Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (2023)

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (1)

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  • List of Weapon Classes
  • Best Early Game Weapons
  • best power weapon
  • best dex gun
  • best quality gun
  • Best Intelligence Weapon
  • most faithful weapon
  • Best Intelligence/Faith Weapon
  • Best Arcane Weapon
  • best bloodletting gun
  • Best Daggers for Critical Strikes
  • best bow
  • best ranged weapon
  • best magician
  • The best enchantment seal
  • other top weapons

Update December 16, 2022:This guide was updated after patch 1.08, the last major update for Elden Ring.

While there are tons of unique and exciting items to be found in Elden Ring's sprawling open world, the new weapons are arguably the most exciting of them all. Many weapons have unique movement patterns and can do a lot of effective damage when paired with the right gear, although youorit takesUpgrade them with blacksmithing stones, it is worth doing. However, with more than 300 weapons in the game, it can be hard to know which ones are (or aren't) worth your time.

In this guide, we'll take a look at all the best Elden Ring weapons. This includes a list of tiers for each weapon class in the game, as well as a detailed breakdown of each featured weapon's abilities, stat requirements, and location. Note that our list includes a variety of different types of weapons, as different types of character builds are often better suited to specific types of weapons.

Elden Ring: Improved weapon tier list

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (2)

Each of Elden Ring's 309 weapons fits into one of 31 different and distinct weapon classes. Due to the sheer number of weapons available and the subtle differences between many of them, we don't think it's very valuable to separate them into a tiered list.

Instead, we chose to make a hierarchical list that categorizes these categoriesold ringWeapons drop. The vast majority of weapons in each weapon class have similar moves, damage output, and stat requirements, which means that if you can use one, you can probably use most or all of the rest. Then, in the sections below, we'll take a look at some of the best individual weapons in the game that stand out as top picks for specific builds or play scenarios.

Note that all weapon classes in Elden Ring can function with proper stat assignments and upgrades, even if we classify them as low tiers in the tier list below. If a weapon class has a low rating, it just means that weapons of that class are generally very special and not as useful as other weapon types. Also, since spellcasting implements like the Glitterstone Rod and Seal are the only weapons that can be used for spellcasting or enchanting respectively, we chose not to compare them to other classes.

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gradeweapon class
smallGreat Spear, Curved Sword, Katana, Great Sword
AHeavy Sword, Greatsword, Spear, Halberd, Curved Greatsword, Rapier
SecondReaper, Big Axe, Big Hammer, Hammer, Straight Sword, Giant Weapon, Dagger
CDouble blades, fists, claws, whips, axes, greatbows, ballistas
ManBow, Bow of Light, Crossbow, Torch, Flail
casting projectCrystal Stone Staff, Seal

Best Early Game Weapon Elden Ring: Morningstar

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (3)

  • Statistical requirements:For 12, DES 8
  • sizing:For D, DES D

The Morning Star is without a doubt one of the most powerful and easiest-to-use weapons you can acquire in the early game of Elden Ring. Not only is the weapon available within minutes of taking your first step into the open world, but you don't even have to fight a boss to get it. Additionally, the minimum requirements for this weapon are extremely low,electronicCan increase the amount of bleeding of the enemy, thus causing a lot of extra damage. Also, since it's a hammer, it doesn't weigh a lot and does a lot of balance damage. Do you still want an antique weapon?

you can find the morning starIn a chest found in a broken car on the side of the road leading to Castle Morne in the Weeping Peninsula region.Watch out for dogs, trolls and illegal enemies nearby as they will attack if they spot you.

Melhor arma Elden Ring Strength: Lance

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (4)

  • Statistical requirements:For 20, DES 14
  • sizing:For D, DES D

The best power weapon in Elden Ring used to be the Berserk-style greatsword, but due to a recent nerf to that weapon's crouch action, the spear has taken its place. Its relatively low dexterity requirement means players can put all their points into strength without worrying too much about other attributes, and by infusing strength and leveling up, the spear gains strength levels. As a result, it does incredible damage while delivering incredible range and balance-breaking power for the Great Spear weapon class. It's best used with a large shield, since you can poke it while parrying. Alternatively, it is also very effectivepower poseUse another large spear.

