Torment: Dark Sorrow: Kings Walkthrough (2023)


stone angel

readused (1/15)On the cell wall, check the skull on the left, it will fall, and the glowing eyes will drop into the grate on the floor. Grab another skeleton by breaking its forearm, then use it to grab the glowing crystal eye. Check the crow in the window and take the rusty sign from its mouth. Now check the large metal lock on the door; use the small metal plate on the 4 screws to reveal the inner structure. Put 5 gears on the pins so that the top gear rotates and the rod goes up. Take the shattered mirror shard and head to the right.

Talk to the creature in front of the stone angel, pick up another broken mirror from the fallen chair, and continue to the right. Take the mirror shard from the floor, another from the rightmost cage, and check the planks on the back wall; remove them and get the stone heart from the back. Now pull the cages down so they look like your picture - number them from left to right, pull down cages 5, 3, 4, then 1. Take another crystal eye from the pit. Go back to the left.

Check the candles on the floor; use that piece of wood to light all the candles. Check the left frame and insert all 4 damaged lenses. Insert the heart of stone into the angel, then insert the two crystal eyes into the top skull. Now adjust the position of the wings and mirrors to reflect the light in a pentagram shape. Check the mechanism behind the statue and insert the rusty plate into the opening. Swap the blocks in the bottom row to match the blocks in the top row. Now go through the opening.

caged wasteland

Go right twice and talk to your friend who is still trapped in the cage. Grab the rusted lever from the floor here, and go left twice. Examine the skeleton on the left on the back wall, grab its skull, and place it on top of the skeleton on the right. If you pan across this screen, you'll see a series of 4 symbols on the doors and windows; insert the lever into the device on the ground and adjust the 4 symbols to match the one at the bottom. Pull the lever to the right to talk to the ghost and get the stone key.

Go right and check the floating platform, then insert your stone key. Check the behemoth's chest - you need to rotate the hexagon tiles to complete the purple and green paths. The vision will open and you will see two large beasts floating around. Take the medal in front of the floating platform and go forward.

The Witch and the Forge

Ignore this room and go left twice. Talk to the guard to getuse (2/15), and take the shovel he gave you. Go back to the right twice, then back to the floating beast. Use your shovel on the ground on the right, then look into the hole and grab the gold nugget. Go forward twice, then give the gold coin to the guard in exchange for a hand card. Check the spin lock on the wall here and insert this medallion into the middle. Start from the outside and spin the disc to complete the hand shape, then go through the door.

Open the cabinet on the left wall and get the 3 green weights inside. Remove the bones from the furnace and examineuse (3/15)On the right wall. In the bake room, turn left and turn right twice. Talk to the jester and get the blade key. Check the food bowl on the floor on the right and trade your bone for another green weight. Go left and place weights on the scales so there are 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Now you can go down the stairs. Get 2 ruby ​​eyes and the valve, then go down the ladder. examineuse (4/15)On the right wall, then climb up and go right twice. Take the key from the floor on the right and read the message. Use this key on the lock here to find one of the cooks. Check the entrance on the left and slide the panel to reveal the wide-open triangular eyes, long nose, and relatively flat mouth. Go through the door into the kitchen.

Remove the wall lights and straps from the basin. Take the 2 Horned Skulls from the lower chest. readuse (5/15)Behind the kettle, grab the leftmost skinning knife. Now leave the kitchen on the right. Go back to the left twice, then go down the stairs again.

sewers and spiders

Open and check the box on the left. Now you need to set the spring in the correct position:

  • Press the first button 3 times
  • press the fourth button twice
  • press the third button twice
  • Press button 5 once

Two red buttons will now appear and you can choose one of two actions:

  1. Evil choice:press the left buttonlong arm of justice
  2. Good choice:right clickVehicle diversion

Put the grill on the floor. Go up the ladder on the left, get the key from the guard, and go down. Check the gears in the middle of the bridge and connect them with a belt. This will lower the water level so you can descend further. Take the medal. Ignore the spider puzzle here for now.

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Climb up 3 times and go right. Check the large lock on the door and insert 2 medallions. Now solve the lock puzzle based on the 4th note:

  1. main
  2. bottom
  3. upper right corner
  4. upper left corner
  5. lower left
  6. lower right corner

readuse (6/15)at the left end of the table. Take the ruby ​​eye and a piece of meat. Go back 3 times to the left and down. Examine the spider's puzzle and insert its 3 ruby ​​eyes. Now you can complete this puzzle in two ways:

  1. Evil choice:Rotate the eye to the right and press the right buttonspider food
  2. Good choice:Turn the eye to the left and press the left buttonhelping hand

Climb back 3 times, continue up and go right 2 times. Go to the prisoner in the cage on the right and talk to her, then use the bladed key on the cage, there are two options:

  1. Evil choice:use blademurderer
  2. Good choice:use chavemercy looks like a woman

Now use your guard's key to open the door here, and enter. Open the small metal grill on the right and take out the nest from inside. Open the second file drawer and readuse (15/07)in. Now open the top left drawer and look inside to see a color mixing puzzle:

