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nowElden Ring Poison ConstructionGuide, we will tell you the best poison + shield builds in Elden Ring, which you can also use for PvP battles. He surrounds himself with a shield and poisonous weapons, including the Poison Antspur Rapier. You'll notice that you can poison your enemies without putting in a lot of effort; drink vials or enchantments of any kind for extra damage. In fact, all you need is a massive shield and any weapon with a poison effect to win any PvP battle in Elden Ring.


main conclusion

  • toxic buildingWorks well in PvP battles. Its main ingredients are a huge shield and a poison effect.
  • Speaking of excellent shields,Fingerprint Stone Shieldis a brilliant choice as it can attack while blocking enemies. Adding Greatshield Talisman stops stamina loss. The path to this shield is detailed in the guide.
  • Europedamn parkerThis is a spear that pairs well with poison and does good damage over a long range.
  • Poison Ant RapierBest for Poison builds while allowing Poison, Crimson Rot and Bleeding.
  • The Fall of EkzykeProlongs the effect of the poison on the enemy. This is a mandatory enchantment for this build.

This is by far the best poison + shield in the entire game and it will make you insanely invincible in both PvP and PvE. However, it will depend on what the other person does, but it's still going strong. Then you'll have a large shield and aspearWhat essentials do you need. However, we do much more than that. You can read ourEldon Lanebest buildingMore build articles.

Elden Ring Poison Construction

The guide will also discuss the differentarmsToxic to them. Most importantly, the current build doesn't require any further changes, as it's already dominated by shields and spears. However, let's move on to tips, the best shields, and the most suitable weapons, along with full details on how to get them.

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Fingerprint Stone Shield

Elden Ring Poison Build: Shields, Spells and Gear - VeryAli Gaming (1)

So a large shield and a spear will allow you to block about 90% of thebossIn this game, this makes you instantly invincible. But you'll need to deal with something; when you block an attack, it burns your stamina. The amount of stamina burned is based on stacks called Guard Boosts. The Fingerstone Shield is one of the best large shields in the Elden Ring. Nullify 100 physical damage;

the guardphysicistmagicFogoLutzsacredPromote

Guard Boost is at level one and you can level it up for more boosts. he also climbedstrengthBecause it takes up to 48 strength to weld it properly, it can cause insanity if you're crazy enough to attack with it. The Fingerprint Stone Shield is a fairly large shield. This shield is the best because it has a lot of Guard Boost; if you combine it with somethingLucky charmCalled the Greatshield Talisman, it will block all damage without losing stamina. That's how strong this shield is, and importantly, when you upgrade the shield, it also increases your Guard Boost level. You won't be able to get a better replacement shield than thisElden Ring Poison ConstructionUse a shield.


To get the shield, you have to go to the underground wayside bounty. Need to go straight up from under the sewers at this location, making a few left and right turns; basically the place is like a maze. Then, when you go through some tunnels and at the end of the tunnel, you come to a ladder that you have to climb. After that, open the door in front of you and turn the level to the other side. The lever will be located next to the gate with steel bars. It helps if you go back to the door you opened and head down from here.

Follow the path down the stairs and when you reach the cul-de-sac turn right and then left.As you move through the tunnel, poison flowers to your left or right will indicate that you're on the right track.

step 2

After passing through the second poisonous flower, you need to go up the stairs going down, then immediately turn to the door next to those stairs. You'll find an item on the ground called "Preserving Bolus" and turn left from there. When you spot some holes in the tunnel that you want to avoid, turn on your flashlight; otherwise, you'll have to repeat the steps. Take the first right and you'll find a poisonous monster. Kill him or avoid him and continue down the tunnel.

Go forward, and eventually you'll find another ladder and a giant monster roaming that area. Avoid it, go up the ladder and turn right. Cross the bridge and open the door in front of you. Rest gracefully, go back to the door you opened, and climb up the pipe to your right, you'll find some gargoyles along the way. They can be annoying, but you'd better avoid them.

The third phase

Descend left at the end of these pipes and keep going. In the sewer system, instead of going down, turn right where another enemy blocks the entrance. Kill him and go forward and turn right. Enter the pipe again, this time running directly to where the path takes you. You again want to use a flashlight to illuminate something in the dark. When turning left at the end of the pipe, immediately turn left into another pipe leading to the end where you must turn right. There will be rats in this area, so you'll know you're heading in the right direction. Kill them all and keep going, down the first hole you come across.

step 4

At the end of the path, go down the stairs and into the elevator that will take you to the lower level. You'll find an elegant place where you can rest and move on. Defeat the small boss at the end of the path and hit the altar behind the box. It will drop and open a secret passage from which you will exit the wooden beam on the lower level. You need to be very careful when putting down the wooden beams and planks because you don't want to fall. At the end of the road, search the area around which there are many corpses, at the end, you can get the Fingerprint Stone Shield.

