List of Diablo 4 Best DPS Tiers and Highest Damage Builds for Sorc, Rogue, Barb, Druid, Necro (2023)

Which class has the highest damage potential in Diablo 4? Here, we give you a rundown of how strong each class is so far.

Diablo 4's highest DPS levels and recommended best DPS builds

In the dark and dangerous world of Sanctuary, where demon armies lurk around every corner, strength is the key to survival. While each character class in Diablo 4 has unique abilities and playstyles, some stand out for their extraordinary ability to deal damage. Embark on this journey as we uncover the secrets and strategies behind these powerful classes, so you can choose wisely as you attempt to master the destructive powers of Diablo 4. Get ready to explore unrivaled ferocity as we delve into the realms and discover Diablo 4's true DPS champion after the Sever Slam beta!

1 - wizard

The wizard class in Diablo 4 showcases the great potential of single-player games, excelling in several important ways. With its high burst damage, this class can wipe out enemies quickly, ensuring efficient gameplay. Additionally, wizards have good sustain, allowing them to withstand prolonged fights without having to rely on healing or support all the time. Additionally, the class showcases crowd control abilities, allowing players to effectively manage and eliminate groups of enemies. The addition of the Ice Armor ability increases the durability of the wizard, providing a solid defensive option in combat. Additionally, the wizard class has excellent mobility, allowing players to quickly navigate the battlefield and reposition as needed. This agility increases your survivability and strategic advantage in every situation. The various spell arsenals available to the wizard class in Diablo 4 provide a wide range of options for different situations, making it a versatile and intimidating choice for players looking for resilience and adaptability.

Diablo 4 Sorcerer Maior DPS Build: Hydra Fire Sorcerer Build

The searing power of the Hydra and Fireball Sorcerer structures engulf your enemies in a terrifying inferno! This edition excels at solving every challenge in Fractured Peaks' extensive content. At its core, it revolves around a simple combo: Utilize Hydra to deal powerful single-target damage to bosses and bouncy elites, while unleashing fireballs to deal devastating area-of-effect (AoE) damage to hordes of enemies. It's worth noting that both Hydra and Fireball deal Burn damage, and each impact of the mighty Greater Fireball deals an additional 10% of cumulative Burn damage to the target as direct damage.

2 - Rogue

In Diablo 4, the rogue class provides players with two distinct playstyles to choose from. The first playstyle revolves around melee combat, using infused weapons and area-of-effect (AOE) abilities to damage enemies at close range. The second playstyle, on the other hand, emphasizes ranged attacks, allowing players to engage enemies from a distance. The Rogue class showcases extraordinary offensive potential, with melee and ranged options offering the opportunity to deliver powerful blows to opponents. Infusion and AOE abilities in a melee-centric playstyle can deliver devastating attacks, while ranged attacks provide flexibility and safety when attacking enemies from a distance. However, it's important to note that the Rogue class lacks defense options. This means that players will need to rely on their offensive abilities and mobility to avoid taking damage, rather than having specialized defensive skills or abilities.

Diablo 4 Rogue Maior build de DPS: Twisting Blades Rogue

The Twisting Blades Rogue build offers an exciting and dynamic playstyle, perfect for players looking for a more complex and immersive experience. This build excels at delivering quick bursts of damage, providing an exciting and fast-paced combat experience. Central to the build of Twisting Blades is their ability to unleash two sources of damage with each cast. Initially, the target is hit with the impalement, dealing heavy damage. The blade was then ripped off and flew back to Rogue for an even more devastating blow. Unique to this build is that the blade pierces all enemies during its return flight, dealing bonus damage if placed correctly. This build is made very powerful by optimizing the buff to enhance the Twisting Blades' initial attack. It has the ability to wipe out elites in a single devastating attack, and wipe out entire hordes of thugs quickly, leaving only ash behind. The Twisting Blades Rogue build offers a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that requires precise positioning and timing to maximize its destructive potential. With its exhilarating burst damage and the satisfaction of taking out enemies with lightning precision, this build is perfect for players who want a complex, action-packed combat experience.