To get Lance you need to catch himTop of a north west ruined structure found on the road from the Stormhill area of ​​Limgrave to the east of the area.You can jump off the edge of a nearby cliff and land on the roof of a building. Next to the ruins is a soldier's camp, so try to avoid attracting their aggro.

Best Elden Ring Dex Weapon: Nagakiba

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (5)

  • Statistical requirements:For 18, DES 22
  • sizing:For D, DEX C

The Nagakiba is one of the most versatile agility weapons in the Elden Ring. Not only does it have good stat natural scaling (it gets an A rank with Keen infusion), but it also has the longest range of any katana weapon, high damage and built-in bleed buildup. Plus, you can place any katana-compatible Ash of War you want, which is always a bonus.

Nagakiba can be foundComplete the Bloodyfinger Hunter Yura questline at the Second Church of Marika in the middle of the Altus Plateau.

Best Elden Ring Quality Weapon: Bloodhound's Fang

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (6)

  • Statistical requirements:For 18, DES 17
  • sizing:For D, DEX C

Premium weapons -- weapons that work best with a relatively even distribution of strength and dexterity -- don't work as well in Elden Ring as they do in previous SoulCurse-style games. That being said, some of them are still very capable, the best of which is arguably Bloodhound's Fang. This curved greatsword eventually gains Strength C scaling and Dexterity B scaling when upgraded, and does a lot of damage, especially if you're using Bloodhound's Finesse Ash of War. It also has a good range, and as a bonus, it also inflicts a bleed buildup with each hit.

You can acquire Hound's FangDefeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwhil at Forlorn Hound Evergaol south of Limgrave, just before the bridge to Weeping Peninsula.For more information on this conference, check out our guideHow to complete blaidd's quest in the elden ring.

Best Elden Ring Intelligence Weapon: Dark Moon Greatsword

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (7)

  • Statistical requirements:For 16, DES 11, INT 38
  • sizing:FOR D、DEX D、INT C

The Moonlight Greatsword has appeared in nearly every Soulfall game released by FromSoftware, and returns as the Darkmoon Greatsword in Elden Ring. Despite its fairly demanding stats, this weapon stands out as the best weapon for pure intelligence builds to rely on when spells aren't working.

The base damage is already excellent, but buffing the weapon with your Lunar Greatsword Ash of War makes it even more deadly. With upgraded weapons, attacks not only deal more damage and inflict frostbite faster, but players can also hurl devastating ice bombs at enemies with heavy hits.recent loversMakes weapons more powerful, as these projectiles can now be fired at a faster rate.

Obtaining the Darkmoon Greatsword is more difficult than obtaining most weapons, as it requires a long and dangerous quest to complete. See our guide for all the detailsHow to complete Ranni's quest for the Moonlight Greatsword in the Elden Ring.

Best Elden Ring Faith Weapon: Coded Sword

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (8)

  • Statistical requirements:Investment in fixed assets 20
  • sizing:FAI B

If you're a pure faith spellcaster and need a reliable weapon in situations where you can't effectively defeat your enemies with magic, you won't find a better choice than the Cipher Sword. At just 2.5 pesos, it weighs next to nothing, and requires only Faith Points to use. It also starts with an excellent Faith Rating value of B, which rises to A as you level up. As such, it deals a lot of holy damage. Notably, it also completely ignores shields, making it an effective means against Turtle enemies.

you can get password swordThe Throne Room of the Fortified Manor in the southwestern section of Liondale in the Royal Capital Region.Note that you cannot return to this area after defeatingMary Case, Dark Blade, so be sure to grab the password sword before doing so.

Best Weapon Elden Ring Int/Faith: Sword of Night and Fire

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (9)

  • Statistical requirements:For 12, DES 12, INT 24, FAI 24
  • sizing:FOR E, DEX E, INT D, FAI D

The Sword of Night and Fire is currently the best weapon for a mixed Intelligence/Faith build, capable of taking out most bosses in the game relatively quickly with its devastating Ashes of War. Pressing L2 and R1 will cause him to unleash a devastating beam of magic, while L2 and R2 unleash a broad arc of fire that will incinerate hordes of enemies. The physical damage of the sword itself is average at best, but since you shouldn't be hitting enemies very often, this shouldn't be an issue.

