Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (2023)

There are many ways to playold ring.Players who play through a level for the first time will naturally gravitate toward the "sword of the sword" build that has become synonymous with FromSoftware's fantasy RPGs, but once they get to a second, third, or fourth playthrough, their build will inevitably become more complex. Be creative. partWhat makes the soul-like genre so successfulthat's itanyConstruction is doable. Some players can beat the game with their starting weapon without leveling up, so why not give it a try?

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There are some ways to create an unusual buildold ringWith a unique playstyle that still ends up being so powerful that tough bosses will melt under your attack. It's no fun for the masochists of the FromSoft fanbase, though. Conquering The Lands Between is even more exciting when The Lands Between retreats. There are many buildings that resist many, if not all, trendsold ringmeta, and then come out the other side, very weird, not too strong, but still absolutely explosive.

9 double whip

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (1)

As far as this list goes, this build is probably the most standard of the bunch. When it comes to open worlds, Whip is very doable. They're great for crowd control, have high attack speed and range, and can create any status effect they're equipped with, which is almost nonexistent in the game. Using two of these will only boost those stats further.

The problem is that whips are terrible against high profile enemies, this group includesAlmost every boss in the game.Considering these are some of the toughest fights a player will face, it seems fair to call the whip underpowered, at least when it matters the most. They're also pretty much useless against shields, so good luck fighting those "sword and board" Crucible Knights.

8 shotgun

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (2)

Now we are getting weirder. The compilation has been floating around the internet for a while, but was first spotted by YouTuberCancerEquip the Radagon iconDexterity 40 Characters- By maximizing your casting speed - makes casting of Beast Sling spells almost instantaneous. Now, if a character equips a seal in each hand, their already fast throwing speed will nearly double, effectively turning the player into a fully automatic shotgun.

The main downside here is that this build will just eat up FP without doing a ton of damage, meaning players need to invest in thinking and agility to really push this build to the top. The shotgun's main advantage outside of PVP is its balanced damage, which is enough to stagger most enemies and open them up for a critical hit. That's how this build will do most of the damage, since the enchantment itself won't cut it late game.

7 fist/unarmed

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (3)

Another FromSoft classic, this one harks back to the original eraManAmon's Soul.Players can technically "equip" their character's fists simply by not equipping either hand with any weapons. There are fist weapons like the Caestus in the game, but to actually use the "Mike Tyson" look, players need to be unarmed.

There's very little you can do to improve the damage of this setup. In fact, it might be best for players to focus more on improving their ability to use rings and gear to avoid certain fights (such as against the Royal Revenants). When it comes to the game's obligatory boss fights, the only hope is perfect dodging and slowly eroding your health.

6 flame stone

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (4)

If the player has any piece of the Briar armor set equipped, they can do some damage (though not much) by rolling towards enemies. The more set pieces they equip, the more damage their moves do. Even so, we're talking minimal damage, and even the most standard, non-upgraded swords can do more damage.

So obviously the best way to improve the situation is to set the first character to roll on fire. This is accomplished through the fire-type Death Sin enchantment. should be expectedThis enchantment deals damage to the player when active, so this build requires a heavy investment in Stamina, not a quick respawn. Other than that, it's amazing how feasible it is, and at one point it even reached metaRing of EldenSenna PVP.

5 Bruce Lee

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (5)

ugly half brotherThe structure of the fistIt's this setup, affectionately (perhaps generously) named after one of the greatest martial artists of all time, that involves fighting exclusively using kicking skills. This skill is the default skill for many weaponsArnell Eldon,Includes most crossbows and whips, and can be purchased from Knight Bernahl at the start of the game for only 800 runes.

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Like using only fists, kicks don't do much damage. The only advantage it has over the fist build is that, in addition to dealing balanced damage, it also knocks back most enemies in the game. While it's fun to watch players use the same kick animation over and over as they slowly progress through the game, this progression is a brutal challenge suitable only for the most nervous players.

4 wall of shields

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (6)

As with punches, kicks and rolls, there is another unusual "weapon"old ringCan cause a small amount of damage: shield. With giant shields in particular, players with one equipped in each hand can use them as weapons, and while they don't do much damage, they don't take much damage either.

The biggest difficulty with this build is how difficult it can be for characters to move faster when they're focusing on defense. Throwing will be slow and awkward (aka heavy throwing), so it's best to hide behind two shields to avoid any and all possible attacks. Then equip the Shield Bash Art of War and start to work slowly, reducing the enemy's health to 0.

3 brass player

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (7)

One of the strangest weapons in the world by far.old ringIt is the envoy's longhorn. In the royal capital of Liondel, messengers are found playing instruments along the city walls, some of whom drop their weapons: a long metal instrument similar to a trumpet.

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Attacks from this weapon fire a burst of bubbles--yes, bubbles--at enemies. They're not fast-moving projectiles, sort of like blowing in the wind towards a target, but when facing large enemies that most bubbles will connect to (like bosses), Longhorns can do a lot of damage, especially against Faith building. However, for the rest of the game, when players are up against smaller opponents, this weapon -- and the surrounding buildings -- becomes very untrustworthy.

2 no armor

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (8)

The legendary let me solo herIt may have made the collection famous, but getting FromSoft games to play naked has long been one of the biggest challenges gamers can face. This is the same asold ring, and to really live up to the description of this build, the player shouldn't even be wearing the Jar helmet; offers a lot of protection.

The disadvantages of this structure are obvious. No armor means little to no defense, meaning every hit the player takes -- even from the weakest enemy in the game -- deals devastating damage. This means that the player needs to have a very detailed memory of the enemy's attack patterns, since the only way to survive is to dodge everything you come across.

1 sound waves

Elden Ring: 9 Underpowered but Fun Buildings (9)

Ending with the weirdest Youtuber everMarco Yolodesigned a structure so that they can玩 Elden Ring as Sonic the Hedgehog.Most of the work on this build was done in the character creator - after all, if the character wasn't blue it wouldn't actually play Sonic - but there were still things to equip to get it all together.

The most important part is Lightning Ram Ash of War, which allows the player to dash forward while being surrounded by lightning - just like Sonic! There is also the option to equip a pair of Caestus Lightnings in each hand, although this is not mandatory, it helps a lot. This build isn't significantly weak, but it's not fully optimized either. It exists for memes, and sometimes that's all we need.

old ringCompatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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