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2019 walkthrough:Louis Coote

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good or bad choice...

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At various stages of the game, you'll be asked to make moral choices. The choices you make determine whether you experience a good or bad ending to the game. To get a "good" ending, you have to make all the "right" choices during the game. If you make 1 wrong choice, you will not reach the "good" ending. The difference between a "good" ending and a "bad" ending isn't another film with a better ending, but the "payoff" you'll get in the end.

If you want to experience both endings once, play the game once and do all the morally right things to get the outcome. "GOOD" ending.You can then restart the game to replay, starting from scratch or from a previous save game, after you made one or more "wrong" choices to gain "Final width.

I don't care about "good" or "bad" endings. In fact, I think "bad" endings are often funnier than "good" endings. Choices in the game. I bet you'll be disappointed with the rewards you receive at the end of the game, that is...if you reach the finish line. During the game, you will know when and where you have to make the above choices. I'll mention this in the walkthrough, but I won't make a "good" and "bad" walkthrough for you.

I also don't care about the STEAM achievements you can earn throughout the game. I won't mention them. But if you do what I say in the walkthrough, you'll get all those damn stupid steam achievements

One important thing to know is...the ESCAPE key on the keyboard opens the menu screen where you can save and exit the game...

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If you want to leave the game, click "Save and Exit" to save your game right where you were...then when you restart the game click "Continue" to pick up where you left off. .....

The game starts, as always, with...

......... introduce.........

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Our protagonist, you, wake up in horror to find yourself chained in an iron cage, dangling from a Zeppelin.

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You're standing in the cage on the're shameless! ! ! the cage on the right is another poor devil who tells something about what's going on...

If you want to continue the game, you have to click outside of the text, and of course, always read everything first.

The fate of the Zeppelin is unknown. Our protagonist has no idea who he is, where he is, or where he came from. The only thing he can remember are some images of statues on the hills and people's hands stretching to the sky. Then the Zeppelin arrives at a rather shady castle, and...

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...our protagonist is locked in a cell...

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Your misery begins when the guards leave...

Chapter 1: Escape from the Castle

A: Escape your cell:

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The guard is are not alone in the are surrounded by 3 rather emaciated cellmates. The 3 skeletons are the remains of their predecessors in this cell. If you don't want to be as skinny as someone in your previous cell, I suggest you try to get out of the cell as soon as possible. The box in the lower right corner of the black vertical bar is your storage box, where all the things you pick up are kept for you... Weadventurers call such a useful function in-game..... Inventory

You'll find that things you can "interact" always "light up"...that's the "hot feature" of this game. You'll also notice that you can scroll the screen left and right by moving the cursor to the left or right edge. You'll have to do this often, because the room you're in is usually larger than the playback screen. You also notice that you can barely move... your doll can't move around the game screen.

In order to be able to pick things up, you have to tap them with your thin hand first. You'll then be taken to a close-up screen, after which you can pick things up. Go look around first. On the top bed is a skeleton with a glowing skull... and this skeleton has a red eye. There is a hole in the floor with a grid. On the floor in front of the cell door is a skeleton with its right arm/hand raised. The cell door was closed, of course, firmly locked. The bezel protrudes from the middle of the unit door. There is a sketch on the wall. There is a window with bars on the wall... there is a crow in front of the window, and the crow has something in its beak.

click noskeleton skullWho's on the top bed...uh...skull shattered on the eyesRoll into the hole in the floor.

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You'll need that red "eye" in the puzzle soon, but you won't be able to pull the grate out of the pit with your hands. clickraised arm/handThe skeleton lying on the ground and..... the hand/arm is broken and next to the skeleton on the ground. clickbroken arm/'ll end up with skeletons and broken arms...take awayskeleton hand

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Skeletal hands land on your inventory. click"V" keyExit the close-up screen. Click on the inventory box and...

What you collected in the box is out now... just skeleton hands for now.

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click noskeleton hand/armPut it on your take the skeleton hand out of your inventory...

click nowSkeleton Hand/ArmIn the pit/ go into a close-up of the pit and seered eyes"lie downWoohoo one level.

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existred eyes"Fishing things from the pit with the skeleton armor, the red "eye" will end up in your inventory. click“V”Exit the close-up screen.

There is a sketch hanging on the on the sketch to see it close the sketch you can see 7 cages...there are. 3 red and 4 green cages. A cage with a green X drawn in think this sketch is important, so you automatically save the sketch in your sketchbook.

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The sketchbook is also now always located in the lower left corner of the screen. From now on, you'll automatically keep all your important drawings in your sketchbook, as long as you look at those drawings first. You can always view your sketches by clicking on your sketchbook. Exit all close-ups, then enter close-upsDisable windows.

Look at the crow....the crow has a metal plate in its mouth. lead toMetal plate....

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close-up skirt. Now click on the lock plate on the cell door. In the closeup you can see that the lock plate is screwed in with 4 in each corner. Open the inventory and take out the newly capturedMetal metal plateeach of the 4 screwsTake them out of the screw holes....

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With the board removed, you're in the slot machine's a cog puzzle:

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You have to click the gears on the right pins in the bottom left corner so they engage and start turning, causing your cell door to slide up. like this...

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Well... your cell door is missing, so now you can get thismirror shards, you've been looking at it eagerly, but you can't see it because the cell door is closed. You will now also see an arrow on the right edge of the screen. Using these arrows you can move left, right, down or up.

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click nomirror shardsThen put it on the close-up screen.

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Exit the closeup and click the right arrow and then... you go right and end up at:

B: Stone Angel:

With the left arrow, you can go back to your cell, but why would you do that, after all you've done a lot of work to get out of your cell.

