doesn't Bholi understand anything? , why was Bholi sent to school? , when does Bholi feel like coming to school? , to whom did Ramlal give Bholi? , Bholi in her village primary classroom. , she doesn't understand anything because it's her first day at school. , Bholi's parents think that she is not good looking and has no IQ, no one will marry her, so sending her to school is the best choice. Bholi was scared because she didn't know what was going on in the school. The principal then took her to the classroom. , , 4. Read the excerpt and answer the questions after ,. Her parents' whisper talk Bishamber Nath was a prosperous grocer. He brought a large group of friends and relatives to the wedding. A brass band playing a popular song from Hindi films led the procession, and the groom rode on a decorated horse. Seeing such a grand occasion and splendor, Ramral was very happy. He never dreamed that his fourth daughter would have such a grand wedding. Bholi's sisters who came to the event were jealous of their luck. ,, (i) What conversation is Bholi listening to? , (ii) Who is Bishamber Nath? ? , (iv) Why are Bholi's sisters jealous of his fate? , (v) find the opposite word of in in the excerpt, meaning humble? , Ans. (i) Bholi is listening to his parents talking about his marriage to Bishamber Nath, (ii) Bishamber Nath is a wealthy grocer, a 45-50 year old lame widower from another village, (iii) Bishamber comes To the wedding procession held a grand banquet and grand pomp and performances. , (iv) Bholi's sisters are jealous of her luck, because her groom is very splendid, rides a decorated horse, and he is a prosperous grocer. , (v) brilliance is the opposite of modesty.

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Section Test (Literature), Prose, !, , Objective questions, , Choose the correct option to answer the following questions. , , 1., , "Our elders often recall with nostalgia those good Portuguese years" o What do you mean by the underlined sentence? , (a) thinking about the days to come, (b) remembering childhood, (c) thinking fondly about the past, (d) all of the above,, 2., 3.,, The nearest railway interchange to Coorg?, (a) In Mysore, Mangalore and Hassan, (b) In Mysore and Hassan, (c) In Mangalore and Hassan, (d) In Mysore and Mangalore, What does the underlined sentence "the train leaves the station" mean? , (a) get in, (b) get out, (c) stop, (d) neither, , !, , 2., , Why does Valli avoid all eyes when getting in? , , 3. , , Does the phrase "oh ma'am, please don't be mad at me" imply a conductor? , , 4., 5., , Why did the conductor blow his whistle? , , Short Answer Questions, , 1., , How does the baker ensure that he gets paid for the bread he serves? , , 2., 3., 4., , Coorg is the soul of India. Comment, oh please don't be mad at me, my good lady," he said. "Come, sit at the front. Please step aside - ma'am. "It was evening and there were only six or seven passengers on the bus. They all looked at Valli and laughed with the conductor. Valli was overcome with shyness. Avoiding the eyes of everyone, she walked quickly to an empty seat and sat down." Can we begin now, ma'am? "The conductor asked with a smile. Then he blew his whistle twice, and the bus roared past. ) 2. (a) 3. (b), , Why does India call it the country of tea?, When arriving in the city, the conductor asked her What did Valli do when getting out of the car?,, Long answer question,, 1., , Goa traditional customs show us how important they are to maintain our roots. Do you think children should learn these practices from a young age? Why? ?, , 2., , Seeing the dead cow, Valli was in a bad mood. Do you think that even today people feel sorry for animals? Why do you think such accidents happen?, , 3., , “Chubulov, The way Natalya and Lomov are arguing over minor issues is contrary to the behavior and behavior of the neighbors. "Comment. If you were in Chubukov's position, what would you do to solve the problem?, , 4., , Do you think tolerance is better than arguing? Justify your answer., Subjective question, question based on excerpt, stating… ………

Page 191:
poetry,! ,, objective questions, 1.,, the constant complaints of the elders will make the children..., (a) irritable, (c) argumentative,, 2.,, 3 ., , 4., , 5., , !, , (b) angry, (d) all like this, , 1., 2., 3., 4., , who doesn’t kneel down to each other?,, 5 ., , “Nobody knees down to another” this What does the sentence imply? , , This poem shows that (a) children should be able to make their own decisions under the guidance of their elders. , (b) Parents should exercise discipline about children. , (c) Parents should constantly instruct their children to do one thing or the other. , (d) Children should have fun and fight over every little thing. ,, Pirate........ .. In Custard, (a) throws his machete, (b) throws his drink, (c) throws his pistol, (d ) fired two bullets, why didn't Mustard hit the pirates? , (a) he didn't know about the pirate, (b) he panicked, (c) he didn't see the pirate, (d) the pirate had three guns, subjective question, question based on excerpt, no one kneels over another Neither are they of the same kind as they lived, and thousands of years ago, no one on earth was respected or unhappy. , so they showed me their relations, and I accepted them,,, Answer, objective question, 1. (d) 2. (a) 3. (c), , 4. (d), , 5. ( b), , why did the poet embrace them? , find the words in the excerpt to complete the following., Respectable : Respectable : : Bow : ............, , Short Answer Questions, , 1., , Read After the poem, what do you think of the speaker? , , 2., , Why does the poet get sick when someone discusses his duty to God? , , 3., , Why are human beings so dissatisfied with this world? , , 4., , Why is this poem "The Tale of God" Custard the, Dragon' called a ballad?, , 5., , What is the true nature of Custard the dragon? , , How does the poem describe human beings? , (a) true and simple, (b) love and understanding, (c) complex and false, (d) violent, , how do "they" demonstrate their relationship to the poet? , , Long Answer Type Questions, , 1., , Amanda likes living in a fantasy world, and no, I don't appreciate any interruptions. A father tries to bring her back to the real world. So conflicts are always happening. Elaborate., , 2., , Is the poet right to portray human beings in so many negative colors? Do you think humans are like this or better? , , 3., , What does being brave mean to you? Who is the real Braveheart? , , 4., , Demonstrate the appropriateness of the title of the poem.

