Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (2023)

Elden Ring is a newly released game and a lot of people are asking what the best weapon is. This can be a difficult question to answer, as different players may prefer different weapons for different reasons. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the various weapons in Elden Ring and rank them based on their overall effectiveness.

The Elden Ring weapon tier list is a complete guide to the best weapons in the game. This will help you get the most out of your weapons and learn which ones are best for a given situation.

Whether you're new to Elden Ring or just looking for a good weapon, this list of Elden Ring weapon tiers is a great place to start. Before getting to the point, let me briefly introduce the game.

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Elden Ring - Quick Start

Europeold ringReleased in February 2022, Elden Ring is a newly released RPG set in a high fantasy world. Developed by FromSoftware and written by George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki, it features intense exploration and combat.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (1)

The game takes place in the ruins of the cathedral, which is the hub world for players to rest, upgrade weapons and magic, and undertake side quests. From there, they can explore any of the other nine connected areas: forests, mountains, swamps, deserts, and more. Each of these areas is procedurally generated, meaning that no two players will have the same experience.

Elden Ring has a unique weapon durability system: as weapons are used, they slowly break down and lose their sharpness. This encourages players to experiment with different weapons and playstyles, and find ways to fix them.

List of Elden Ring weapon tiers (2022)

Tiered lists are a way of ranking items in the game based on their utility and strength. In Elden Ring, there are nine different weapon classes, each with their pros and cons.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (2)

Choosing the right weapon is important if you want to improve your chances of surviving in the Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring weapon tier list has many benefits:

  • First, it provides a great starting point for those new to the game and those looking for instruction in using weapons.
  • Second, it's a useful tool for experienced players who want to experiment with different weapons and playstyles.
  • Finally, this is a great way to compare different weapons and see which ones are the best.

The Elden Ring weapon tier list is divided into 7 tiers. Range from S to F. S is the strongest and most powerful weapon, while F is the weakest.

Elden Ring Weapon S List (2022)

These weapons are the most powerful in the Elden Ring. They are the most durable and deal the most damage. They are also the heaviest and hardest to use, so are best for experienced players.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (3)
  • Meteor Blade
  • Gold Medal Greatsword
  • Erdtley Arch
  • lunar vision
  • omniscient scepter
  • Onyx Lord Greatsword
  • Cetro Real Search
  • death poker
  • Dragon Communion Seal
  • winged sickle
  • Sword of Night and Flame
  • blood river
  • Lusat 的 Glintstone Staff
  • full moon beast
  • giant's seal
  • Blasphemy Blade
  • big lion bow
  • Morgwynn's Holy Spear
  • Zealous Mark of Fire
  • Jaw of Meteor
  • Shadowmoon Greatsword
  • Eleonora's Blade
  • Godslayer Greatsword
  • Gargoyle's Black Blade

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Elden Ring Weapons Tier A List (2022)

These weapons are powerful and durable, but not as strong as S-tier weapons, and are heavier and harder to handle. They are best for experienced players who want to experiment with different playstyles.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (4)
  • Hand of Malenia
  • Beast Claw Hammer
  • Eclipse Hotel
  • Solitaire
  • Envoy's Horns
  • Silurian tree
  • Cairian Knight's Sword
  • envoy horn
  • Inquisitor's Weathervane
  • Helfen's Clock Tower
  • Gransax screws
  • ice ax
  • Dragon King Rock Blade
  • royal sword
  • head of the family
  • Lava Blade
  • Priest's Infernal Scepter
  • Prosthetics for Veterans
  • trumpet bow
  • Halo Scythe
  • Miquellen Knight's Sword
  • Rotten Crystal Staff
  • black knife
  • Scavenger's Curved Sword
  • Summoning Blade
  • Grafted Blade Greatsword
  • gravel stamp
  • Megagnathus
  • Relic Sword
  • Executioner's Sword of Marais
  • Gold Medal Stamp
  • Dragon Scale Knife
  • Clean Spear
  • Divine Skin Peeler
  • crystal sword
  • asshole star
  • Avatar Staff
  • Pike Dorada
  • so astor
  • Magma Dragonscale Sword
  • Scepter of the Devourer
  • Giant's Red Braid
  • Ornamental Raita Sword
  • tree spear
  • Envoy's Big Horn
  • Greatsword Ruins
  • Mogot's Cursed Sword
  • Santa Terina's Sword
  • Azul's Amphibious Staff
  • Death Ritual Spear
  • inseparable sword
  • Marylikes' Black Blade
  • skull candlestick
  • Godslayer Village
  • Espada Lazuli Glintstone