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Scroll right a'll see an arrow to move right, but don't do that yet. there is onesecond mirror shardNear the fallen chair. clickmirror shardsThen select it from the close-up screen. Exit close-up via the "V" button. Scroll right to see the right the arrow to move the screen further to the end up at:

Cage Mystery:

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Seven iron cages hang above a well. Europethird mirror shardleaning against the well. A large hole can be seen in the wall behind the well, and three planks of wood are placed in the hole. the firsttake mirror shardsThis is facing the well...then click on that mirror shard to see a close-up, then grab the shard and put it in your inventory. Exit the close-up screen.

Then click with your handplank in wall, behind the get into a closeup of those 3 on each of the 3 planks to remove them from the wall. this from top to bottom...the plank hides the heart of stone. lead toheart of stonee sair does a close-up.

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Now click on the /... on the well and then you look at the well... the water level in the well is low and there is ared eyes"floating in the water...

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Trying to get the red eye's too can't get the red "eye" out of the have to raise the water level in the well to get it out of the red eye. close-up skirt. Scroll right to see the rightmost the far right cage isFragment of the Fourth on the cage to open its door, then click on the mirror shard for a close-up...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (25)

lead toThe fourth shard mirrorand exit closeup again. ok... let's work...There are 7 cages hanging around the well. Number the cages from left to right as1 7.In cage 7 is the fourth mirror shard. Cages 1, 3, 4 and 5 hang above a hole in the floor.....

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You looked at the sketch of the 7 cages in the cell... now you have that sketch in your notebook. Look at that sketch the sketch you see 7 cages and you see you have to lower the cages1, 3, 4 e 5so that each fell into a hole in the ground. existCage 5 is X,Allows you to start with cage 5.

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If you randomly click on a cage, that cage will fall, but so will the other cage.The cages affect each other, which is why you have to click on the cages in the correct order to ensure that only the cage above the hole falls. This only works if you start with all cages hanging, so if you've randomly clicked cages, you'll have to make sure all cages are hanging first...

That's it, so you justClick to lower cages 1, 3, 4, and 5 in this order:Cage 5, Cage 3, Cage 4, Cage 1electronic.....

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (28) Gaiolas1, 3, 4, 5Then put them in the 4 holes, the water in the well has risen to the edge of the well, so now you can get that "red eye" Click on the well again, and takeA second red "eye".Exit the can't go right anymore, so scroll left and click the left arrow to go back to the Stone Angel:

The Mystery of the Stone Angel:

All hotspots in and around Angel are always on. The angel misses her heart and she has 2 wings. On top of each wing, you'll see a skull, and these skulls have lost theirred eyes.Before the angel are 3 "worshippers" and a bunch of candles, 1 of which is lit. There is a mirror on each side. The left mirror is broken, and the right mirror is intact. Angels have to be down to get to the next area.

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Zoom in on the candles... There are 11 candles, but only the right back candle is burning now. Apiece of barkliebefore the candle. clickpiece of barkand thenhold down the mouse got the bark from the tree so...if you release the mouse button, the bark will fall to the ground again. So hold down the mouse button and drag the bark to the flame of the only burning put the bark in the drag the burning bark to each candle the seeds of other candles toNow light all the candles, the bark burns.Then drop the bark off the tree and let it fall to the come out of the closeupautomatically

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Now zoom in on the mirror on the left. In the closeup, you open your item have 4 mirror shards in your chest...take them one by onemirror shardsUse up the inventory and place all 4 pieces in the oval frame of the mirror. This is not a puzzle...just click on your piece on the board to place all 4 pieces in it. When you're done, you'll come out of the closeup again.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (31)

Now widen the hole in the angel's heart. In closeup you take the stone heart out of the box and click the buttonHardheartedIn the Cave of the Angel Heart...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (32)

Immediately the heart starts glowing and beating, and you automatically walk out of the close-up again. click nowskull, above the wings, you get into close-ups of 2 skulls...2 red eyesFrom the inventory, click them in each of the 2 large tracks for the 2 skulls  …

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (33)

You walk straight out of the close-up...see...the red eye now emits a ray that is somehow reflected by the two mirrors...  

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (34)

You can click up and down the 2 mirrors and the 2 angel wings, you have to do this to make sure the beam is in the shape of ahexagon. I can't give you an exact is aPuzzle "Trial and Error"But you can try this solution, it worked for me

  • Click once on the left wing to click down on the Wing 1 position.

  • Double click on the right wing and click down 2 places.

  • Then click on the mirror on the right until both mirrors are connected by the beam...

  • You created the pentagram and...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (35)

Angels sink into the ground...

You can now see where the angel is, between the two "bodies" of the two skulls, there is a cracked stone...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (36)

Click on the rock/crevice to get a closer look at'll eventually arrive at:

(Video) EPICA - Storm The Sorrow (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sheet metal puzzle:

You see a mechanism...the wheels turn. You see two rows of metal plates, but one is missing here, but you have it in your inventory because it's the metal plate you stole from the crow's mouth in the cell. Take that metal plate from your inventory and click on it in the empty space on the bottom row of metal plates...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (37)

There are now 14 metal plates, 7 in the top row, 7 in the bottom row... each of the metal plates has a different shape, now you have to rearrange the metal plates in the bottom row so that the metal plates in the top row The board fits just right a. Bottom line. You have to swap the boards in the bottom row, then click them under the right board in the top select one board, then click the other board to switch places. If done correctly, the top and bottom plates will collide with each other.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (38) automatically exit the close-up, and at the pillar of the angel, the door to the next area opens and turns into a door.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (39)

Click on the gate and... you will end up in the next area of ​​the castle

C: "Lost Souls":

You are standing at the bottom of the stairs in "Hallway". You can no longer go back to the angel and the cell, because at the top of the stairs, the door closes again. Your inventory is empty again because you used everything you collected to solve puzzles in the previous area.

