Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (2023)

when it's aboutElden Ring's best buildings, you usually don't get the boldest builds until later in the game, when your stats hit a certain point and you can get better weapons. You start off in The Lands Between as a miserable, weak, defiled man who probably needs all the help he can get. However, once you give your character the necessary TLC, you will appearAbnormal+Not style.

For many players, you will usually findpowerful weapontype (or find out you're bad at dodging attacks, like I was) and then you'll build your build around that. For others, you may have an idea for your character - a mighty mage, a brute killer, a vampire leech, or something else. No matter what weapon you're attached to or your favorite character from the main canon, there's likely a build for it in Elden Ring.

Having said that, we have put all our hubs togetherElden Ring's best buildings, and recommends several pieces of gear to add to your arsenal to get you started on whatever path you're planning for your character (or future ones).

  • Elden Ring Colossal Crusher Build - Força
  • Elden Ring Godslayer Monk build - Faith
  • Elden Ring Glintstone Wizard build - Intelligence
  • Elden Ring Best Bleeding Edition
  • Best version of Elden Ring Crimson Rot
  • Elden Ring Best Poison Builds
  • Elden Ring's best flame build
  • Elden Ring's Best Ice Buildings

Elden Ring Colossal Crusher Build - Força

Connor recentlybest strength build in elden ringThis allows him to wield a massive weapon in "The End of the World." For this build, you need to put yoursweaty runeIncreased strength (duh) levels to a soft cap of 60, as well as stamina and stamina. As for your gear, get the following gear first.

Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (1)

big sword- The Greatsword is a massive weapon that you can recognize by its uncanny resemblance to Guts' Greatsword from Berserk. Fully upgraded, it's one of the best late game power weapons and looks really cool when used in combat. You can pick up a weapon relatively early in Caelid, but you'll need 31 Strength and 12 Dexterity to use it.

Erdetri's Talisman of Favor- This spell increases your blood volume, stamina and equipment load at the same time, it would be a pity not to pick it up. Everything you need to grow your Force users.

Arsenal Talisman- This amulet increases your gear loadout slightly, so you can use heavier armor. Armor isn't paramount to most in Elden Ring, but it's a must-have item if you want maximum protection while slashing enemies.

Speaking of armor, some suits that match the greatsword (and this version) area set of real remnants, which you obtain by defeatingStar disaster bin Laden, ordouble armorYou can pick up Dead Hunter D after death.

when it's aboutashes of war, with aHeavy Battle GrayTo ensure that the giant sword can better expand its power. Specifically,Ashes of War: Stamps (chopped)Good choice for an ascending slash attack that can counter troublesome aerial enemies like dragons.

Don't forget to check out our dedicated strength workout guide for more details, including detailing where your stats should go.

Elden Ring Godslayer Monk build

Thanks again Connor, we have a complete guideBest Blackflame Faith build in Elden Ring, detailing all the stats and gear you'll need. This build promises to let you traverse the Midlands using more magic than a power build.

When leveling, you should focus on getting your Faith to 60 plus lots of Spirit and Stamina. When it comes to your gear, here are some suggestions on what to collect.

Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (2)

Godslayer Village- In this version, you will be using Godslayer spells and this specific stamp will enhance those spells. The Seal can be found in Stormveil Castle early in the game.

When it comes to Blackflame Faith builds, you'll get a few enchantments in turn. we recommendblack flame,Blade of Black Flame,looking for black flame, electronicnoble existenceGet the most out of this build.

Godslayer Greatsword- For Godslayer builds, you can do this via theKalid Tower.Requires 20 Strength, 22 Dexterity, and 20 Faith, and has the unique ability of Queen Blackflame.

Divine Skin Peeler- Alternatively, you can get the Godskin Peeler from another Godskin Apostle battle in Windmill Village, Altus Plateau. With this, you can use the unique ability Black Flame Tornado and apply Ashes of War to weapons (Godslayer's Greatsword cannot be infused with Ashes of War). You'll need 17 Strength and 22 Dexterity to use this weapon, but both are viable options.

As you probably already know, armor isn't that important in Elden Ring. It's all about high fashion at The Lands Between. However, there are always parts that can help build a little stronger. more specifically,Ruler's MaskA great addition to any faith build as it provides additional levels of faith.

For more information on how building works and some strategies, be sure to visit our dedicated site.Faith Building Guide.