Elden Ring Weapons Tier B List (2022)

These weapons are great all-rounders. They do decent damage and have good durability. They are also lighter and easier to use than A- and S-tier weapons.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (5)
  • Gamir Greenstone Staff
  • password sword
  • Gargoyle's Black Ax
  • ivory sickle
  • ring finger
  • Vic's Spear
  • Amphibole Chris
  • machado de rosus
  • Omen's Machete Killer
  • Clayman's Harpoon
  • Glintstone Academy staff
  • Presa de Bloodhound
  • Human Queen Demi's Staff
  • Sentry Flashlight
  • Loretta's Scythe
  • Great Bow Golem
  • noble sword
  • culprit employee
  • golden epitaph
  • figure paw
  • frozen needle
  • Rotten Crystal Spear
  • Machismo
  • snake hunter
  • Nox Flow Hammer
  • claw seal
  • Lava Whip Candelabra
  • hammer
  • loss of personnel
  • reduce
  • Zamor Curved Sword
  • torch
  • Star Calamity Greatsword
  • large wing angle
  • rusty anchor
  • Gargoyle's Black Halberd
  • rock club
  • Troll Knight Sword
  • spiky florets
  • Meteor Staff
  • Monk's Pyrohammer
  • Executioner's Great Ax
  • Crystal Spear
  • Marika's Hammer
  • Beast Repelling Torch
  • ghost torch
  • Orc machete
  • long leaves
  • Santa Trina 的 Torch

Elden Ring Weapon C-Tier List (2022)

These weapons are the average of all other weapons. They are also lighter and easier to use than lower tier weapons.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (6)
  • Gargoyle's Twin Blades
  • Morning Star
  • Curvy Tacos
  • Bad staff
  • Machado Bold
  • God Ax
  • total
  • Watch Dogs Greatsword
  • Kingship of Eochaid
  • whitening bow
  • Aldovis Greatsword
  • Sword Claw
  • Gargoyle Greatsword
  • Penicillium
  • battle lottery
  • Bandit Cutlass
  • Hosrow's Petal Whip
  • Spades
  • fingerprint
  • wire torch
  • torch
  • crystal knife
  • Roger's Rapier
  • Great Ax Duelist
  • Podre Crystal Sword
  • watchdog staff
  • sickle grave
  • troll hammer
  • cannon canister
  • Godfrey Machado
  • Gargoyle's Great Ax
  • machadoron haft
  • Spike Club

Elden Ring Weapons Rank D List (2022)

These weapons are below average for all other weapons. They deal less damage and are harder to use than regular weapons.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (7)
  • crystal staff
  • Orc Machete
  • Carian Glintstone Staff
  • Night Rider Handbook
  • Staff of the Astrologer
  • Espada
  • pick
  • Sword of the Lord of Alabaster
  • longbow
  • Mantis Blade
  • Mistake
  • guerrillas
  • fangs
  • Pick
  • whip
  • big arc club
  • Urumi
  • longbow
  • manual link
  • big club
  • Snake God's Shape
  • club
  • Sword of the Cleansing Knight
  • spear
  • iron spear
  • wheel of giza
  • Cruz naginata
  • pointed spear
  • Golem
  • flail
  • bow from polia
  • Machete
  • streamline sword
  • butcher knife
  • Knox Floating Sword
  • great star
  • pity
  • celebrants skull
  • barbed whip
  • giant shredder
  • Arch of Erdtley
  • Meat Omen
  • Machete