On the wall you will see 2 skulls and 4 holes. To see the symbols in the top 3 holes, move the screen to the right. To see symbols in the space between two skeletons, scroll left.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (40)

Check the 4 symbols because you have to place them on the device on the ground. However, the device has no levers.

The skeleton on the left has a skull and is a bit electrified. The skeleton on the right has no skull. Scroll right and click the right arrow to move one screen to the will eventually arrive at"floating table".... You need the key for the "floating table", but you don't have the key yet. Then move one more screen to the right. you end up withMonsters and rodents trapped in cages.Here you will soon have to make moral choices, but for now we are here to takelever, it's on the floor under the cage.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (41)

click noleverGrab it when it's close.

Exit the closeup and move 2 screens to the will return to the 2 skeletons on the wall. clickleft skeleton'll go to the skeleton close-up on the left. You see the design on the skull "doesn't match" the design on the rest of the skeleton...the skull doesn't belong on this skeleton...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (42)

click noskullCrack the Neck Skull and store it in your inventory chest. close-up skirt. click noright skeletonand takeskullClicking on the headless skeleton from your chest gives you the skull....this skull belongs to this will come out of the closeup...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (43)

Have you checked the 4 symbols that appear in the 4 holes?

then clickequipmentThose are on the floor.In the close-up, the lever is removed from the case and the lever is placed on the pin on top of the device.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (44)

The device has 4 screens and you can now see 4 symbols on it...these are the 4 symbols you also see in the 4 holes in the wall...but on the device the symbols are in the wrong order... The screens are tumblers, so if you tap on one screen, then you'll see another symbol on that screen... Now put on 4 screens, from left to right, the symbol on the right, then follow the 4 wall holes in left/right sequence seen above... When done, the unit turns on,levergo left onered lighthe came

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (45)

You automatically exit the close-up, but you have to click the right control stickclick deviceAgain...the lever will move to the right...

... The skeleton on the left will be covered and turned into a transparent elf with akey.Click on the soul to talk to him...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (46)

Click the talking cursor to continue the conversation, and... eventually the poor drunk gives you the key...

...the key then floats in the air, so click the buttonkeygrab it and stuff it in your chest

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (47)

Step away from the close-ups...the spirit disappears and your skeleton becomes a pile of bones. The point is for"floating table", but that's coming soon...

Let's go back to the poor rodent first, which is trapped in the cage above the monster, outside the "pontoon". Then go 2 more screens to the right.

D: Rodents and Worms:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (48)

Returning to the rodent in its cage, you first have to take a good look. If you scroll right, you'll see a passage above the ladder. Unfortunately, this passage is locked, as can be seen by the padlock on the white arrow. If you click on the white arrow, agiantComing out of a hole in the ground...was alook at me giantbehind the worm is alever device.... if you click that lever mechanism, the giant worm will get up too

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (49)

Cages holding rodents hang from deadly skewers. Go talk to the rodent in the cage

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (50)

TonThis is the rodent that was brought to this castle by the zeppelin at the same time as you... the rodent asks you if you can rescue him from his cage.If you do, the rodent will give you what you need to escape the castle..Using the lever on the back of the worm, you can hang the cage down, but first you have to get rid of the worm...the rodent says you can kill the worm if you feed it poisonous food...somewhere From the castle there should be a kitchen where you can prepare food and then poison it.

Well... rodents have something you need to escape the castle. To obtain this item, you must free the rodent from its cage, but this is only possible after killing the giant worm. After the worm dies, the passage to the right of the monster will also be available. returns a screen to:

E: "Floating Platform" and "Devil's Gate":

The table floats above the canyon. Behind the table, you can see the two glowing eyes of the Demon Gate. clickdemonListen to what he has to say...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (51)

The demon guards the gate to the next area, and he will not disappear voluntarily. A4 Armed DemonHanging on the "chest" of the gate. clickFloating platformInto the close-up... there is a keyhole in the table top. lead tokeyget the key out of your boxkeyholeelectronic......

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (52) automatically exit the closeup and....the demon sinks into the canyon on the demon's chest, you can now see the pulsating heart of the demon gate

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (53)\

Click on the'll end up at:

Puzzle "Vessels":

The heart is fed by green blood and red blood. In the middle of the heart is the "ventricle"... the left half of the "ventricle" is red, and the right half is green.

The upper left part goes into red blood, and the right side goes into green blood. The heart consists of 18 hexagonal sections...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (54)

You can rotate the line segment by have to make 2 consecutive lines so that red and green blood flows into the sphere in the middle of the has to go to the left and from the "ventricle" Right green...not very difficult but takes a little work since green and red also intersect in a few's the solution:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (55)

After solving the puzzle, the Demon Gate will open and you'll see two giant guards... and now a medal appears in front of the floating platform.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (56)

click ita small box.....this is half a locket. Shooting and leaving close-ups and..

The two guards are now separated, and a door appears between the two guards...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (57)

Click on the reach the area beyond these two reach the witch's throne room:

F: a Bruxa:

Golden Temple:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (58)

The witch is not on her throne. To the left of the Clown's Throne, and to the right is the Witch's "watchdog" on a chain. Talk to the clown...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (59)

The jester also has the item you need and he will give you that item as long as you kill the witch first. The Joker says the witch is kept in a cage in a nearby room. The clown also warns you not to be swayed by the witch's innocent looks and not to listen to her...Kill the bitch immediately is the clown's message. The clown has a strangely shaped knife with which you have to kill the witch, and he throws the knife to the ground.

and leave the knife on the floor next to you, sotake that knife....The shape of this knife is really looks like a key.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (60)

close-up skirt. You can't talk to "Watchdog"...but if you zoom in on the dog's food bowl, you'll see he has aI scale (weightin there...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (61) need that weight, but if you try to pick it up, the beast starts think the beast is hungry, and if you give it some food, it can take that weight. close-up skirt. You can return to previous areas with the down arrow. You can also move the screen left and right.

