Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (2023)

FromSoftware's Soul Adventures,old ring, launching with much fanfare in early 2022. Despite the months that have passed, the community is still stronger than ever and is always looking for new builds to add variety to the game. The experiment will soon end with an overall AAA title, but Hidetaka Miyazaki's brainchild has detailed armor, amulets, weapons, stats, and more, resulting in a different build each time.

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Care should always be taken when choosing a particular structure, becauseold ringIt's classic Soulslike, that is, extremely punishing. Those starting out could benefit from a direct spell or fighter build. But there are other unusual options for those looking to step up their gaming experience on their third or even eleventh playthrough.

10 king mushroom

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (1)

King Mushroom involves usingPoisoned status effectDestroy the enemy. Players can use the Mushroom Crown and the Rots member's Talisman of Rapture to stack buffs accurately and deal a lot of damage when poison is applied.

Additionally, infusing a weapon with Poison Affinity increases agility, which in turn increases its own base damage. A third buff can be applied by placing Seppuku in the off-hand and going into a bleeding state before any encounter begins. And the Blood King's Rapture Talisman can further increase the attack power when nearby blood is lost.

9 Tartar ninja

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (2)

This particular building is inold ringMake the player effectively a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, at least as close as possible in the game. With a large turtle shell on their back and an Albinaurica mask equipped, they're sure to look great.

FromSoftware put a lot of work into the visual fidelity of environments, item and combat animations. On the face of it, a goofy looking mask and carapace would suffice.sure fun game.On top of that, players can use themed weapons such as katana swords, sticks or spears, and even flails.

8 Bubble Elf

Bubble Mage or Bubble Boy builds allow for another example where players can take up enemy weapons and wreak havoc. He needs to defeat the Oracle Envoys to obtain the Envoy's Greathorn. The weapon itself generates bubbles, but the Herald's Crown is recommended for increased base damage.

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The attacks are mostly ranged, but there are a variety of attacks if they want to get close and close. The animation and coloring of the bubbles are well done and provide a nice contrast to the environment, especially compared to the white of the helmet and the yellow hue of the loudspeaker.

7 wall

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (4)

The Great Wall is a great building for players who want to relentlessly push forward and watch their enemies suffer, just like in previous games. Essentially, it involves equipping two fingerstone shields, and is a twist on the old "defend and poke" meta, resulting inElden Ring Non-PvP Chaos.

Looking and playing the role of an immobile god, Defiler can simply let waves of damage wash over their shields. Combining this with a second attack after the first block is the way to go. It is recommended that players prepare for slow movement and equip the Green Turtle Talisman to increase the speed of physical recovery.

6 Santa

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (5)

Holy Turrets provide a flexible gameplay experience and are effective in both PvE and PvP. It can do ranged damage by throwing a triple aura, in case enemies are running close range power builds that can knock players down in a few hits.

At the same time, it also allows for a great close-range boost, with theAshes of WarPolishes defense and healing. The Radiant Golden Mask and Seal of Golden Order buffs increase the damage dealt, so are essential to this build. However, players can choose other elements according to their personal preferences.

5 all the fire

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (6)

Players can use this particular buildold ringGo all out with an aggressive play style. It requires pre-emptive strikes after pattern analysis and causes a lot of fire confusion on the battlefield, resulting in reduced visibility and shorter evasion windows. As such, it is not recommended for beginners or anyone looking for a casual experience.

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This build requires some basic components: Burn O Flame, Flame Grant Me Strength, The Flame Pillar, Giantsflame Take Thee for the massive fireball, and Magma Blades. When used, this combo can deal a lot of damage and even take out boss-level entities quickly. However, this build is not recommended when facing bosses with high fire resistance like Magma Wyrms and Fire Giants.

4 Howling Star Fist

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (7)

The Howling Starfist build will resonate with many melee-loving players. Looks similar to Kratos' Wrath of Spartagod of war, this version allows players toinflict great damageUse their "fist". Stellar Fists naturally come with bleed, and adding the Bloodflame enchant can enhance it even moreold ring.

While many players use it to sneak up and get close to enemies, adding the Beast's War Roar can deliver massive and accurate ranged damage. Also, since the Star Fist is dual-wielding, it's possible to hold the secondary option in the off-hand. Doing so will allow players to receive passive boosts from the latter as well.

3 vampire knight

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (8)

Vampire Knight is perfect for players who like to play the safe route. It contains a specific set of items that can increase the healing effect to a great extent, ensuring that they outlast the enemy in every battle. Using the Butcher Knife as a weapon grants the player 1% of their maximum health per hit. Prelates Charge Ash of War hits enemies quickly, stealing a lot of HP from them. Additionally, equipping the Icon Shield helps protect and allows a passive buff of 3 HP/s.

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The Blessed Dew Amulet can further enhance the healing factor of this special construct, which allows continuous absorption of 2 HP per second. Players can choose parts such as armor according to their preferences. All in all, this compilation is usefulContinuous Health Regeneration.

2 or elements make

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (9)

Players can use this buildold ringIf they want to be Archmage. Essentially, it allows them to cast almost every spell in the game without investing a lot of Faith Points. Therefore, they need to have a high level of understanding of the attacks they want to use. Once these open up a player's repertoire, they can engage in ranged combat as well as melee combat.

Some work better against certain enemies, others can be used if they want to have fun trolling enemies in PvE and PvP. Speaking of primary weapons, using the Prince of Death's Staff is very useful as it empowers Ancient Death's Grudge.

1 mad king

Elden Ring: 10 of the most unusual buildings (10)

The Mad King build is another aggressive playstyle that focuses on Madness and Blood Loss. So prioritizing Arcane, Dexterity, and Mind is the way to get here.magic like unbearable frenzy, Raging Flames, and Howl of Shabriri complete the build and deal massive damage to enemies caught in a huge area of ​​effect.

Keeping a good supply of clarification pills on hand is crucial to alleviating the madness that builds up after casting such spells. Additionally, choosing blood spells and weapons, such as swarms of flies and rivers of blood, can help players take advantage of a character's high arcane stats.

old ringCompatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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