  1. press the red button
  2. rotate clockwise
  3. press the green button
  4. Anticlockwise rotation
  5. press the blue button
  6. Anticlockwise rotation
  7. press the bottom button

Now take the metal symbol. Examine the doll's head hanging from the ceiling and enter the metal symbol. Pull the lever to the right to pick up the spider's broken leg after it falls to the ground. Exit this room on the right, then go left to the throne room. Talk to the people on the throne and get coins. Go left twice and enter the boiler room again. Place their horned skulls on the smasher in the middle of the boiler, then press the button below them to create sparks. Put your stick on the bottom and insert your valve on the right side. Go left to leave the boiler room, continue to the right, go down the stairs, go right twice, and enter the kitchen. Look at the cauldron on the left, put your meat and spider legs. press the red button herechef. Now take down the Poisonous Flesh.

Come out of the kitchen on the right, then go left twice, up, right, back, right back to the big beast. Use its poisonous flesh to take down the monster, then check the lever and choose one of the following two options:

  1. Evil choice:Pull the joystick to the left and press the left buttondeath trap
  2. Good choice:Pull the joystick to the right and press the right buttonrodent savior

Take the coins and go down the stairs. Read the message on the left, then use your skinning knife to slice through the Beast's Emerald Tears and take it. Check the pile of bones on the left and move them around until you can find a green key. Climb up and go right, then down.


Descend again and pick up the cloth to reveal a three-headed beast. Climb up once and go left. Examine two paintings to create one.use (8/15), then go left and check anotheruse (9/15)On the left wall. Cover the skull on the left door with your cloth (so the right door will work). Go through this door and check the chest on the right. Slide the pieces to reveal the keyhole in the middle and use the green key. Look inside the chest and get the blue crystal, then read the message. Talk to the creature here and solve its 2 puzzles:

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Check out the large painting shown on the wall here, with the stone disc rotating according to the eighth note:

  • Top Left: Hammer pointing left
  • Top right: arrow pointing left
  • Bottom left: blade to the left
  • Bottom right: Ax blade pointing to the right

Go through the new door. Look at the top of the dresser and place the flashlight there to light up the room. Open the top drawer and read the information inside. Search the small cabinet on the left and get the emerald teardrop inside. Open the sarcophagus on the left and take out the gold coins inside. Exit this room and go left, then use your blue crystal on the device on the left. Go right twice, then down again. Talk to the creature here and give it your 3 gold. Take the Emerald Tears and use all 3 on the gate. One step forwardfugitive.


mines and towers

Pick up the wheel from the ground, go right and talk to the tree. Turn right again to find a bridge. Talk to the Bridge Guardian who claims the loot. Grab the doll hanging from the bridge and go left. look at these tworoad sign (2/3).Keep forward and go left, then look towards the end.road sign (3/3) tourists.This is anotheruse (10/15).

Go left again and you'll talk to a winged creature. Open the shaft cover and take out the iron crank. Go back to the right and enter the mine. Pick up another wheel from the ground, then go back outside and use the two wheels on the minecart. Go back to the mine and continue to the left. Read the message on the left. Insert the crank into the wheel and turn it. Grab the red button shown, go right and use this button on the panel. Press the button to call the elevator and use it to descend.

Read the message here and go left. Open the steel box and take out the strange device inside. Go back to the right side and examine the faces to reveal a puzzle - connect the electrical paths, plug your mech into the right side and press the drill button. Go back to the left and grab the monster claw, then continue left. Find a rope and a message in the chest, then pick up the broken green crystal on the left. look at the paintings on the wallarchaeologist.Now go back to the right twice, then use the elevator to go back.

Go right to exit the mine, then go left and up the tower. Look at the pole on the left and use the tenth notes (V, II, IV, I, III) to solve the puzzle. Now slide the gear to connect the corners, then slide the red switch. Enter the tower and check all 6 booksbookworm.

Go upstairs to get the floating stone bricks. Ring the bell twice to pick up the dropped key. Ring the bell again and a large statue near the gate will rise from the ground. Use the telescope to spin down once, then to the left 3 times to see the petroglyph, which you will register asuse (11/15).Climb up the ladder to check the cage, then use your new key to open it and get the storm egg. Use your rope to hang from the hook on the left, then use it to drop. Get down from the tower. Now there are two ways to proceed:

  1. Evil choice:give the egg to the winged creatureegg with wings, take the key and go right twice and come back
  2. Good choice:Go right twice and back, then give the storm egg to the tree.scarecrow, then take the key

Check the rock here and use the copper key to open it. Pick up the missing train part and read another message. Proceed to the hut.

old cottage and statue

Put your green crystal inside the lantern and enter. check the painting on the wallgood old days. Pick up the stone bricks on the floor and the metal plate hanging on the right. Open the leftmost drawer, take out the figurine inside, and read a message at the same time. Give your doll to the child and go down through the trapdoor. readuse (12/15)In the barrel on the right. Take another figurine from the left basket and check the shelf. Insert your 2 figurines and switch positions to match the 12th note. Go through the secret passage.

readuse (13/15)On the left wall. Check the metal plates on the back wall and insert the missing ones. Now choose how to deal with the prisoner in the cage:

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  1. Evil choice:Turn the bottom plate over and press the red buttondrowning, and then take the water train ticket
  2. Good choice:Turn the top plate over and press the red buttonmake a wish

Go back through the passage and climb the ladder, then outside the hut; if you keep him alive, take the prisoner's train ticket here. Go back again, then leave the gate, and head towards the large statue.

