Dead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Step by Step (2023)

After contacting Emma Jaunt after her trip to the Halperin Hotel, you revealed to her that Dr. Reed wanted to see you.

In order for her to be ready to convince Sam to agree to the plan, she wants to talk to Michael, and you need to find him.

Something is not right as Michael seems to have disappeared and you may need to find him before something goes wrong.

Dead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Step by Step (1)

How to get to Miguel, where are you? search

Oh, Miguel, where are you? The quest starts when you go back to Emma Jaunt's house and talk to her about the gameDuring the Chosen quest.

Oh, Miguel, where are you? TargetDead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Step by Step (2)

1) Convince Michael to help you

You start by looking for Michael, you need to talk to him because Emma doesn't want to make any decisions without him.

If you start looking around and pass Ronnie, he'll tell you to look for Michael in his room, Michael walks past Ronnie and up the stairs on the right.

2) Follow Michael to Beverly Hills

Once inside Michael's room, Andrea will read a letter inside and will get mad at you, blaming you for what happened in the mansion.

she later softened and revealed michaelwent to beverly hillsComplete a task yourself because he thinks you can help Emma by following in his footsteps.

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You need to follow the signs that will take you to the checkpoint that will let you onto the road to Beverly Hills.

Dead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Step by Step (3)

Once at the checkpoint, you will not be able to leave until you have obtained a Hills Checkpoint Pass which is held by the checkpoint guard.

The Checkpoint Guard is a Crusher variant of the Zombie that needs to be killed in order to get the Hills Checkpoint Pass.

3) Follow Michael to Beverly Hills

After killing the checkpoint guard and taking the pass, head to the key reader and interact with it to open the way to Beverly Hills.

With the gates open, you can now head to Beverly Hills, where you can continue looking for Michael wherever he is.

4) Make sure Michael is home

You need to go to Michael's house, which is the first house you come across when you walk straight into Beverly Hills.

You'll see zombies outside trying to get in, which means there's activity in the house and you'll need to fight zombies to get in.

5) Check inside

When you get to Michael's house, jump out of the window and start investigating the area to find his whereabouts.

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6) Investigate Michael's house

There will be no sign of Michael in his house, you'll need to interact with some items to find him, and each item you examine will increase your progress.

To skip the whole process of searching the house, go to the bloody door on the right and interact with it.

7) Find a spare key

You need to find Michael's room key, which requires you to look around the house, but if you go to the kitchen, you'll find a letter showing where it is.

Dead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Step by Step (4)

If you go to the kitchen, there will be a note saying the key is somewhere, but you just have to look down and the key will be in the bin.

8) What's behind the locked door?

Take the key to the house from Michael, then go back to the room and open the door, a walker will come out and attack you.

9) Die!

Once the walker is gone, you'll need to kill him before you can start searching Michael's room for clues as to where he might have gone.

10) Find out where Jesse lives

Now you're in Michael's room and you suspect he might have gone to Jesse's house, but now you have to find clues as to where it is.

Again, you'll need to search the area, but if you go straight to the address card on the nightstand, it will show where she lives.

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11) Visit Jesse Kwon

Now that you know where Jessie lives, head to her house, which will be signposted to one of the nearby houses.

12) Is Jesse home?

You'll need to climb up the gate and approach Jesse's house, and to your surprise someone will be behind the door, but you don't know.

Interact with the door and a cutscene will begin where you'll meet someone named Rikky who asks you for help before letting you in.

Dead Island 2 O Michael Where Art Thou Quest Step by Step (5)

13) Repair the front door

The front door will open, which will allow zombies in, and you will need to turn it off by placing a circuit breaker on the circuit breaker panel.

Rikky will open a shed nearby that will contain zombies that you will need to fight to get to the circuit breaker.

Place the circuit breaker on the circuit breaker panel next to the gate and kill all the other zombies on the way to the back door.

14) Close the back door

Now that the front door is closed, you need to repeat the same steps for the back door, which also requires you to place a circuit breaker on the breaker panel.