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Supplement, !, , objective questions, 1., , what elements are needed to become a scientist? , (a) top-notch mind, (b) curiosity, (c) willingness to succeed for the right reasons, (d) all of the above,, 2., , 3., , !, , why Loisel thinks Matilda will be happy to watch to invite? , , How is it possible that Bholi became more learned than the rest of the village? , , 4 ., 5., , Who is the speaker in the lines above? , choose a word from the paragraph below to complete., ................ : Pulsar : : Stuttering: Stuttering, , the question type for short answer,, (a) Matilda does not Go out often, (b) Matilda can go to a nice party like before, dream, (c) Matilda may have a chance to buy a new dress, (d) Matilda may have a chance to buy a new jewelry, , 1., , Ricardo showed that he was not an ordinary boy in second grade. how? , , 2., , What comfort is there in Richard's competitive spirit? , , when Matilda discovers she has lost her necklace? , , 3., , (a) when she wants to take one last look at the necklace before giving it back to her friend, (b) when she gets back from the party, (c) when she's in the carriage, (d) when As she dances passionately at the ball, describing Matilda's feelings and thoughts, she returns the box necklace to her friend., 4., , Why doesn't Ramlal send all his daughters to school? , , 5., , What does Bholi decide to do in her future? ,, Questions based on excerpts,, This book is full of beautiful pictures and pictures are in color - dogs, cats, goats, horses, parrots, tigers and a cow like Lakshmi. In large black letters on each photo: "In a month, you'll be able to read this book. Then I'll give you a bigger book, and then a bigger book. In time, you'll Be more knowledgeable than anyone in the village. Then no one will laugh at you anymore. People will listen to you respectfully and you will not stutter. Understand? Go home now and come back tomorrow morning.", Bholi It felt as if suddenly the bells of all the temples in the village were ringing, and the trees in front of the school were all in bloom. Her heart beat with something new hope and a new life. , , !, , 3., , 1., , How did Bholi find her teachers at school, different from those in her family? , , 2., , "his heart was beating" , with new hope and a new life' mean? , , Answers, , Objective Questions, 1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (a), , Long Answer Type Questions, , 1 ., , Although Richard won nothing at the science fair, he Stepping stones to success. Given the above statement, please give your comment if the contest is for winning or best effort, work. ,, 2. ,, imagine yourself as a newspaper reporter. , do you know the sad story of Mrs. Forestier and Matilda decided to write for his readers an essay on the sins of vanity and the virtues of living a simple, true, and honest life. ,, 3.,, , , Sending Bholi to school was a "blessing in disguise". do you agree? Support your answer with text. , , 4., , The story "Bholi" reveals some of the social evils that exist in our society. Bholi took a stand and managed to overcome social barriers. What can you contribute to changing social attitudes illustrated in the story?

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Lesson 10 (Second Semester), Exercise Paper 1,,*,, (Unsolved), General Instructions, Time: 2 hours maximum. Notes: 40, , 1. The test paper is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. 2. There are 14 questions in the reading part of Section A. A total of 10 questions were asked according to the specific instructions of each article. 3. There are 7 questions in the grammar section of Part B. There are 5 questions in total, and 2 questions in the composition part. , each question according to the specific description of the test questions. , 4. Part C There are summary questions, short answer questions and long answer questions in the literature part. Internal selections are given for individual questions. Therefore, the schema of this paper is designed by the author according to the trend of previous CBSE papers. It is not recommended that students follow the standards of this paper. It is for practice only. ,, Part A reading, I read the following article. , 1. Time management is the act of planning and managing the time spent on various activities. It helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the time spent. It helps us work smarter rather than harder, and it also allows us to get more done in less time. Planning your time may seem like a waste of time in itself; however, the benefits of time management are enormous. This reduces stress, increases productivity, efficiency, professional and personal growth, and more. .Time is something we cannot store or preserve for later use. We cannot get back wasted time; therefore, we need to learn how to use it effectively. If we are to manage time effectively, we need to be organized and focused. 3. With time management skills, we can do more with less. Time management includes effective activity planning, goal setting, deadlines, delegating work, prioritizing activities, and more. 4. Most people feel that they always have too much to do and too little time. Managing your time wisely will help you find the right balance between time and work. Some people multitask in order to get work done within a specified time frame. , 5. This sometimes leads to poor performance in the various tasks assigned. The biggest mistake you can make at work is rushing to meet a deadline without the necessary rest or relaxation. It is impossible for anyone to focus on work and get good grades without taking into account the breaks in between. If the person takes a five-minute break for every two hours of work, it helps to perform better. One can go for a walk, have a cup of coffee or just meditate.

