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playboy! Welcome to another Elden Ring guide. EuropeElden Ring Giant CrusherIt's been the talk of the show here lately. Gamers wondered what was so special about these weapons and why there was so much hype. For starters, it's been almost two months since Fromsoft released Elden Ring to continue their Souls series.

main conclusion


  • giant crusher structureIt is one of the best builds in Elden's ring due to its incredible strength capabilities.
  • Endurance, stamina and strength are the mainAttributesComplements the Giant Crusher Build.
  • This version works best with weapons likeHeavy Giant SmashbidPriest's Infernal Scepter.Dual wielding both weapons gives additional benefits.
  • Increased damage output, amulets and sigils such asRune ClawelectronicFire, give me strength!Must be used with this build.

Recommended stats for building the Mega Crusher

  • Vitality – (35-43)
  • Mind - (10-14)
  • Stamina - (35-42)
  • Strength - (70-85)
  • Skill– (12-16)
  • Intelligence - (13-16)
  • Belief– (23-25)
  • Arcane– (7-10)

Let's talk about the stats you need to build the Giant Crusher Build in Elden Ring. As you can see, getting more points in Stamina, Stamina, and Strength means these are the three main stats to focus on as you level up. Yes, builds will be based on strength, mostly because of weapon choices. You'll need this max power to swing the hammer and do a lot of damage and damage boost. Goes well with the use of heavy weapons and increased loadouts of equipment. Therefore, you are allowed to wear heavy armor. So for this build, you need to grind as many points as possible into power. The smallest range you can push points to is between 70 and 85, but the best level is best kept at 80.


Also, focus your points on leveling stamina, as this attribute grants your character an extra health bar. You don't want to get into a fight without improving your health, do you? Bosses in the Elden Ring are not to be taken lightly; they can bring your health bar down to zero with little effort. Therefore, you need to have enough health to engage in any battle and win. On top of that, stamina helps increase your fire resistance, but not your physical defense. You leave that part for the Stamina stat, which we limit to a minimum of 40. Keep in mind that upgrading your stats to 30 will significantly improve your character's characteristics; however, raising them beyond these points will be only a fraction of what it used to be. For example, you need to limit Stamina to 42; none of the above will do you any good. You have to focus on other attributes.


Third, you have stamina, which is crucial for leveling up as you'll use weapons and armor. Stamina determines your stamina, and you'll need a lot of stamina to throw these bad boys over the edge.Elden Ring Giant Crusher.For example, Prelate's Inferno Crozier requires strength to use it. Even if you manage to use it, you'll need enough stamina to use it in combat. On the other hand, since you'll be dual wielding weapons, you'll need extra loadouts of gear, defense, good armor, and enough stamina to do all of the above. To better understand statistical concepts in Elden Ring, you may want to check out ourStatistics tab.Once you realize its importance, it will help you toConstructand items.

weapon built by the mega-crusher

The weapons we bring you in this guide mainly include the Giant Crusher or the High Priest's Scepter of Inferno. You might be wondering why we're adding two weapons to this version. The answer is simple; use both, and if one doesn't meet the requirements, the other can be equipped.

Heavy Jumbo Crusher

Elden Ring: Best Mega Crusher Build - VeryAli Gaming (1)

The weapon is arrogant and has a terrifying appearance. It's hard to zoom and requires up to 60 force to use. The hammer does insane damage; to boost the damage rating even further, you'll need to equip it with the Heavy Affinity. Also, it works well with Crozier's Hammer as a secondary weapon, but deals slightly less damage, so your best bet is to dual wield the same weapon. May I add, can you do 5000+ damage with this build? Your damage output will increase significantly the further we get into this guide. You can use Smithing Stones to upgrade the Giant Crusher to level +24.

the guard8852525252-58
huge armedbeat
persist inPF 9
weight. 26,5Passive -

With this update, you can see the incredible amount of damage it can achieve. Any other weapon would work better with the build. For example, you can charge your commander's banner for a quick attack. While it measures D in power, you can use it with very cool moves and buffsabilityto increase damage against the Giant Crusher. You can activate the Royal Knight's Resolve on both weapons before entering combat. This will increase your damage output and give you +5000 damage to any boss in the game.beat the bosslike thattree sentinel, flyingdragonAgheel or Loretta with those weapons!

Priest's Infernal Scepter

Elden Ring: Best Mega Crusher Build - VeryAli Gaming (2)

You can choose to equip the Giant Crusher with both hands or switch the other hand to Prelate's Inferno Crozier. However, the damage output of this weapon combo will be slightly lower. Your best bet is to dual wield the Giant Crusher. You can increase your damage with a Weathered Blood Straight Sword weapon or any Seppuku compatible light weaponBloodloss of capacity.

the guard8249494949-55
huge armedbeat
surveillance chargesPower Forward 7 (7)
weight. 23,5Passive -

Inferno Crozier of Prelate isarma huge em Elden RingIt's mostly about strength. Similar to the Crusher, you need to equip it with Affinity Heavy for increased damage. Just engage enemies and use heavy hits to smash your weapons to do massive damage to enemies. You can also switch to the weapon's other great attacks, such as Prelate's Charge, which lets you blast your enemies while igniting your hammer and leaving a trail of lava on the ground.

Recommended amulets and seals

  • claw seal
  • great pitcher arsenal
  • nailLucky charm
  • Rapture of the Blood Lord
  • Radagon's Magic Seal
  • ceremonyEspadaLucky charm
  • Fire, give me strength!

Paw prints with strength andBelief, which you can use to expand your power enchantment. Other options include Finger Stamp; however, you don't need itStrength building.Spells cast while under the influence of the Clawmark Seal increase the character's damage output. The Great Jars Arsenal, on the other hand, increases your carry capacity by 10%, which will help you use your weapon effectively. The Talon Talisman is essential to our Giant Crusher Build in Elden Ring, as it grants an additional 15% increase to your jump attack. This means dual wielding when you swoop down on enemiesarms, you'll be able to deal 2000+ damage and possibly even over 5000 damage, even without other perks and buffs! Fire, give me strength! is an enchantment that gives you an additional 20% damage buff and also affects your fire spells. For the highest damage output of this build, you'll need to throw in as many effective spells and amulets as possible to amass an overwhelming damage output. Additionally, enchantments can be used with any other spells you choose to equip.

Raptor's Black Sorrow

Elden Ring: Best Mega Crusher Build - VeryAli Gaming (3)

Jump attacks do incredible damage to the Elden Ring, and you want to take advantage of as much movement as possible. There are a number of ways to do this, for comparison, the Raptor's black feather armor gives you 10% more damage with your dive attacks. It is a combination of light and medium armor from Elden Ring.

physicistbeatbeatto drillmagicFogoLutzsacred
drug denial88.89.59.510.
breastplateweight. 7.7

You can get armor and a skull mask in the Sage's Cave. Smash everything we discussed in the guide and you can increase your stats, jump attack and the total damage of your weapons tenfold!

cutting edge

First, take your golden oath, then activate the fire and give me strength! use Seppuku to activate Bloodlord's Exultation, wiel the hammers and activate Royal Knight's Reserve on the left hammer and do the same on the second. Engage your foe with the mighty Hammer of Justice and watch him die in an instant! The build is impressive even at the base level, and you can start upgrading it early. All in all, you'll have a lot of fun playing this version and terrorizing any bosses and major enemies you come across in the game. For more great guides on Elden Ring, be sure to leave us your feedback and visit our page!

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