This area of ​​the castle is bigger than the 2 areas you came from, and has more rooms..... This can be a bit confusing, because now you have a bunch of problems to solve. Giant worms are one problem, witches are the second. You're going to have to run back and forth a lot to deal with these issues until they're resolved.

From the throne room, first move one screen to the right. you arrive

spider door.

The spider door was locked, but moved up and down a bit. There is a guard here, watching over the Witch Queen trapped in a cage.

So the pretty girl in the cage is the witch, and the fool wants you to kill her. Talk to the guards...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (62)

The guard threatens to kill you if you get close. However, the guard also tells about the giant spider, which has its own territory behind the closed spider door. The guard used spider venom to make poisoned arrows and sword points for the castle guards. The guard also said that the mechanism that controls the correct climate in the spider room is broken, explaining how and where spider poison can be obtained. To do this, you must access the castle's sewer system.

(Video) Epica - Storm The Sorrow

If you want to go to the cage with the girl, you have to get rid of this guard. To the left of the moving spider door, a circular mechanism sticks out...if you click on it, you'll see that the mechanism is broken. If you can fix this mechanic, the spider's door will be fully open, and the spider can unprotect the game... Go back to the throne room, then go one screen to the left.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (63)

You are on a downward ladder. Above the stairs are 2 scales. The scale on the left is the weight you take from the Witch Watchdog's food bowl. Leave that weight on the scale. Behind the stairs, the three eyes of a huge statue are watching you... The statue seems to be alive, and the three eyes are watching you closely through the barred windows. Rusty metal plates hang over the eyes.

You'll notice a padlock on the down arrow on the stairs.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (64) can't go down the stairs here as long as that statue is guarding them...will the scales and weights here help you?

Keep going one screen to the end up at a door with a spinning circle on it...a security guard guards the door. Right next to the door, you see the fire alarm symbol, 2 blinking red lights above the door, or 2 eyes? You see a hand on the swing ring of the door. clickthe guardtalk to him...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (65)

The doorman says there is an oven behind the door, but the oven is broken....the doorman is willing to let you in, but he wants something in return...the doorman gives you a blueprint for the two statues behind the Demon Gate . The guard has drawn an X under the statue on the right...the guard wants you to dig something over the X, it's something another prisoner buried there. If you give this item to this guard, then you can pass through the door here.

Then the guard gives you a shovel, take it.Friday

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (66)

Go back 2 screens to the right. You're back in the throne room... one screen down and you're back with 2 giant guards. On the guard on the right, you'll see a crack in the ground.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (67)

lead toPaGet out of your chest and click on the crack in the ground... When you dig a hole in the ground, your screen will go black for a moment...

then click on the hole and takepiece of goldfor one.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (68)

Go through the gate, between the 2 guards. You're back in the throne room, so go left 2 screens and givepiece of goldto the guard.

The guards will give you a necklace with a hand...take itpastee sair does a close-up.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (69)

Hand puzzle:

Now click on the spinning circle on the door to see a close-up. The circle consists of 4 rotating rings with a hand in the middle.

lead toBraceletClick on the chain hand on the round hand from your item box, the 4 spinning rings stop spinning....

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (70)

On the 4 rings you see multiple you have to manually rotate the 4 rings to get all the hands right, then you have to give the hands the corresponding wrists and's not complicated...single Hit a ring and it spins Keep clicking a ring until the ring doesn't spin anymore... Once you can't spin another ring, the ring is fine. Then click on the next ring until it stops spinning too, keep doing this to rotate all 4 rings correctly... automatically quit the puzzle after solving

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (71)

The door icon then appears in the door circle, so go through the door'll end up at:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (72)

Boiler Room:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (73)

Here is the big oven. To the left of the oven is a cabinet on the wall. click itcabinetOpen it. In the closet you will find 3 pesos....take it3 pesos.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (74)

You now have 3 of these weights in your inventory. close-up skirt. To the right of the oven is a sketch on the sketch in your the sketch you see the oven, you see the oven needs 3 of what it has...onespinning wheel, thinglight a fireIt is clearFogo. Saiyan close-up.On the right side of the oven you'll see a pressure gauge...the rotary wheel that turns the oven on is gone. There is a bone in the bottom compartment of the oven.Osoout of the oven. Enlarge the top compartment and push the buttonround button....... The 2 snakes will move back and forth, but there is something missing from the 2 snakes.

Exit the close-up and leave the boiler with the left arrow. Then turn right another 2 screens toGolden Palace. Zoom in on the dog food bowl again...OsoPlace from your inventorybones in food bowland....then you automatically takeweightout of the bowl. Exit closeup and move 1 screen left. You go back to the stairs and the statue.

now you must put your4 pesoson the scale. There is already 1 weight on the left scale....takepesofrom inventory ..... then clicktwiceUse the weights on the left scale to put 2 weights on it.... put 3 weights on the left scale...then drop the metal plate under the eyes of the statue.....but the metal plate Eyes must be covered, so put your remaining 2 weights onright scaleAnd... the statue can't see the stairs anymore, you can now use the down arrow to go down...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (75)

Then go end up in a hallway and a door down one floor, but it's locked.

There were two pictures on the walls, and a spinning wheel by the stairs.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (76)

Glue one on both picturesred eyes.......Zoom in the top picture, then take thered a ruby...

Zoom out and zoom in bottom paint and grabsecond ruby ​​eye....

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (77)

Zoom out again and grabred wheel.Saiyan close-up.