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191, , Practice Paper 1, , Proper time management is the cornerstone of a successful life, ensuring you achieve your goals in a healthy manner. , 6. When it comes to enjoying time, time management books are essential. They're a great way to learn from the experts and understand your timing better than ever. Many of the best lessons can be learned from these books. As it turns out, there are many of these life-changing books listed on the internet. , or anyone else looking to make better use of their time, reading these books is a smart way to learn time management skills. Based on your understanding of the passage, answer five of the seven questions, choosing the correct option. , 5×1= 5, , 1. According to the author, which of the following are consequences of time management? , (a) reduce stress, (b) increase productivity and efficiency, (c) contribute to one’s overall growth, (d) all of the above, , 2. Choose the option that best completes the conversation based on the above paragraphs., Day: I have a lot of work to do this weekend., One day is not enough! I don't think this is possible. Sona: Of course. All you have to do is……… ., , (a) learn to manage your time according to your work, (b) release all the tension that annoys you every time you start over, (c ) learn to let go of all stress, (d) share your work with your family. In this way, you will reduce the burden. , , 3. Select the option that best translates the meaning of "limited time". , , (a) time is a renewable resource, (b) since the end of the world is near, we don't have much time, (c) there are only 24 hours in a day and we should make the most of them, (d) everyone in the world has Enough time, , 4. What is/is the problem that could be caused by multitasking? Choose one of the options below. , (a) Inattention at work, (b) Poor time management performance, (c) Poor performance on tasks, (d) Both (a) and (c) present, , , 5. Underlined words for choice options "Cornerstone" (paragraph 5) may be substituted as appropriate. ,, (a) Trust is the cornerstone of a healthy friendship. , (b) Officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new library. , (c) Let's hide this game in a secret place in the school playground hideout. (d) It's finally done. They are just put the final piece to place., , 6. Alliteration refers to the appearance of the same , , letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. , from the options below, choose a phrase from the paragraph above. This can be an example of alliteration. , (a) "Effective campaign planning", (b) "Store or save for later use", (c) "Prioritize our campaigns", (d) "Find the right balance", , 7. Select the option to list the activities included in Time Management. , , (a) 2, 4 and 5, (c) 1, 3 and 5, , (b) 2, 3 and 4, (d) 3, 4 and 5, , II. Read the following paragraphs. , 1. "Teens? Stress? You must be kidding." When asked if teens experience restlessness and worry, this might be the response. Because it is generally believed that they have "no, responsibility, carefree, no obligations". but it is not the truth. ., 2. In today's competitive world, in this dynamic yet uncertain environment filled with stress and anxiety, it takes fighting and fighting to win. Teenagers face a myriad of stressors, three of which are briefly discussed here. To perform well, ie academically, comes mainly from parents, teachers and peers. are not equipped. In addition to the pressure to perform well, they are often under pressure to conform to the norms set by society. Teenagers are then forced to reform, which is quite common among experienced students, especially in the 13-17 age group.

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192, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10th, , Everyone is telling when they wake up and what to do. Teenagers are often found to be very anxious due to stress. Here's what you can do to cope with these stressors. One of the signs of anxiety is holding your breath. The easiest way to do this is to take regular deep breaths and try to calm your mind. 4. The competition and challenges of modern life place a huge burden on young people. They need to understand that they are strong enough to handle life's tough challenges, two of which are studies and chores. After experiencing it for a while, I started to do the task. Once the work has started, it is much easier to continue. , 5. Some students worry that factors such as social and financial status, intelligence, and habits may make them different from their peers. , have a healthy attitude towards competition, work, friends and acquaintances. It's about going with the flow, doing the best you can, and preparing for the worst. ,,(c) Everything in life is easy to do. ,(d) (a) and (b),,, 10. According to this passage, the way to deal with anxiety is...,, (a) try to calm the mind, (b) take deep breaths all the time, (c ) Take a deep breath every so often, (d) Try to develop strong abilities,,,, 11. Select the option that lists the correct answer,, below. , 1. Ajay is a 13 year old boy who is taking small cooking classes because he wants to pursue a career in cooking. , 2. Rajan is a 15 year old boy who loves to read and has frequent breakdowns. , (a) Both are under competitive stress, (b) Ajay and Rajan are both stress-free, (c) Rajan is stressed while Ajay is enjoying life, (d) Ajay is stressed while Rajan is enjoying life, , , , 12. Which of the following factors became a source of concern for many students? , 1. Social status, 3. Intelligence, 5. Occupation, (a) 1 and 5, (c) 3 and 5,, 2. Financial status, 4. Habits, 6. Relationships, (b) 2 and 4, (d) All of these, , 13. From the following points, how do you deal with procrastination? , , (a) starting tasks, (b) postponing work, (c) facing challenges in life, (d) habitually postponing tasks to try their work, , , 14. This article demonstrates that … and stressed teens. Select the correct option, and answer any five of the seven questions by selecting the correct option based on your understanding of the passage. ,5×1=5,,8. The purpose of the article is to..., choose the correct option. , (a) understand the problems teens deal with, (b) criticize everyone for the problems teens face, (c) suggest some solutions to teen problems, (d) (a ) and (c) , , 9. Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the following statements. , "Once a job has started, it's much easier to keep going.", (a) No matter how difficult the job is, it's easy to do. , (b) It is much easier to continue an activity than to try. ,, (a) anxiety and discomfort, (b) pressure from classmates, (c) pressure from parents and teachers, (d) (a) and (c), , Section B, Grammar, III. Try any five of the following seven questions. (iii) He applied for and was granted ... (awarded) legal aid by the Department of Labor. , (iv) I need space for ... any luggage. , (v) You are really...a good dancer.

