Elden Ring Best Damage Type (2023)

Elden Ring Best Damage Type - Ranked from strongest to worst for each damage type

25/05/2023 18:00:10

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There are 8 different types of damage in Elden Ring, all of which can lead to great structures, but which one is the best? After patch 1.09, each Elden Ring damage type is ranked here from strongest to worst to find the best physical and elemental damage, we'll also list the best ER weapons for each.

Best damage types after Elden Ring 1.09 - each damage type ranked from strongest to worst

Here's a ranking of all eight damage types in Elden Ring, with Youwy digging into the best damage weapons for each damage type. On this list, the best physical and elemental damage types for Elden Ring would be piercing damage and lightning damage.

1 - Piercing Damage (Physical)

First off, piercing damage is going to be the best damage type in Elden Ring. He has some of the best weapon classes in the game, with good moves and a good Ash of War option. The piercing damage also works well when you're counterattacking, since the enemy is constantly attacking, you're doing a lot more damage, and you can pair it with an amulet to do even more damage. For bosses, there are some enemies that are weak to piercing damage, such as Radahn, Fortissax, and Placidusax. There are indeed not many enemies in the entire game that can withstand two piercing damages, but apart from ordinary enemies with weak piercing damage, they are almost all knights and warriors, and dragons are very weak to piercing damage. When you attack enemies that are resistant to piercing damage, it's like a bunch of enemies you find in a dungeon, just walk through the dungeon with the attack weapon, and for the rest of the game, like its 90, just A piercing weapon is required.

Elden Ring best weapon for piercing damage

- bloody spiral

- snake hunter

- Godskin Tailor

- spear

- Rapieira Antspur

2 - Lightning Damage (Elemental)

These five weapons are pretty good at dealing lightning damage, with the big arrow probably being the best weapon in the entire game. There's a boss that's actually more resistant to lightning, that's Fortisax, there are bosses that are actually weaker to lightning damage, Godfrey and Malenia, one of the best things about lightning is when you're actually standing in water or if you're raining , you're only doing 10+ damage, especially when it's actually in the water and using the lightning attack, it does a cool animation in the water and then turns into an AOE itself, which is a really cool interaction. As for the regular enemies that are resistant to lightning damage, all soldiers and all knights are definitely the most prominent, and this is also the biggest attraction of the game. When it comes to enemies that are resistant to lightning damage, they don't really beat all the cavalier weaknesses you really have.

Elden Ring Best Lightning Damage Weapons

- Dragonscale Blade

- Dragon Halberd

- Dragon King's Rock Blade

- Stormhawk

- Machado

- Gransax screws

3 - Magic Damage (Elemental)

This is like the elemental version of standard damage in terms of resistance, and since enemies are completely neutral to them, you get access to some of the best weapon and spell options in the entire game. Looking at Renara and the Soul of the Emperor with stronger magic resistance, these bosses are not that difficult to get started, so it's no big deal, other bosses are very resistant to elemental damage, so that will hurt magic damage, but One thing you have to keep in mind is that magic can also use ice, which is handy because most spells and weapons actually tend to have ice built up on them already, which is pretty good. As for the enemies that are resistant to magic, they are generally transported enemies. Outside of ordinary occupations, magic damage is no problem at all, but inside it is a bit of a problem.

Elden Ring best magic damage weapon

- so astor

- Moon Veil

- Darkmoon Greatsword

- Clayman's Harpoon

- death poker

4 - Slash Damage (Physical)

No enemies are equal or even second to slashing damage that isn't very clear, but there are some enemies that are really weak to slashing damage, enemies like Mogot and Fire Giant are weak to slashing damage. Cut damage. .As for the regular enemies, this is where it gets a little interesting. As for weaknesses, there are plenty of enemies that are damage-reducing weaknesses, definitely the most prominent, Revenants, Godskin, and more nasty enemies, which is pretty good. When you look at enemies that are resistant to slash damage, it's not going to be a long list, but there are knights, all of these knight type enemies are very resistant to slash damage, which is almost half the game itself , so it's kind of balanced.

Elden Ring best weapon for cutting damage

- Night Knight Glaive

- Crossed Naginata

- Bandit's machete


- Presa do Bloodhound

5 - Hit Damage (Physical)

In fact, the main weapon options for attack damage are weak compared to other weapon options, especially the Ashes of War options that attack based weapons actually get, they are not as good as the piercing or slash options available. Going into enemy resistances and weaknesses let's talk about weaknesses first, those are the ones that can't really do damage it's just a bunch of enemies that are only based on the dungeon so when you're actually in the dungeon the attack is going to be your best option and you can Enter the dungeon with a basic assault weapon or actually have a backup assault weapon. As for enemies that can resist attack damage, there are not many.

Elden Ring best weapon for attack damage

- morning star

- big apple

- Mega Crusher

- Stone Club

- Star Fist

6 - Fire Damage (Elemental)

In terms of spells, they have Catch Flames, your second best melee option, Flame Fall On them, your second best ranged option, and Burn O Flame, your second best AOE option. But for the souvenir bosses, there are some bosses that are very resistant to fire damage, and some that are as high as 80 resistance like Mohg, and the Fire Giant is also very resistant to fire. There are some bosses that tend to be difficult to shoot, such as the Radagon. Malenia's firepower is pretty weak, but when you're fighting her in water, she's equally resistant to lightning damage, which is pretty annoying for fire damage when we're actually standing on the model, or when it's raining outside When it rains, you only need to take 10 less damage.

Elden Ring best fire damage weapon

- Morgwynn's Holy Spear

- Blade of Eleonora

- Blasphemy Blade

- Libra of the Magma Dragon

- Godslayer Greatsword

7 - Standard Damage (Physical)

Standard damage tends to be associated with things like straight swords, greatswords, greatswords, and double blades, which are actually pretty solid, but the best part about these weapon movers is that they do poke attacks related to damage piercing, so You can really give standard damage. There is no enemy or boss in this game that is more, or even weaker, resistant to standard damage than any other type of damage, it's just the most neutral thing in the entire game. The only redeeming factor is that it's physical damage, and most boss paired shots are actually weak to physical damage itself, which is a nice touch, but you can't really get anything higher than seven.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Standard Damage


- Divine Skin Peeler

- big sword

- Straight Sword of Lord's Oath

- Guardian Sword

8 - Holy Damage (Elemental)

Holy damage is by far the worst, there are some great weapon options and you can easily get through the game, but the spell options aren't that great. Speaking of the weakness and resistance of Boss memory, Holy damage is almost the most resistant damage type of all bosses, even the second highest resistance, only 4 of the 17 options are not resistant to Holy, and only one is really against Holy Very weak, that is Emperor Soul, it's also weak to fire, so it's not that unique on its own, and you'll have a harder time against something with holy damage than any other type of damage.

Elden Ring Best Weapons for Holy Damage

- Tree of Siluria

- Halo Scythe

- Trombone of the Envoy

- Greatsword of Aldovis

- password sword

Elden Ring Best Damage Type (3)

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