Above the door, you'll see a sign with a person on a ladder... and behind the door is another ladder to go down. However, you can also go down the ladder in front of the door, but don't do it now. Scroll right and click the right arrow to move one screen further to the end up in the restaurant.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (78)

But the restaurant is fenced off, and in the middle of the fence is the lock puzzle that opens the fence... It's a locket, but you don't have all the locket pieces. Through the fence you see a beautiful bigpiece of meatLying on the dinner table... obviously just shot down, because the blood is still dripping. Behind the desk you can see your3rd Ruby EyeIt's on the statue. Continue one screen to the are at:

sliding door:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (79)

To the left and right of the door is a face...the right face has a chain with a padlock...on the left, you'll see a sign with a kettle on the fire.

In the right corner, a key is on the floor. lead tokey...the key is on a slip of the slip.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (80)

close-up skirt. Click on the head on the right to enter the close-up, then use the newly foundkeyOn the padlock, and then... the chain and padlock were gone, and the walls were cracked. You come out of the closeup... talking to the boss who's been stuck on the wall for years.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (81)

The person in charge thanked him and said that the sliding door was his sister, leading to the kitchen.

To get into the kitchen you need to restore the face, the face on the wall will give you some instructions.

Restoration face:

Then click on the door and solve the puzzle.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (82)

3 parts of the face you can change.....the forehead has the eyes, the middle part has the nose, and the bottom has the mouth. Click on each part to give the face the correct eyes, nose and mouth. The face on the wall said his brother's eyes were wide open, his nose was long, and his mouth was tightly shut.

So start with the eyes, then the nose, then the mouth... click on a segment and hold down the mouse button and drag the segment left or right to get different eyes, noses or mouths. The face should look like this.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (83)

You automatically exit the closeup and can come through the door:


Storm Dark Sorrow Page (84)

Scroll left to also see the left wall. A felt knife hangs on the left wall. lead tofelt knife.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (85)

There is a pan on the stove. look atpan..... see pot with water up close... press buttonred button, in the upper right still need to light the stove, but you will need a lighter. close-up skirt. Opencabinetput in the pot and takehorned skullfrom him. Opencabinetunder the kettle, then takesecond horn skullfrom him.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (86)

There's a sketch on the wall...look at thatoutlineIn close-up...sketch showing how to poison a piece of meat with spider remember you had to feed a giant mole rat with a poisoned piece of meat to get the rodent out of its sketch in a sketchbook. close-up skirt. Something is floating in the sink.....enlargesinkthen takebeltout of that

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (87)

Above the sink is a cabinet with an oil lamp hanging in it.oil lamp...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (88)

You don't want other stuff hanging in your closet. Exit the kitchen and go left 2 screens. You go back up the stairs, behind the closed door.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (89)

There is a ladder hole in the floor opposite the door..... now go down the ladder:

Torture Chamber/Sewer:

The room on the left is the torture chamber, where the executioner indulged in torturing his imprisoned prisoners.

there is onekeyOn the Executioner's Belt, you'll need this key. But how to get this key?

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (90)

Then you are in the right room. There is a closet on the left wall and a sketch on the right wall. The manhole cover for the sewer was on the floor. clickclosetOpen it up and lift it up...there is a puzzle in the see 5 springs and three sprockets. A red light flashes on one of the springs, and there is a symbol on each spring.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (91)

By pressing the spring light, you can lower the spring. The red button in the lower right corner is the reset button, which returns the puzzle to its starting position. You'll find hints for this spring puzzle later, so I'll leave that out for now. zoom out of the closet and lookoutlineon the other wall.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (92)

Outlines are hints for puzzles that you'll find later. You can also automatically copy this sketch to your sketchbook so you can always look at it again.

Exit the closeup and now walk down the manhole:


The sewers were flooded. Go up the stairs on the right and reach the torture chamber by the stairs on the left. You can go deep into the sewer through the iron ladder, but first you have to pump the water out of the sewer. There is a box on the bridge with 2 sprockets glued to it...the bottom sprocket spins...oneseat beltMust be in a box. clickBoxAnd... in close-up, filmingbeltFrom your inventory click on the belt on the 2 sprockets in the box and...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (93)

..... the belt is used as a drive belt and ... the water is pumped out of the sewer. Now go down again, through the down arrow on the iron ladder...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (94)

You can only go one level down in the end, and you can't go down any further.

(Video) Sade - Soldier of Love - Official - 2010

on the right wall there is aperiscopeYou can see it, and when you do, you'll see the spider door and the guard guarding the witch.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (95)

On the left wall you can see the spider symbol and below it are 3 circles. The back half of the broken locket is on the ground... pick it up.Medal sheet.... Now that you have the two halves of the locket, you'll need them to open the dining room door.

Then climb the ladder back to the middle floor of the sewers. For fun, you can peek into the torture chamber through the rope ladder on the left side.....then you enter the torture chamber through the round manhole hatch.....the the key........ can't get the key while the hangman is still standing on the right path. Hit the down arrow to go back to the middle floor, then climb up the rope ladder on the right. You're next to the torture chamber again. Climb up here again via the rope ladder and you'll be back upstairs in the hallway next to the stairs and the closed door. Going another screen to the're back at:

dining room:

Zoom in on the circle and close up on the fencelocket halvesnot round...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (96)

The locket is gone and the circle is now a clock with 2 hands. 6 colored dots appear on the edge of the clock. Now you have to click the pointers of the 6 marbles in the correct order. The sketch on the wall near the torture chamber actually gives you the solution to this puzzle. Number the 6 clock balls from 1 to 6 according to the clock hands. Then look at this "clock" sketch in your sketchbook... well... the arrows on the sketch tell you in what order you should hit the marbles... that's 1, 4, 2, 6, 5, 3.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (97)

Click on the sketch to go back to the puzzle, then click on the marbles in the correct order...each time both hands go to the marble and the "lock" opens...hands go to the next marble, you have to click. the correct sequence is:1, 4, 2, 6, 5, 3And then………the fence disappeared…