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193, , Practice Paper 1, , (vi) Change the given sentence to indirect speech., The principal said, 'Well done! My boys'., (vii) Change the sentences given to Direct, speech., He asked if she could lend him, umbrella.,, Or, Provide British males with a bar graph showing sources of calories at different life stages. Using the data provided, write an analysis paragraph. , Calorie sources of British men over different lifespans. , percent of total intake, 70, , written, 60, iv. Write to the manager of Company ABC to cancel your order for office supplies because it was not delivered on time. You are XYZ, A–Z Purchasing Director. Company., 2, Or, write to the manager, Jeevan Industries, Ltd., Delhi, to inquire about the car exchange program offered by your company. You are Ravi, Verma, living in Delhi Rohini B-46. ., V. Conducted a survey to find out how teenagers spend their free time. Using the data provided in the pie chart, write an analysis paragraph. , reading manga and general knowledge books, (2), 20%, , talking to your friends, (3), 15%, , (1), 40% , , (4 ), (5), 10, %, , (6), 5%, , 10 %, , girls, , watch sports on TV, , collect material for your hobbies, play indoor and outdoor games, , watch movies, music and series on TV, in watching sports on TV, watching movies, music and series on TV, , (2), 25%, (3), 15%, (4), (5) , , (1 ), 30%, , 10, , (6), 10%, , 10%, , boy, chatting with his friends, , %, , collecting material for him, hobbies, reading comic books and general knowledge, knowledge books, playing home and outdoor games , , , 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0, , 0,24, Dairy, , Meat, , 25,40, Beans, , Over 50, Vegetables, , Section C Literature, VI. Read below Take an excerpt and answer the questions that follow. I still remember the typical aroma of those breads. Bread for old people, bracelets for children. Then we don't even bother to brush our teeth or rinse our mouth properly. Why do we do this? Who would take the trouble to pick mango leaves and brush their teeth? And, why is it necessary? Tigers never brush their teeth. Hot tea to wash it down, everything is so good, after all! , 3×1= 3, (i) Who sent bread and bracelets to the old man and the child respectively? , (ii) Why does the author say they don't need to, brush their teeth? , (iii) Are these breads still available? , or, Amanda, don't bite your nails! , Amanda, don't eat your shoulder! Get ready, Amanda! , (i) Why did Amanda take instructions? , (ii) How is Amanda's posture? , (iii) what literary device is used in the given line?

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194,, CBSE Second Semester English Language and Literature 10th,, VII. Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow. Ebright and his college roommate, James R. Wong, spent the night designing and building models of molecular plastics to show how it all happened. Together they later wrote a paper explaining the theory. Richard Ebright surprised everyone who knew him when he graduated from Harvard University with highest honors, second in the class of 1510. , 3 × 1 = 3, (i) Who was Wong? , (ii) Why is no one surprised by Ebright's graduation? , (iii) ... is a synonym for position. , or, she doesn't believe it. "No," she answered, "there's nothing more disgraceful than looking miserable in front of a rich woman." Forestier, ask her to lend you her jewels. ’, he let out a working cry. “It’s true! ' she said! 'I have it, I don't think about it. ", (i) Why does she need jewelry?, (ii) What advice does her husband have for her?, (iii) Bad air means... , , VIII Answer the following questions. ( Any attempt 2), (i) Why did the driver call Valli "Ma'am"?, (ii) How are animals different from humans?, (iii) What information did the driver give the narrator about Lutkins?, I. 1. (d), , 2. (a), 9. (b), , 3. (c), 10. (c), , 4. (c), 11. (c), , 5 .( a), 12.(d), , 3, , 3, , IX. Answer the following questions., (i) What do you know about bravery after reading the poem "The Story of Dragon Egg Custard"?, 4, or, about those A little help and guidance to someone going through grief may help them understand and overcome it. It is a great comfort to the bereaved if he is offered support and care. Quote from "The Sermon of Benares" Example from the course, explaining (ii) what characteristics one needs to possess to be a scientist, economist, and historian. ...? Does this just involve reading a lot of books? Justify, 4, Or, History tells us that education is play an important role in raising awareness of our rights and responsibilities. Should people be aware of their rights and responsibilities? How is society treating girls differently?, , ANSWERS, II. 8. (d), , 3, , 6 . (b), 13. (a), , 7. (b), 14. (c)

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Lesson 10 (Second Semester), Exercise Paper 2,,*,, (Unsolved), General Instructions, Time: 2 hours maximum. Notes: 40, , 1. The test paper is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. 2. There are 14 questions in the reading part of Section A. A total of 10 questions were asked according to the specific instructions of each article. 3. There are 7 questions in the grammar section of Part B. There are 5 questions in total, and 2 questions in the composition part. , each question according to the specific description of the test questions. , 4. Part C There are summary questions, short answer questions and long answer questions in the literature part. Internal selections are given for individual questions. Therefore, the schema of this paper is designed by the author according to the trend of previous CBSE papers. It is not recommended that students follow the standards of this paper. This is for practice only. ,, Part A read, I. Read the paragraphs provided below. , 1. The Walt Disney Company became the first website to ban its channel TV, radio stations and stop food manufacturers from selling malnourished fattening crap to children. The ban covers foods that contain too much sugar, too much salt, or a meal that exceeds 600 calories. Unsurprisingly, angry mobs say banning smoking in public places and blocking trans fats in food is bad enough, but denying them comfort drinks by the liter is almost a violation of human rights. Not just happily picking your own poison. They also want a super dose of it guaranteed to kill it sooner or later. After smoking, obesity is the biggest public health problem, causing more preventable disease and death than malnutrition. Overweight and obesity are the leading causes of death worldwide, killing 2.8 million adults each year. Globally, the number of obese people has more than doubled since 1980. There are many reasons for poor lifestyle choices, nearly all of which are socioeconomic, such as low education and limited income. Like the deadly infection, obesity and the resulting type 2 diabetes affect the poor more than the rich, largely because processed and fast food are cheaper than healthy home-cooked meals and take less or no time to prepare Need to prepare. However, choice is not enough. What is needed is to get the kids out of their chairs and into the playground. Too much screen time, social media, online and video games, and television are making healthy children fat and putting them at risk for type 2 diabetes in their second decade of life. This lifestyle disease, which interferes with the way the body metabolizes glucose, typically affects people in their fifties and sixties and is associated with a range of complications.

