Elden Ring Top Boss Memento Weapons Ranked (2023)

In Elden Ring patch 1.09, many weapon types have some associated buffs and nerfs. Many boss weapons are heavily affected, even bringing them to Elden Ring 1.09 Weapon ranking should be. In this Elden Ring 1.09 2023 Souvenir Weapon Tier List we rank the best Str, Dex, Int, Faith and Arcane weapons!

Elden Ring 1.09 Melhores armas (For, Dex, Int, Faith e Arcane) - Elden Ring 1.09 Boss Weapon Tier List

Based on the Elden Ring 1.09 tier list for these souvenir boss weapons, they're doing pretty well overall. Plenty of them used to be useless or bad, and now most things are workable, usable, or very good. So they did a great job with the balance! Now, coming to our Elden Ring 1.09 Boss Weapon Tier List, let's dive into the Boss Weapons and how they will look in Patch 1.09.

Class D

large wing angle

The Winged Gianthorn is probably the only remaining D-tier weapon in the Elden Ring 1.09 weapons roster. As a great axe, the Winged Horn is technically much better than this patch. In terms of how its mechanics work with the increased speed range and recovery time for multiple attacks, this weapon switch has a very important change, which is great. Finally, Gray of War provides a debuff to those who support it, making them weaker and taking more damage, which can be difficult to use. Hold your position and spread a very small cloud that in many cases is very easy to avoid and hard to hit even just in PvE. Ultimately, the weapon doesn't have the power it needs, and the Ashes of War need more love associated with it.

Grade C

asshole star

Tier D, who rose to the Elden Ring weapon tier list after patch 1.09, could be a wonderful bastard star. That's as much as the bare minimum that a C-level should also get by now. Oddly enough, in 1.08 they improved the glitch about power stances, made some very useful improvements there. But they went a step further, this patch 1.09 added stat scaling for the flail, which affected this weapon and gave it better scaling and damage overall. But it also increases multi-attack speed and recovery time, and handles more balance in hand 2. It went from being a complete gun joke to a really relevant and really fun challenge, certainly more doable than before.


The Grafted Dragon is a slightly inferior fist weapon in this patch due to the weapon type. What they do do is lower balance damage, especially heavy hits and rerun attacks or fists and claws. So this weapon currently has less potential in PvP, which is interesting because it's not the most relevant weapon. It has a really cool war gray color that can be used in PvE scenarios. It's kind of weird though, a bit of a meme choice, but there's no denying that it has quite a bit of output in some cases, and if you can get good results, it's really fun to use.

Giant's Red Braid

The giant's red braid has some changes and buffs, increasing the attack speed of the first attack of his combo, while reducing the whip's overall attack recovery time. This doesn't matter, as whips are still a very weak weapon type. While his range and move setups are interesting, meta, and survivable potential, they're not great. Their attacks are a bit too slow and not balanced in meta in 1.08 and later, balance and stags are very important.

lion bow

There are no changes to this weapon type. It's just a great bow, with the ability to get some unique ammo type upgrades, it's also a great option if you want to use an awesome bow. But nothing to say about it.

Grade B

God Ax

Moving up to B in the Elden Ring 1.09 Remembrance weapon tier list, we now have Godrick's Axe. Due to the main weapon type changes, they increased the stat level of the large axe and increased the speed range and recovery time of several attacks, which is very good for this weapon, and the damage is higher, and the movement setting is also excellent. Combine the rate of fire, damage, and options of this weapon with something like a Bestial Sling, and you'll catch guys faster than they're supposed to. You will have a lot of fun with this special weapon in PvP compared to PvE. The problem may be that the damage is pathetic and still slow. Plus, it's a blaster, meaning the boss can jump over the ashes of war damage.

Dragon King Rock Blade

Moving on to the commemorative weapon rankings for Elden Ring patch 1.09, we now have Dragonlord's Cragblade Heavy Bow Sword, which is in an odd place in this patch. Because the epee has been weakened again. They reduced the hitbox size of various attacks for this weapon type after a few specific moves, jump in attacks and various move settings for this weapon type, and really lowered the balance damage. Especially for PvP, reduced counterattack damage by 1.07. So he does a lot less damage, and today he has even less range in unfamiliar places. For now, let's keep it barely a B tier, because it still has some way to go, and it's still a cool weapon, but still fun to use!

Marika's Hammer

Finally, still at the B tier is Marika's Hammer, which is much better than this patch. Not relevant enough to take it up a notch. What they did was probably hammer-like, they increased run attack speed and recovery time. It's nice and smooth, because you can combo and go well into Ashes of War, and if you manage to hit it, it does decent damage. It has super armor, big hit and balanced damage. If you manage to land in PvP, it will smash, but let's be honest, landing in PvP is very difficult. You can rely entirely on Ashes of War for this kind of damage, though the output is as good as ever in PvE.