Elden Ring Glintstone Wizard Construction

As someone who isn't very good at dodging or timing my attacks, I attack Elden Ring initially with intelligence builds. Later, after I got more and more used to the sinisterness of The Lands Between, I moved on to Arcane and Bleed, but there's no denying cast a spellIt's fun.

I put together a complete summaryElden Ring's Best Intelligence Buildings, offers a lot of options for your arsenal, but I've noticed some must-have items for any mage build below.

Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (3)

Meteor Staff- This scepter can be obtained at the beginning of the game in the Ruins of Sage Street in Kelled, and only needs 6 points of strength and 18 points of intelligence.This team is one of the bestIn game, even late game, it adds gravity spell.

If you want to trade your staff for something better later in the game, getCetro Real Searchby defeatingFull Moon Queen Renara, and exchange souvenirs with Enia in Roundtable Hold. However, the staff requires 60 Intelligence (plus 8 Strength and 10 Dexterity).

Moon Veil Katana- Requiring 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity and 23 Intelligence, this katana sword is one of the best weapons for Intelligence builds. This is because it causes blood loss, has a C-rank intelligence, and has a unique weapon skill (Moonlight Transient) that can deal with two different types of attacks. Other viable intel build weapons, along with your staff, can include daggers and short swords of your choice.

Stargazer Heritage Talisman- This amulet increases your Intellect stat, so it's useful for reaching the 60 Intellect prerequisite for some of the best spells in the Carian Regal Scepter and Elden Ring.

Radagon icon amulet- This amulet reduces the casting time of spells, which is a hindrance when using spells that require a minute to recharge, egLoretta's Arch.

Amulet Noxstra's Moon- This amulet increases the number of memory slots you have so you can have more spell rotations at the same time. This is very important for being able to switch between large tank spells such asblue cometUsing three sockets, one spelled likeamphibole pebbles(I recommend both for this build).

I won't delve into all the good spells and why it's good here - you can check out ourSpecial Intelligence Buildingfor this - but some others you should be aware of aredoom star,full moon spell, electronicstone slingshot(a personal favorite).

Elden Ring Top Status Effects Build

We've looked at the various stats for some of the best Elden Ring builds and gear, but what if you'd rather focus on making your character the ultimate flamethrower, or want to wreak havoc with a Scarlet Rot?

Ultimately, they're also dependent on specific stats, but to help you out, we've made some recommendations on what gear to pick to enhance the usage of each element, or just to try it out first, whether it's bleeding, dying or other hardships.

Best Elden Ring Bleed build

Bleeding into the Elden Ring is arguably one of the strongest effects affecting enemies. With builds that amplify blood loss, you can deal devastating damage to anyone who crosses the Lands Between path.

For a robust bleed build, check out ourBest arcane/agility builds in Elden Ring.Alternatively, if you want to give it a try before Arcane Overhaul, you can try the following items.

Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (4)

blood warrior river- This samurai sword comes with some controversy as many believe it can be mastered as a weapon. I agree, Rivers of Blood looks a bit cheesy, but for first-time Bleed players, this katana sword is worth checking out to see if Bleed is your playing field. If you're anything like me, you'll see the damage this katana can do and you'll probably never look back.

Ashes of War: Bloody Slash- One way to experience Bleed without a full build is to experiment with the various Blood Ashes of War. Bloody Slash is arguably better for those at lower levels due to the massive amount of damage it does. However, later you may want to obtainblood bladeorseppuku.

Bloodlord's Amulet of Rapture- This talisman is a must have for any bleed build, and is well worth a try no matter which build you choose. Bloodlord's Rapture increases your attack power by 20% for 20 seconds when you are close to bleeding. Build with bleed, and even when experimenting with bleed weapons, this amulet can help make attacks more powerful in critical moments.

Best version of Elden Ring Crimson Rot

There's no denying that scarlet rot is powerful (and annoying) among the Realms. Believe me, I'll never spend more than a second at Caelid because of this, and don't get me started at Lake of Rot.