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196, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10, , 4. The official measure of adult obesity is Body Mass Index (BMI), which is calculated by dividing a person's weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters ( kg/m2). The definition of WHO is: BMI greater than or equal to 25 is overweight, 30 is obese, but the cut-off point for South Asians is 23 is overweight, 25 is obese. Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any five of the seven questions with the correct option. , 5×1= 5, , 1. Walt Disney banned goods include, 1., 2., 3., 4. , chocolate bars, tobacco, salads, dairy products, (a) only 1, (c) 1 and 2,, (b) 1 and 3, (d) 1 and 4,, 2. Which of the following is considered a violation of human rights by an angry public? ,, (a) Ban smoking in public places. , (b) Throwing rubbish on the road. , (c) prevent people from drinking comfort drinks. , (d) Using a mobile phone while driving., , 3. Select the option to complete the conversation correctly according to the paragraph. , Joe they shouldn't have banned cold drinks and at least french fries. Banning smoking in public places is bad enough. Sid you are not serious. ......, (a), (b), (c), (d), , banning smoking is a big mistake. , they are not really harmful to our body. , they are also harmful to our body. , they don't affect us much, so it's an extreme step indeed. , , 4. Select the option that best conveys the message, - "Restricting food choices is not enough" ., (a) Banning harmful foods is not enough, other measures are needed. , (b) It is also necessary to prevent people from eating completely. , (c) Checking and maintaining an appropriate BMI is also necessary. , (d) Eliminating food options entirely is the only option. , , 5. Select the underlined option that is an appropriate alternative to “trafficking” (paragraph 1). , (a) Defendant is expected to face charges of embezzlement, bribery, and influence for wrongful conduct. , (b) Buyers should also be aware that some sellers have been promoting counterfeit MAC products. , (c) It's the kind of climb where you just settle in, find a rhythm, focus and keep going. , (d) He took a booth at a craft fair to sell his handmade belts. , , 6. A metaphor is a figure of speech that refers directly to another thing by referring to it. From the options below, choose a word as a, metaphor, from the paragraph above. , (a) junk, (b) poison, (c) fast food, (d) trans fat,,, 7. The select option lists behaviors that make children fat and susceptible to disease. Fasting, (a) 1, 4, and 5, (c) 2, 3, and 5, (b) 1, 3, and 4, (d) 2, 3, and 4,,, II. Read the article below. , 1. For thousands of years, tourism has been an eternal industry. Despite its haphazard and highly chaotic beginnings, it has a place in every corner of history. The current tourism landscape in India is on the rise, with destinations gaining traction both globally and domestically. As the youngest country in the world, it’s no surprise that millennials are spending more time and money traveling than previous generations. That could be huge for the economies of several states that rely heavily on tourism, as long as it's sustainable. 2. Unsustainability is widespread across the country, in states with more domestic tourist flows than foreigners. Dev Bhoomi is a good example. No, no matter how popular it is, tourism in Uttarakhand is completely shut down. , 3. Approx. 80% of tourists come to complete Char Dham Yatra. This uncontrolled tourism puts enormous pressure on natural facilities and infrastructure. The pass is prosperous and the accommodation is extremely scarce, resulting in most of the illegal buildings being built on the river bank. ’, pollution levels are rising, rising, temperatures are recovering. The Ganges directly endangers native species in Rishikesh and Haridwar due to illegal construction and pollution of its banks.

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197, , Practice Paper 2, , 4. Only about 10,000 mountainous areas are being converted to road construction. We know roads are infrastructure, but the Forest Conservation Act requires project developers to plant trees in degraded non-forest/forest areas equal to or twice the number of felled trees respectively, to compensate for what didn't happen. 5. Regardless of what the numbers say, if we expect sustainable tourism to be a target market, the rest of the pecking order will not have much choice. Making a conscious effort to be a responsible tourist and thinking about how you can serve the local community/environment in some way (big or small) can act as a catalyst to undo this turmoil caused by ignorance. After all, there are only seven capital offenses, and wanderlust is not one of them. No., , Year 2018, , Tourist destination name, , Indian, , Foreign, , Total, , 2453998, , 30291, , 2484289, , 1., , Dehradun, , 2., , Rishikesh, , 656074, , 6044 ,, 662118, 3. 204188, 6.,, Kotdwar (Swargashram, Chilla),, 415769,, 11537,, 427306,, 7.,, Rudraprayag (without Kedarnath),, 273700,, 1847,, 27547 ,, 8 . ,, Kedarnath,, 730387 , , 1604, , 731991, , 9., , Gopeshwar (Nandprayag, Mundoli, Tharali etc.), , 245228, , 0, , 245228, , 10., , Joshimath (Govindghat, Ghangaria) , , 435537, , 516, , 436053, , Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any five of the seven questions by choosing the correct option. , 5×1= 5, , 8. The purpose of the article is to.. .......... ., choose the correct option. , (a) focus on disadvantages of tourism, (c) focus on making tourism a sustainable process, , (b) focus on tourism profits, (d) both (b) ) and (c), , 9. Choose An option that matches the following two statements. , 1. Most tourists come to complete Char Dham Yatra. , 2. The Ganges will cause direct harm to native species in Rishikesh and Haridwar. , (a) , (b), (c), (d), , (1) is the result of (2), (1) is the cause of (2), (1) is independent of (2), ( 1) Contradicts with (2), , 10. Please select the option that gives the correct meaning of the following statements. ''There can only be seven, capital sin and wanderlust are not one of them''.,, (a) one of the sins can be changed but not the number, (b) wanderlust is not a sin, (c) wanderlust is A sin, but not a mortal sin, (d) (a) and (c), , , 11. Based on the information provided in the above paragraphs, Dev Bhoomi is (a) , (b), (c), (d ), , the number of foreign tourists increased, the number of domestic tourists increased, the number of domestic tourists decreased, and the number of foreign tourists increased