3 - Necromancer

Necromancers are certainly not weak, they need to re-summon their minions, and there have been plenty of complaints in the form. The necromancer can keep his summon even if he keeps a wing, you can keep the summon even on the boss. The Necromancer class is expected to wield significant power, especially in the realm of mass summoning. Players will likely have the opportunity to customize their summons, allowing them to focus on doing more damage or increasing their ability to fend off enemy attacks. While details are scarce, expect the Necromancer class to offer a versatile and intimidating playstyle in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Melhor DPS Necro Build: Summoner Necromancer

This particular Necromancer build revolves around the concept of summoning an army of powerful minions to unleash devastating AoE (Area of ​​Effect) damage. The build utilizes the necromancer's abilities to command and fight alongside a group of skeletal warriors and mages. The key mechanics of this build revolve around breaking down skills. By casting Disintegrate on enemies, the Necromancer generates corpses and essences. These resources play a vital role in summoning and empowering minion armies. With enough corpses and essences, a necromancer can consistently summon and maintain a large number of skeletal warriors and mages. This horde of minions becomes a relentless force, dealing massive AoE damage to decimate enemies in their path. This build exploits the synergy between the Necromancer and his summoned minions, creating a chaotic battlefield where enemies are overwhelmed by the combined strength of the army and the Necromancer's own abilities.

4 - druid

The druid has a lot of buffs, and now his pets are softer, so they can't tank indefinitely, but you don't need to use an action to respawn, they respawn quickly and still tank for a while. Her non-combat healing seems to be greatly nerfed, which makes them frustrated and annoyed seeing her sitting there with low HP. But in general, druids seem to be very powerful, they're fleshy, they have a lot of healing options, they have a lot of ways to stay alive, and they can go through anything. also. They don't have any resource issues or anything, and their cooldowns are pretty low so honestly the druids don't have any issues and they seem to basically do everything well. So we'd consider putting them in tier B, just as a baseline class, because anyone stronger than them might be toned down a little bit, or weaker than them might be buffed up a little bit.

Diablo 4 Druid Maior build de DPS: Lightning Storm Druid

The Lightningstorm Druid build is a playstyle that relies heavily on randomness (RNG) to succeed. Its main goal is to use the Lightning Storm ability to unleash several bursts of devastating lightning damage, and unleash several vital attack sequences along the way. Notably, these sets include Primal Lightning Storm, Electric Shock, and Bad Omen. This build sacrifices defensive capabilities and lacks substantial defensive options. However, it makes up for this weakness by offering various ways to immobilize enemies. Lightningstorm druids rely heavily on strategic positioning, kiting skills, crowd control, and precise timing to thrive in combat. The success of this build depends on maximizing the potential of Lightning Storm, creating a chain reaction of offensive effects. While results depend on the vagaries of the RNG, skilled players can utilize careful decision-making and precise execution to optimize build performance. It's important to note that mastering the Lightning Storm Druid build requires a solid understanding of placement, movement, and timing. With strategic skill and adaptability, players can harness the immense power of Lightning Storm to overcome formidable challenges and dominate the battlefield.

5 - Barbarian

In our opinion, the Barbarian is by far the weakest class in the game, in fact we recommend a complete rework for the Barbarian. It doesn't seem like it was designed to be really fun to play, and its high-impact abilities have long cast times. Their synergy is weird, they look like a tier of tiers with different weapons, but their builds aren't interesting and very weak. Barb's best build is the Bleeding Tank, although it takes a while to kill enemies and isn't very fun to play. All his other builds seem to suffer because they're not good at all. So we have to put barbarians at the bottom of the tiered list because they have weak damage.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Maior build de DPS: Thorns Barbarian

This build focuses on using screams to rally enemies, taunting them with taunts, and boosting our damage output. By using Lunging Strike to strategically jump from one enemy group to another, we gathered a large number of enemies. After gathering a large group of at least six enemies, we use Defiance Shout to taunt them and get their attention. At the same time, we activate War Cry to increase our damage and give us a berserk effect. Now that the enemy is on us, they inadvertently inflict damage on themselves. Our strategy revolves around making them hurt while taking advantage of their weakened state. It's important to remember to use health potions and avoid major telegram attacks to ensure our survival. By effectively utilizing the roar, taunt, and damage boost abilities, we can maximize the effectiveness of dispatching enemy groups. This build requires strategic positioning, careful resource management, and the ability to anticipate and avoid incoming attacks.

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