Elden Ring Top Boss Memento Weapons Ranked (1)

level one

Relic Sword

Relic continued to get nerfed in this patch, especially Ashes of War. Basically what they do is make him weaker, especially for those who are free in team deathmatch, you send huge AOE Ashes of War to knock people down, do massive damage and do ranged attacks . The corridor is so wide that it can almost cover the entire arena. In 1.09, the Greatsword has been buffed, increasing the rate range and recovery time of various attacks so it feels smoother and more effective. Weapon types are great at this point. So while the builds of these courses are a bit of a splash, they're also built up so A-levels still feel fair.

Star Calamity Greatsword

Starscourge Greatsword is pretty cool because they have their War Ash buff in this patch. They took down Starcaller's Cry and increased the frequency of follow-up attacks that took it down. Now, part one, pulling gravity is very useful in PvP, doing good damage by pulling people in and putting pressure on the next attack. Even though it's faster now, it's still predictable and easy to roll in PvP. Therefore, we will not evaluate this as an increase in your level. It's just a great Elden Ring 1.09 boss weapon with huge explosive potential, now more stable. Better overall DPS in PvE if you're just spamming Ashes of War more quickly.

Hand of Malenia

Another weapon that is much better than this patch might be the Hand of Malenia. The katana has a slight buff that increases run attack speed and reduces attack recovery time. As a result, the weapons appear a little softer overall. Especially with the sprint attack, you can do an awesome sprint boost, and it has a huge wraith range, and it's pretty insane to go faster. This proxy weapon is slightly better, and is still a great chainsaw weapon thanks to its War Ash. Overall, very high DPS weapons feel a little softer in this patch.

Godfrey Machado

Godfrey's Ax hasn't seen any major changes. It's hard to tell that in particular, though there's a note that they expand to gigantic weapons. Since the size looks the same, it doesn't feel like it was built with actual augmented reality enhancements. This is still A-rated due to the Regal Roar buff and the follow-up action from the heavy hit. It's a beautiful high AR dangerous colossal weapon with good and fun potential in its Ashes of War, and the only heavy weapon available.

S class

Mogot's Cursed Sword

Mogot's Cursed Sword finally made it to S rank in the Elden Ring 1.09 Remembrance weapon rank, an awesome buff to the weapon key in this patch, and Ashes of War feels pretty good. The weapon type, the Great Curved Sword has increased speed range and recovery time, which looks crazy. It's already a long weapon, but the increased range now means you can hack people at insane range. Attack speed means better DPS, and it feels smoother too. The main thing is recovery time, which allows infinite combos. It's as deadly as a bleeding weapon.

Morgwynn's Holy Spear

This comes from a nasty nerf to the AOE, which reduces the scope of Blood Rite, but a wide range of bleeding options. Now as a large spear, they reduced the size of the hitbox because their multi-attack attack sucks. Because this weapon of choice is a huge part of her power and reduces damage. But probably the main aspect of a weapon's DPS potential is the Ashes of War and the blood you shed there. This was nerfed in 1.09, they reduced the power of the White Mask and the Bloodlord Amulet. When bleeds are triggered, you get far less AR than you're used to, so all bleed builds and builds that rely on triggered bleeds are now generally weaker. But it's still great!

Blasphemy Blade

The Blasphemous Blade is arguably the best Elden Ring 1.09 Remembrance weapon in the game. We don't have to discuss it too much. It just got knocked out, picked it too many times, and somehow received various buffs from the patch that didn't change that. As a greatsword, it increases the speed range and recovery time of multiple attacks. So directly using this as a weapon as a physical attack weapon is simply the best. What's crazy is that even by proxying its weapon type, it's still getting improved.

Cetro Real Search

The Carian Regal Scepter is a boss weapon that you can use as a melee weapon with spinning ashes. But that mostly boils down to the fact that it has intelligence scaling and increased moon magic damage, which is pretty good. This is a relevant team, as it's only the second best boss weapon in the sorcery build in Elden Ring patch 1.09, unless you're ready for increased damage but making the FPU more expensive. If not, this is the best option. Apparently it's S-rated, because wizardry loves that thing.

Marylikes' Black Blade

Maliketh's Blackblade is still S tier at this time, and there are no major changes to the Greatsword in this patch. They have increased the key attribute level of greatsword type weapons on the level. On top of that, it's a Destined Death provider, so now reduces health by 10% for a minute, and deals damage and damage over time when you use it. He also has super armor, and Ashes of War also includes a triple attack section where you can spin him. Then hit and explode, which is great in PvP. They also have the guts to squat, which is good, good, and useful now. It's a cool and unique weapon that pairs really well with daggers, doubling your Destin Death app and blending your attack speed.

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