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198, , CBSE Term II English Language and Literature 10th, , 12. Based on the data provided in the article, which of the following cities lists the most visited cities? , 1. Dehradun, 2 . Rishikesh, 3. Mussoorie, 4. Pauri, 5. Srinagar, (a), (b), (c), (d), , 1,2 and 4, 2,3 and 5, 1 and 3, 1, 2 and 3, , 13. What are the ten thousand mountains transformed into? , (a), (b), (c), (d), , building roads, developing vegetation/forest projects, providing accommodation, both (a) and (c), , 14. This passage implies that with , Writing, IV increase. You are Devinder/Devika, the secretary of your school's science club. Write to M/S, Scientific Suppliers, Kashmere Gate, Delhi to order a working model of physical principles (3, project - name) for your club based on the price and the list provided by the supplier. Figure out the necessary, 2, details. , or, write to Mr. Shyam, Manager, ABC Real Estates Ask about buying property in Shalimar Bagh Delhi or surrounding areas. Please include necessary details such as price, budgeted space, etc. You are Varun/Kavita and live at C -47 Avenue, Park, Delhi. v. car, bus or train, between 1970 and 2020. Write an analysis paragraph, 3. Based on diagrams. . . , select the correct option. , housing problems are increasing, pollution levels are increasing, population levels are increasing, deforestation is increasing, Part B, Grammar, III. Try any five of the seven questions below, question. , 5×1=5, (i) Once upon a time there was... (alive) a man named Damocles. , (ii) he gave me...his speech pointing out the errors in the book. , (iii) EVERYONE...save the planet's natural resources. , (iv) It is time to... (act) make up your mind. , (v) There are... tourists visiting the Red Fort in Delhi ., (vi) Change the given sentence to indirect speech., Sohan said to Shipa, ''Bring me a glass of water, please.'' , ​​(vii) Change the given sentence to direct speech.,The officer directs the troops to move forward. , , 9, , 6, , 3, , 0, 1970, , 1980, Car, , 1990, , 2000, Year, Bus, , 2010, , 2020, Train , , Charts are provided showing sales of different types of books collected data to see which genres of books are most popular with teens. Using this data, write an analysis paragraph, history, poetry

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Exercise Volume 2, Section C Literature, 199, ''Yes. I want to take the afternoon train back to town. ''I'm very important and private about it. , , VI. Read the following excerpt and answer the following questions, 3×1=3, (i) Who is the speaker in the first line of the excerpt? , Wally swallowed everything with his eyes. But when, (ii) who is Lutkins? , when she began to look out, she found that her view was cut off, (iii), where did the conversation above take place? her windows. Then she rose from her seat and peered over the blinds. The bus went away and no new clothes were ever made for Bholi. Her sisters' old canal skirts had been passed down to her. No one wants to mend or wash their clothes. However, the road is very narrow. On the one hand, today she was lucky to receive a clean dress, the canal, and beyond the canal the palm trees, the pastures, which had shrunk after many washes, no longer distant mountains and blue skies. No, Cham gear. She even bathed and oiled a deep ditch on the other side, then acres of ditch, and rubbed into her dry, tangled hair. Just then, acres of green fields—green, green, green, how far away, she began to believe she was being taken, eyes could see. , 3×1=3, to a place better than home! , (i) Why is Valli standing in his seat? , (i) Why didn't anyone bother to mend or wash Bholi's clothes? , (ii) What did Valli devour with his eyes? , (ii) Where was Bholi taken? , (iii) which word in the article means the same, (iii) what led Bholi to believe that she was taken, "stalked"? A better place than her home? , or, VIII. Answer the following questions (try any 2). CHUBUKOV: And the blind mother, yes, (i) what do you think Bholi's parents were like? 3. Ghost Carrot has a goofy face, (ii) like the one everyone in the house used to use to tease, propose, and more! What? Proposal! , Cream of dragon?, 3, NATALYA: What proposal? , (iii) Why did Prince Siddhartha leave the palace, CHUBUKOV: Why, he came here to propose and became a beggar? , 3, you. ,Nine. Answer the following questions. , NATALYA: Marriage proposal? for me? Why don't you say, (i) what questions does the poem "Amanda" raise? , 4, I used to be like this? , or, CHUBUKOV: So he wears evening dress. As adults, it's important to learn how to make stuffed sausages! Wrinkled slob! Keep our temper in check. Some of us are going to be quick to get mad, (i) who are you talking about in the paragraph above? , while others remained calm. Can you think of what kind of request (ii) is being said? , referring to the three harmful effects of anger, (iii) Who wrote the above lines? , to the drama 'The Proposal'? , VII. Read the article below and answer questions (ii) A small confession would change Matilda's life. Should we boldly admit our mistakes, 4? Write your review. , ''Lutkins? I saw him around here about an hour ago. Difficult to catch - always doing bad things, or, one thing or the other. He might be trying to start a game of poker in the back of Fritz's shop. I'll tell the story of "The Hack Driver," you, lad -- is there a rush to find it, Lutkins?