When you get to the back door, the circuit breaker panel will be next to it, and the circuit breaker will be on top of the trash can on the side of the house to your right.

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Pick up the breaker and place it on the breaker panel to close the gate, allowing you and the rest of the zombies to fight it.

15) Clean Riff

Now that the gate is closed, it's time to eliminate all the other zombies that will make the area safe.

16) Go back to the man in the underpants to let you in

After clearing the place, head back to the front door.go see rick, who do you need to talk to about where Jesse is.

He's called Underpants Man because he's wearing Roxanne's panties, which was hinted at when he left in bright purple. (Roxanne mentioned they were missing)

Once you reach the door, interact with her and a cutscene will begin where you have an awkward conversation with the two and it's revealed that Jesse left a note on the fridge. (mission ends here)

Oh, Miguel, where are you? award

Finally, O Miguel, where are you? This quest will reward you with 2000 XP, which will also give you a safe zone while in Beverly Hills.

Go back to the shed where the crafting table is, you can getUnusual melee scoring modproject.


The search for Michael now leads to the search for Jesse, as she may be the only one who knows where he might have gone.

You meet Rikky and Roxanne, who appear to be Jessie's parents, and they both seem to need time to wake up.

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Now that you've identified who to look for, it's time to read the note left on the fridge to find out where Jesse might have gone.


Does Dead Island 2 have multiple endings? ›

Does Dead Island 2 Have Multiple Endings. In Dead Island 2, you can choose to play as one of 6 different players, with each slayer having a different ending centering their storyline in the game. However, this does not mean that the narrative of the game itself features multiple endings.

How do you find a way through the gate in Dead Island 2? ›

The only way inside is through the back, blocked by a locked gate. The Gang Green Gate Key required to unlock it can be found by defeating the Doc Martin zombie located in the front of the dispensary. Although, the special zombie will only spawn once players have progressed through the Missing: Pablo quest.

How many missions are there in Dead Island 2? ›

Dead Island 2 has a total of 24 main missions. Completing the game can take up to 20 hours to complete depending on how quickly you complete the missions, how much you explore the game's recreation of Los Angeles, and whether you try finishing any of the game's side content.

How many sales did Dead Island 2 get? ›

Dead Island 2 is 'the biggest launch' ever for devs Deep Silver after hitting 2 million sales. Dead Island 2 has become “the biggest launch” in history for its creators Plaion and Deep Silver, with the game confirmed to have already sold more than two million copies since launch.

Is your character immune in Dead Island 2? ›

Sam B plays another vital role at the start of Dead Island 2, showing players how to modify and repair weapons by using the workbench. As a returning character, Sam B has a lot of knowledge that he passes on to the slayers, and while they may not always listen to him, he is the reason that they know they are immune.

What happens to Tisha in Dead Island 2? ›

Tisha is the daughter of Dr. Reed in Dead Island 2, and at the end of the story, players find out that she is the true key to making a cure for the Autophage. Unfortunately, just before the final fight against the transformed Reed, Tisha escapes and is not seen again, setting up a daring rescue mission for a DLC.

What is the gate code in Dead Island 2? ›

With that done, you'll have obtained the code to the locked gate outside: 1975. If you wish, you can continue into additional rooms of the house from the kitchen to find more resources, but otherwise you can exit back out towards the pool and unlock the gate.

What is the code for the back gate in Dead Island? ›

With that done, you'll have obtained the code to the locked gate outside: 1975. Learn more about Dead Island 2 with our helpful guide: Desperately Seeking Emma.

What is the max zombie level in Dead Island? ›

What Is The Level Cap. As highlighted, players can go as high as level 30 in Dead Island 2. After this point, killing zombies or participating in side activities will not give you XP points. We suggest you complete all the main story missions and side quests to reach this point.

What is the max character level in Dead Island? ›

The maximum level that players can reach in Dead Island 2 is 30. As with most RPGs, players level up as their character earns XP, or experience points. After level 30, they will no longer gain XP and will finish out the game at that level.