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (98)

there is oneobserveThere was also a large piece of red meat bleeding on the table. On the statue's chest, behind the table, is a red ruby ​​eye. chooseKahnand takeruby eye.You now have 3 ruby ​​eyes in your quest. Seeobserveon the left side of the table. At the bottom of the note, you'll see a series of symbols

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (99)

..... hello.. are they the same as the ones you saw in the spring puzzle in the torture chamber? This series of symbols indicates where you should click on each of the 5 springs. Exit the close-up and go back to the lower sewers, then go back 1 screen to the left, then down the ladder, then down the sewers and iron ladder. Go back to the bottom level of the sewers, if you haven't looked through the'll see the spider gate guards again.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (100)

The spider puzzle is on the left wall...click3 lapsnear

Spider riddle:

Your first moral choice:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (101)

You see 3 circles....a left circle and a right circle all overlapped by the center circle. In the center circle you'll see a spider and 2 ruby ​​eyes. The spider has a round hole above its head and a scaly circle on the spider's body. Open your inventory box and take out your3 ruby ​​red eyes.Place 1 ruby ​​eye in the hole above the spider's head, put 1 eye on the spider's head, put 1 eye in the scale circle....

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (102)

Now that you've activated the the left and right circles, you'll see a thick red button. The middle ring consists of 3 rings....the outer ring is set with 1 ruby, the middle ring is set with 1 ruby, and the inner ring is set with a spider and 3 rubies. Now you have to rotate the 3 rings of the middle ring to line up the 5 rubies opposite the left or right button to activate these buttons

Now you have to make a moral choice...if you choose the right button and press it, the spider will kill the guard at the spider's door. If you choose left click, you save that guard's life, and the spider door is fixed...your choice...remember...if you want the good ending of the game, then you are not allowed to kill in the game anyone...because you can't save yourself in the game, the moral choices you make are final from the moment you make them

So make your choice...

Rotate the 3 rings of the middle circle so that the 5 rubies are in a row Left click or right click .....then left or right click  …

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (103)

According to your choice, you will see that the spider door has been repaired, the guard is still alive,.....or you see that the spider door has been repaired but the guard is being eaten by spiders.Anyway... when it's all over, you'll passperiscopeLook at your selection results again... the spider door is fixed, as the door no longer moves and the guard is still there or has disappeared. Climb up the ladder, then up the rope ladder to get back to:

Torture chamber:

Moral Choice 2: Kill the Executioner or Keep Him Alive

Zoom in againspring puzzleThis is. If one of the springs is not on top, click the buttonred reset buttonPut the puzzle piece back to its starting position. There are 5 fonts, so number them from 1 to 5 from left to right. At the bottom, you'll see the symbols for each've also seen these symbols on the restaurant's lettering. have drawn a series of symbols on your sketchbook...take this the series of symbols from left to right...the series starts with 3 times spring symbol 1, then 2 times the symbol of spring 4, then times the symbol of spring 3, and finally times the symbol 1 of spring 5.....spring. …

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (104)

Therefore, spring 1 must be down 3 positions, spring 4 must be down 2 positions, spring 3 must be down 2 positions, and spring 5 must be down 1 position. Assuming all 5 springs are fully raised, click3 timesSpring Light 1,2 timesSpring Light 4,2 timesGiven Spring 3 and1 timeGiven Spring 5 and  ….

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (105)

..2 buttons will appear above the spring

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (106)

if you clickleft red button, you will kill the executioner in the torture chamber. if you clickright red button, you save the guard's life and destroy his torture machine.....again...the choice is yours.If you want to experience the perfect ending of the game, no one can be killed in the game...Make your choice, you can only restore it by restarting the game from scratch

Anyway....whatever you killed the executioner, now you can get his key...if you save the executioner, he is now repairing his torture device. If you kill the hangman, his stinking body hangs on the stake... In both cases the hangman lost the key, which was on the floor next to the manhole cover. Dodge the manhole cover again, then climb the rope ladder on the left to enter the torture chamber...then exit the round hole in the ladder and enter the torture chamber, now you can get the key...then...pick it upkey

when you kill the executioner...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (107)

When you don't kill the executioner...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (108)

To kill a witch or not to kill a witch

Exit the closeup and return all stairs to the ladder and the closed door. Click the up arrow at the top of the stairs to return to the scale with weights.

Move 2 screens to the right,'re back at the spider door.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (109)

When you haven't passed the spider to kill the guard, he will now tell you that the door is complete and the spider venom is passed through the pipe again.

The doorman, no longer guarding the gate, disappeared. Now you can talk to the witch in the cage.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (110)

The witch asks you to free her from the cage she was locked by the clown centuries ago. However, the clown asked to kill the witch and he gave you the "key to the blade"... take this"Blade Key"From the inventory click on the witch and  …

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (111)

so it's yoursthird moral release the witch or kill her in the cage...if you click on the knife then you kill the witch.....if you click on the key then you release her........ .your choice...I think it's a good girl...I hate clowns so I saved the girl and hit the buttonkey... The witch is still alive, and went straight back to the throne room...

also back toGolden PalaceFor a moment...the witch is sitting on her throne but the clown is to the witch...well...the bitch doesn't even thank you for not killing her. However, his pity for the witch will cost the Joker dearly, as this witch bitch is very resentful. However, the witch has a reward for you...coin, the witch threw it to the ground.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (112)

then a gold coin. Exit the close-up and return to the spider door.

G: Food for moles:

Poison room

The spider door has been repaired, but is still locked. lead toExecutioner's Key (Guardian's Key)Click the key on the spider door padlock from your inventory, then...  

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (113)

The door is then unlocked and you can go through.