Creating an Elden Ring build that only focuses on Scarlet Rot doesn't give you much choice, but it's still possible. I recommend picking up the following weapons, spells, and gear, and you're on your way.

spiky florets- The Antspur Rapier is a rapier in the Elden Ring, dropped by the Maleigh Marais outside the Shaded Castle. This weapon causes Crimson Rot to build up on enemies and some bosses, and scales with Strength and Dexterity, requiring 10 Strength and 20 Dexterity to use. The default ability, Impaling Thrust, breaks through enemy shields and covers a small patch of ground between you and the enemy, making it very useful.

scorpion sting- Scorpion Stinger has lower prerequisites than Antspur Rapier if you're not afraid of trying to attack The Lands Between with a dagger. Requires 6 Strength and 12 Dexterity. The downside here is that you have to venture to Lake Rot to get it...and no one wants to go there.

Crimson Immortality- This enchantment can be obtained after defeating Finger Reader Enia in the Fortress of the Round TableMalenia, Blade of Mykla, and get your souvenir. Like one of the boss' signature moves, the spell summons a flower that causes a Crimson Rot explosion when it blooms.

The Fall of Ekzyke- This enchantment is an upgrade to the Rotting Breath enchantment, but there's no reason not to get both. Ekzyke's Decay can be purchased from Caelid's Dragon Communion Cathedral using Dragon Hearts (seeAll dragon locations are here.) When used, the enchantment summons a dragon that breathes Crimson Rot.

Remember, you'll need to get one more.SealUsing Magic - The BasicsfingerprintCan be purchased from Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold, or you can useDragon Communion Seal(Adds dragon enchants like Ekzyke's Decay) Can be looted from the graves of marginalia heroes.

Rapture of the Rotten ClanThe Talisman works perfectly with this build, as it will increase your attack whenever there is Rot (or Poison) nearby. You can get this from the Kindred of Rot at Seethewater Cave on the Altus Plateau.

rotten ashes of the spirit- Dogs in all their forms in the Elden Ring are usually a nuisance, and these rotting ashes of souls can prove to be a pain in the ass for your enemies, for a change. These ashes summon an agile, fast, crimson-rotted stray dog.

Make sure you have a backup handy for enemies immune to Crimson Rot, though, and be prepared, as there are plenty of enemies that won't be affected by it.

Elden Ring Best Poison build

Unlike the Scarlet Rot, there are more weapons to choose from when choosing the Poison build in Elden Ring. Although there are only two ashes of war poison, they are more than enough to incarnatealmost any weaponBecome a weapon capable of inflicting poison.

Toxic Ashes of War increases the Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane rating of any weapon it is applied to. So in this build, we recommend picking a weapon that can be infused with the ashes of war, building around it, and funneling the extra ranks into agility. You'll also cast magic on this build, so you'll want to upgrade Faith as well.

Ashes of War I recommend isFlight of the Moth, dropped by Caelid's Night's Cavalry, so it's not too hard to pick up early on. Infuse it into your sword, katana, or dagger of choice, and you can poison enemies with a single blow. However, the beauty of this particular Ash of War is that it deals additional poison damage to enemies already affected.

you will also want to get oneSealcasts magic, and the best way to use this build istree sealWho has an incredible scale of faith. However, it requires 40 Faith to use, sofingerprintUntil then, this is an easy-to-use access option.

So what magic should you use? Well, there are only two poison spells to choose from. Fortunately, both are very good.poisonous fogRequires 12 strength, and here's what it looks like; it releases a cloud of poison that poisons all enemies that wander near it. On the other hand, there arepoison weapon.This spell enchants any weapon you hold in your right hand, so any enemy you attack will incur the poison stack.

The must-have must-haves when it comes to amulets areThe Rejoice of the Kindred of Rot, which boosts your attack whenever a nearby enemy is affected by poison or crimson rot, and for this build, you want it to appear periodically.

As for the armor, wear whatever you want, but I recommendmushroom crown.This helmet allows you to deal 10% more damage when nearby enemies are poisoned, increasing the bonus attack damage granted by Kindred of Rot's Talisman of Rapture.

Elden Ring's best flame build

For Firecrack builds, I recommend you return toOur Blackflame build.This is a faith build focused on using the black flame magic you will get used to seeing fromany skin boss.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best builds to use with fire, but if you're looking for something a little more fiery, I recommend you take liberties with our Blackflame build while trying other weapons. Here are some suggestions!

Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (5)

Snake God's Shapeand / orBlasphemy Blade- We discuss in depth how to catch each of themOur guide to the best Elden Ring weaponsThe Zombie's Curved Sword can still be infused with flaming ashes, while the Blasphemous Blade cannot, but has a unique ability: Receiver's Flame.