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Lecture 10 (Second Semester), Exercise Paper 3,,*,, (Unsolved), General Instructions, Time: 2 hours maximum. Notes: 40, , 1. The test paper is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. 2. There are 14 questions in the reading part of Section A. A total of 10 questions were asked according to the specific instructions of each article. 3. There are 7 questions in the grammar section of Part B. There are 5 questions in total, and 2 questions in the composition part. , each question according to the specific description of the test questions. , 4. Part C There are summary questions, short answer questions and long answer questions in the literature part. Internal selections are given for individual questions. Therefore, the schema of this paper is designed by the author according to the trend of previous CBSE papers. It is not recommended that students follow the standards of this paper. It is for practice only. , , Part A read, I. Read the paragraphs provided below. , 1. Creamy vision and smooth verbal expression are the main facial attractions, which bring joy to withered faces and incorporate sensual touch. A graceful smile is the ultimate human boon and can drive away any melancholy. Older people are often misunderstood as a burden and little attention is paid to older people. Due to their disfigured or misshapen anatomy with age, their learned talents and potential were buried alive by alien overcare. It happens to all of us, no matter how hard we try to delay the process. We grow old. Plastic surgery can remove wrinkles, sagging skin can be tightened through facelifts, and hairdressers can dye gray hair into a younger color, but we can't be young forever, what matters is the quality of life. Some are lucky enough to be cared for at home, while others may have to move into a nursing home. Most seniors in nursing homes are unhappy because they are confined and isolated. But there are also some elderly people who feel free and friendly in the nursing home, accompanied by other elderly people, enjoying the time of watching TV, playing games and gossip. The worst part of aging is that the mind is generally less alert. As people age, people experience short-term memory loss. Later, some people may develop dementia, usually Alzheimer's disease. Not all older adults fall into this category. 3. Many seniors have all their talents and see retirement as a moment of freedom. No, that's all, if they have a good pension, they probably have money to spend on vacations and other luxuries. Because of this, businesses and governments have a newfound respect for so-called "grey powers".

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201, , Practice Paper 3, , 4. Unfortunately, many people think of older adults as gerontologists with one foot in the grave. Someone should remind them that someday they too will be old! They are honored, given the senior label by the authorities, with due consideration for others. One should always keep in mind the old adage "an eye for an eye" which expresses its symbolic conditioning to cyclical pain. The aforementioned crime of emotional imbalance, committed as if nothing had happened, is a curse on humanity. Based on your understanding of the passage, answer five of the seven questions, choosing the correct option. , 5 × 1 = 5, , 1. According to the author, what is the most important lesson of the passage from the following? , (a) it is a great privilege to be old, (b) people should always treat older people with the respect they hope to receive, (c) some people are always happy no matter where they are, old be, (d) None of the above, , 2. Select the appropriate option to complete, , refer to the dialogue in the paragraph above. , Jenny: Old men are so queer, with their wrinkle, sagdy skin., Mark : You shouldn't say things like that. .......... ., (a), (b), (c), (d), , they are so lonely, you should feel sorry for them, they already live in a nursing home, alone , they are more fun than weird, someday they will be like them, you should respect them. , , 3. Select the option that best translates the meaning of "tit for tat". , (a) treat someone with the utmost hatred, (b) hurt others, (c) treat others like you, (d) (a) and (c),,, 4. What does plastic surgery do to older people ? , choose an option from the following., (a), (b), (c), (d), , remove wrinkled skin, tighten sagging skin, blacken gray hair, all of the above, , 5. Select the underlined option, can replace 'confined' appropriately. (paragraph 2). , (a) The doctor openly isolates the patient in his ward. , (b) While he was in prison, the prisoner was treated horribly and spent half a day in his cell. , (c) at least unless the dog is resting quietly on the floor. , (d) A meeting was held in an uncomfortable cramped room in a hotel, , 6. Homophony refers to the similarity of sounds in , , near world or syllables. , choosing a phrase in the above passage from the options given may be an example of homophony. ) We age, , 7. Select the option to list what the senior did in the nursing home. 4. Watch TV, 5. Gossip with each other, (a) 1, 2 and 4, (c) 2, 4 and 5, (b) 1, 2 and 5, (d) 3, 4 and 5 , , two . Read the article given below. 1. Ask a dying man in a hot desert and he will somehow say, "I wish I could get some water...". Without being poetic or philosophical, we must realize that "water," which is often taken for granted, may be the most precious commodity of the future if we don't reform ourselves. There will be no safe tomorrow if we are not prepared to act today. Conserving our precious water supply becomes one of our main responsibilities. Of the total water available on Earth, only 3% is fresh water. Of that 3% fresh water, only 1% is drinkable. In our daily routines, we may have noticed ourselves forgetting to turn off the tap when we went to freshen up early in the morning. What we don't realize at this moment is that our carelessness may be one of the reasons for the water crisis for future generations, "drops make the sea". Our small efforts can somehow contribute to water conservation. Each of us has the ability to make a difference. 2. Groundwater supply decreases over time. It is considered one of the shocking facts about the health of arable agricultural land. Various water conservation techniques must be employed. Several intensive campaigns are necessary to raise awareness of the importance of