Elden Ring Weapon E-Tier List (2022)

These weapons are so weak they are almost unusable. They do very little damage and have low durability. Beginners will love the simplicity of using these weapons.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (8)
  • long sword
  • Celebrator's Rib Rake
  • big apple
  • bloody spiral
  • shooting hotel
  • disassembler
  • tomahawk
  • ritual ax
  • snake bow
  • big sword
  • commander banner
  • Rotten Warhammer
  • scorpion sting
  • matlow horn
  • Troll's Golden Sword
  • Dragon Halberd
  • Godskin Tailor
  • Dead Prince's Staff
  • sickle
  • Star Fist
  • Gargoyle's Halberd
  • in stock
  • iron knife
  • short spear
  • highland ax
  • big iron sword
  • Bloody Dagger
  • crossbow
  • Stormhawk
  • Transformed Machado
  • reunion
  • Machado Jawbone
  • hook up
  • Celebrator's Scythe
  • Celebrator's Cleaver
  • Warhammer
  • Guardian Sword
  • big club
  • snake bone blade
  • Espada
  • Monk's Flame Blade
  • excavator staff
  • Cripps' Blackkey Crossbow

Elden Ring Weapons Tier F List (2022)

These weapons are completely unusable. They deal no damage and have zero durability. If you want to win, don't use these weapons.

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (May 2023) Best Weapons (9)
  • harp bow
  • halberd
  • police beast
  • Nightrider Glaive
  • Forked sword
  • bastard sword
  • Gloves
  • long sword
  • Lord's Greatsword
  • Exiled Knight's Greatsword
  • kitsch militia school
  • compound bow
  • brick hammer
  • raptor claw
  • Rapier
  • knight sword
  • Banished Knight's Halberd
  • Serra da Milícia Vulgar
  • vibrato
  • Forked Machado
  • black bow
  • illegal shortbow
  • Soldiers
  • Straight Sword of the Lord's Vow
  • pruning dagger
  • wing spear
  • Broadsword
  • iron ball
  • corrugated blade
  • Wave Crescent Halberd
  • Vermin Blade
  • Broadsword
  • grandma live
  • tree seal
  • Ed Steele Adaga
  • Sword of Milos
  • cane sword
  • Attachment bone
  • noble stock
  • double blade
  • hatchet
  • heavy beast
  • Lucerne
  • handball
  • Red Branch Shortbow
  • dagger
  • Flaberge
  • big sword
  • Walley's Bouquet
  • short bow
  • pointed gloves
  • dagger
  • spear
  • Flashblade Carian Staff
  • two hands
  • Warhawk Gala
  • knight double sword
  • old straight sword

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common problem

1. What is the weapon level table?

The weapon tier list is simply a ranking of all weapons in the game. The purpose of the tier list is to help players figure out the best and worst weapons in the game so they can make an informed decision about what to use.

2. How often is the Elden Ring weapon level list updated?

The Elden Ring weapon tier list is updated whenever there are major changes to the game weapons, such as new patches or expansions.

3. Why should I care about the Elden Ring weapon tier list?

Whether you're a competitive player or someone who just wants to become as powerful as possible in the game, it's important to know which weapons are the best. This can help you make better choices when upgrading and using your weapons.

4. What factors are considered when making the list of weapon levels in Elden Ring?

There are many factors that can be considered when making a weapon tier list, but some of the most important factors are the weapon's damage output, versatility, and ease of use.

5. What is S rank in the Elden Ring rank list?

S rank is the highest rank in the list of Elden Ring weapon ranks. This tier is reserved for the best weapons in the game. These weapons are not only powerful, but also versatile and easy to use.

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final words

The Elden Ring's weapon tier list is something every player should check out. This can help you decide which weapon to use and how to upgrade it.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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