The Sword of Night and Fire is located inInside a stone tower, you have to jump off the walkway in Caria Manor, located in the north of Liurnia dos Lagos.The weapon will be in the crate.

Ring of Beth Elden Arcane Weapon: Morgwynn's Holy Spear

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (10)

  • Statistical requirements:For 24, DES 14, ARC 27
  • sizing:For D, DEX E, ARC D

Arcane constructs areElden Ring's best buildingsOne of the best weapons to use with them in the game is Mohgwyn's Holy Spear. This large trident-like spear does excellent damage, has great range and pose-breaking potential, and also does massive bleed stacks. Ash of War Ritual Bloodboon is also devastating against large groups of enemies, Bosses with low bleed resistance, or PvP opponents. The only downside to this weapon is that it has very demanding stats, making it an endgame weapon.

To obtain the Holy Spear of Mogwynn,you first need to beatMog, Lord of BloodIn his arena, you can find it in the southwest corner of Mogwin Palace.Then,Obtain the Blood Lord's Memorial and trade the Fingerprint Reader for weapons in the Fortress of the Round Table.

Elden Ring's Best Bleeding Weapon: River of Blood

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (11)

  • Statistical requirements:For 12, DES 18, ARC 20
  • sizing:FOR E, DEX D, ARC D

The River of Blood is the perfect weapon for players who want to deal a lot of bleed damage in a short amount of time. This is because the corpse stacker Ash of War allows you to perform multiple blood cuts in quick succession, all of which cause a lot of bleeding. This move is very powerful in PvE, and while it's nerfed in PvP, it's still very effective if you can catch your opponent off guard with it.

To obtain Rivers of Blood, you needKill the Bloody Finger Okina NPC that is attacking you south of Giant's Peak and find East of Dormition Church.

Best Elden Ring Critical Dagger: Mercy

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (12)

  • Statistical requirements:For 7, DES 12
  • sizing:For E, DEX D

Whether you're planning to parry your enemies or break their stance, there's no better weapon than the Mercy for your next heavy blow. This definitely dagger monster isn't all that useful in direct combat, but equipping it as your secondary weapon and pulling it out when backstabbing or reacting after a parry or stagger will give you some real Crazy lethal damage. This is due to its critical damage multiplier of 140, the highest of any weapon. His Quickstep Ash of War also acts as an enhanced evasion, often helping him survive attacks that would be unavoidable with standard evasion rolls.

To get Misericorde you needUse the Stone Sword Key to unlock the room blocked by white mist on the west side of Storm Veil Castle. There are two exiled soldiers inside, ready for battle.

Best Eldon Ring Bow: Black Bow

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (13)

  • Statistical requirements:For 9, DES 20
  • sizing:For E, DEX D

The Black Bow is the most versatile bow in Elden Ring, and as such, it's also, in our opinion, the best. It has good max range and strong damage (for a bow), and has the shortbow's athletic ability in particular, despite being part of the bow's regular weapon class. This means you can use it to roll or jump followed by a quick shot, allowing you to stay in the fight even when enemies or bosses attack you. Barrage Ash of War is also excellent, especially when combined with arrows that produce status effects like poison or bleed.

you will find the black bowOn the roof of King's Landel, northeast of the ruins of Grace Avenue Balcony.To get to it, you need to jump from one rooftop to another in the area.Note that you won't be able to get this weapon after killing Malekith the Blackblade, so make sure you get it before you do.