Assuming you just picked up the Zombie Curved Sword, which Ash of War should you use? There are two options available:flame strikeelectronicRedmane Flame. Flaming Strike coats your guns with a layer and then delivers a savage, flaming attack as you'd expect. At the same time, Redmane Flame conjures a very wide arc of fire in front of you.

If you want to get more involved with using witchcraft with fire, get aSealand some fire magic. EuropefingerprintIt's easy to get right from the start of the game, but later on, it's worth picking upDragon Communion Sealfor this construction. What would a fire building be without some sort of dragon enchantment?

As for enchantments, there are plenty of options for taking out enemies. From Dragon Hallows, you can getAchill's flame,Breath of Lava,dragon fire, electronicTheoderic's Lava.Some are easier to pick up and less demanding than others, but they all work similarly; they breathe fire at the target.

Also don't forget the legendary enchantment -Fallen God's Flame- This will summon an aggressive fire comet that explodes on contact, leaving the entire area behind it in flames. This one works pretty well when it comes to fighting bosses in large arenas - however, smaller arenas are a bit more risky.

When it comes to amulets, you'll want to getFaithful Canvas Amuletto increase the effect of your magic. besidesFire Scorpion AmuletIncreases your fire attack at the cost of less damage offset, andgodfrey icon, which can further increase your charge mana and abilities.

Elden Ring best build Frost

When your enemy's frostbite meter is full, they'll immediately start taking damage from the freezing cold, and many have seen how powerful this can be when the speedrunner bolts with Rime Stomp (until it's nerfed).

Frost is best used in conjunction with other status effects. For example, combining it with fire or bleeding can be especially powerful. You'll want some Arcane to use Frost's magic to your heart's content, but from then on, it's up to you whether you'd rather focus on the Frostmage build and Intelligence level, or the Frozen Bleed build.

If you want to use melee skills or magic to inflict frostbite on your enemies, here are some gear I recommend.

Best Elden Ring builds for every status and status effect (6)

I already mentioned this, so I'll start with this:Hoarfrost trampledIt's a high AoE, high damage output, and obviously a fast freezing Ash of War. It would be a mistake to run any Frost-centric build without him, so be sure to grab him from the Teardrop Scarab southeast of Caria Manor. Another Ash of War you might consider using isfreezing fog.Combine it with a compatible weapon of your choice and that weapon essentially becomes a Frost weapon.

Or, beyond the realms of ashes of war and magic, there arecryo weaponAn enchantment that can be used to enchant any weapon to deal cold damage.

Other spells to consider arefreezing fog, which works similarly to Ashes of War's Cold Mist and Adura's Moonblade, it summons a frozen greatsword for a sweeping attack. This attack fires frozen projectiles at the target, accumulating frost.

What about weapons? All rightClayman's Harpoon,knight double sword, orDivine Skin PeelerBoth are viable options when dealing cold damage. Clayman's harpoon deals both physical and magical damage, which is useful considering the Frost build will use both types of damage a lot and have amulets to reflect both. The weapon also scales agility relatively well, which you'll be putting in a lot of levels.

The Godskin Peeler might not be your first choice either, but it has better agility scaling than Clayman's Harpoon, while still dealing physical and magical damage. However, its downside is that you can't infuse it with freezing weapons or the fog of ashes of war.

Mentioning talismans, I'll probably repeat myself here now, since the same talismans appear in most builds around status effects. Europegodfrey iconTalismans increase your charged attacks and spells, whileAmulet of the Faithful CanvasWill specifically increase enchantment.

besidesCrista Search FiligreeTalismans reduce the FP used by your weapon skills, whileAlexander ShardIncreases your damage output when using skills. Last but not least,Magical Scorpion AmuletWill increase the power of your magic attacks, but will reduce your offset against incoming magic attacks; not too bad if you're attacking a particular fight from a distance.

Intellectual buildings have an added advantage over ice buildings, such as high-efficiency spells like Glintstone Icecrag and Ranni's Dark Moon.

This is the best build in Elden Ring right now. We will update this space as new discoveries are made in The Lands Between. To learn more, check out ourElden Ring WalkthroughFor some help dealing with each boss and quest.

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