Are there any returning characters in Dead Island 2? ›

Yes, there's only one character from the earlier games featured in Dead Island 2. You'll encounter former rapper Sam B. as a non-playable character fairly early on in the game. The fates of the other characters are left unknown.

How many zombies have been killed in Dead Island 2? ›

That's right, you brutal people – you've collectively slayed 1.1 billion zombies in Dead Island 2 since the game was released last Friday.

Who is the best starter in Dead Island 2? ›

We recommend starting with Jacob or Carla for players new to Dead Island 2. Jacob's combat skills and resilience make him a reliable choice for learning the game's mechanics, while Carla's ranged focus offers a different, yet accessible, playstyle.

Did Dead Island 2 sell well? ›

The parent company behind Deep Silver shared that Dead Island 2 has actually done quite well in sales, crossing 2 million units sold. That reportedly makes it the best launch Deep Silver has ever had. Embracer Group shared the details about Dead Island 2's sales in its recently released Q4 & 2023 Full Year Report.

Did Sam B survive? ›

Sam B is confirmed to be alive in the 2022 Dead Island 2 trailers, though his role in the game is minor with gun runs for the group.

Who started the virus in Dead Island 2? ›

The HK1 Virus is a genetically-modified virus created by Dr. Reuben Reed to kickstart the Autophage process and is the biological agent responsible for the zombie outbreak in Los Angeles. While never stated in the story, it is heavily implied that HK1 is a modified strain of the Original Pathogen HK from Banoi.

Who is the villain in Dead Island? ›

Kevin Barrister, also known as Charon, is the main antagonist in the Dead Island franchise. He has been voiced by Zach Hanks in Dead Island, Dead Island: Ryder White's Campaign, and Dead Island: Riptide. He was voiced by Erik Meyers in Escape Dead Island.

Who is the main villain in Dead Island 2? ›

Frank Serpo is the main antagonist in Dead Island Riptide. It is revealed later on that he was heavily involved in the outbreak on Palanai Island. He was voiced by Jon Curry, who has also voiced Badger in Telltale: The Walking Dead and Viktor Novikov in Hitman (2016).

Where is Trisha Dead Island 2? ›

Head down the path and turn left just before the water sprinklers. You'll see a Crusher bashing against a door, and you'll need to get into that building. Kill the Crusher, then go up to the second floor and enter the room part way down the hall, going into the kitchen area to the left to speak with Tisha.

Who is the black girl in Dead Island? ›

Purna Jackson, the Leader, is one of the four playable Heroes in Dead Island and one of five Heroes in Dead Island: Riptide.

How do you get Emma's wrath in Dead Island 2? ›

Game(s) Emma's Wrath is a legendary Bulldozer featured in Dead Island 2. A variant of the Sledgehammer, It is given as a Quest reward by Sam B for completing the final main quest Hollywood Ending in Hollywood Boulevard.

What is the orange skull for in Dead Island? ›

Orange Skull Location

Note that you can place this skull in the sewer after you finish Supermarket Journey, as you will backtrack through the same sewer where the orange skull altar is in Bitter Return. When placed on its altar, the orange skull gives you Developer's no. 1 craft.

Can you dodge in Dead Island? ›

All you have to do to dodge is tap the Defensive Ability Button to evade the attack. Do this as a zombie prepares to swipe at you for a chance to have the Counter Attack prompt appear. Dodge doesn't have any limitations and can be used against all zombies to stun them and leave them open to Counter Attacks.

Do you get a gun in Dead Island? ›

Appearances. The Revolver is a type of firearm featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a Quest reward, sold by select Merchants or found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.

Are there guns in Dead Island 2? ›

In Dead Island 2, you'll unlock guns during the Justifiable Zombiecide main story quest. After that point, you can buy guns at traders throughout Hell-A, pick them as loot for killing Apex variety zombies, and as loot in areas blocked off by faulty fuse boxes and maglocks.