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202, , CBSE Semester 2 English Language and Literature 10, , Water and its conservation, making people aware of the wise management of water supplies. Reckless use of water is not the only cause of the water crisis; water pollution is also a significant contributor to the deterioration of water supplies. Therefore, water resources must be carefully utilized and protected. 3. Installing a water meter can help you conserve water. Properly growing grass or having a lawn outside your home can help. Help conserve water by keeping water supply taps and shower heads closed and fixing leaks. Collect water for reuse every time you use it. Just toss it in a bucket, watering can or pitcher. 4. The government has made various plans, policies and commitments, and made various announcements in the electronic media, but the problem is still because we have not made sincere efforts. , The most abundant resource on earth is water,, , fresh , water, , water, available, for drinking, , Based on your understanding of the article, answer five of the seven questions by choosing , the correct option. , 5×1= 5, , 8. The purpose of the article is to…… choose the correct option. , , focus on the importance and use of water, focus on water scarcity, focus on the process of saving water, none of the above, , 9. Please choose the correct option for the following statement., 1 . Groundwater supply decreases over time. , 2. Water must be used and protected with care. , (a), (b), (c), (d), , (1) is the result of (2), (2) is the result of (1), (1) is the cause of (2), (1 ) independent of (2), , the following statement ., 'There are many water droplets in the ocean. ', (a), (b), (c), (d), , small achievements make great achievements, collect water into the sea, collect water and store water tanks, (b) and (c) ), , 11. According to the article,… …can help conserve water. , (a) install a water tap (b) have a garden, (c) keep the water tap closed, (d) all of these , , 12 select the option above to list the reasons for the lack of water. a) 1, 4, and 5 (b) 1, 3, and 4 (c) 2, 4, and 5 (d) 2, 3, and 5, , 13. What is the percentage of potable water? , (a) 3% , , (b) 97%, , (c) 1%, , (d) 0.01%, , 14. This passage shows that if we don’t save water today, we will………. .. ...... ., select the correct option. , , total, water, , (a), (b), (c), (d), , 10. Those who choose the option that gives the correct meaning, (a) must drink sea water later, (b) must drink circulation later Water, (c) We will have no fresh water in the future, (d) (b) and (c), Part B, Grammar, III. Try any five of the seven questions below. , 5 × 1 = 5, (i) Mohan said, ''we ...... are going to see the Taj in the moonlit night''., (ii) She said, "My parents.... ..(to) Karachi.", (iii) Childhood is a time when there are..., responsibilities that make life difficult. , (iv)...children find fun playing in the rain. , (v) Goa... the smallest state of India. , (vi) Change the given sentence into an indirect speech. , Trisha said, ''I will go to a fancy restaurant with my friends'. , (vii) change the given sentence sentence direct quote. Mohit advised his friend to beware of the monkeys on the top of the mountain.

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203, Practice Book 3, Section C Literature, Writing, Minutes Per Person Day, IV. You are Garima/Girish, manager of the Ranchi enterprise Sindhu. Your new headquarters needs a variety of furniture. Write to M/S office Equipment Corporation, Ranchi, for bulk order of assorted office supplies, furniture (minimum) and provide necessary details. Ask for bulk buying discount and place your order based on supplier quote 2 on OEC/34/17-18 or you are Karishma/Mihir from D-47 South Street, Delhi. You see an ad about Diwali with a great deal on a new HP laptop. Write to the Manager, HP World, Kamla Nagar, Delhi, to inquire about rates offered, your terms and conditions etc., V. This graph shows a breakdown of housework by sex in the UK. Write an analysis paragraph, 3, describing the figure below. ,, baking, household, pet care, washing and tidying,,, 30, men, women 74,, 13, 58,, maintenance and care of clothes, self, washing, odd jobs, children, ironing, and playing, sewing, , 49 ,5, , 20, 45, , 21, , 26, 9,5, , 2, 25, , Ou Gautam was horrified to see the charts he was tracking, rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air of his city Kanpur . He decided to write an article about the data to express his vigilance, and drew the current picture to warn people not to pollute the environment. Write the analysis paragraph for Gautam. , carbon dioxide levels in the air, , 900, 890, 880, 870, 860, 850, 840, 830, , 2000, , 2005, , 2010, year, , 2015, , 2020, , saw. Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow. They don't sweat and complain about their condition. They will not wake up in the dark, weeping over their sins. a, God,, no one is dissatisfied, no one is crazy, mania for possessing things,, no one kneels to another, nor to the same kind that lived thousands of years ago,, 3×1= 3, (i) The first three lines of which excerpt use a poetic device? , (ii) who are referred to as "they"? , (iii) What qualities of "theirs" are mentioned in the above excerpt? , or, suddenly, suddenly they heard a nasty sound, Mustard growled, and all looked around. , Meowch! Ink screams Oh! Belinda exclaimed, for there was a pirate, crawling into the wind. , (i) Why is Mustard roaring? , (ii) What is the rhyme scheme of the paragraph above? , (iii) Find a word in the passage that means, 'unpleasant'., VII. Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow. The day of the dance has arrived. Madame Loisel was a huge success. She was the prettiest of them all, graceful, graceful, smiling, and full of joy. All the men noticed her, asked her name, and wanted to be introduced to her. She danced passionately, drunk with glee, thinking only of all this admiration, and this victory was so complete and sweet to her. , 3 × 1 = 3, (i) Mrs. Why. , (ii) How do you understand the phrase "drunk"? , (iii) What does "this victory was so complete and sweet to her" mean? Or, "I know Oliver's mother. She's a terrorist," Bill sighs. "I brought her a case once and she almost ripped the skin off of me because I didn't handle it.

Page 207:
204, like a box of eggs. She's about ten feet tall and five feet thick, and she's as fast as a cat, and she can definitely talk. I bet Oliver heard someone chasing him and he ran there and hid behind his mom's skirt. Well, let's try it out. But you better let me be the boy. You may be good at literature and law, but you have no real training in swearing. ”, (i) why did the speaker say that Oliver’s mother almost tore off his skin? In the line “She’s about 9 feet tall and 4 feet thickness, and fast as a cat”, (iii) the tone of the speaker is What, "I bet Oliver heard someone chasing him, and he went off there and hid behind his mother's skirt'', VIII. Answer the following questions. (try any 2). , (i) Which Ebright project won first prize at the county fair and entered the international science and engineering fair? Did the author describe "Coorg"? , (iii) Do you think Amanda is the culprit, ix. Answer the following questions. , (i) The idea of ​​spirituality and equality is deeply ingrained in animals. Explain, alternatively, that the "lady takes the bus" story has a lot of people talking about it. The train driver chatted and laughed with Valli, and some passengers tried to express their concern for her. Do you also think that in real life people would react like seeing an eight year old riding a bus alone? Support your answer with examples from the text. , (ii) Describe the character of Bholi from the story "Bholi". , or, everyone in New Mullion is involved in deceiving the narrator. Give examples from history to prove this point.

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