Once you increase Guard Boost to 100, you will not lose resistance to any attacks. This is also what makes this shield invulnerable and our besttoxic buildingguide.

damn parker

Elden Ring Poison Build: Shields, Spells and Gear - VeryAli Gaming (2)

One of the best javelins in the game, the Bloodspear is pure beauty. It is the longest spear you get in Elden Ring, with moderate damage and range. When you improve the overall level, you can increase the damage effect and you can put a goodasheswar among them.


Go to Stormveil Castle, past Godric, then back to the courtyard. There is a faster grace, but that's what most of you will get anyway. If you haven't explored much, you've explored the castle; there's one that's a little closer. Go where there are many huge roadblocks and run past the enemies. Search the floor for corpses, one of them will get Bloodspear.


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Poison Ant Rapier

Elden Ring Poison Build: Shields, Spells and Gear - VeryAli Gaming (3)

for usPoison Building in Elden Ring, you will use this spear instead of the Blood Spear. Since some enemies don't have poison effects, you need to know what kind of boss you're fighting. However, there is a time and a place for poison buildup or scarlet rot buildup. Venom Antspur Rapier allows you to do quick attacks, consumes significantly less stamina, and deals more damage per second than Bloodspear. You'll want to stick with the Rapier, because if the boss lets you get close to him, you'll be able to use the spear's quick attacks and build up poison. Rapier allows you to inflict Poison, Crimson Rot and Bleed all at the same time.

You can use it on immune bossesbleedvice versa. you understood. To make it easier, you can place an Ash of War called Seppuku, which will allow you to craft either a poisoned version or a bloody version. Another great thing about Poison Antspur Rapier is that it has Scarlet Rot.

Scarlet Rot

This is a status effect that lasts until the enemy dies or is cleared. For PvP, players can clear Scarlet Rot's effects, but for PvE, players can clear not muchbossIt can be cleared, which is a standard passive. This means you can add other liabilities, such as blood loss buildup. So not only is there crimson rot on your enemies, but it also causes bleeding, which isn't what you want. The only downside is that you need 20Skill, but in most cases we've found that many people have it.


The Fall of Ekzyke

Elden Ring Poison Build: Shields, Spells and Gear - VeryAli Gaming (4)

A very powerful spell that uses the effects of Crimson Rot and inflicts persistent poison on enemies. This is the perfect charm, you can use this insteadtoxic buildingguide. By using this enchantment, the user can dispel Crimson Rot breath over a considerable area. You can even set goalsspellAnd has area-of-effect damage. To get Ekzyke's Decay, you need to defeat the Rotten Ekzykes Boss. You can cast this spell in PvP, but it consumes a lot of FP and requires 23Beliefand 15 Arcana.

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Elden Ring Poison Build by escudo

With Antspur Rapier, you can deal massive amounts of lingering toxin damage to your enemies, whether inPvPOr play PvE. This build works because you just need to block and keep using Rapier. For example, when you are fighting against Radagon, the boss of the gold rank, you only need to block his attack and attack him with the rapier at the same time. Not only are you able to avoid damage, but the poison effect on your rapier also has a lingering effect on him.

One thing you need to worry about when blocking with a shield is that you will take damage from any holy damage bleeds on the enemy. Also, the build will look completely overwhelmed and broken. Another reason for this build is that you don't need to use any flasks or anything that will help you add volume.

Defeat the toughest boss: Malenia

Elden Ring Poison Build: Shields, Spells and Gear - VeryAli Gaming (5)

With this build, you can follow the same attack pattern, dodge, use your spear to stab the boss without taking any damage. You are insanely invulnerable except for holy damage. In order to further optimize the equipment, you can use the golden oath to increase your own attack power, and get two spells to increase the combo damage. You can also get a lot of bells and whistles to make it better, but even at your base, the game is easy as long as you have enough blocks without losing stamina. It's crazy how simple the game is, and that's what ourtoxic buildingem Elden Ring com o Fingerprint Stone Shield。

The mechanics of this build are so simple that you might get tired of spamming the end or using the same moves and combos, but you have to admit it's a pretty solid build. You can use other strategies to further fine-tune your build. Enchanted with Poison Armament or Poison MistSkillLike a bloodhound step or trot. Although, the best option we recommend you do is ourElden Ring Poison Constructionand a very powerful shield. Test our build in PvP and PvE and let us know how it works for you!

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