What is the color code in Dead Island? ›

Green - Uncommon. Blue - Rare. Purple - Unique. Yellow / Orange / Gold - Exceptional.

How do you get Gabriel's Hammer in Dead Island? ›

Gabriel's Sledgehammer is a variant of the Sledgehammer and a legendary weapon featured in Dead Island. It is given out by Mother Helen in St. Christopher's Church for completing her side quest Bury The Dead.

How do you get the eviscerator in Dead Island? ›

The Eviscerator is a variant of the Wakizashi and a Legendary Weapon featured in Dead Island, rarely available from Metal chests or killed Zombies.

Does Dead Island have cheat codes? ›

Dead Island PC Cheat Codes (Cheats)

NUMPAD0 – Infinite health (God Mode). The character's health never runs out. NUMPAD1 – Unlimited Stamina. The character's Stamina never runs out.

Who is immune in Dead Island? ›

is one of 4 heroes in Dead Island. He is 1 of the survivors who is immune to the zombie virus, Kuru, that has claimed the lives of hundreds of others on the island of Banoi.

How long does it take to get level 1000 zombies? ›

If you have a great game of Warzone with high kills and placement and complete a few contracts, you will earn a ton of XP. So there are things you can do to speed up progression, but you should be mindful that it will take you at least 200 hours of playtime to reach Level 1000.

What is the hardest zombie in 7 days? ›

Feral Wight is a very tough zombie. It requires lots of strength to kill and is not affected by sunlight due to only spawning as a feral, regardless of the world's settings. This type of zombie will only spawn in cities, Blood Moon hordes, caves, or via screamers during later days.

What is the highest weapon tier in Dead Island 2? ›

1 Big Shot

Out of all the guns that are available in Dead Island 2, the greatest is the legendary heavy pistol known as Big Shot. Players will unlock this gun after completing the side quest 'It's Not Our Fault,' another quest players will find when exploring Bel-Air near the end of the game.

Who is the best character in Dead Island? ›

Jacob. His strengths include immense Health and Stamina, which allows him to encounter enemies face to face. His special attacks significantly boost his damage attributes, making them lethal for any enemy. Having the perfect combination of offence and defence, Jacob is undoubtedly the best character in Dead Island 2.

Is there a sniper in Dead Island? ›

Sniper Rifle (Remington 700PSS)

Can be found on top of a sniper's perch near Pinai Ferry Station on Palanai. Green snipers can also be purchased from a weapons store near Fort Henderson.

Is Logan still alive in Dead Island 2? ›

Sam then says that he knew a "guy called Logan" who had his back in Banoi, before calling him a redneck and saying he'd never live it down if he found out, confirming that Logan is still alive.

Which character to pick in Dead Island 2? ›

Best Dead Island 2 characters ranked: Ryan

Seesaw is perfect for sustaining yourself, allowing Ryan to regain health when knocking an enemy down. Both his innate skills pair up perfectly and make Ryan the best character in Dead Island 2.

What is Jacob's backstory in Dead Island 2? ›

Jacob is one of the six slayers featured in Dead Island 2. He was born in London and originally became a stockbroker before the passing of his mother. After this, he followed his dream and became a stuntman prior to travelling to the US.

What is the difference between caustic and bleed in Dead Island 2? ›

Melting - Causes caustic damage over time, and makes the afflicted more vulnerable to fire, shock, and additional caustic damage. Bleeding - Causes bleeding damage over time. Blinded - Causes vision to be partially or completely obscured.

How did the virus start in Dead Island? ›

Kuru is a neurological disease endemic to the Papua New Guinea region. It is widely passed among the local tribes and is believed to be the cause of the zombie outbreak in Dead Island.

Is there a butcher in Dead Island 2? ›

Butchers are one of the most hostile Zombies in Dead Island 2, but players can use this guide to take them on with confidence.

What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2 early on? ›

One of the best early weapons in Dead Island 2 is the Electrocutor Officer's Sword. This Rare Frenzy weapon has great damage stats and solid durability as well as electric powers that stun enemies and can be great fun in water.