Go through the spider'll end up in the poison chamber. This is the chamber where the spider wraps its victim in a web and hangs it up for later consumption. 2 chests of drawers and a handle on the wall. A doll on a string hangs above a cabinet on the left.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (114)

Click on the narrow open the second drawer and you'll get aoutlineout of that. In the sketch you see 3 circles painted 4 times. In the circle on the lower right is a sketched this in your sketchbook. Exit the closeup, now click on the dresser on the drawer on the open drawer to enter the are in:

Color Circle Puzzle:

In the middle, you'll see 3 overlapping circles like you saw in the sketch. Left and rightThere are 3 colored circles. Below the 3 overlapping circles, you'll see a green button. You have to give the middle circle the correct color, you see how it should be in the sketch...because they are the bottom right circle where the skull is.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (115)

Red should be on top, green on the right, and blue on the left.First make the 3 inner circles red, blue and green by clicking on the relevant right circle.To do this, click on the 3 circles on the right.

Click on the red circle...the middle right circle turns red. Click on the blue circle.....the middle top circle turns blue

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (116)

Now take the middle 3 circles and rotate them until there is an empty circle at the top. The red circle is on the left and the blue circle is on the right.

Now click on the green circle so the top green circle is in the middle. The middle circle is now red, green and blue, but still wrong

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (117)

Take the middle 3 circles again and rotate them until the red circle is on top. The blue circle is on the left and the green circle is on the right. . .

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (118)

Now click the green circular button below the 3 circles in the middle and... 3 circles disappear and a metal3 sheetsThe clover appears in its place.....take3 Leaf Clovere sair does a close-up.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (119)

click nowmarionette,Hanging above the chest of drawers on the left... look closely and you can see that there is a3 Leaf Clover"denton the doll's forehead

take that metal"3 Leaf Clover"From your coffin, click on the doll's forehead...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (120)

You will automatically come out of the the button nowhandleAnd...well...see what happens with dolls and spiders...

..the spider came to get the doll but...some spider branches fell on the ground....get the dollspider legs...the legs have red spider venom.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (121)

There is a lattice door in the the buttonTruss, in this closet is a bird's nest....

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (122)

lead tobird's nest... as fuel for the furnace. close-up skirt.

H: Moles and rodents:

Leave this room and go 3 screens to the'll be back at:

Boiler Room:

re-enter. On the right side of the furnace you can see the pressure gauge and the pipe where you have to place the missing spinning wheel. In the meantime, you've found a nice spinning wheel, so click on the gauge and putspinning wheelIn its place....... the wheel turns instantly and the oven builds up pressure.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (123)

You automatically exit close-up. Zoom into the bottom compartment of the oven, where you removed the bones earlier, and place thebird's nestThat's it...the door will close instantly, and you'll automatically exit the close-up again. Enlarge the top compartment of the oven... take2 horned skullsOpen your inventory, click 1 skull on the snake on the left and another skull on the snake on the right...then click the buttonround buttonelectronic......

(Video) Céline Dion - Think Twice (Official Video)

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (124)

Skulls collided and spewed flames, and...the oven was now lit. close-up skirt.

Now that the stove is burning, we can cook the poisonous meat to destroy the giant worm and release the rodent from its cage. So you must now go back to the kitchen. Exit the boiler room, then go straight 1 screen and down the stairs. Then go 2 screens to the right and go through the sliding door. You're back:


The fire under the pot is burning. enlargepanand take your piecered meatin the pot and throw it inVenomous Spider Legsthen clickred buttonAnd then... your poisonous meat is ready in seconds. lead toKahnReturn from the pot and exit the close-up.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (125)

Now back to the rodents and giant worms...leave the kitchen and go back to the throne room. In the Throne Room, click the down arrow in the middle to return to the Demon Gate. Then move one screen to the're back to rodents and worms

Free Gnawer or kill him:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (126)

lead toa piece of poisoned meatyour coffin, then ininsectThen...the giant worm ate the meat, and now it's completely sunk in the's dead. Now you can reach the lever behind the hole, and you can also climb up the hole via the ladder. clickleververy good ....Morale Choice 4...would you save or kill the rodents...

If you drag the lever to the left, you release the rodent, but it dies horribly as it falls on the skewer...

If you drag the lever to the right, you release the rodent and it stays alive...yepyour choiceagain ......

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (127)

Drag the joystick left or right, release and click the left or right buttonbutton, depending on whether you move the lever left or right... As you can see, I'm kind to rodents... The rodent has been released and is alive, and invites you to visit him lead the way, he would light a lamp in his hut. The rodent also gave him a second gold coin, which he left in the cage.

ok... take itgoldfrom the cage.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (128)

Exit the close-up again, now down the ladder to the bottom of the wormhole.

The worm is dead, but something is glowing in its belly. On the left is a letter and many bones and skulls.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (129)

read firstcharter..... the letter was from another prisoner who wrote that the worm swallowed achest key.Saia does a close-up...

There's something between the pile of bones and the on the bone/skull for a closer look

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (130)

Now you have to drag the bone/skull so you can grab what's on the bone/hand/leg and drag it out of the pile...another bone..... .Eventually you will be able to get the green getgreen keye sair does a close-up

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (131)

then clickshiny bellyWorms get in there too for close-ups.

lead to FeelmakeTake it out of the box, use it to open the belly of the worm, and removeteardrop emeraldThe smelly gut of a worm.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (132)

Exit the close-up and exit the cave via the ladder. Coming back from the hole, you scroll right and see... can now walk through the bright white round door

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (133)

This is the door to freedom, so click the arrow come to the balcony...