Best Ranged Weapon for Elden Ring: Jar Cannon

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (14)

  • Statistical requirements:For 34, DES 12
  • sizing:not applicable

While bows are nice, they're more of a mid-range tool and not really good for hitting enemies from a distance. This is where the Jar Cannon comes in, a behemoth with excellent range and damage. As long as you have enough big bolts to spare, you'll be able to blow up the most basic of enemies before they can use this weapon to close range. It's also a great option in multiplayer battles, since distracted players are less likely to see you shooting at them. It's slow to reload, but as long as you're careful when you decide to pull this thing out, it shouldn't be a problem.

you can get cannonKill the Demihuman Queen Margo in the Volcano Cave, where you can find her. Germeer.

最佳 Elden Ring Staff for Sorcery:Carian Regal Scepter

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (15)

  • Statistical requirements:For 8, DES 10, INT 60
  • sizing:FOR E, DEX E, INT B

AlthoughMeteor StaffBest for the early and mid game of Elden Ring, you should plan to use the Carian Regal Scepter as soon as your Sorceress build reaches 60 Intellect. This wand offers one of the highest spell scaling in the game without any drawbacks, making it the best all-around wand for spellcasting.Best Elden Ring Spells.You need 60 Intellect to use it, which means you'll take a long time to destroy enemies with it, but the insane damage you can do is worth the wait.

You can get Carian Regal ScepterbeatFull Moon Queen RenaraAt the end of Raya Lucaria Academy, north of Liurnia dos Lagos.then you needUse your memories to create teams by talking to the finger reader in Roundtable Hold.

Best Elden Ring Enchanting Seal: Erdtree Seal

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (16)

  • Statistical requirements:Investment in fixed assets 40
  • sizing:internet service provider

This is essentially a stamped version of the Carian Regal Scepter. It has a high Faith requirement of 40, but when upgraded and combined with the Pure Faith Smelt build, it gains S Faith Scaling and the highest Enchant Scaling in the entire game. While there are some seals in the offhand that provide passive damage boosts to certain spells (e.g. Giant's Seal increases the potency of Giant's fire spells), you should alwaysfoundryTake advantage of its amazing enchantment scaling with the Erdtree Seal. It's worth noting that the Erdtree Seal also has no weight, making it an excellent choice for players looking to cast spells without sacrificing valuable gear load points.

You will find the Erdtree sealOn the body in the cell near the Omenkiller under the church in Volcano Manor Prison Town.

Other Important Elden Ring Weapons

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (17)

The weapons listed above are probably the best overall weapons in Elden Ring, but they are far from the best.onlyThose you should consider using. There are also many other powerful weapons, including special weapons for hybrid style builds, highly adaptable weapons for various play styles, and more. We've listed these weapons below with a brief explanation of why they stand out.