Is Bruno good Dead Island 2? ›

Bruno can be a thrilling Slayer to play with in Dead Island 2 if you give him the right Skill Cards. He's a calculating man with hustler traits. It's a personality that surprisingly pays off in the zombie apocalypse. Without the right Skill Cards, he can go down fast.

What color weapons are best in Dead Island? ›

To summarize, Dead Island 2's five weapon rarities are Improvised (white), Common (green), Rare (blue), Superior (purple), and Legendary (orange).

When was the last Dead Island game? ›

There are four installments in the series, with the latest one released on April 21, 2023. Dead Island is centered on the challenge of surviving a zombie-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat.
Dead Island (series)
Dead Island
First releaseDead Island September 6, 2011
Latest releaseDead Island 2 April 21, 2023
5 more rows

How long does Dead Island last? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Dead Island is about 18½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 48½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How long is the game Dead Island 2? ›

According to HowLongToBeat, completing just the main story will take roughly 17½ hours. This time will, of course, depend on how much time you spend exploring the world.

Does Dead Island 2 have a good ending? ›

For the most part, zombie stories don't typically have a very nice ending. Somewhere along the way, you'll see a lot of death and destruction, and normally they end on a bleak note. Dead Island 2 is surprisingly nice in that sense. The ending isn't all doom and gloom like you may have expected it to be.

Does Wasteland 2 have multiple endings? ›

this game has multiple BEGINNINGS. Within the first 30 minutes you have to make a few choices that change the rest of your game in a huge way. Never mind multiple endings, there's hundreds of ways to go about the game as a whole.

Does Dead Island 2 have a post credit scene? ›

Dead Island 2 (2023)Currently No After Credits Information.

How many endings are there in Dead Rising 2 off the record? ›

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

There is a total of six possible endings.

Is Sam B Dead? ›

Sam B is confirmed to be alive in the 2022 Dead Island 2 trailers, though his role in the game is minor with gun runs for the group.

Will Max be in Dead Island 2? ›

Voice Actor

Max was a survivor featured in the 2014 build of Dead Island 2. He helped transport the game's Heroes through California in his custom van, but did not take part in the actual zombie slaying because he is not immune to the virus.

What is the secret code in Wasteland 2? ›

Use the secret code "61290" in the text box while talking to Solveig Sefors.

Should I play Wasteland 2 or director's cut? ›

The directors cut does a few things. 1) simplifies skill checks. This is the major good change, no more having to manually choose the person to do the action, the game just picks the right person. 2) Adds in perks and quirks, which makes your characters stronger than normal then the regular wasteland 2.

Do you get anything for beating polluted Wasteland 2? ›

Polluted wasteland has very hard enemies like amalgamation of you don't have a max accelerator or the abomination that can die twice and the rewards are pretty good giving 1000 coins and around 400 XP.

Who is the best slayer in Dead Island 2? ›

In summary: Ryan is your best overall Slayer pick for solo play in Dead Island 2, while Jacob and Dani are great starting characters in co-op. You can't go wrong with any Slayer overall, but due to their starting stats and innate Skill Cards, these three will start you off strong.

Do diamonds do anything in Dead Island? ›

Diamonds are used in the creation of the Developer's Craft blueprints, and for this purpose are required in larger quantities, though otherwise they can be sold for an extremely high Cash value to Merchants.

Where is Zombrex in dr2 Off the Record? ›

In Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record, Zombrex can be found in hidden places, awarded from survivors, defeating Carl Schliff, or buying from pawnshops located in Fortune City, with the price rising in $25,000 increments with each purchase, starting at $25,000.

What happened to Chuck Greene? ›

It is unknown what happens to Chuck after Los Perdidos, but it can be assumed that he returns to a normal life after Katey is cured and no longer needs Zombrex.

Which Dead Rising 2 is canon? ›

Ending S was the original canon ending before the release of Dead Rising 2: Case West, although in E3 2013, the developers confirmed this ending is canon.


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