One: The Gate to Freedom:

Sjees..... what a desolate world...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (134)

A rope hangs from the pulley, and the rope hangs in the air. You pick up the down arrow on the rope, and you tap the down arrow, and then... you go down the rope a little bit. Then you're hanging in the middle of the rope. You get a down arrow again to move down even more... a little further down and you'll see a circular opening in the're hung in front of a giant Atlas that carries with the whole world on its shoulders.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (135)

Follow the down arrow on the rope to continue down, and... you'll eventually land on the ground and reach the door. A woman sits against the door...with a baby in her arms. The round tube is closed with a cloth. clickhereTake it out and store it in the box, and...A3 monsters"Live" doesn't matter

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (136)

This 3-headed monster is the guardian of the gate, you can't leave through the gate when the monster is there. talking to women...

The woman is mad at you because you woke up the her baby is crying and women don't like that. The woman tells you to put 3 emerald tears on the door to open it. The lady further explained that her child would only grow up if she was given 3 gold coins. If you give the woman 3 gold coins, she will help you escape.

Now you have 2 gold coins, now you can give them to the woman, but you can also wait until you find the 3rd gold coin, now we go first. clickup arrowOn the climb again and hang again on the atlas and the round hole in the rock. click itleft arrowAnd crawl back to the castle through the round hole.

You are in hallways and doorways. To the left and right of the door is a painting.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (137)

enlargecorrect painting.There are 2 circles inside the frame where you can see the weapons... an ax in the upper left corner and a spear with an ax in the lower right corner. You draw in a sketchbook. Exit close-up and zoom in on the painting on the left. And 2 more circles with guns... Arrow and bow on top right, sword on bottom left... You draw it again in your sketchbook.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (138)

Exit the close-up and continue moving one screen to the left. 2 doors....the door on the right is locked....when you click on the door on the right, dangerous spikes rise from the ground...that's because the skeleton on the door on the left looks at the door on the right , see that you want to go through the the skeleton on the left door is guarding the right door, and the skeleton on the right door is guarding the left door, you can't go through now.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (139)

On the far left is a device with a sketch on the wall.'re on your sketchbook again...the sketch shows the Atlas and the have to throw things at the device to make the Atlas "shake" the "world". close-up skirt. You have to go through the door on the right, but it only works if the skull on the left can't see the door on the right...

lead tohereThrow cloth from your chest over your left skull...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (140)

You cover the skull on the left with a cloth, and now you can go through the door on the right, so doing this... you'll end up at:


A poor soul sits in the right seat with a large suitcase. Talk to that poor guy on the chair.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (141)

After the guy's wail, a box appears on the table...don't click on that box yet, but click on the bigger box end up at:

Sliding Puzzle:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (142)

The lock on the chest is a sliding puzzle... slide the crystal block to fully reveal the keyhole in the middle. It's a sliding puzzle, so you'll have to solve it yourself. The 4 halves must go around the keyhole. if you get it then getgreen key,You get it from a pile of bones in the mole hole, from your inventorygreen keyIn the keyhole and...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (143)

Chest leave on the open chest and take itblue crystalI left it and read the notes too.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (144)

Exit the closeup and now click on the box that appears on the table.

Tetris Puzzle: have 5 Tetris blocks and you have to place them on the lid of the box, you have to do this twice because the puzzle is made of 2 pieces.

Part 1: Put 5 Tetris blocks in the enter:

Part 2: Now place 6 new Tetris blocks in the box... as follows:

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (145)

The puzzle is solved, the ghost on the chair talks to you again, then disappears...a giant drawing of a witch appears behind a desk...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (146)

click nopaintingNear each of the four corners of the frame is a circle with a see those four circles in the two paintings in the hall too. The arms in the 4 circles are wrong. you must Clicking on the weapons points them in the correct direction, as you can see on the two paintings in the lobby. You drew a sketch in your sketchbook, so look at that sketch and click the 4 weapons in the drawing to the correct positions.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (147)

The painting then slides away to reveal a secret corridor.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (148)

Go through the secret corridor to:


You can't see much, it's dark in click on the cabinet on the left. lead tooil lampTake the light out of the box and place the light on the brackets on top of the you have a light and you can see everything in the room. There are 2 closets and 3 sarcophagi in this room. Open the locker on the left and grab theEmerald tears.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (149)

Open the top drawer of the cabinet on the right, click on the drawerread a letterin the drawer.

Open the sarcophagus on the left... Inside the sarcophagus is a mummy with a gold coin inside the mummy's skull. lead togold.

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (150)

Return to the crate room through the secret hallway, then back to the hallway. Zoom in on the device.

lead toblue crystalThrow crystals from your inventory chests onto equipment, and... Atlas causes earthquakes...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (151)

You're out of the close-up again. Step back one screen to the right, climb out of the circular opening, and follow the rope to the floor and door. The earthquake caused by Atlas killed the three monsters. lead to3 coinsTake it out of stock and give it to a woman with a baby...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (152)

...the woman disappeared, and sheThe third emerald tearLie on the ground...take the Emerald Tears

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (153)

In the middle of the door you can see 3 places where the Emerald Tears must be placed.

Then widen the gate, put your 3 Emerald Tears in a hole, and...the fence will open...

Storm Dark Sorrow Page (154)

Well... freedom is in front of you so tap the arrow to finally escape the torture castle. you end up in

Chapter 2: The Desert:

(Video) Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence (Official Music Video) [4K UPGRADE]

2019: Exercisers:Louis Coote


1. Deep Cello Meditation Music: Dark Meditation Music, Relaxing Music, Dark Cello Music for Relaxation
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2. Midst the Darkness, Storm, and Sorrow (Hold the Fort)
(Andrew Remillard)
3. His eye on the sparrow lauryn hill and tanya blount
4. Angel Wolf-Black - Storm the Sorrow (Epica cover)
(Angel Wolf-Black Covers)
5. Chopin - Etude Op. 25 No. 11 (Winter Wind)
6. EPICA - Storm The Sorrow - Lyrics
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