  • Pentaphyllum:A dagger that increases the magical power of the Beast when swung.
  • reduce:Dex/Arc dagger that causes massive bleed and can fire blood projectiles with its Ash of War.
  • Black knife:A Dagger of Dexterity/Faith with Ashes of War that reduces the maximum health of enemies by 10% for 15 seconds.
  • Sword of Santa Terina:This premium scaled straight sword has a massive sleep stack, allowing its wielder to stagger or sleep many different types of enemies.
  • Great Sword:An extremely versatile broadsword that pairs well with most infusions and has a variety of moves, including lunges for one-handed heavy attacks. The standard War Gray Lion's Claw is also very effective.
  • Blasphemy Blade:Greatsword of extraordinary strength/faith, with good range and a fantastic Ashes of War that can do a lot of ranged damage while also healing the wielder.
  • Holy Sword:A deadly Dex/Faith sword capable of unleashing massive waves of divine energy through Ash of War's Golden Waves. Great tool for farming runes in the late game.
  • Great Sword:A great power weapon with a variety of moves. It can also be infused with different ashes of war.
  • Star Sword:A powerful strength/intelligence weapon with deadly Ashes of War that pulls enemies closer to you, then shatters them to pieces with a gravitational impact.
  • Black Blade of Maliliketh:High damage power/faith weapon. Ash of War reduces enemy health by 10% like Black Knife.
  • Lapierra ants:An agility-focused rapier with good damage and built-in Crimson Rot buildup.
  • Roger's Rapier:Injectable rapier for excellent agility and unique double thump.
  • Bloody Spiral:The Dex/Arc Heavy Thrusting Sword features powerful bleed stacks, high damage, and nimble movement, including Dynast's exclusive Finesse Ash of War.
  • Scavenger's Curved Sword:When this weapon is stacked with the power of another curved sword capable of bleeding enemies, it yields the largest bleeding stack in the game.
  • So Astor:Unique Dex/Int curved sword that fires magic projectiles with heavy attacks that don't require FP.
  • Moon Veil:Popular Dex/Int Katana weapon with good range, high damage and a special Transient Moonlight Ash of War that allows the user to fire waves of magical energy in horizontal and vertical arcs.
  • Eleonora's Blade:Essentially a double-edged version of River of Blood. Ash of War causes heavy bleeding while allowing the user to dodge retaliatory attacks.
  • Wave Blade/Wave Crescent Halberd:S Arcane tier weapon with low base damage but can be enhanced with spells or grease items. Useful for arcane builds that want to use status effects, as the awesome arcane scaling will make applied status effect buffs more effective.
  • Sacrificial Axe:A unique ax that grants the wielder a small amount of FP per kill when equipped, regardless of whether the weapon is used for the kill.
  • Great Star:A large, force-focused hammer that bleeds enemies with each hit, dealing heavy damage and restoring a small amount of health to the wielder.
  • Giant Crusher:A special power-oriented colossal weapon featuring the most devastating and crushing bash and jump attacks in the Elden Ring.
  • Crossed Naginata:A versatile weapon that responds well to infusion, with intrinsic bleed and a halberd attack not normally found on some spears.
  • Clayman's Harpoon:An excellent strength/intelligence spear capable of inflicting massive amounts of frostbite.
  • Snake Hunter:The weapon must be inRickard, Lord of BlasphemyCombat, but since it has no attribute requirements and excellent power scale, it is a popular big gun for the power position of the gun.
  • Dorada Halberd:Extraordinary strength/faith weapon with excellent damage and good scaling.
  • Commander Standard:A power-focused halberd that provides significant damage bonuses to its wielder and its allies.
  • Winged Scythe:Dex/Faith weapons have very high damage, bleed and Ashes of War, preventing other players from using the flask to heal or replenish FP.
  • Hoslow's Petal Whip:Whip focuses on deadly dexterity with high damage and bleed stacks.
  • Number of legs:The first version of the password sword. It has no weight and has excellent Faith and damage scaling, although it has less range than Coded Swords.
  • Snake Bow:This bow has arcane ranks and adds a poison effect to every arrow shot with it.
  • Arco Edtri:A unique Faithscale Bow that deals optimal damage when combined with Holy Arrow ammo.
  • Great Lion Bow:A great quality bow that does excellent damage when used with Radan's Great Spear. Ashes of War lets you rain down arrows on your opponent, similar toStar disaster bin LadenBad for you.
  • Police Beast:This crossbow fires three bolts in quick succession, perfect for applying status effects with poisoned or hypnotizing arrows.
  • Beast Repelling Flashlight:Holding this torch will make the beast neutral towards you, which is often helpful in areas like Kelid.
  • Sentry Torch:Makes invisible enemies (such as certain Blackblade Assassins) visible, allowing you to fight them effectively.
  • Santa Trina 的 Torch:The ashes of war from this torch will quickly put enemies to sleep, making it a very useful tool.
  • Lusat's Glintstone Staff:Has the highest spell scaling in the game, resulting in the best overall damage. However, casting spells with this staff requires an additional 50% FP. Best for boss fights with nuclear spells like Cerulean Hidden Tear and Comet Azur.
  • Staff of the Prince of Death:The team has the best scaling for a mixed intelligence/faith build.
  • Paw prints:Best seal for strength/faith builds as it scales both stats effectively. It also enhances the Bestiality enchantment.
  • Gold Medal Seal:Improved sealing of Int/Faith hybrid builds.
  • Dragon Communion Seal:Improved sealing of Faith/Arc hybrid builds with the Dragon Communion enchantment.

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Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (18)

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Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons: Level List, Game Start, Power, and More (19)

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