Check the message at the bottom of the left and right statues. Just hit the bell a few times to approach the stairs at the bottom of the middle statue. Insert your 2 stones and swap blocks to complete a painting. Now you can enter the statue. Look at the image on the right wall, click on the cube and you'll pass out. Click the cube again and solve the puzzle by matching opposite symbols. Once you get it, go to the right side of the cube. Look for one message in the bucket and another in the sink to the right. Check the clock on the left wall. Hands are defined as follows (based on the message you just read):

  • Rays:two
  • ghost:V
  • it:three

Now move the joystick to the right side of the window. Talk to the ghost on the chair and pick up the wreath he dropped. Go back and go left, back, right and forward. Now you have another option:

  1. Evil choice:Go into the hut and give the crown to the mouse.mouse king, then go back with the oval key, left twice up
  2. Good choice:Go left twice, up, in, up again, and crown the lizardcrowned reptile, and then take the oval key and go down and out.

Check the small door on the right. Inserting the oval key rotates the symbol from simple on the left to complex on the right. Take the red boulder. Go back, go right twice into the hut, then go through the trapdoor and the secret passage. Insert the red boulder into the unit on the left, pull the lever and remove the fuel cell. From here, step out of the hut and continue back up to the bridge.

cross the bridge

Give your crossbow claws to the Bridgekeeper. Continue to turn right to find the train. Check the train door and enter the symbol you saw through the telescope earlier:

Get on board and hand over train parts, fuel cells and tickets to the conductorA one-way ticket.

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frozen tears


Get off the train and continue to the right twice. Talk to the blacksmith and follow him to his house. readuse (14/15)Above the fireplace, talk to the blacksmith and you will spend the night. Go back outside and leave 3 times to find the poisonous fog. Take the door key off the ground, then go back to the right twice and use the key on the door. Solve the puzzle by sliding the pieces to get the rightmost green piece. Now go through the gate.

Take the blue flower from the boat and keep going up. Collect more blue flowers and talk to the man in red, and then continue upward. Pick up some more blue flowers, then go back twice, into the grave. Go left, talk to the character on the left, and get more blue flowers from the pulpit. Go right and use all 4 flowers to the right of the machine. Now you have to make another choice:

  1. Evil choice:select closed padlockrevenge
  2. Good choice:pick the lockforgive

Go left and look in through the small hole in the wall.Cursed Wall.Talk to the character again and get magic dust. Go back twice to the right, and back twice to the left. Use your magic dust on the mist so you can make your way to the cathedral.


Adjust the faces in both columns to match the details of the 14th note, then enter. check everything13 paintings (13/53), then move forward through the archway. check everything10 paintings (23/53), and read the message on the left chair. Go ahead and check them out.17 paintings (40/53).Go back, open the door on the left and go in. check everything13 paintings (53/53) art connoisseur.

Talk to the painter and get brushes. After the creature talks to you, pick up your knife from the ground. Now you can do it in two ways:

  1. Evil choice:Use the knife on the 3 marked paintingsart critic, you will automatically get the final resultuse (15/15) scribe
  2. Good choice:Use a paintbrush on any 30 paintingsConservative, and then back to the painter to get the final grade

Exit the cathedral.

Web portals

Go back, go left, then go forward to a building that is on fire. Talk to the creature next to the piano, then go back and turn right 4 times until you reach the roof of the blacksmith. Talk to the winged creature here, then you'll return to the creature on the piano and be faced with a choice:

  1. Evil choice:sayhard fingers
  2. Good choice:keep quietkeeper of secrets

Check the piano and play the notes indicated by the music staff (all notes rotated 180 degrees). When done correctly, you can get the Stone Disk. Go back and check the gazebo floor on the left. Insert the stone disc and slide the disc so that the pattern matches the background. Remove the exposed star metal.

Go right 4 times and talk to the blacksmith, then give him the metal star. Take the star sword and turn left 3 times. Hit the statue with your sword and go through the portal.goodbye winter.


Go right, talk to the creatures, and get a key behind the door. Go left twice and talk to the cloaked creature. Go through the door into the elevator and go down. Put the key of your choice into the pot. If you don't open your laptop while playing the game, you will get the achievementtotal memory.

good ending

There are two ways to reach the happy endingsalvation:

  • Choose all good options throughout the game and get the Key of Light
  • Choose only one evil option in the game and get the Dark Key

last roomy

There's only one way to get to a bad endingconviction:

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  • Choose more than one evil option throughout the game (it doesn't matter which switch you choose)

These guidelines may not be published or reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of the authors. All game titles, artwork and character references are copyright of their respective owners.


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